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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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The Results of Fear — You Have Exactly What You Have Created

Good evening, I am Violinio St. Germain, and I am here this day to bring a message that will hopefully shake you ones awake upon your planet. I am here in the Radiant Light of the One True Creator – whom you ones call God. I am in Service unto God and am with the Host of Heaven.

I am come this day to speak to you about the energy and results of one thing: FEAR. It is a very powerful and emotionally charged energy.

Remember: Universal Law will always return unto you, many times over, that which you put your energy into. So, that which you fear will actually be brought right to your door.

You have created, in your world, exactly all the things that you ones fear; you have created exactly the things you most dreaded and wanted to avoid. Those who have other than your best interests at heart have been using your fears for a very long time to manipulate and control you, and it has never been more evident than it is today.

You have been played like a fine violin, and most of you ones have followed along like dutiful little lemmings, following those controlling ones into your own destruction. It is past time for you ones to awaken from your dream state and see exactly that which has been right in front of your eyes for a long, long time.

This is precisely why we have spent so much time over the years attempting to reach you ones with messages about creating the type of world you actually desire. Yet you have chosen to create the world you fear, instead. You have refused to turn off your televisions and put down the mainstream newspapers, and have instead gobbled up their twisted, manipulated, and controlled agendas like a cheap wine, indulging yourselves in the drunkenness of their making.

Those of the Higher Realms, and those of the Light, have been attempting, through so very many sources, and for so many years, to teach you, and to inform you, to enlighten you ones, to awaken you from your drunken stupor.

We told you that everything was accelerating, and that all energy was returning with greater speed and greater impact. And yet, the majority—approximately 90% of you ones—chose to disbelieve the truth and follow the lie, instead. You chose to believe that these messages were being delivered to you by some figment of the imaginations of a handful of lunatics—by those who were living as some kind of fringe element who were to be ridiculed and ignored.

I challenge each and every one of you who ridicule these ones, to open your eyes, to awaken from your dream state long enough to take a long, hard look around at your world, and tell me which part of your world has not become exactly as these ones said it would. All your fears and your doubts are coming to pass exactly as you have feared they would, and have come about exactly as those message-bringers foretold.

No, these ones are not fortune tellers. They are merely a handful of individuals who have chosen to NOT follow the lie, and have, instead, listened to the Higher Realms. These are ones who do not swallow—hook, line, and sinker—all the controlled, manipulated disinformation you are fed on a continual basis. These ones are those who long ago made the decision to GO WITHIN for their confirmations and information. These are the ones who learned to question things. These are the ones who have stayed in touch with Creator and the Host of Heaven, for we have NEVER left your side. You simply became too “sophisticated” to pay attention to us, choosing instead to get your information from those controlled media sources on your world.

Many of you claim to be Christians, yet I challenge you to tell us exactly what that term means, for most of you have not the slightest idea of what a TRUE Christian is. You believe that if you believe that a man named Jesus shed his blood and died on a cross for your sins, that your soul is saved.

But that has little to nothing to do with what the man you call Jesus attempted to teach. He actually tried to teach you that you could have exactly what you desired, and that which your hearts and minds are filled with would come to pass. He also warned you that doubt and fear would also create, but they would create exactly what you feared.

Being a “Christian” means you follow the ways of the Christ—which is not a last name, but rather a state of being: a state of enlightenment, what your Bible refers to as an anointing from God.

Being “Christian” is a way of life—a state of being—not something you go around professing with words, but not with thoughts or deeds. If you were TRULY “Christian”, you would be healing the sick, raising the dead, and creating anything that you desire in the physical world right out of the aethers.

What you have chosen to believe is what some ministers tell you to believe. And most of them merely believe the same thing because some minister told them what to believe, and so on and so on.

Most of you have never sat down and actually read your Bible while asking the Creator—or even the one you call Jesus—to open your heart and your mind to what the book ACTUALLY says.

Your religions are filled with fear about “the devil” and “hell” (which you should look into, by the way, for the truth of this subject is quite enlightening in and of itself). And you ones act and believe as though this negative energy has more power than your “savior”.

People, I am telling you that this is nothing more than a tactic of fear used against you. You have no power because you are so filled with fear and doubt, and believe that you aren’t “worthy enough” to emulate the man you profess to follow. Yet, he himself told you that: “All these things I do, you shall also do.” THAT IS A VERY POWERFUL STATEMENT, AND YOU SEEM TO SIMPLY IGNORE IT!

Others of you believe that you cannot go directly to God or “Jesus”, but must go through some earthly mediator. What sort of nonsense is that? God does not put ANY man above another man! So, to believe that someone has a more direct line to God than another, is just another form of a lie and a manipulation and a control tactic.

Remember: even the Dark Energies—or what you call “Satan” (which, in Hebrew, simply means adversary)—believe in (recognize) God. These Dark Energies have simply chosen a contrary and extremely difficult learning path based upon the free-will premise that they can somehow be “better” than He who created them. In due time they will come to appreciate how their God-given uniqueness can be expressed quite magnificently without resorting to the posture that you would recognize as a “power trip” of the ego.

One of the favorite tricks of the Dark Energies is to give enough truth, woven in with lies, to reel you in. So, be careful as to just what you swallow and what you spit out. This is a VERY useful and VERY effective tactic, which is why it is so important to pay attention to things you hear or read.

As if there weren’t enough fear going around your planet already, you now live in fear of so-called terrorists—from third-world nations, who supposedly want to kill Americans. Under this guise, you have willingly given up your God-given rights, as recognized and stated in your very Declaration Of Independence and Constitution Of The United States, the documents upon which your nation was formed over 225 years ago. And, you are more than happy to become submissive to your government in order that you may be “safe”.

[Editor’s Note: For readers who are new to this kind of information, it may be helpful to share that Germain was the “unseen force” arousing those we call our Founding Fathers. Those of you who already know Germain may be thinking that the above paragraph is actually rather restrained for this typically very passionate steward over “the great experiment in freedom” called the United States of America. See Chapter 14 of WISDOM OF THE RAYS: The Masters Teach, Volume I for other insights about this formidable Master Teacher from the Higher Realms.]

It is your own fears that have created exactly all these so-called attacks. Those who manipulate your world for their own gain and power have capitalized upon your fears to bring you ones to your knees. You have been manipulated into giving up your basic freedoms and rights, so that your nation resembles nothing of what your Founding Fathers envisioned.

There is so much askew upon your planet right now that it is difficult to zero-in on any one particular subject, for in reality it all is entangled and connected. You are standing at a very dangerous crossroads at this time, as has never been before in the known history of your planet, and so it is more than imperative that you awaken and see The Truth for what it actually is.

For any changes to take place—anything that will change the course you are currently on—you ones must take very drastic measures. You MUST, I repeat MUST stop believing the lies! You MUST stop believing everything you are fed by the television, radio, and newspapers, and now, even your Internet. (Although the Internet is still mostly uncontrolled, you must develop a necessary discernment, for there is as much garbage as treasure available through that speedy conduit.)

You have NO TIME left to procrastinate! You have NO TIME left to let “someone else” take care of things for you! You have NO TIME left to wait around for changes, for time has run out.

Where do you begin, you ask? YOU BEGIN WITH YOU!

You have all the Power you need WITHIN YOU! God is not “out there” somewhere—as you have been manipulated to think. God is right there, within you and about you, and all the Power you need to change things lies within you. You must go within and listen to that still, small voice. You must get quiet on a regular basis and LISTEN! Stop talking and start listening, for you learn much more that way.

There is no need—I repeat: NO NEED—to pick up any kind of weapon, or take up any anger against anyone. Anger is yet another form of what you would refer to as negative energy, and will only return anger unto you. That is one of the reasons why the wars you fight are so foolish.

The God-given Power that is within you is greater than ANYTHING you might be able to imagine. You are, quite literally, untapped Potential.


Rather than turning on the evening news on television, GO WITHIN through meditation. Spend time in daily meditation, which is listening to the Higher Self (your direct connection to Creator) and your Higher Guides.

Pray on a regular basis, and make your prayers meaningful, and powerful, by FIRST eliminating fear and doubt, for these will only act to nullify. Stop accepting everything you hear as gospel, for the majority of what you are bombarded with is useless. In your prayer time, learn to ask for the ability to discern the truth from the lies, for this is your first line of defense against the Dark Energies that surround you ones.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough the absolute necessity that you ones change your ways and your beliefs—your very lives. If you do not, the path you are now marching down will surely lead to its destination.

But that destination does not HAVE to be Dark! You have the ability and you have the authority to change the path you are on and begin walking your lives in the Light. But only YOU can make that change for yourselves.

One more thing: There is a growing movement afoot in your world with regard to extraterrestrials and their agendas. Some of you are more aware of this movement than others, but I will tell you this: You have much more to worry about right there upon your own world than you do from any extraterrestrial source. The Dark Energies have made Earth their base of operation for a VERY long time. And here again, I will remind you that those of you who believe anything extraterrestrial is evil, have forgotten how your own Bible tells you the Evil One was cast down to the Earth.

The Lighted extraterrestrials who are near and upon your planet right now are there to assist in your Awakening processes. You see, the destiny of Earth affects the entire Universe, for as you have been told, all things affect all other things. (Your theoretical physicists now call this the Theory of Non-Locality.) In other words, what happens upon your planet is not isolated to your planet, for all things are linked together in a commonality which, by the way, is what you call God—the Force of Creation, and all things stem from that One Source.

I will close by saying to you that your dreamtime is over. It is the dawn of the new day, and the day will turn out exactly as you deem it. Your every though and every action will determine its outcome.

You have no excuses, now that you have been shown The Truth, for if you read these words, you are not in ignorance. You, and only you, are responsible for your destiny, and only you can create your destiny.

I am Violinio St. Germain. I am a Servant of Creator Source. I am with the Host of Heaven, and I am in service unto you ones of Earth. Thank you for your time, and thank you for your attention to these most serious matters. Good day and Salu.

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