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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

10 minutes reading time (1998 words)

Stand And Be Counted For A Better World

Good afternoon, my friend. It is I, Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in the Light of Creator Source—The One Light. Be at peace and be still.

Much is happening all around your globe in terms of geological activity. There is much movement of your planet’s crustal plates and we are monitoring closely the “physiological” changes of your orb’s physical structure. Your planet is constantly adjusting to the upward frequency shifts, as well as to the artificial distortions (torques) caused by man’s experimentations with high-energy pulse beams and such. Know that your planet continually calls out for protection and guidance from Higher Source, and she is given that which she seeks.

Many ones do not recognize your planetary orb as having consciousness. But the lack of understanding of the facts of the matter do not change the reality of the situation. She is quite alive, aware, and an emotional entity. She expresses herself in a manner foreign to most ones’ thinking and reasoning. Her mentor (father-mother figure) is your solar system’s Sun. Your Sun gave birth to your planetary orb many a billion years ago, and maintains constant communication with her, as well as sending various life-giving energies to her so that she may experience and grow much like you ones are doing.

She, at the present time, is providing an environment that allows for many entities to interact in the physical, so that they can have opportunity to experience, grow, and learn in a group setting. This environment you now experience within is not some “freak accident” of Nature. It is an exquisite design wherein much planning and thought has resulted in a unique ecological balance; even the smallest of insect plays a role in maintaining the equilibrium.

Human beings are given free will to choose as they see fit. The choices of a relative few (your so-called “elite”) have, over several past decades, created a very out-of-balance situation on your planet. Massive deforestation, over-fishing of the world’s oceans, excessive use of pesticides, nuclear (and more exotic scalar or “prana”-type energy) weapons’ testing and such have caused great rifts in the overall ecological balance of your world.

This cumulative abuse will not be allowed to continue without great repercussions. Many of you already have been seeing the signs for many years now, and yet little has changed. Pollution continues to pour out of fossil fuel-based power plants and factories with little regard for the longterm effects.

Though some governments have taken actions to clean up the environment and establish regulations, others have virtually done NOTHING. A large percentage of your world’s manufacturing is now done in China—where regulations are essentially non-existent.

Much alternative-energy-source information and technology has been brought into your world, and yet the greed of the few keep this information and technology from being shared. There are viable alternatives to fossil-based fuels that will neither pollute the environment, nor deplete any of your planet’s natural resources. These energy systems are essentially free—after the initial investment of building the generating system.

With such energy-production devices implemented and in use, it would become very economical and practical to desalinate ocean water, and then use the fresh water to irrigate the dry desert areas all around your globe. In this way you could quickly end world hunger.

You would also then eliminate the need to rape the ocean of its sea life, cut down the rain forests, and pollute your environment—and thus avert great disaster.

Your world governments are quite aware of these “free energy” technologies, and use them in their advanced “secret” bases all around the world. Some view these technologies as a potential threat to “national security” (that is, to their control over you ones) and therefore such devices cannot be released to the “public sector”.

However, if your world continues on its current reckless path of self destruction, there will not be a “public sector” left to be concerned about—let alone a hospitable environment to sustain life as you presently appreciate it.

Within EACH of you lies the ability to make a difference in your world. Even on a small scale you can do your part to help others become aware of the impending disasters. In time, large masses will wake-up—only to find that your world’s governments have done studies the results of which show that ecological destruction is imminent, and that these reports were considered “classified” and hidden away so as to not create great social upheavals.

Dear friends, ozone holes would be the least of your worries if you were allowed to see the larger picture. Your planetary entity, Mother Earth, is quite justified in her crying out for help from we of the Higher Realms!

It is not our intent to try to scare you into action. However, if the TRUTH of the matter is negative in nature, then should we of the Higher Realms say nothing, rather than present to you ones an accurate assessment of your situation?

We shall not attempt to coddle you ones and tell you that all is wonderful and beautiful and serene, when the TRUTH of the matter is contrary to that. You each have chosen to participate in your current environment, knowing full well that there were going to be challenges along the way.

Challenges are a good thing. Challenges are what cause you to go within to seek understanding and balanced solutions.

The word “challenge” has a certain feeling associated with it that some equate to difficulty and hardship. Facing challenges does NOT have to be difficult or hard—if you just remember to include God as a part of the problem-solving team.

Remember, please, that you are never given more than you can handle. As long as you remember to call upon Higher Guidance and Protection, there are no challenges you cannot face and overcome in a balanced manner. Be persistent, be patient, and be humble—and the answers to your heart-felt questions WILL come.

Much like the challenges of raising children will cause, from time to time, emotional stirrings within parents of great frustration, aggravation, and such, there is also the inner knowing that the children will eventually come to an age when they will venture out into the world for themselves and: “THEN they will see!”

This is to say that good parents realize that eventually their children will mature into adults, and through personal accountability and responsibilities experienced first-hand, children will come to appreciate all of the lessons parents tried to share with them. Often it is only after such “school of hard knocks” occurrences that children realize their parents were only trying to help them. Though the children may be resentful of parents telling them “what to do all of the time”, the parents know that they offer these “annoyances” out of love—and not out of some desire to be oppressive toward the children.

In much this same way, we of the Host of God effort to assist you ones, and from time to time we find it quite beneficial to point out the EFFECTS of choices made. If an effect of choosing to ignore a situation (because it causes you overwhelm or discomfort) allows for a destructive situation to persist, then haven’t you CHOSEN to allow the situation to continue and possibly flourish and grow?

If this be the case, then, when the situation becomes so large you can no longer ignore it, WHO should hold the responsibility for the situation? This is the case with many of the global issues now impacting your planet.

Many an otherwise good person has chosen to ignore the inner pressure (of conscience) to do the “right” thing—fundamentally out of fear. That is, there are the fears of losing a job and possible resulting physical hardship, or loss of status or prestige in the community (especially among scientists) and having to endure possible ridicule, and other matters of loss of what you call “quality of life” issues.

In actuality, by NOT following the urgings of the conscience, ones are GUARTANTEEING the loss of the very quality-of-life conditions they fear losing—as well as guaranteeing same for their children and grandchildren as well, to an even greater extent. You are in a time when there is no escaping the consequences of your choices and resulting actions.

Never underestimate the power you have to effect change!

Be forever careful NOT to allow fear to dictate your actions (or, in most cases, reactions). Find within you the knowing that “doing the ‘right’ thing” is sometimes the greatest challenge YOU might have to face. Face such challenges with a KNOWING that, if you but ask, God is on your side and a myriad of Angels are standing ready to assist you.

When the heart and mind are focused in complete and total alignment, you become an unstopable and unshakable force. It is only when you entertain doubt and fear that there becomes a misalignment of energy and “difficulty” persists.

Learn to trust the Inner Whisperings of your heart. Know that when your intent is to do good and to help others, without the expectation of personal gain or reward, you will have, standing with you, LITERALLY COUNTLESS Higher Beings contributing their energies to yours, and helping to open doors where you thought there were none.

You EACH have Guides watching over you—ready, willing, and able to assist you. Be not afraid to speak out, especially when the knowledge you hold will greatly benefit others.

You EACH have a unique role to play, if you choose to fulfill your intended destiny.

Learn to include God in all of your planning, and you will overcome any and all challenges that come your way. The energy you put into helping others will ALWAYS be returned to you, especially in your time of need.

Be quick to add positive energy to any situation that may cross your path that somehow seems negative to you:

If you see a child being mentally abused, then send that child a mental hug (Light).

If you find that some ones constantly speak ill toward you or others, then send those ones a mental hug (Light) as well, for they are truly hurting inside, and they wish to blame others for their pain instead of taking responsibility for it themselves.

Taking small steps like these can have a tremendous impact on those around you. You will become a magnet of sorts for positive experiences, and you will find the negative experiences being far less frequent and of diminished significance.

Often the only difference between a charismatic, charming person and a repulsive, bitter person is that the one looks for the good in every situation and focuses mostly upon helping others, while the other dwells mostly upon one’s own personal problems and often has little time, let alone compassion, for anyone else.

Look not upon what might happen to you if you take an action that could help a lot of people. Rather, look at what may happen to a lot of people if you DON’T take the action!

ALL happens for a reason, and you can come to a balanced soul-ution to ANY challenge if you just remember to keep God in the picture—as well as learning to appreciate the larger perspective of soul growth and experience, rather than the more limiting perspective of reactionary physical survival.

Physical death is but a transition back to where you came from, and is hardly an ending, but rather, a completion of a cycle. If you effort to address the challenges of your life in balance and without fear, you will have satisfaction in your heart when you look back upon the life you led in the physical.

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come at this time, as a member of the Host of God and as a fellow caretaker of your planet, so that you ones may have the Guidance and Insights you seek along this segment of your infinite spiritual journey.

Much Love and Light to you all! Salu.

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