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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Awakening To The Miracle

Good evening, my friend. It is I, Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in service to The One Light—Creator of All That Is. Be at peace and be still.

You ones are continually striving to understand the non-seen world that precipitates the physical “reality” you perceive with your five basic senses. The perceptual nature needed to do so, with accuracy, takes time and persistence to develop. And yet, for many of you, this time and persistence has already been accomplished in prior experiences and just awaits your recognition and awakening of the latent ability.

We encourage you ones to persist in finding your personal awareness of this INNATE perceptual ability, for it is through the use of same that the true fulfillment of purpose can and will be recognized. Be not the follower of another. Rather, learn to interpret your own Guidance and follow that which the heart tells you is right for you. To do so truly honors the Infinite Creator—The One Light—for you will be taking great strides toward fulfilling your ultimate purpose—the one Creator intended for you to fulfill from the instant of Creator’s conception of your very soul.

This one message is perhaps the greatest message we can give to you ones in such a general dissertation as this. Ultimately we can only help you ones to help yourselves; to do more would surely usurp your free will, and this would be an ethical violation of all for which the Lighted Brotherhood symbolizes and stands. We would no longer be serving you; we would, in essence, be controlling—and thus using—you.

We would hope that you feel a need for greater personal insight (Guidance) so as to spark within a desire to seek out and find same. We pray that you learn to look within and find the internal connection to Source through which all knowledge and understanding come.


Let not any self perception that contradicts this last statement be a part of you, for this is precisely the game that the Dark, would-be controllers play with your mind. Know that you are a PERFECT creation and that your current environment and challenges are PERFECTLY balanced so as to help you achieve the next level of awareness (soul growth) you are innately striving to achieve.

All ones are explorers trying to recognize the answers that bring understanding to the heart’s many cries for balance and peace. The emotional perceptions that cause such searching are precisely what you need at any given moment so as to have the recognition that there is still more to learn, experience, and thus grow.

The journey is one of an infinite nature, for there will forever be newness to experience, and the combinations of possibilities is quite endless and expanding on a moment-by-moment basis. With each new level of awareness achieved will come greater personal responsibility and energy potentials for you to use and learn to balance. With each new level of awareness, the new challenges become more comprehensive for the one who wishes to master same and continue on to the next, ever expanding level of awareness (consciousness).

Due to the planetary Transition underway, many ones are coming more fully into an awareness of what you ones would call the “higher” senses—ESP and other psychic abilities. As we have stated many times prior, there will thus naturally continue to unfold a Great Awakening, which shall also bring about a great resurgence of TRUE Spirituality.

True Spirituality, as referred to here, is of a nature wherein ones begin to recognize the inner connectedness of ALL things through their own personal connection to Creator Source. This is a rather liberating experience, especially for ones who have become embroiled in one or more of the many religious factions which use fear tactics to scare their followers into doing the “right” thing.

There is no “Hell” of fire and brimstone—as many a Sunday sermon would have you believe—other than, of course, what you conjure in your own mind, and give “life” to, in reaction to hearing and believing such words.

Learn to recognize the MASSIVE MIND-CONTROL MACHINERY all about you.

Mind control is anything that is intended to sway your opinion or belief about something without giving all of the objective facts. A one-sided argument is designed to manipulate opinions and emotions of the targeted individual. Advertisement, simply stated, is QUITE an effective tool to accomplish this end result.

We witness how many of you fail to recognize that the majority of your so-called NEWS broadcasts are engineered in quite the same manner as are the commercial advertisements in between. This is to say that almost all of the media is used to bring about a desired change in perception and emotional state. This is done in a very deliberate manner so as to systematically degrade the moral structure of your world.

As the moral structure of the individual becomes eroded, this degradation is then passed on to the subsequent generations, and the result is a world wherein the majority become very numb (uncaring) and lack a desire to even question the authoritative figures who wish to control and rule the masses as their whim may dictate.

The “numbness” can be reversed with relative ease once individuals truly realize they are being played as pawns in a much larger game: the domination and control of your soul. However, so long as the Dark ones can keep you in a state of believing you are “worthless”—that you are not the Miracle we spoke of earlier—then they keep you from recognizing and utilizing your Infinite Potential to create.

This may at first sound a little like “fire and brimstone”, but it is not at all that. Simply stated, there are entities who have grown to high levels of spiritual awareness, and yet feel that they should be God and have the worship and control over others. Since they, too, are an aspect of the Infinite One Source (Creator God), they recognize their Potential, and yet they wish to “have it all”—not realizing that, through God, they would “have it all”!

In short, they wish to “have it all” yet remain individually disconnected from the All That Is—The One Light, Creator Source. As you can appreciate, this simply cannot exist, and yet these so-called Dark ones are “hell-bent” on trying to find a way.

They do their searching by using others and trying to turn them away from the Lighted pathway. Their assumption is that if they can somehow get enough individual aspects of Creator to convert to their way of thinking, then they have a chance of somehow changing the thinking of God.

The best these Dark, higher-dimensional entities can ever seem to accomplish is to “neutralize”—for a short period of time, while ones are incarnate in the physical—the forward soul progress of the masses, especially as they effort to re-polarize the thinking of those ones you call the “elite” controllers of your planet, and their puppets, who can be easily overwhelmed with the ideologies of material power and control.

These Dark, higher-dimensional entities tend to refuse to appreciate or accept that they will ALWAYS be a unique fragment of God—a subset of The Whole—rather that being God.

Knowing the nature of the Larger Game being played will help you to see when and where the “Tricksters” try to pull you from your path. However, “neutralizing” you, by keeping you ignorant about the Inner Potential of your being, does little more than buy them some time while they try to “harvest” the ones who you might generally refer to as being “satanic” in nature.

When the masses awaken beyond a threshold level, and realize that they have been played for the fool, there will come an abrupt end to these games—as the Dark ones literally flee in fear of their “mortal” life.

Social unrest is growing day by day as the “common” man continues to awaken from the fog of delusional inspirations of materialism and such, to find that there is still a great wanting that calls for satisfaction and for INNER peace. This wanting is for a greater understanding so as to make sense out of the circumstances and state of worldwide degradation. The answers are, at first, hard to swallow, but in time the TRUE answers will be all that are left that will bring the Understanding and Knowing that fulfills the searching within.

Remember, please, from earlier writings, that DESIRE summons forth the energy which brings forth the ANSWERS. The answers WILL come!

When enough of the so-called “common” people awaken to the state of recognizing and knowing what is taking place, there shall come a great “cry to the heavens” as has never been heard before. This focus of desire for liberation will be so great that even the Earth Herself will respond, and many a location with high concentrations of “negative” energy will be cleansed through the movement of her crustal plates and the shifting of her waters.

Never underestimate the Potential of the “common” person. The so-called elite controllers of your world often do, but their controllers (the higher-dimensional, Dark entities who really pull the strings) DO NOT—and this is the reason for the large-scale, mass mind-control efforts that you ones are constantly being bombarded with.

Such is the state of your world.

Please ALWAYS remember that you are a player in a massive game called “life”, and that no matter what the outcome of your personal experience in this particular sojourn, the game will inevitably continue and you will have endless opportunities to get the lessons you desire.

The potential for growth at this time of a major planetary transformation is QUITE high and unique. You have the Inner Potential to make great strides in your personal understanding and awareness at this time. You each came forth into the physical arena of Earth with great certainty and desire and knowing that the challenges and opportunities would be great. You made NO mistakes in judgment when deciding to come forth and experience these things at this time.

Quite the opposite, in fact!

Almost all of you came forth with great exhilaration and anticipation of the very conditions that now exist.

Be patient and persistent, and hold to your own personal inner convictions, and you will see that all of these “hard” times will, in essence, bring to you great experiential growth and a unique and evolving understanding that will further contribute to the collective understanding and growth of ALL of Creation.

Persist and call upon the Light for assistance in your times of overwhelm. Often the only thing needed in a time of overwhelm is a shift in viewpoint wherein some level of understanding can be appreciated.

Call upon the Light of Creator God frequently and often, for we of the Lighted Realms, in service to The One Light, are granted far more latitude when a conscious call is made. This is to say that we can offer a greater level of assistance to you ones when you ask for our help.

Remember, most of all, that you are NEVER alone along your journey. You each have Guides who watch over you constantly, and though they will almost never interfere with your free-will choice, they will offer those “gut feelings” which you may interpret as signs of their offering of assistance to you. Learn to interpret these signs, for they will be unique to you, and for you to recognize and learn how to use—if that be your choice.

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in service to The One Light, Creator Source, so that you, my brothers and sisters, may have the insights you desire, and so that you might have some Light by which to navigate along your chosen path.

May you each learn to exploit the very unique opportunities available to you at this most exciting time of evolutionary change.

Blessings and Peace to you ALL! Salu.

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