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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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“And The Walls Come Tumblin’ Down”

Written by Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec with Nikola Tesla

Good morning, and thank you, my dear friend, for taking time from other pressing duties to provide this avenue for our signal to be stepped down in frequency and translated into words. My, but don’t we sound “scientific” in our language today?! No matter, for that is the physics of the process, and we are, by nature and presence, of a scientific inclination.

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, and with me in blended energy for this particular message is the great scientific-humanitarian soul who some of you ones know and respect as Nikola Tesla. We are present in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source, and we come in Service to you, our brothers and sisters of Light.

For those of you newer readers who may be asking—yes, our messages are often of a “blended” nature, with input, as needed, from many beings of the Higher Realms—some you would recognize and some not. But on occasions when a message’s contributions are from one or two dominant energies, their identification in your reference frame, if possible, often allows for your better “digestion” of the information being shared. And such is the case at this time.

As geophysical overseer of this current Earth Transition Project, I, Soltec, would first like to strongly suggest to all of you who appreciate these messages that you check the condition of your emergency supplies. Replace those old water containers and the dead batteries in your flashlights and radio, at the very least.

Your beautiful planetary being, Mother Earth, is moving into a time of experiencing greatly intensified cleansing energies which are PARTLY responsible for causing—as a mechanism of her rebalancing process—an increase in seismic activity, including areas not generally known for such shaking.

I say “partly responsible” because these cleansing energies, while Good News for the health of Mother Earth, are Bad News for the dark entities struggling to maintain their longtime covert control over all aspects of your planetary environment. As a result, they, in turn, are redoubling their foolish, selfish, desperate use of poorly understood inter-dimensional technologies to attempt to nullify the incoming cleansing energies because these energies have quite uncomfortable effects on them—a subject we have discussed in many past messages.

This “tug-of-war” effort from the darkly motivated ones is like trying to protect a fragile sandcastle, built at the edge of the ocean seashore, from the next powerful incoming high-tide. It’s only a matter of a short time before the entire beachfront is washed and renewed by the incoming waves.

But at this stage of the cleansing cycle, great efforts are always made to “fight the system” by those who prefer the way things are now—and therein results a great deal of turmoil, which originates in what could be called the etheric energy dimension (or higher-frequency band), and then ripples down into the physical and adds its contribution to increased seismic, volcanic, and meteorological disturbances.

Furthermore, you are witnessing an increase in what we have long termed “natural disaster warfare”. That is, the directed employment of covert “advanced” (to you) technologies to induce geographically localized disturbances ranging from seismic, volcanic, and meteorological anomalies (like earthquakes, tornados, intense lightning, and deluges), to more subtle manipulations of what you could term a psychological nature (like apathy, confusion, or agitation perhaps leading to riots). Such covert “bombardments” are usually directed to specific locations for political reasons of one kind or another.

The country of Turkey is a good recent example: First, Turkey refused the United States a base from which to conduct the northern leg of the war on Iraq; then, Turkey experienced a devastating earthquake, the intensity of which was at least a factor of ten stronger than reported (which, along with other “technical assistance” like was used to bring down your World Trade Center towers, caused a high degree of damage to even newer, better-built buildings); and then, there was generated widespread, often violent rioting of the citizenry in affected areas—which the controlled media reported to you was in response to governmental incompetence.

Note what happens: The Turkish government is effectively made to look inept on the world stage, as well as made to deal with a very big mess that, in turn, causes a further heavy drain of resources. All this to repay Turkey for opposing “the great satan” (as many other nations call your United States of America) in carrying out an unconscionable assault on Iraq—an innocent people and a region rich in historical clues to man’s TRUE heritage on planet Earth.

These tit-for-tat events of natural disaster warfare go on and on—usually between the United States and Russia (as fronts for opposing factions of your so-called elite controllers). And they do not simply end, as you may suppose, with the desired objective. They have a cumulative “domino effect” that in turn often triggers other events, elsewhere on your planet, as she works to balance out such focused, unnatural energies at both etheric and physical levels.

So, a strong word to the wise at this time would be to check your various emergency provisions, just in case you happen to get caught in the crossfire of one of these “snowball fights” representing many levels of ongoing lessons, most of which are having to be learned the hard way!

[Editor’s Note: Readers may be interested to know that this message was penned only about a day before the start of an astonishing wave of peculiar and devastating storm activities that continues as of the writing of this editor's note, seven days later. The southeast United States is still under relentless “attack”, while other violent and equally peculiar storm cells (even termed so by the meteorologists quoted on major media outlets) have devastated many areas of the Midwest, and even appeared all the way over in Denver, causing much damage there.

Some of you may be aware how these “natural disaster warfare” storms often “coincidentally” occur in areas where secret, often underground technical facilities exist—facilities sometimes revealed to the observant due to a history of unusual happenings nearby, like the fried dead birds falling from the sky on a clear day recently in one location of the southeast United States.

Besides the usual structural damage, nearly a hundred deaths (so far reported), many thousands of injuries, and hundreds of thousands of people now homeless, who were caught in these terrible events, there has been extensive agricultural (food supply) damage inflicted all the way to the West Coast. The West Coast weather has been off the media radar screens due to the violence (ratings pizzazz) of these other storms. There, however, mounting food-crop damage is primarily due to unusually prolonged overcast, rainy, and cold conditions that have kept the ground soggy and temperatures in some growing areas—get this—consistently 20º-30º below normal for this time of year!]

We would further call your attention to a recent message from the Hopi nation which wisely urges not just basic physical preparations, but additional kinds of preparation at the mental and spiritual levels consistent with many of our past messages from the Higher Realms.

You see, with great nurturing compassion, and at painful personal expense, Mother Earth has been dedicated to providing a wonderfully interactive schoolroom environment. And that holds not just for those students who you can see, but also for many you can’t, who you may not even realize are participating in the lessons underway.

And it’s that matter—of unseen participants in the unfolding drama—which takes us into our next topic of discussion. Though such occurrences are not within the direct field of perception of most of you at this time, many of you are (or will be) nonetheless FEELING THE EFFECTS of what we wish to discuss.

Let us first take a brief aside here to describe a matter that, while it relates to our message, always perplexes our scribe when it happens—until the “pieces of the puzzle” later come together in clarity.

What happened is, starting a day or so before penning this message, our scribe “heard”—like a radio playing in the background of one’s thoughts—your old American spiritual tune called “Joshua Fit [Led] The Battle Of Jericho” which is also the first line of the tune’s lyrics. The second line, completing the stanza of musical thought, goes: “And the walls come tumblin’ down.”

Now—consider the main ideas we discussed earlier, and recall that, in the biblical story, Joshua’s group brought the walls of the city of Jericho down with a ritual procedure (focusing of mind and etheric energies) that culminated in the blowing of horns (mixing mental/etheric energies onto a “carrier wave” of sound vibration).

In other words, an “interdimensional” technique or technology was employed to reduce an area of massive stone walls (symbolically a confining, controlling structure) to rubble. And that second line of the song stanza will turn out to have a central bearing on our discussion—as we continue where we left off before pausing to describe the kind of musical communication that often “haunts” our scribe. So let us continue.

Recently, this scribe was asked to provide some clarification to a series of emotionally charged intuitive visions that were being experienced by a friend. This friend—who we shall simply refer to as “Kay”—is a spiritual healer, author, Crop Circle investigator, and trance channel with strong Native American leadership roots. Her most challenging personal accomplishment (and subject of one of her powerful books) was the successful escape from (and ongoing healing from) an early life of entrapment within the hidden corridors of interdimensional ritual abuse by ones affiliated with your highest-level secret government, your so-called Illuminati.

These dark (of soul), contrary ones are always looking to identify and utilize the psychic (interdimensional) talents of ones so gifted as Kay, and it is always a matter of great rejoicing when a beautiful and compassionate soul such as this one breaks free from that hold of darkness. Substantial spiritual lessons are learned for all involved in the cycle of such experiences into enslavement and back to personal freedom.

Among other recurring emotional visions observed by this strong yet gentle soul, Kay said she would “see” a human strapped in a chair-like apparatus that had a headpiece—a machine that looked like a cross between an “electric chair” for executions and a “hair drying” chair in a ladies’ beauty salon. Kay said she was given to understand that this apparatus was amplifying and broadcasting the thoughts of the one in the chair.

The location was vague, but seemed like it could be somewhere underground. She saw many such people strapped in such chairs. The scene was much the same as what several courageous authors have shared about secret operations like your Montauk Project.

The one placed in the chair is chosen for outstanding mental abilities—though kidnapped is a more accurate operational term. After being located and identified as a gifted candidate, the person is first programmed, through a series of torturous experiences, to express intense emotions of fear. Once these frequencies of fear have been cultivated and fine-tuned to an exceptionally high level, then the person graduates to placement in the chair—where, together, they operate as a high-power “broadcasting station” sending pure fear into your planet’s etheric atmosphere.

This has long been a practical method utilized by ones associated with your secret government to counteract the upward movement of your planetary frequency. As we have many times explained, fear acts like a poison that depresses and “jangles” the frequency spectrum of the etheric energy atmosphere in which you are immersed and with which you interact continuously. The large-scale injection of pure fear into your planet’s etheric atmosphere, from many such secret broadcasting sources, acts like a layer of dank fog to block an otherwise sunny day.

What Kay has been concluding from her recent visions—that prompted her to call our scribe for clarification—was actually a matter of great rejoicing. She related observing: (1) the falling apart into piles of rubble—like those walls of Jericho—of these etheric broadcasting stations as well as other interdimensional contraptions she thought to be part of the world control structure, (2) the release of anguished humans trapped in support capacities like the people in the chairs, and (3) the anger and desperation coming from dark ones associated with these kinds of etheric projects as they watch their equipment fall apart before their eyes—despite expending their best mental efforts to “hold” it all together—and thus realize that, in the Larger Picture, their remaining time of control over you ones is quite short. High tide is coming in!

Our scribe offered the opinion to Kay that what she was seeing was indeed quite real, and what was happening was as technically straightforward (though at an etheric level) as what happens to an overcast morning when the day’s strong sunlight gradually burns away (evaporates) the fog.

Another analogy shared was that of winter snowflake or ice crystals “collapsing” (melting) into liquid as the days grow warmer with movement into springtime. This analogy was especially satisfying to Kay since her visions showed the machines literally falling apart and disintegrating—a lot like the way sculptures in snow or ice do once the air temperature rises enough above freezing. What she saw disintegrating were the actual energy patterns which the dark beings utilize (in mental and etheric space) to literally construct such interdimensional machinery as the mind-amplifying chair apparatus. (Some of you may be familiar with the way Tesla created and “tinkered with” his inventions in a similar way before producing a final product for use in your physical domain.)

Consider that such interdimensional machinery is formed, from a mental image, in the etheric equivalent of snow or ice. So long as the creation remains in “cold temperatures”, its solidity remains stable and it remains functioning.

But what happens if the “temperature” starts to rise faster than one can cool down the local atmosphere? Then the “molecular bonds” holding the etheric construct together begin to break and the machinery disintegrates—similar to what would happen in your physical domain if you took, say, a cell-phone from your pocket and tossed it onto a fire.

Can you imagine the predicament this puts these dark energies in? Their vast structures of control are literally “melting” due to the influx of high-frequency energies showering your planet at this time! (Now consider the second line of that musical stanza: “And the walls come tumblin’ down.”)

Moreover, you can appreciate why these visions were so emotionally charged for Kay, for she had broken free from such diabolical entrapment and now frequently helps others do so, too. Such actions have been a matter of great elation for her to behold!

We wish to call such a seemingly strange matter as Kay’s visions to your attention because—as we mentioned earlier—though the majority of you are not directly attuned to the perception of such “housecleaning” activities going on in other-dimensional realities coupled with your own, you are nonetheless FEELING their effects in subtle ways. Walking you through an experience such as Kay’s may help you to better comprehend the vast extent of the Earth Transition Project in progress at this time that we call the Great Awakening and the Great Cleansing.

The sophisticated nature of the entrapment and control that has prevailed on your world for a long time extends well beyond that which is visible to physical eyes or can be understood in physical terms like handcuffs or jails. Your Founding Fathers were given to understand (more accurately: to remember, from past experiences) the nature of these invisible kinds of slavery which would arrive at your doorstep as the young United States grew. And it was this inner understanding upon which they drew in fashioning the powerful concepts that coalesced into the blueprint for a Nation of Freedom that is reflected in their Inspired documents like your Declaration Of Independence.

If these Divinely Guided Principles had been diligently adhered to, rather than allowed to slowly erode over time, you ones would not now be in such a condition of slavery as you must now surmount if you truly desire Freedom.

You see, your minds hold deep “patterns of slavery”, many of which originate from relentless etheric-to-physical “broadcasts” of the dark controllers, your spiritual testers. Thus, even though their “walls” are falling down (as Kay accurately perceives in her visions), in many of your minds those “walls” still remain real, as habitual patterns of limiting thought, and these thoughts effectively keep you corralled.

So, it is this longtime “conditioning” that you must yet strive to overcome to achieve Freedom. Old patterns of thought energy are more responsible for keeping you enslaved at this time of the Great Awakening and Great Cleansing than are the seemingly “outside” forces you are inclined to point to as being at fault.

With that in mind, you could regard our message this month as a “scientific extension” of Germain’s message on Freedom last month.

Contemporary with the days when Nikola Tesla was upon your place (creating that which could have liberated you from many forms of imposed slavery), your renowned psychic Edgar Cayce often said “mind is the builder”. And nowhere is that axiom more important than in the building, in physical reality, of that which you call a State of Freedom.

As Germain explained last month, your Founding Fathers were striving to fashion easily applied ideals of Freedom that would “automatically” predispose the powers of your collective minds to not only repel the kinds of other-dimensional-based entrapments like we have discussed herein, but also build a strong etheric energy pattern (foundation) for the manifestation of true Freedom in your physical domain. In other words, powerful “alchemical” or higher-dimensional underpinnings govern the ideals your Founding Fathers fashioned into deceptively simple concepts to facilitate your ability to create a multidimensional atmosphere of Freedom.

But look how far those great ideals of Freedom have been allowed to erode since those tumultuous days of only a few hundred years ago! Look how far you have allowed such a precious, God-given birthright to deteriorate just since your contrived events of September 11, 2001!

Consider this, especially you more technically focused readers: Ones on your world are constantly asking us for help with the development of such liberating technologies as free-energy devices. But how would we of the Higher Realms be helping you by granting such requests when what we would actually be doing is helping to birth a “baby” into a largely lazy and uninformed culture wherein it will just as quickly be taken away from you as have so many other aspects of Freedom?


You see, how can you realistically expect to safeguard such technologies “for the people” when you’ve collectively allowed the thieves such complete reign within your house? Until you first “prepare the way”—through a fundamental housecleaning that repels the thieves—you can no more hold onto free-energy devices than you can to any other representations of a responsibly free society. We, especially Tesla, could say much more on this subject, and perhaps we will at a later time.

For now, we leave you with the thought that this message has been written in the early hours of the 33rd (for you students of Illuminati symbolism) anniversary of a tragic lesson for a “free” nation—a nation at that time far more blissfully ignorant than now about the extent to which you have lost your fundamental freedoms.

It was this day in 1970 when national guardsmen, called to Kent State University in Ohio to “control” a student Vietnam anti-war demonstration, opened fire, killing four students and wounding nine. As a moving assemblage of conscience turned to horror, a modern awakening began the hard way—an event which your Founding Fathers were all too familiar with.

Many of those who lost their lives in that so-called [Vietnam] war are back again, participating with renewed vigor in the vast worldwide marches of awakening that you have witnessed in recent months concerning Iraq. And this time the groundswell of conscience energy, like Joshua’s group blowing their horns, is enough to make your Founding Fathers smile—as currents are set into motion which can amplify desires where “the walls come tumblin’ down”.

Yes, be aware that Mother Earth is herself taking action to shake down many kinds of walls. And as well are people of conscience coming together with one voice to bring down the walls that fence-in Freedom.


We are Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec and Nikola Tesla, at the end of our present lesson on the “science” of Freedom. We leave you with the Light of KNOWING that the God-spark within each of us is Infinite, and therein resides the path to Freedom you seek. May you walk Thoughtfully upon that path. Salu.

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Message From The Hopi, People Of Peace