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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Your Lively, Living Universe: Both Without And Within

Good evening, my friend. Thank you for dedicating this time to we of the Host of God that a message can be “brought through” and shared with many on your world who sincerely ask from the heart for guidance and insight.

It is I, Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source. I speak on behalf of many of your Elder Brethren who are here with me at this challenging time for us all.

For newer readers who may be curious about such messages as these, I can be regarded as a kind of senior scientist and geophysical overseer of this present Earth Transition Project. Your living universe—both without and within—is much more alive and lively than your current level of science has yet recognized, though the clues continue to hit them over the head.

Yes, my scribe, your head feels like it is about to split apart all of a sudden. We are making adjustments as great efforts are, as usual, put forth from dark ones associated with your Earth domain to attempt to block these transmissions. While such antagonisms have crippled some of our less focused or determined receivers, our capabilities infinitely surpass those of the adversarial forces who would effort to block such messages as this.

Behold the folly of these adversarial pawns, these wayward “children of the lie” who have been conned by the Great Trickster into thinking they sit in a driver’s seat of some kind of power. They, too, will eventually learn, as a result of the free-will choices they’ve made at this time, that there are more fulfilling paths they have yet to experience.

You more Lighted ones play a teaching role in their learning, just as they presently play a strengthening and testing role in your learning. As you Lighted ones grow stronger with respect to their “temptations”, they will see the shortsightedness of their present chosen path of service to self rather than service to others. It is a valid path for some to explore in the greater unfoldment of experience.

This is the kind of schoolroom environment your dear Mother Earth provides, despite enduring so much pain from the “tantrums” of those relative few dark ones who struggle, against an incoming high-tide of great change, to sustain their status quo of control over the vast majority of you. As Mother Earth continues to shake and shudder more intensely, due to energies affecting her both from within and from without, it would be wise to acknowledge her sustained, nurturing compassion toward you ones with a simple prayer of thanks.

Many ones have been chattering on such as your Internet with great curiosity about photographs of large “objects” seen in the vicinity of your Sun. Sometimes these objects are “there” and sometimes they’re not. Sometimes areas of your SOHO images are blocked-out or patched-over with pieces of other images to avoid sharing The Truth with you who pay the bills for these projects. Some ones assert quite vigorously that such an object is imminently going to wreak havoc with Earth, sending you back to the Stone Age or worse.

Dear ones, we would remind you that the space around your planet and throughout your solar system is literally TEEMING with intelligent activity. Only a very small window of that liveliness occurs within a frequency range visible to your physical senses and related instrumentation.

But even within that narrow physical perception zone, it would truly astound most of you to see what your astronauts routinely observe during their near-space missions. Of course, you-the-people are the last to know what REALLY goes on in space. Besides its disguised military mission, NASA’s main job is to act as a buffer between The Truth and the public, on behalf of what you call your secret government of spiritually dark, elite world controllers who function as well-duped puppets for the Great Trickster.

These dark ones are, as usual, desperately trying to keep you ignorant to the Greater Realities of your dynamic, living universe. This is because once your consciousness starts to expand from encountering such a breathtaking reality, you more clearly perceive the petty nature of the dark ones’ deceptions, and thus their control tactics quickly lose power over you.

Why do you think your astronauts have returned from important space missions as profoundly “changed” people? Of course some of their odd behaviors are indeed due to an immense degree of memory-blocking mind control having been imposed on these ones—in addition to very real “national security” death threats to themselves and their families, etc. And yet The Truth still leaks out under certain triggering circumstances, as some of you who follow such matters are well aware. Such revealing outbursts are kept to a minimum by keeping these astronauts away from public interactions as much as possible.

As for those controversial “objects” sometimes being sighted near your Sun—well, at any given time objects both natural and artificial may be present and observable there. Your Sun is a great conscious being as worthy of attention at this epochal Transition time as are you ones. Much is going on there that is of interest to (and has attracted the presence of) some of your elder cosmic brethren, who seek to learn more about the thinking of our Creator, the Grand Designer of All That Is, through that which you would recognize as “scientific” study of Creation.

Dear ones, it is time to grow beyond the image of space painted by your disinformation experts and their media (especially Hollywood) stooges as some kind of hostile, haphazard place wherein nobody is “minding the store”. Nothing could be further from The Truth!

We have explained to you, over and over again, that you are in a time when your entire solar system is entering into a region of universal space wherein there exists a domain of high-frequency energies that act as a kind of a “cosmic car-wash”. We (and some of your wisest Native teachers like the Hopi) often refer to this as the time of the Great Awakening and Great Cleansing on planet Earth because these terms describe the kinds of global transformational events that are being energized and accelerated all around your world as a result of the influx of these Great Celestial Healing Energies.

EVERYTHING—from delicate mechanical and electrical devices on your planet (like clock mechanisms and computers), to rates of radioactive decay of isotopes, to cellular structure of both plants and animals, to the behavior of Mother Earth herself—is being affected. NO PHYSICAL MATTER CAN AVOID RESPONDING TO THESE INCOMING HIGH-FREQUENCY ENERGIES because their transformative effects occur first at the “etheric” level wherein operates the substructure of energy patterns which literally form what you perceive as physical matter.

Naturally, you too are being affected. This is partly because you utilize a bio-electric physical apparatus—your body—to interface with the physical reality of your environment, and that body’s physical matter/energy construct is responding just as much to the incoming high-frequency “cleansing” energies as is everything else around you. Your cellular structure is enhancing in response to this energy stimulation, in essence greatly expanding what your experiential machine is capable of doing—as many of you will gradually be discovering.

[Editor’s Note: While we’re on this fascinating subject, be sure to read Master Hilarion’s classic dissertation titled “Understanding Your Bio-Electric Sensing Machine” from 5/17 & 24 of 1997 in WISDOM OF THE RAYS: The Masters Teach, Volume II.]

One common effect of these accelerating changes is a feeling of tiredness partway through your day, and a need to sleep more. In sleep your body can more easily “catch up” again to the frequency upshifting that you begin to lag behind, as your day progresses, due to the typical stresses associated with modern living (which tend to lower your frequency).

Even those who generally remain in a higher-frequency state of laughter, joy, and appreciation are feeling some effects from the energies which are bathing your planet at this time. And those who allow themselves to entertain the lower-frequency states of pessimism, anger, depression, etc. for any length of time are having particular difficulties now, often manifesting life-threatening illnesses of one kind or another. (So consider well the Hopi message shared last month.)

Furthermore, ones are finding themselves gravitating toward “lighter” meals in smaller portions, but perhaps more often. A peanut butter sandwich with fresh fruit or salad is more often sounding more satisfying than is a heavy meal of steak and potatoes.

But beyond the physical changes taking place, so too is your “mental body” responding to these incoming high-frequency energies. Though perhaps at times disorienting right now, these energies are stimulating an expansion of consciousness leading to a deeply felt awareness of a greater personal connection to all around you—from the little butterfly that just landed on your finger to the massive churnings going on at the center of Mother Earth.

This expansion most emphatically includes the awakening of greater intuitive or “psychic” abilities, including a stronger perception of dishonesty in any of its many prevalent forms on your planet at this time. Needless to say, this situation alone poses quite a problem for those dark ones who wish to maintain their status quo of control over you!

Meanwhile, these incoming high-frequency energy effects are certainly not limited to your Earth environment—though that’s understandably your immediate viewpoint. ALL of your solar system—including your planets, as well as their great parent, your Sun—are likewise responding in their own ways to stimulation from these cosmic energies of cleansing and healing leading to a fundamental dimensional upshiftment. That is what this time of Transition is all about.

In that regard, we of the Host of God (and many who work with us in various observational and supervisory capacities from throughout the omniverse of universes) are very busy these days monitoring—and in some cases stabilizing—that which is underway in your physical domain for the greater balance of our combined evolutionary journey.

Thus you may, for instance, see “objects” near your Sun one day and not the next. And if the object is not seemingly “there” when you look, is that because it has moved away from your space, or has it simply moved up in frequency, out of your range of perception with physical senses and instrumentation?

Let me repeat this as a clue for your consideration: Your universe is NOT a bunch of dirty rocks haphazardly flitting about in some random format, like an accident waiting to happen, with nobody supervising what’s going on! WHERE DOES GOD (OR WE OF HIS HOSTS) FIT INTO SUCH A LIMITED VIEWPOINT?! This is a similar view to what one of your more insightful astrophysicists—ostracized (as usual) by the conventional scientific community—has asserted on a much smaller scale about the complex beings you ones call comets: that these are not simply “dirty snowballs” as is conventionally believed.

Meanwhile the dark controllers on your planet are scrambling to hold onto the “kingdom” they have been building for so long now. In that quest they are utilizing every possible avenue of deception to create their favorite consumer control product: FEAR! And outer space is no exception.

Those of you who have been following a certain source of the “outer space object coming this way very soon” agitation may wish to now more closely examine how woven in FEAR have been the many doom-and-gloom pronouncements in that regard. Thoughtful examination of the information presented would show the telltale hallmarks of such a manipulation exercise: (1) throw some truth in the mix as a convincing hook, but (2) leave God out of the picture.

Dear ones, if it is the Will of God that such be done, do you not think we of God’s Host have the capability to literally move an entire planet to a new location in a universe?! So rest assured that ANY object which may come your way is by design for your growth in the Earth schoolroom—and not some careless or hostile or random act of chance.

[Editor’s note: Furthermore, picture what would happen to NASA’s credibility with the public, the press, and the not-bought-off amateur astronomers if NASA chose to make a public announcement about some object in space that’s, say, spotted as coming toward the Earth. And then a few weeks later it has changed course, perhaps radically—or worse yet, just plain disappeared. That’s a much bigger dilemma to try to explain away than just saying nothing to begin with. What is NASA supposed to do at that point? Certainly not admit The Truth that would negate their entire disinformation mission!]

And that brings us to matters of the heart. This is your “connection point” to your Higher Self, and also your “truth meter” for detecting all kinds of sophisticated manipulations that the desperate world controllers are throwing your way.

ALL of you were endowed by your Creator with exquisite inner perceptive abilities. These are the ones we have been encouraging you to develop through many past messages of this nature.

These inner perceptive abilities are going to become more and more important to you ones as your world seemingly appears more topsy-turvy to the physical sensing experience. These inner senses will become your source of orientation, balance, and “grounding” as you experience a stronger and stronger personal connection with the grand dimensional upshiftment that your entire solar system is experiencing at this time.

So we say to you again: Go within for your answers, and ask your questions with a pure and sincere desire of the heart. AND THEN LISTEN FOR THE ANSWER! For the call always compels the answer.

Let us end this here with the expectation that our discussion has been of some value. You who are honestly seeking answers through such as these messages are on a grand journey of discovery and expansion. Do not be concerned about those ones not yet ready to move past the comforts of the familiar, for at this time of Transition they, too, will be caused to grow in ways consistent with their seeming free-will choices actually rooted in fear.

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, speaking on behalf of many other Teachers and Wayshowers from what you would call the Higher Realms. I am of the Host of God and I leave you in His Infinite Light and Love.

You have much to think on and even more to feel hopeful about. There is nothing random about Creator’s Grand Design—except that which is perceived to be such due to lack of understanding.

You are now at the threshold of the doorway that leads to a grand exploration of both inner and outer space. Will you knock or turn away in fear? Salu.

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