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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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What Has Become Of The Grand Freedom Experiment Called The United States?

Good afternoon and greetings, my dear friend and scribe. We shall get this job completed, one way or another, for with God ALL things are possible.

You know the phrase “attitude is everything”—and that’s what separates those who, whenever the opportunity arises, give of their heart in the spirit of helping their brothers and sisters, from those paralyzed by fear, self doubt, or “what’s in it for me?”—as if they’ve never heard of the Golden Rule. But pardon me for jumping upon the lecture soapbox before I’ve even provided a proper introduction.

I am Violinio St. Germain, Ascended Master, Teacher, and Keeper of the intense Violet Ray of Transmutation and Transformation. In combination with other Masters of Spectral Ray Energies governing defined areas of activity—all of which combine to make up the One White Light of Creator Source—we inspire the fullness of creative expression in your physical domain and elsewhere. I and my fellow Teachers, present for this writing from the Higher Realms, come to you within the Love and Light of our Creator, and we bring same to share with you who ask for (and accept) our help at this challenging time on planet Earth.

The consequences of that which your madmen of war are unfolding reach far beyond their understanding or control. People everywhere are literally FEELING the effects of that which is playing out on your Earth schoolroom at this time.

Indeed, you are in a period of rapid change along an accelerating learning curve. It would be wise on your part to recognize how change ALWAYS opens a window of opportunity for experiencing—and more importantly, for utilizing—the Violet Ray of Transmutation. That is to say, this powerful Ray becomes available to those who, by frequency of ATTITUDE, choose the “high” path over the “low” path through the challenges you ones face. Choose the “high” path and wonderfully transformative “positive” changes will come into your life. Choose the “low” path and you will experience that “negativity” which confounds you most, with greater and greater intensity of irritation. It is all a matter of your choices, and then growth (sooner or later) through learning from the consequences of those choices. It is all part of the science of evolving soul energies and the Laws of their natural flow according to Creator’s Will.

Just look around you, dear ones. The world is becoming so small that, as your Dalai Lama has recently said, the actions of any one of you are more and more affecting ALL the rest of you. You are like twenty survivors of a shipwreck crammed into a lifeboat designed for ten. Under such conditions, any movement by any one of you is felt by all, and an inconsiderate mis-step by any one could topple the boat and cause you all to flop into chilly waters and perhaps drown. Of course “life goes on”—but not necessarily along the path you thought you would be taking.

Believe me, you are all in this “boat” together, in a decidedly intimate kind of experience that some of you recognize (the minority) and some don’t (the majority)—yet! Your environment—your schoolroom Earth—is presently so arranged to more fully bring home this lesson that we Teachers from the Higher Realms have long shared through many past messages. This is the same lesson that so many of your Native caretakers, especially those of Hopi lineage, have likewise patiently labored to teach to far too many deaf ears for far too long: that ALL is connected; that ALL is sacred in that connection; that ALL are One, originating from the Desire and Will of The One Creator Source of All That Is.

This is not a difficult message to state. But it seems to be a most difficult concept for many on planet Earth at this time to truly appreciate in its fullness of meaning. How about this:

YOU are all in that little boat together.
You ARE all in that little boat together.
You are ALL in that little boat together.

So, if you think you can simply look the other way while you allow agents of Evil to run rampant around your little lifeboat, then you better think again. From the level of the energies that affect ALL, that connect ALL together, your end of the boat is going to be rocked just as surely and rudely as the other end.

So what are YOU going to do—besides perhaps getting a good case of seasickness? Everyone can make SOME kind of positive contribution to the stability of your little lifeboat—even if only in terms of sincerely asking your Guides to help you see what it is that you CAN do to help.

I, Germain, am known for being a personality of no nonsense and great passion. I am sensed by many of those among you actively seeking balance and healing at this time, especially because your very planet, Mother Earth, is herself in a time of Transformation and Transmutation to higher-dimensional status. And as Archangel Gabriel stated in a message last month within these pages, those of you who are operating in reasonable alignment with Creator’s Will are likewise Transforming and Transmuting to that same higher-dimensional environment.

(You want “scientific” evidence of this Transformation now going on, of which I speak? You need look no further than the serious front-page story being presented in this issue of The SPECTRUM—which we of the Higher Realms have Guided into formation to assist in providing insight concerning your many questions on this matter.)

[Editor's Note: That May 2003 front-page story in The SPECTRUM was titled Our Busy Solar System: What Is NASA Hiding? Get Ready For What's Coming!]

The direction to which you are aspiring is an environment wherein true freedom of expression knows no bounds within the contours of Divine Law. And that is a matter of great passion for me—for I am long dedicated to facilitating the free and uninhibited expression of the unique Divine Spark of Creator which resides at the core of each Lighted Being. I intend to explore that subject at some length in this message.

Though you’d hardly recognize it now, your United States of America was begun as a grand experiment for providing just such an atmosphere of soul-freedom. It was not the first such experiment on your planet and, given the current level of passivity of the citizenry, may well not be the last. All past such experiments have failed for one simple reason: the perversion of the responsibilities for maintaining freedom, as such slid downward into the sloth of disguised slavery, through the complacency of ignorance.

Your modern conspiracy theorists all talk about such “strings” of manipulation as mind control and economic control over the masses. But for such mechanisms as these to gain a foothold of success, there must first be allowed a weakening or virtual severing of your personal connection within to Creator Source. This then paves the way for a “fall into ignorance” and resulting lack of vigilance in upholding the true support structure of freedom—which comes from WITHIN because it is no less than a Divine Birthright! You then begin to relinquish segments of your personal freedom to the dictates of others—often very ego-oriented, materialistic ones, who typically operate (knowingly or unknowingly) as agents for the Dark Energies loose on your planet.

Now, what is this soul-freedom to which I refer with great passion? Are we talking about the freedom to bop your neighbor over the head and steal his shiny new car? Is it the freedom for corporations like Enron or Arthur Anderson to coldly deceive both investors and clients, and ruin so many lives and futures? Is it the freedom to knock down your forests, kill off your animal life, and pollute your water and air?

Well—if I may be blunt—looking at the antics prevailing across your modern world, and the legal arguments presented daily in your courts to successfully justify those antics, one could easily conclude that such is indeed your modern interpretation of what freedom means!

Rather, the experiment in freedom of which I speak with such passion, especially in regard to the formation of your United States, is a much more fundamental and profound philosophical and spiritual imperative. It involves the unfettered bringing through and nurturing, in the physical domain, of the very unique essence of Creator’s Divine Will as such dwells within EACH OF YOU.

Your Founding Fathers of the United States came from many different backgrounds, bringing many diverse kinds of experience—and very human prejudices—to the discussion table. But what most drew them together in their bond of strength and conviction was their gradual recognition (and then appreciation and understanding) of a powerful “common element” within each of them, a subtle quality that somehow seemed to shine brightly no matter how “rough” they were on the surface. They came to see that “common element” to be no less than the unique creative “Spark of the Divine” that burns within each of us and knows full well your common spiritual heritage.

Declaration of Independence

July 2, 1776: Thomas Jefferson and his committee present the Declaration Of Independence to the Continental Congress. Detail of painting The Declaration Of Independence by JohnTrumbull. (© Yale University Art Gallery, source:

Their challenge, then, was how to design an environment which could protect and encourage this Divine Flame—glowing from each of the many exquisite little candlelights of human beingness comprising the kaleidoscope of the citizenry—despite the winds and rains ablowin’ and the vultures constantly circling.

They became passionately committed to this project because, as they were also “shown” (through many personal inner encounters with me and my Fellow Teachers), the consequences of carrying out that vision would lead to no less an environment than “Heaven on Earth”. They were given to see the larger ramifications that result from the principle we so often share with you: “As one grows, so grows the WHOLE of Creation.”

They were also shown awesome cultural advancements that would later be possible to carry forth through such an environment of freedom—such as the elimination of illness and the development of “free energy” technologies, plus mutually satisfying interactions with your extraterrestrial brethren. Such cultural upliftments and milestones COULD have manifest (through the gifts of ones like Nikola Tesla and Royal Rife) well over 100 years ago! That is, had it not been for the kinds of “low road” choices later made by many ones (especially in positions of power) whose vision was far more clouded and susceptible to material temptations compared to that of your Founding Fathers.

As some of you more esoteric history buffs are aware, I was the Guiding Hand (and yes, the Pestering Voice) as your Founding Fathers moved cautiously forward in their formation of a clearer and clearer image of what it was they were truly efforting to fashion as “a land of the free”—or more accurately “a land in which to be free”.

One familiar way to state their challenge is: “Be all that you can be!” That is to say: Bring to a state of full expression all of the facets of the Potential—the unique Divine Spark of Creator Source—that exists within you. (Your Army manipulation experts knew exactly what they were doing when they cleverly exploited such a soul-appealing concept in their very successful recruitment advertising campaigns.)

Another way to state the challenge faced by your Founding Fathers was: To create an environment in which to freely live one’s life according to one’s highest conception of God.

In more simple terms, this was a project to create a vibrant garden. But it was no ordinary garden—because the more successful it would become (the more brilliant its Light), the more this garden would pose a threat provoking all manner of attack from Dark Energies. One by one, each of your Founding Fathers began to appreciate the rugged yet delicate nature of the task they had undertaken to set into motion.

This United States of America was thus visualized to be a garden in which there existed the freedom for each experiencing soul to draw upon, strengthen, and fully actualize their God Potential. This God Potential was finally being recognized as no less formidable a Driving Force than the very Desire and Will of Creator—that which creates universes and little sparrows in the very same way, and that which exists within and works through EACH OF US.

The challenge was the creation of an environment which would nurture the manifestation in your physical domain of this Infinite Source of Expression—creating a “Heaven on Earth” for all practical purposes.

But how was this nurturing environment to be achieved—much less sustained—when rampant upon this schoolroom planet of Earth were Dark Energies who, in their own ways and through their own agents, pursued a vast domination agenda of their own design?

Thus it became clear to your Founding Fathers that, TO REMAIN ON COURSE, this experiment in freedom would require a design structure incorporating built-in checks and balances which DRAW DIRECTLY upon the boundless capabilities of this God Force within each citizen.

A good example of this goal is the original design adopted for your trial-by-jury system—a system now corrupted and subverted so as to allow manipulation of any covertly desired outcome. In its original form, however, THE JURORS THEMSELVES WERE THE KEY. They alone decided the consequences of matters in dispute, arriving at judgements from their own personal inner understanding of spiritual principles like the Golden Rule. The judge was there to answer questions and “direct traffic” and “keep the peace” as needed to maintain a smooth flow to the proceedings.

Each juror, after having heard uninhibited presentations of both sides of the argument, was supposed to “go within” and consult with their Godself or Conscience or “still, small Voice within” or whatever you want to call a direct communing with God. (Tell me how often we Teachers from the Higher Realms have stressed this practice to “go within for your answers” in our many messages to you?!)

Consider the outcome of TWELVE people who conscientiously carry out this task of personal inner communication with God. Is there any doubt in your mind that, in so doing, they would come up with a consensus opinion leading to a fair and wise judgement for the given case?!

Moreover, to measure the built-in resilience of a design such as this, consider that it would only require any two or three people (“when two or more are gathered in My name”) exercising such a concerted group deliberation of conscience to arrive at an appropriate decision. Thus do you see the formidable “safety margin” built-in when, not two or three, but TWELVE are brought together to do so?

Let me here point out that this procedure of “going within” for Guidance works just as well when generalized for a wide range of decision situations—from those made in corporate board rooms and voting booths (where votes are honestly counted!), to those made by a sports team and around the family dinner table. This is a powerful Rudder to help steer your boat through stormy, turbulent waters.

But let us not get sidetracked here in details, dear ones. The general point I wish to recap is simply this: Your Founding Fathers recognized that THE POWER IS THE PEOPLE, AND IT CAN BE AN AWESOME POWER AT THAT. And this is due to each individual’s PERSONAL CONNECTION to Creator Source.

Each citizen is capable of drawing upon the strength of this Divine Birthright and adding to The Whole. Moreover, what gathers in energy space when a group comes together in focus upon a common purpose is that which is summed up in your statement: “The Whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” Thus, as we Teachers from the Higher Realms have so often stressed in our messages to you: YOU ARE SLEEPING GIANTS! YOU ARE MIGHTY POWERFUL SPIRITUAL BEINGS—WHEN YOU PUT YOUR MINDS AND HEARTS TO WORK TOWARD A FOCUSED GOAL!

This is what the Dark Energies do exceedingly well, dear ones!

So the Dark Energies, operating through various agents and mechanisms, and knowing well the challenges of maintaining control—especially over such Power-in-numbers of you-the-citizenry—have long employed a “divide and conquer” approach to fragmenting “pockets of Light” in your world. This is most recently seen in the relatively short-timeframe downward-spiraling of your United States, a condition which, in turn, is pulling many others down, due to the role of Destiny which the United States has long been responsible for carrying: that is, as an example for an aspiring world.

The techniques to accomplish such fragmentation and derailment of Lighted purpose are as endless as are the exploitable weaknesses of the human condition. Such is the respected, formidable role of the Dark Energies, as teachers and testers of sorts, who themselves, by the way, will learn the errors of their thinking when enough of you ones rise above their tricks—and thereby demonstrate the ultimate power of a “service to others” philosophy over their present “service to self” conviction.

Your Founding Fathers were not perfect—none of us are—but, despite all of their individual faults and weaknesses, they were given to see, in unison, a clear vision. And it was a compelling, grand vision at that!

They were shown how to create an environment that could stand powerfully as an example for your entire planet to follow—in which souls experiencing in your physical density could most graciously yet resolutely build Perfection in the three-dimensional domain according to Creator’s Divine Plan. Your Founding Fathers (and many others at that time) sacrificed their personal safety and tranquility, their property and wealth and friendships, and even their lives to help that grand vision take its first important steps toward becoming reality.

As a whole, your nation and your world are presently far removed from experiencing the products of that grand vision. Through the seductions of the Dark Energies, step by devious step, you’ve moved away from utilizing the Power Within that always awaits your call. Your personal connection with God has thus become, generally speaking, weak-to-nonexistent, from a gradual shifting of attention to the following of external pathways of material distraction and pure mirage.

The situation on your world is likely to get “worse” in some respects before enough are caused to awaken to the point of actively deciding to make things better. Meanwhile the growing world tensions continue to serve a very important purpose in your schoolroom—to agitate more of the “sleeping giants” among you from their slumber. Thus, to come full circle in this message, you can see what a grand time of Tribulation OR Transmutation/Transformation you are now inescapably experiencing on your little lifeboat.

I, Violinio St. Germain, as well as many other Teachers and Guides from the Higher Realms, stand ready to help as your desire to create a better world of freedom prompts you to call upon us. As we have said many times, we will not do it FOR you, but we will most certainly work WITH you, as has always been the case.

What kind of United States (and world) do YOU want to see? What kind of United States (and world) do you see RIGHT NOW?

Look back historically just as far as the deceits and manipulations of events leading up to your ghastly World Wars, such as the contrived Pearl Harbor atrocity. How do events such as that fit into the grand vision of soul-freedom pictured by your Founding Fathers?

And then, more recently, look closely and honestly at 9/11—that clumsily contrived preamble to your Patriot Act I, your Homeland Security Act, and the Patriot Act II (just this side of martial law), waiting to be imposed upon you-the-people BY YOUR GOVERNMENT, at the earliest appropriate distraction opportunity. Is this what has become of the grand vision of government “BY the people and FOR the people”?! As has been wisely stated long ago and well worth repeating here: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

I urge you to contemplate what freedom means to you—not in some abstract sense, dear ones, but quite personally. And in answer to that contemplation, may you ACT in wisdom and with conviction in these challenging times of testing, when freedom everywhere upon your world is under heavy attack.

Your world need not be this way. But, as always, what YOU are experiencing is a result of YOUR choices.

Thank you for considering my words. Pardon my bluntness that comes from my passion to help you ones regain a better tomorrow. I am pleased to carry on personal dialog with any who seek my assistance with the clear desire of an open heart.

I am Violinio St. Germain, Master of the Violet Ray of Transformation and Transmutation of the baser into the finer. I leave you now within the Light and Love of Creator’s Divine Plan. Salu.

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