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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec

Last, but certainly not least among those of the “Upper Management” who have contributed to this volume, is Commander Soltec. In some respects, he is a most pivotal member of the magnificent team of Advanced Overseers of planet Earth’s transition, a team which we call none less than the very Hosts of God.

An accomplished scientist of the Higher Realms by inclination and choice, Soltec is in charge of monitoring and interpreting all geophysical goings-on concerning Mother Earth. (Our Elder Brothers “up there” frequently refer to this planet as Earth-Shan, possibly having to do with yet more of our historical past that has been kept from us by those dark ones in control. In any event, you will notice Commander Soltec and others using this term.) Soltec reports on these geophysical matters at various Higher Council meetings, where there gather and confer those who monitor and guide the progress of this planet and its inhabitants.

As great rebalancing adjustments to Mother Earth’s organism, through the likes of earthquakes and exploding volcanos, continue to escalate in response to both natural forces and man’s political utilization of “secret” technologies about which he has little understanding, Commander Soltec and his world-wide monitoring teams are kept quite busy. If you happen to live near geological “trouble spots”, keep an eye to the nearby sky for those curious-looking “cloud ships” that are likely part of Soltec’s geophysical team. “Lenticular clouds” is the meteorologists’ cute term for such lens-shaped, cloud-cloaked craft – even when they maintain their shape and location in the midst of gale-force winds!

In an informative writing from August 27, 1992, through a receiver we shall simply refer to as Kali, “Professor” Soltec introduces himself thusly:

“I am known as Commander Ceres Anthonious Soltec, and I come in and unto service of the God of Light, the First Cause, Creator of all things. I serve as Geophysicist in the Intergalactic Federation Space Command, Pleiades Sector, Earth-Shan Mission, under the leadership of Commander Sananda (Christ), and Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn. Names are for your benefit, as we are identified by one another with what you might refer to as “energy patterns”. I am fourth-density lifeform.

“My present life studies and duties have been in the field of the physical sciences – geophysics, specifically. Most of you consider this field to deal with geology: earthquakes, volcanos, plate tectonics, etc. Geophysics, however, is the application of the science of physics in relation to the planet, in this case Earth-Shan. On your world, those in this field of study draw the line at such natural forces as weather, ocean currents, electromagnetics, seismic activity and volcanic forces. We, on the other hand, expand the parameters, knowing that all forces (energies) have a direct relationship and effect upon the planet in question.

”For example, the spiritual energies, thought-projected energies, and physical energies of all species – plant, animal, or mineral (including HUman) – upon a planet play a DIRECT role in the evolvement and growth (or death) of a world. The planet and its inhabitants exist in a symbiotic relationship and, unless there is an equitable give-and-take relationship, either the planet or the inhabitants, or both, will suffer.

“This is the reason that it is imperative that HU-man [Higher Universal man] begin to realize who and what he is, and the effect that he is having upon the planet upon which he depends for his very existence. This is one of the major purposes for our attendance to your place and why we are contacting you of Earth-Shan and educating you in the real Truth of all creation.

”You cannot begin to understand your relationship with the universe until you understand your relationship with the place on which you live, and you cannot understand that relationship until you understand your relationship with God!

“Chelas [students], it is not all nuts and bolts and scientific jargon. It is your spiritual health that is in jeopardy, and it is this illness that is causing your world to be ill, also. And only Earth-Shan HU-man has the authority to cure the illness; we can only give you the information and instruct you. The work MUST be done by you.

”Therefore, I shall instruct you in the physical sciences, but you must understand and accept that your PHYSICAL condition is in direct relationship with your SPIRITUAL condition, and that is the primary cause; you cannot cure the physical ills without first curing the spiritual ills. If I seem to venture off what you might consider to be the physical sciences in my instructions, please follow, for I have purpose in so doing.

“I honor you who are coming into the Light and the Knowing. I am likewise honored to be in the service unto God and to you, my beloved brothers and sisters. This is a most unique time for both you of Earth-Shan and us, for we are dependent upon one another to get this mission accomplished, and together we shall succeed!

”We of the Command hold you most precious, and we consider the task at hand to be of utmost priority. Work together among yourselves with Love and Understanding, for it is Love that is of the greatest power, and with Love we shall, together, defeat the adversary.“

In some earlier comments through Dharma from June 15, 1991, the flavor of Soltec’s viewpoint reveals why I have often referred to him as “The Professor” when introducing his writings for CONTACT. Since my own background is heavyweight academic and scientific (in addition to manufacturing and industry), I use that Educational title for him respectfully (and maybe even reverently) because of the skill with which Toniose weaves essential spiritual overtones into his very-well-grounded geophysical lessons.

For example: “Earth man can precipitate earthquakes but he cannot control the activities, very well, of volcanos. He can detonate high level nuclear explosions within their craters, or from underground placement, but to cause activity in the mountain itself, there has to be a hole opened into the pressure caverns. This is why eruptions mean far more to geologists of the observers in my geologic survey teams, than do all the earthquakes you can produce....

”I recognize that I am a ’geologist’ by ’trade’ but my commission is to study your globe from that particular aspect within the ’whole’. I could recommend nothing more important to your PHYSICAL input than to get good reference material and KNOW YOUR WORLD! You ones of Earth do not even know your own bodies, and almost NOTHING about your planet.

“You speak of the ’Ring of Fire’ and yet you understand not the connections and why, for instance, eruptions in the Philippines are important! The Pacific Plate ’generally’ outlines the ’Ring of Fire’, but oh, if you look no further, you are amiss in good judgment for there IS a Philippine Plate which has great impact just as does the Indian Plate which encompasses Australia. These particular plates are impacted greatly by the movement of the Pacific Plate.

”Note also that the coastal areas of the volcano chain and the major Western Coastal fault lines are within the North American portion of the American Plate, while areas of Central America and northern South America are in the Caribbean Plate. South America is in the southern portion of the American Plate. Now, you have to look at the area of Georgia [U.S.S.R.] which you will find in the Eurasian Plate which is affected by movement in both the American, Philippine and Pacific Plates. The magnificent Himalayas are the crumpled consequence, for instance, of an Indian Plate pushing northward into and under rigid Eurasia.

“Do you begin to feel your education is lacking a bit of valid input? Precious brothers, you simply cannot expect to know nothing about your little world and then expect to be accepted without limits within the Universal Cosmic Order. You, as a species (civilization) of human physical beings, are still quite in your infancy.

”There is nothing ’wrong’ with that; it is just so unlikely that your ability at this stage of development and knowledge allows you to participate in the great Federation of the cosmic experience. You grow technologically into inability to control or cope with that which you tinker. You will find your Brothers in the Cosmos will not be very accepting of your demands in a Council wherein you do not even know the tectonic plates of your own planet. And I promise you that the ones who develop the death rays and weapons do not know anything about the working order of your globe – much less do the politicians who control every facet of your existence in your physical experience!

“...You see, we of the Command do not understand the insults to your intelligence which you not only tolerate but encourage. ’Understand’ is not a good word for use herein, for we DO understand what is happening and what is intended by your would-be king-masters, but our difficulty is watching the lack of initiative on the part of you-the-people to stand against the insults upon your experience.

”I believe it should not have to be from an alien being that you should be gaining your education regarding these matters – it should be from your learned teachers at your universities and kindergartens. DO YOU NOT REALIZE THERE IS AN ADULT WITHIN EACH OF YOU TRYING TO GET OUT?

“Hatonn and Dharma are going to bring forth some very interesting information which might be worthy of your attention. You keep working with the ’thin person’ trying to get out from the overweight trap, the ’inner child’ coming into protection. NO, NO, NO! Within each is an ADULT trying to get past the whole lot of the garbage! Beyond the tending teddy bears. I believe Hatonn will have you cuddle your Constitution and NOT your teddy bear and binkie. Haven’t all of you cuddled your binkie long enough??

”When God says, ’Come as children unto me’, He doesn’t mean with binkie and bunny – He means with curiosity, flexibility, and eagerness to come into KNOWLEDGE with Himself. He cares not about your sexual, physical, food preferences, nor other of the physicalness. YOU MUST COME INTO KNOWING THAT ALL OF THOSE THINGS ARE OF THE FLESH-PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE AND YOU – YOU – WILL COME INTO MATURITY AND KNOWLEDGE OR YOU WILL LINGER WITHIN THAT SHROUD OF DISCONTENT AND RESTLESSNESS. SO BE IT.

“You-the-people are on the brink of allowing the puppet-masters to commit particle/atomic suicide of a planet. Is it not time you gave up your binkie and stopped this insanity?”

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