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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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The Dam Is Destined To Burst

Good evening and thank you for hearing and responding to my signal at this busy time. While many are present whose energy signatures are long familiar to you (which gave you some temporary confusion), I take the lead in bringing through this message. I am indeed your old friend Michael, Archangel of the Host of God, come in the Radiant Light of the One who created us all. I am perhaps more familiar to ones on your long beleaguered world than are some of my compatriots contributing to this message, especially among those who have dared to fight the Good Fight in one way or another.

Yes, the loud ringing in your ears is being broadcast to distract, but consider how many years now we of the Higher Realms have always worked around such pesky technical nonsense with you. Relax and let us simply proceed.

Indeed, it has been quite a while since last we asked you to write for us, though you always do keep “the channel” open should we call. We do not generally operate on your regular earthly time intervals, but rather, on sequence of events. That is, we prefer to communicate when the experiential landscape has progressed to a next significant milestone and warrants a new public message to those who have been Guided to monitor your website conduit. Keep in mind that these messages are at least as important for what they are intended to trigger subconsciously as for what SEEMS to be their content at face value.

The dire world scene relentlessly (and ever more desperately) being painted through your various controlled media sources is far different from the positivity that, behind the scenes, is actually bubbling up in many locations, more and more, at this auspicious time. Actually, if you more aware ones keep a discerning eye on the media’s output these days, you will indeed note, with some satisfaction, a growing number of joyful happenings that are getting reported anyway. They are having more and more difficulty “sticking to the script” their puppet-masters desire, especially when good and daring people within media and intelligence circles become Inspired to do the right thing.

These positive happenings (on the economic, free energy, health, spying, and other present enslavement fronts) are still only the smallest of leaks from growing cracks in a dam that is destined to burst soon, as the energies bathing your planet continue to intensify as well as upshift in frequency. Both the underlying physics and the resulting inevitable effects of a positive nature we have been explaining at great lengths for many years now.

So at this pivotal time we recommend that you DO keep one eye on what the “news” media puts out. But as we once again strongly urge: DON’T go overboard in that regard! Here we are referring not just to conventional “news” sources, but also to alternative media and channeled sources. Sensationalism and deceit (sometimes unintentional and sometimes quite on purpose) as well as self-serving-in-disguise are postures by no means limited to conventional information sources. We suggest you always maintain a vigilant discernment concerning ANY information source; then add in a healthy degree of detachment from any source that strikes you as negative, fear mongering, manipulative, after your wallet, or otherwise at odds with what your gut tells you (your soul-knowing compass).

Rather, as we have so often reminded in past messages, you each have important challenges in front of you to focus upon primarily, that are critical for your own soul-growth at this time. That’s really first and foremost why you are here now, and why you are where you are. Think of it as your “duty station” right now, if we may use a term from our Galactic Fleet terminology. Perhaps you work at a restaurant in your local area; this may not seem like much to you—until you ask ones who say how their lives are lifted each time they have contact with you. Deal honorably and appreciatively with that which you find in front of you to do each day, and KNOW that we are well in control of the successful unfolding of the Larger Picture in its Divine proper time.

We do indeed understand and sympathize with YOUR curiosity about OUR progress with that Larger Picture, especially as it pertains to alleviating the present miserable conditions on the surface of your planet. However, if your curiosity becomes such a strong distraction from what you ought to be doing that you “drop everything” to, say, devour each latest alternative news bulletin or channeled message that may be more imagination or hype than Truth, then you have, in effect, been successfully derailed by the Dark Energies.

Such distractions (or procrastinations) can easily lead to the kinds of disappointments and frustrations within that so many seekers experience: disappointments that what you read or heard (and expected to happen) has not happened, and frustrations over missed opportunities and otherwise neglecting what you know you ought to be doing. Your Guides will always do everything they can to help you fulfill what you came here to accomplish, but ultimately your choice of direction is yours alone to make.

We wish to keep this message short and hopeful—in concert with the Buoyant Energies at the heart of your holiday season. These Buoyant Energies are now being matched and amplified by many great Beings of Light adding their loving support at this time. Be vigilant to not allow the excessive materialism that has, year by year, gradually infected this season to corrupt what is healthy into what is not.

My scribe laughs about how he is so deeply thankful to be reminded of that balancing lesson every day by a certain large, full-of-Life golden retriever we sent his way several years ago. Yes, a few toys, some food, and a place to lay your head when you’re tired is nice to have. But this four-footed, wet-nosed, master-teacher-in-disguise never fails to remind by example that these material things should never dominate the intangibles that truly nourish one’s soul-life—like living more fully in the Divine Gift of each present moment, like the tail-wagging JOY and appreciation from kind words and a scratch on the head, like taking time each day for a walk out enJOYing Nature in all its seasonal glories, or like the unbridled deLight of sniffing out and chasing down a simple tennis ball.

Make an effort, perhaps with the aid of lighted holiday candles and festive music, to radiate that kind of Buoyant Energy, that you should be feeling with ever increasing intensity, as you go about your daily life—right now and into a new year likely to take your breath away as certain long hoped for events finally begin to unfold visibly on the world stage. If you take care of the seemingly “little things” your Guides patiently and lovingly place in front of you each day, you will be making the most important contributions that YOU alone can possibly make to The Whole.

I am Michael, Archangel and Guide to all who sincerely ask for my help with the fulfillment of YOUR individual part in this Grand Learning Experience unfolding on planet Earth at this special time. Be kind to each other as well as to yourself. Salu.

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