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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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To Know Yourself, Reach Out To Others

Greetings, dear one, and thank you for sitting this day. Be at peace, and find that place of stillness within. Allow the Light of Creator God to fill you from within and radiate outward until you see it filling the entire area in which you now sit.

Be at peace in your knowing that the work you do goes forth and touches many a heart and is greatly anticipated and appreciated. Look not upon the task of writing these messages as a burden, but rather, as an opportunity to share with others an uplifting message of hope.

The challenges you face are inner challenges of strong emotional convictions. We of the Lighted Brotherhood KNOW your heart, and we know the inner burden you needlessly carry. Such challenges are the usual kinds of reasons ones come forth into the physical—for the opportunity to focus upon, and outwardly experience, the more subtle yet powerful emotional stirrings within.

I was wondering when you were going to ask. I am Sanat Kumara, known by some as the Silver Ray of Creation, and by others, usually the Native American peoples, as Grandfather. I come in and of The One Light that both symbolically and literally represents the All That Is—Creator Source.

From the perspective of energy space (non-physical expression), all is viewed in terms of electromagnetic pulse-wave emanations. Whether it be a thought, emotion, or desire, it is ALL energy.

That which originates thought, emotion, and desire is also a form of energy. This energy can be traced back to a single “root” that you ones would simply term Creator God. It is ALL and yet it has no dimensionally measurable quantity or quality, but is infinite in potential. The entirety of all of Creation is contained within this Potential Energy, waiting for its perfect opportunity for expressing—not only on the physical planes of existence, but on ALL planes of existence.

You and the ones on your world are projections of this Infinite Potential Energy and are the product of a Desire being expressed in perfection. This expressed Desire is that which focuses the Infinite Potential Energy, and thus differentiates the Energy and causes a flow and coalescence of the idea expressed. This, in a brief sort of way, is the essence of how God creates and is how you (the soul-you) each were “born” into existence and likewise create.

You each are endowed with an innate ability to tap into and utilize this Infinite Potential of creation as your free will desires same. What is often called the “Spark of Life” that you each carry, could be likened to a kind of basic “DNA strand” that carries within it the entire blueprint of YOU—the spiritual you.

This “Spark of Life” is the desire of God expressing with and through you. It is through this Life Energy that ALL consciousness and awareness exist. You each—as well as we of the non-physical realms—are in essence a focal point at which Creator experiences individuality, diversity, duality, and the infinite possible combinations of ideas, beliefs, actions, and consequences.

We who serve at this time in the non-physical sense, as Guides, have experienced many, many times in the physical expression. We mastered its many challenges and grew immensely in awareness of Self—as we came to realize just exactly WHO and WHAT we really are. The ultimate realization is in the knowing and true understanding that ALL IS ONE.

We realize that you have heard this stated many times before. And many of you recognize this as Truth when you hear it. However, very few do we see who actually KNOW within what concept we truly express in these three simple words: ALL IS ONE. It goes beyond what you can see with the eyes or touch with the hands. It is more than accepting the concept that all people, animals, plants, minerals, planets, stars, and galaxies are connected.

It is an INNER connection to a KNOWING that, once truly perceived and understood and appreciated, transforms an individual immensely from within. There is then nothing but great Love possible ever after, within your heart, which in turn will, forever after, be effortlessly expressed through every thought, action, or deed that follows. This is the essence of the Great INNER Awakening that is what it takes to “graduate” from the physical “schoolroom” once and for all.

The majority of those experiencing on your world simply go along with the mass of humanity in a “herd-like” mentality, waiting for someone else to do something unique so that they can simply observe the newness. These ones are easily distracted by the physical senses, which tend to crowd-out the inner senses of intuition and such.

As always, there are many different levels of awareness among the peoples of your world. Those who express in the more creative ways are the ones who are more deliberately utilizing their inner connection to the Infinite Potential Energy. In essence these ones are more deliberate in their focus and desire, and thus manifest their goals and dreams more easily and fully.

Let me explain:

Focus: focusing your attention on an experience adds energy to what is already there and thus tends to recreate or reinforce the reality of the experience.

Desire: desire modifies the experience so that it becomes uniquely different due to your uniqueness.

Emotional Content: the emotional energy you couple with your desire determines the rate at which the Infinite Potential Energy coalesces and flows through you to manifest your focus and desire.

You may note that it is very simple for ones to physically destroy something beautiful that has been created. You chop up a rose bush—but can you create a rose? (Technically you CAN create a rose—and eventually you will, and much, much more.) The energy that is behind this destructive element is the strong emotional desire to break free from the self-imposed prison many on your world find themselves trapped within—but know not what to do to achieve that freedom.

Each of you has an innate desire to be free from any form of restriction, and yet most on your world find themselves mentally and emotionally restricted due to various experiences and subsequent erroneous beliefs held as a result of those experiences. Often ones are left not knowing where to turn or what to do, and yet there is a great inner emotional pressure that builds up within, that seeks release.

Unfortunately, the end result for many ones is a lashing out in violence, anger, and frustration. This energy can be (and often is) quite destructive due to the severe INWARD FOCUS of overwhelm and the lack of feeling connected to Creator Source. Thus, ones in such a condition will seek connection externally by destroying other people’s property, or by being physically or mentally abusive towards those they really love. This is a way of saying (by way of actions): “Please notice that I am hurting inside and I don’t know what to do.”

A person who is truly at peace and spiritually balanced will never find comfort in tearing down another or trying to destroy another person’s dreams. Find compassion for those who cross your path who act out in desperation. Know that they truly are hurting inside and they are desperately wanting Peace, Love, and Balance in their lives. They innately know that it exists, and they desperately are seeking to find it.

The answer they seek is within, and yet that is often the last place they look. Often it is only after great trauma and exertion that these ones come to a point of wanting to just give up. It is often not until these final moments, when they let go of the desperation, that reprieve comes. Sadly, this is often the point just prior to when many transition themselves out of the physical environment.

Learn to recognize a brother or sister in need. It is often the more sensitive person who ends up in emotional states of overwhelm. All ones are basically good people efforting toward a greater understanding and awareness of self. Some deliberately choose the harder path as they know that it will “quicken” their journey and enable a greater opportunity to contribute to the overall awareness and growth of the planet.

Please have compassion for all ones who cross your path. Know that your paths cross for a reason and that there are no strangers. You (we) are ALL related and come forth from the same Source—Creator God.

I am Sanat Kumara, come in the Light of Creator God—The One Light. May you each find comfort in knowing that you are never alone, even in what you may perceive to be your “darkest” hour. If you have ability to think and reason, then you have ability to connect within to the ALLNESS that IS—Creator God.

Blessings and Peace. Salu.

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