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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Turning Clues Into Wisdom Through Insight

Ah, thank you for sitting with me at this time. I am Toniose Soltec, and I come in service unto Holy God of Light, Creator of All That Is. I serve in the Pure Radiance of that Light. My position, if you will, is that of Commander of Geophysics for this Earth Transition Mission. However (and moreover), I am a servant unto The One Light of Creation—Aton—Holy God of Light, for to serve is the greatest of the endeavors in the entire Omniverse of Universes.

Be that as it may, firstly I would like to discuss briefly some recent Earth-shakings on your planet. There have been, just in the last day, several significant earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. Moreover, both quakes occurred within two hours of each other. The first quake, officially a magnitude (M) 5.7, was off the coast of Vancouver Island at 4:45 P.M. local (Pacific) time on 7/2/99; the second quake was officially called a M5.1 shaker and its epicenter was 64 miles southwest of Seattle, Washington at 6:44 P.M.

For those of you who have followed my Writings (over almost the past decade) concerning the tectonic volatility of the Pacific Northwest region, these nearby quakes should come as no surprise, but rather should act as clues to the increasing stresses building on the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate, as well as upon that most important series of “dormant” volcanic avenues along the Cascade Mountain Range, including Mt. Rainier and infamous Mt. St. Helens.

Though your “scientists” have pronounced these quakes to be in the M5.1 to M5.7 range, I can tell you that these numbers are false. The forces which struck that region were more in the M6.1 to M6.3 range, and this is evidenced by the types of structural damage which occurred, and by the fact that these quakes were felt hundreds of miles from their epicenters.

For preservation of their paychecks, your so-called scientists (and here I specifically mean the earthquake geologists) have developed a “politically correct” way of calculating your earthquake magnitudes by doing a selective averaging of seismographic measurements from several areas and tossing out any data considered “erroneous” (especially that which may be too informative and thus potentially alarming to you-the-public). Of course this provides a perfectly “legal” mechanism for the kind of under-measurements that Dr. Young calls “the K-Mart (discount) scale of creative earthquake reporting” and thereby allows those ones in control to keep you-the-people in the dark about the severity of the activity going on around the globe.

Do they admit to this? Well, that depends upon how you judge truth. They do not detail it, but do admit to using certain averaging techniques. I mention this just as a reminder to you ones that partial truth is not necessarily Truth, for is it not possible to lie by the omission of certain information?

Though these earthquakes were not catastrophic, they are nevertheless important to the overall picture of that which is taking place upon your planet right now, and are the harbingers of much more seismic and volcanic activity in various areas on your globe.

Those of you living in the regions of central and southern California have experienced some very unsettling shakings of late. These are your planet giving you some little warnings of yet greater things to come in the very near future. You who have your eyes and ears attuned to the Greater Picture, unfolding at an ever accelerating rate, already know this.

So, I will tell you ones that it is time to pay very close attention to everything going on around you—regardless of how insignificant or trivial such may seem. For at this time, there is nothing that is happening by pure coincidence, and all things are present for the gathering of needed experience and, ultimately, wisdom.

No, there is nothing new in these statements, but I felt it necessary to once again remind you ones of what you should have learned by this time. These recent events come as no surprise to those who have been paying attention and have taken our words seriously.

Mother Earth is as much in a cleansing mode as are all of you as the planetary frequency continues to increase. She shall achieve her renewal and you ones would be wise to respect this formidable being and appreciate how Earth changes figure in that renewal process.

There has also been much ado about your Sun of late and the observed great increase in coronal mass ejections (solar flares). Keep in mind, however, that all things in the universes are cyclic, and you ones are simply passing through one of those long-term cycles.

Everything appears to be topsy-turvy from your perspective, but that is because you ones have such short physical life spans that you have not experienced the fullness of even one of these naturally occurring cycles. Yes, there is increased activity of your star; however, there is a greater reason which lies behind that increased activity, and that is the much-maligned Photon Belt.

You hear many so-called scientific and psychic ones talking about and even “predicting” this increased activity of your Sun. HOWEVER, NONE OF THESE SOURCES HAVE MENTIONED THE WHY BEHIND SUCH.

As your Sun and its encircling planetary system approaches ever closer into the high-frequency environment of the Photon Belt, the Sun is being cleansed just as is Mother Earth and you ones. It is just that, in the case of your Sun, the physically observable form that the cleansing process takes is what you are seeing as the increased coronal mass ejection activity and related radiation emissions.

Were you not told, just recently, that there was a great infusion of high-frequency Light coming upon your world? From where do you think that energy emits?

You have begun your passage through the outer fringe of what has been called the Photon Belt, and even now you are beginning to experience great fluctuations in your planetary magnetic field. Since this encounter with the Photon Belt is a cyclic event, even your scientists have some knowledge and data showing that your planet experiences a complete reversal of its magnetic poles on a regular, cyclic basis—even if they are not yet able to measure all of these cycles accurately.

(At this time I will simply say that there is both a Great Cycle associated with your planetary system’s orbit through the Photon Belt, and a much longer Grand Cycle associated with the travel of your planetary system as it courses through the plane of your galaxy. Both of these major events can cause magnetic pole reversals, especially if they occur simultaneously!)

As you progress farther into the Photon Belt, you ones will experience even more electromagnetic anomalies and solar activity. These will eventually cause a complete nullification of all magnetism for a period of time. And then there exists the possibility for a full reversal of the north-south magnetic poles.

BUT SUCH IS A NATURAL CYCLE, CHELAS [students], and has been going on for as long as there has been physical universes. And such will continue for as long as there continues to be physical universes.

Your planet is in the gradual process of a transition into a higher-dimensional mode of existence. Transition is also a VERY NATURAL EVENT, and part of the Grand Cycle. Any type of transition has associated with it certain “upsetting” aspects. That is to say, the “normal” ceases to be the standard, and everything goes into a state of flux or change—EVERYTHING.

Is this something to become fearful about? Of course not. However, change is one of the greatest and most difficult lessons you ones are there to deal with and learn.

You wonder why there are over 6 billion of you alive on your planet today, and that number only increases with every passing day? Everyone alive on your world at this time is there to learn to deal with change, which is a NATURAL LAW of the universes.

But change means having to face and deal with the unknown, and that creates fear. Fear, however, creates NOTHING. In fact, fear has the opposite effect; rather than creating, it destroys. Fear is the GREAT DESTROYER.

Fear is also that which causes you ones to have the urge to CONTROL everything in your lives—even that which you have NO control over. What you are trying to do is eliminate the unknowns stemming from change. You figure that, if you can control everything, then there will be no “upsetting” surprises. Therefore your egos find comfort in believing that having control is having security, which then (according to this “logic”) eliminates fear.

Yet, something always seems to happen to seize that control from you, and thus you continually find selves in a perpetual state of trying to attain control. So you live in a constant state of fear, and thus end up greatly limiting the quality and range of your options and the richness of your life experiences, and sometimes even destroying everything in your paths.

Once you have reached the point where you can recognize and truly understand that fear is at the very base of it all, then you have made a giant step forward.

Meanwhile, most of you are going around claiming you are afraid of nothing. Yet nothing could be further from the truth, for most every one of you on Earth this day is afraid of something. And the greatest fear you have comes in the form of “the unknown”.

Most of you spend the better part of your lives playing the “what if” game of fear, speculating on all the different scenarios that might come about. And what always happens? Without a doubt, most times, none of the scenarios you played out in your mind come to pass. Life throws you a curve ball (a learning experience), and then you sit around and mope about it because it’s “out of your control” once again.

Before you can take “control” of what’s going to happen to you, you need to first take control of how you react to what has already occurred. That is, how much and what kinds of energy do you end up emoting by your various reactions to situations? When something happens that you “had no control over”, do you go around worrying and fretting for hours or days and complaining to everyone around you? How long does it take you, then, to get on with dealing with the unexpected situation?

You say: “But it just blind-sided me!” Well, that may indeed be the case. But is your worrying and complaining going to change one thing about that which has happened? I think not. Rather, you would be better off to face-up to and deal with the problem, instead of wasting time in worry, complaint, and denial—which are all fear-based emotions and reactions.

And, as we already know, anything fear-based is destructive energy in motion. Is that really what you want to create for yourself? You see, your words might say one thing, but your actions are quite another thing, altogether. Just what are you emoting from the heart that the universe will unfailingly send back to you? Is that energy constructive or destructive?

Okay, so life may have dealt you what you consider to be a pretty nasty blow. You can either wallow in it and complain and blame others for your situation, or you can pick yourself up and DEAL WITH IT.

Many of you have been experiencing some rather unpleasant things of late, related to the cleansing process going on. So I ask you: How have you dealt with them? Are you going about complaining, worrying, and blaming someone or something, or are you picking yourself up and working on a resolution?

Remember: destruction or creation? The choice is up to you!

The same principle is true concerning the Earth changes taking place. Are you fearful and looking for some one or some thing to blame, or are you paying attention and realizing that it is all part of the Great Planetary Transition in progress—a transition YOU chose to come here to experience and participate in?

And, Earth changes are much more than just events in weather, volcanoes, and earthquakes. Everything upon the Earth—people included—is in a state of making many changes.

It is, however, up to YOU how you will handle these changes, for YOU are one of the components changing as well. How you handle your “part in the play” will have a great effect upon your own change or transition.

For many years now I have been telling you that what was, is no more. That is because everything around you is in a state of change or transition.

We of the Higher Realms have also been telling you that, whether or not you are ready and accepting, your world is going to change. You are now in the thick of it, and Graduation Day is very near!

Let me ask you: Will you receive your diploma, or will you be required to return to this grade of school (somewhere else) for more studies?

Many of you have been in the middle of a Great Sorting Process since the start of your current calendar year. The process has been difficult and quite painful for many. But I will remind you that the process is also very necessary and must take place before the completion of the planetary transition.

[Editor’s Note: Toniose is referring to the then-recent, tumultuous formation of The SPECTRUM, a then-new publication started by ones of integrity who had departed an older publication called CONTACT that had become corrupted.]

Perhaps many of you believe that we should have stepped in much sooner. However, understand that we cannot directly interfere with your lives. We can but guide you ones and offer suggestions.

It was most necessary to allow things to play themselves out until a point of “critical mass” (awareness) had been achieved. That is, it had to reach such a point that most of you ones could no longer ignore what was taking place. And, as always, give the Adversary enough rope, and sooner or later he will end up hanging himself. And, as you can see, that is exactly what is occurring.

No, the sorting process is not yet over, though the greater part has been accomplished. Every day that passes you are becoming more aware of the true color of the Adversary, and you are becoming quite good at the recognition of his “signature” and tricks.

There is no teacher quite like experience, is there? And that, chelas, is the sum total of why you are precisely where you are right now—EXPERIENCE!

Let us draw this to a close for now. It has been some time since this scribe and I have sat together, and it has indeed been a pleasure and an honor. Thank you, each of you, for the part you are playing in this Great Plan of Creator.

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, in Service unto Holy God of Light. I leave you with Love and with Light. Keep in mind that we of the Higher Realms are always as near as your call. Salu.

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