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Scientist Creates Device That Proves Psychic Energy Exists

Ed Young did a fun audio interview with Dr. Bruce Solheim, a gifted historian and conscientious explorer of many subjects of interest to you who visit this website. Hope you enjoy.

This is the first interview that Dr. Young has done in many, many years.

Part 1 of this interview on Dr. Bruce’s April 22, 2019 show:

Part 2 of this interview on Dr. Bruce’s November 26, 2019 show:

Device that proved psychic energy exists

Device proves psychic energy exists. See editorial below.


After 23 years, it still angers me to talk about this subject. But the shorter—and less painful—version of the story fits well with accounts in this month’s SPECTRUM on what happened to Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and Dr. Wilhelm Reich.

My story began on Father’s Day of 1976. Based on earlier research into Kirlian Photography, I built a detector (see photo) which I thought might show the presence of “psychic” energies like those flowing from the hands of a healer. It was about the size of a sandwich, and operated sort of like a Geiger Counter. In the wee hours, just after the clock struck Father’s Day of 1976, it was finally ready to test. So I fired it up for the first time. And it worked.

Boy, did it work! I soon found that you could even concentrate on it, mentally, from another room, and cause it to chatter away like you’ve seen Geiger Counters do near radiation in the old science fiction movies.

Over the next several years I performed some 2000 novel, painstaking experiments to prove that what was happening was genuine. Some involved then-well-known psychics who were friends and wanted to visit my lab at Stanford to play with “that contraption of yours” after the word got around.

My goal was “simply” to prove, once and for all, that such nonphysical energies existed, so science could move past the point of arguing over whether or not they’re real, and get on with expanding such an amazing frontier of understanding.

In 1980 the milestone scientific paper describing my detector and its astonishing attributes was sent to the foremost scientific journal in the world for disseminating new fundamental phenomena. Mind you, any paper carrying the kinds of implications this one did certainly needed to be supported by strong evidence of repeatable, quality experiments—as I said, more than 2,000 in this case. That’s what helps other scientists who read the paper to discern if something real is going on. The stage was set for a fundamental, undeniable revolution in the scientific acceptance of matters psychic. Or so I thought.

Of course, I was naïve back then about how science REALLY worked. I hadn’t yet hit my first brick wall. But I was about to.

It wasn’t long before the top scientific journal’s response came back to me in a letter from the esteemed Editor. I’ll never forget the one key sentence that made me grow up fast: “Clearly what you are describing is not possible, therefore you must have done something wrong.”

What was that again?!? The overwhelming evidence I reported was not up for debate. My findings should have been shared widely so other careful scientists could conduct their own experiments and [hopefully] observe the same fantastic phenomena I uncovered.

Ah—but now we’re glimpsing the REAL agenda! There was no way such paradigm-busting findings were going to be allowed into print to awaken a wide audience of credible scientists. Especially not when so comprehensive a disinformation campaign was in full swing from the highest levels of the world controllers to keep conventional science ignorant of the whole world of subtle energies and their awesome implications for mankind.

Many other brick walls followed, and soon, just to survive, I had to completely shelve the many years of grueling yet amazing research and, with lingering outrage, turn to “acceptable” scientific pursuits.

Every year around now, I’m reminded of this eye-opening chapter in my life—not only because that’s when it all began, but also because it’s the birthday time of the most notable “unseen guide” haunting me during that research: Nikola Tesla.

He was born at midnight between July 9 and 10, 1856, in a tiny house in the village of Smiljan, province of Lika, Croatia, between Yugoslavia’s Velebit Mountains and the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea.

Like Rife and Reich after him, Tesla’s most important work was only really understood by those who knew how completely it threatened to topple their control mechanisms long enslaving humanity. Were his most profound gifts to all of us not so craftily stolen and hidden away, our planetary society would have been well on its way from prison to paradise a century ago!

Tesla opens his great little 1919 book titled My Inventions with this deep, clue-filled reflection: “The progressive development of man is vitally dependent on invention. It is the most important product of his creative brain. Its ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of the Forces of Nature to human needs. This is the difficult task of the inventor, who is often misunderstood and unrewarded. But he finds ample compensation in the pleasing exercises of his powers and in the knowledge of being one of that exceptionally privileged class without whom the race would have long ago perished in the bitter struggle against pitiless elements.”

As we read herein [in that July 2003 issue of The SPECTRUM] about what happened to Rife and Reich (and by inference, many others) when they tried to share the fruits of their creativity for the upliftment of the human condition—as Tesla attempted before them—may we make a solemn vow to stop such freedom-robbing atrocities from persisting any longer.

Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla!

Dr. Edwin M. Young, Editor-In-Chief


Dr. Edwin M. Young received the Outstanding Senior In Electrical Engineering award among other honors when he graduated from Notre Dame in 1973. He then worked at Westinghouse’s Advanced Reactors, Pressurized Water Reactors, and Research Laboratories divisions, including electric vehicles, back in his Pittsburgh home town for a year before a Full Dean’s Fellowship offer from Stanford University took him out to the West Coast for MS and PhD studies in Electrical Engineering that included running a highly controversial psychic research laboratory on the Stanford campus.

Upon graduation in 1985 he was invited to join the MIT Lincoln Laboratory think tank, conducting research on microelectronics, where he remained for several years before being invited back out to the West Coast, to Silicon Valley, in an executive-level position at Digital Equipment Corporation’s million-dollar-a-day advanced computer operations where he guided highly technical diagnoses of product quality issues.

In mid 1992 he finally gave up the security of a normal job to do private consulting and daring to widely publish long-hidden Truth from the little mountain country town of Tehachapi, CA, north of LA near Edwards AFB, China Lake Naval Weapons Center, and who knows how many related secret underground facilities, where he remains to this day a thorn in the side of the Deep State.