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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Feel The Changes In The Air For 1999 & Beyond

Good morning, my friend. It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source. Be at peace.

Always look for the clues when looking toward the future possibilities. There will always be the “signs” that you need along your journey. None will have their path so clearly painted that they will not have to think or take responsibility. However, one who observes closely all of the subtleties of their experiences, and learns to accurately interpret these signals, will have a much more productive, rewarding, and enriching journey.

As usual, our Message is vague in terms of specifics, yet these words will cause within you a stirring which cannot be easily ignored. Why such words at this particular time? Why do we choose certain word combinations that seem to “jump off the page” at you?

All is for a reason! Do not discount even the slightest word choice, for there can be much communicated in terms of tonal frequency or reactionary response to a single word placed in proper sequence.

Allow for the changing (rising) frequency of your planet. But, perhaps even more importantly, please pay close attention to the inner feelings and emotional responses that you ones are feeling from day to day. Growth is not usually something that explodes in your face, but rather, a gradual evolution of thought and understanding brought about from years of experience.

Your inner world is constantly offering to you a feeling response to that upon which you focus your attention, from moment to moment. Many of you have had a noticeable “inner tension” since the first of the year. Some would describe this as a sense of foreboding or uneasy anxiousness of sorts.

Did something “happen” as the clock on the wall ticked past midnight in your area on the first of the year? Yes!

There was a shift in planetary awareness resulting from many people seeing that the year 2000 was just around the corner. And, with the perception of time being such that the last year is mostly a blur for the majority, many are left with an anxiety and an anticipation of the next year. There was no real change in physical space, but there is indeed a “charge” in the non-physical space that precipitates the events that get played out in the physical.

Each and every day you ones make seemingly small decisions and choices that affect your daily lives—from what clothes you choose to wear, to what food you will eat, and so forth. Though these are seemingly small choices, they can have quite a large impact on your daily experience.

If you choose clothing that is comfortable, neat, and appropriate, yet unobtrusive, you will likely be far less distracted than if you choose clothing which draws a lot of attention or makes you feel “out of place”. Wearing a bikini to the grocery store on a typical winter day is an extreme example. Likewise, if you choose to eat a lot of garlic or beans, you may also become quite a distraction to others!

Now, if we look at the fact that there exists this very real feeling that most of you are feeling as we enter 1999, and we understand that this feeling is mostly due to the inner stirrings of the masses, then we have just made note of an important clue. In taking this look toward the future, there would seem to be a “significance” about the coming year which no one seems to be able to put their finger on.

This feeling is their Higher Self offering a “wake-up” call. Many are still consciously ignorant about the personal meaning of this sensation, but deep down in their “gut” they know that there is indeed a “quickening” occurring, and that massive, life-altering change is coming.

When the mass consciousness alters in this way, the energy must seek its proper density for outlet. If you feel hope and anticipation with eagerness associated with this energy, you will walk Lightly through these times of change and attract experiences with that same Lightness. On the other hand, if you anticipate hardship and trouble, you will attract more of this “heavier” (lower-frequency) burden. Either way, the emotional energy that has been generated will seek its outlet (a grounding of sorts) in terms of physical manifestation.

There is no experience you can have that will not first play out in mental and emotional (non-physical) spaces. The more “in tune” you are with the intent of your Higher soul-purpose, the more peaceful will be your experience. When you are “off course” with respect to your core intent, you will find the coming times quite stressful in terms of inner
emotional conflict.

This is a perfect time for self examination in terms of “feeling out” exactly where you are with respect to fulfilling your intended purpose for this physical life experience.

Please also know that, if you are drawn to these types of Messages, then you are, at the very least, on the path of educating yourself in terms of understanding how you fit into the Divine Tapestry of Creator God’s thinking. You are each in a schoolroom, trying to better yourselves and find greater knowledge.

The mere fact that you have chosen to come forth in such a manner says that you have lessons to learn. Many view ignorance as a weakness, and it is hard for some “intelligent” ones to accept that their current perception of the universe and why they are here could possibly be in error. Yet, many of you who read this Message have great errors in your “learned” thinking (this includes the one writing this Message) that need to be looked at and “studied”.

Now comes the challenging part:

How does one identify their errors in perception and thinking?

First and foremost, accept that you DO have such errors and that you are there to have experiences that will show them to you. This means that your whole life is a journey with challenges and choices which will bring about experiences that will lead to more choices and future experiences.

When you recognize a recurring “theme” in your life, you can be sure that there is a lesson therein, and that you now have a different perspective on the situation— hopefully one of expanded growth and awareness. However, if you make the same choice you did the last three or four times, you will likely confront the same experience yet again.

Approach life with a balance of humility and exuberance. You each make mistakes every day. This is a natural function of the learning process. Some will learn faster than others, and some will simply hold on to the irresponsible belief that they are the “victim” of luck and chance happenings.

Your current world situation will evolve in a manner that will cause every living being to look within and ask questions. The most prominent question for those who are not numb to life will be: WHY? Ones who ask this question are wanting to understand how these things happen and how they fit into the experiential equation.

OK—why ask why? Experience shows that if ones have an accurate working model of any situation, they will be better able to make a better choice as to what course of action to take.

It stands to reason that the inner desire to survive in the physical will drive ones toward a desire of understanding.

Many at this time have chosen to ignore the clues that are all around, and have thus chosen to remain in a state of “sleepy” ignorance. Closing their eyes and escaping the “reality” of the situation, as it now exists, will not serve these ones for very much longer.

Slumber time has ended, and many ones, for a brief moment around the first of the year, looked forward in time and felt great confusion and uncertainty. This energy charge will dissipate in the form of all sorts of distractions and seeming catastrophes.

It is, in essence, self-fulfilling prophecy. In actuality, it is out of spiritual ignorance to the fact that you ones have the innate ability to create, that much of what will manifest will cause confusion due to a lack of understanding of the creative process.

Regardless of your beliefs on the subject, YOU create your own reality and your own experiences. PERIOD!

Denial of the “scientific” aspects of spiritual truth does not change things one single bit. Go within and realize that this inner uneasiness need not be a negative potential. It is mostly unfocused energy that is seeking its proper path. You can tap in and use it any way you like, and direct it toward that which you feel to be of the greatest good. In doing so, you will find it an invaluable resource in the months and years ahead.

Our work (mission) is not to scare the hell out of you, nor is it to tear down or destroy any one or any thing. We come, as promised by Creator God, so that those of you who want to understand the underlying spiritual fabric in which physical reality is immersed can have an external, objective viewpoint to consider that is from a broader, uninhibited perspective.

We come as Teachers and Guides who are trying to prepare you for the upcoming challenges along your current path. Much like the tour guides who can make a vacation trip much more informative and enjoyable because they can impart their knowledge and experience to you, we too have come to add to your experience so that you may have a greater opportunity to expand your awareness and understanding of who you REALLY are.

These Messages are only intended as insightful viewpoints from we Tour Guides. They are written, for the most part, for the general public reader. You must ALWAYS choose for yourself what path you will take and what you will do with ANY information that comes your way. We wish to help you maximize the quality of your experiences at this time.

If you choose to touch the leaves of a Poison Oak plant, after your trail guide has told you that such a plant is dangerous, then you cannot blame the guide for not warning you. Your subsequent discomfort will be a result of YOUR OWN CHOOSING.

[Editor’s Historical Note: It was in the pivotal 3/15/99 issue of CONTACT that the “bomb” was finally dropped to publicly expose the greatly deteriorated condition of Doris Ekker’s receiving abilities. This news shocked some CONTACT readers (the asleep or lazy ones) and caused many others to cheer (the awake and observant ones). Such a daring move soon resulted in a lock-out confrontation, a “parting of the ways”, and then the formation of a new, high-integrity publication called The SPECTRUM, about three months later, by some of what had been the core CONTACT staff.

For several months before this split, the beloved spiritual Messages regularly shared in CONTACT (but not received by Doris) were sprinkled with hints about the situation. However, even such subtle “exposure” caused a spooked Doris and E.J. Ekker to strongly request that CONTACT refrain from sharing any further spiritual Messages “for awhile” soon after this one appeared in print. Supposedly the spiritual Messages were eroding confidence in certain (shady?) financial dealings of theirs going on in the Philippines, where they had been residing (that is, hiding out) for over six months by that time—beyond what was originally supposed to be a few-week “business trip” in August of 1998.

But the spiritual Messages were meant for a worldwide audience of appreciative Ground Crew, and so, finally, enough was enough! So the 3/15/99 CONTACT, as part of its eye-opening exposé, shared 13 “revealing” Messages (including several that had previously been held back from publication) with a readership that was justifiably in a buzz after seeing the startling front-page headline that read: Ed Young “Fired” As CONTACT Chief. Now The Truth Shall Out.

These 13 exquisitely lesson-filled Messages were received by two superb receivers, both of whom, in their own way, had to long endure (and ultimately rise above) Doris Ekker’s bouts of jealous wrath directed toward any perceived intrusion on her self-proclaimed “territory”.

This present Message is chronologically #4 of the 13 total that were shared in that pivotal 3/15/99 issue of CONTACT. Starting in the paragraph immediately below, one can recognize Soltec’s gentle easing into the important subjects of personal discernment and public-Message integrity that are dealt with much more explicitly in later Messages as events unfolded.]

You ALL have the ability to connect within to your own personal Guidance. Learn to recognize for yourself what this Guidance is and how to interpret it for yourself.

Your Guides are eager to work with you and will always present you with the proper experiences so that you will come to recognize this connection. Be persistent and willing to connect and hear at all times. And be responsible enough to accept what you hear—whether you “like” it or not.

If you have a question you would like help with, then ask yourself, as a way of tuning-in to your Guidance, the following: “How would an en-Light-ened being from the Higher Realms of Creation answer this question?”

You each, who read these Messages with regularity, know how to discern truth for yourself. Stop being followers of another. Your Guidance always comes from within, first!

Writings like these are for your confirmation as much as they are for your education.

Never blindly follow another. Every word of this Writing should be questioned within for yourself! EVERY WORD!

How do these words (in this Writing or any such Writing) make you feel inside?

Do you agree with them?

Why do you agree or disagree?

Does the Writing help you?

Does the Writing cause you confusion?

Does the Writing “sound” like it came from a wise and high-frequency Lighted being?

What do you feel the intent of the Writing is?

Is there a manipulative agenda telling you to do this or that—or else? (That is manipulation through fear.)

Is there an even-tempered, informative nature to the Message which says: If you do this, then the consequences are likely to be that?

You should be asking these questions EVERY time you read ANY source of information! A wise person will NEVER blindly accept information as Truth without first asking a few simple questions like the ones above. The best intending soul on your planet will not be able to help you as much as you can help yourself. You know what is best and right for you.

There are Teachers and Guides who have come to assist the masses with their insights and knowledge. Many of you have been reluctant to accept the responsibility of your role and await another to do it for you. This is fine, for there still remains the experience of ever evolving consciousness, which you are all inescapably a part of, that does have great and true value. No experience is meaningless or without value.

Trust your heart and trust what you have learned for yourself. If a person is declared evil by someone, then question seriously the one making such an accusation.

Are they judging the person or their actions?

How does this one know the intent or contract of another?

What gives this one the authority to make such a pronouncement?

Have YOU any personal proof of such actions, or are such merely the opinion of another?

Are the words stated with compassion and understanding, or are they stated with anger and hurt?

Which of these characteristics do you think to be a hallmark of Higher en-Light-ened Teachers, and which seem to be the product of lower-frequency Adversarial intrusion?

Be consciously aware of the reactionary emotional nature of the physical being. When ones feel they have been wronged, there is often a period of time wherein ones want to justify their own low-frequency feelings to the world—so that they can avoid confronting the truth that they do not have the proper understanding of the true reasons for the agitating events in the first place.

All grief, anger, and frustration come as a result of ignorance to the true reality of your situation. We of the Higher Realms view all occurrences in terms of energy flow and can easily see how it is that you ones attract into your experiences any so-called “negativity”.


When you harbor negativity toward another, then you will ALWAYS summon forth like negativity into your experience. Learn to allow for the ignorance of others, and “forgive them, for they know not what they do” as you were taught by the great Christed Teacher.

This Message is as much (if not more) for the one who pens this Message as it is for any and all who read it. Do not, for one moment, think that our scribes are beyond the need for lessons. They are seeking answers just like any of you! If they had all the answers, they would not be there. Also, we do NOT give them the answers that will short-circuit their own personal growth.

This is to say that they too must, as I said early in this Writing, learn to discern all the clues around them. Much like with playing a game of poker—you must learn when to hold ’em, when to fold ’em, or when to simply find another game because you are out of your league!

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in response to the heart’s call for clarity and understanding. I am one of several thousand such Teachers communicating with you ones at this time.

Seek first your own Truth, and follow your own Guidance, and you will have the confirmations that you seek.

In the Light of Creator Source, I bring insights which may help you, like the tour guide, to get the most out of this grand experience before you. Salu!

Reminder To ALL To Discern Truth For Yourself
The Battle Intensifies Between Light And Dark