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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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On Health, Helping, And World Politics

Greetings, my scribe, and thank you for sitting this day. I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, and I come to you in the Light of Creator God—The One Light. Be still and allow the energy to settle, for there is a need to have a message scribed this day for the general public.

Many ones are struggling with the nature of the physiological changes taking place at this time. Many ones are being caused to confront their past “heartaches” in order to maintain proper physical functioning of the human apparatus. This is as it should be, for the Cleansing Cycle we have been speaking of is the catalyst, and though we have gone into this in great detail, there are still many who refuse to make the connection on a PERSONAL level.

Allow me to be blunt: If you are experiencing physical difficulty of ANY KIND whatsoever, it is in part due to an out-of-balance condition within you that has allowed you to ignore the ever-building warning signs until such a point that physically perceived pain results. You ones are responsible for your condition, and for what you will or will not do about same.

There ARE “miracle” cures. However, the “miracle” comes about as a result of personally achieved BALANCE, and paying attention to the clues and Guidance offered to achieve same. With inner balance achieved, the body will naturally come back into proper functioning. Many of you ones simply doubt that such a cure is possible, and with the doubt often comes the justification for not allowing yourselves to feel the personal responsibility for your condition.

Genetic predisposition to an illness is no excuse. The power of the soul to regulate the physical body is such that it can, if allowed, regulate and rebuild ANY bodily function. Again: only if inner emotional balance is achieved will such regulation be possible.

We generally do not get too fixated on the body, for in the longterm evolutionary growth of the soul there are many bodies and many opportunities. However, we need you ones in a state wherein you are not distracted by the body’s malfunctioning.

For many of you, it is simply due to YEARS of careless pollution brought about by a lack of concern for the longterm effects of such habits as over-indulgence in empty and adulterated food, soft and hard drink, lack of proper rest, etc.—and NOW you petition us for answers.

As always, the answer is not what many of you wish to hear. First, find inner peace and balance. From this point of view you will find that a clearer reasoning state of mind is possible and the intuitive messages of Guidance will come forth.

We ask that you ones consider giving up (or at least moderating) many of your lifelong “vices”—such as alcohol, cigarettes, caffeinated drinks. Purified drinking water makes a good substitute. We also suggest that you ones take regular (but not excessive) supplements of vitamins and MINERALS. Learn to listen to your body.

Then again, you are quite free to do as you please. The choice is always yours.

Bear in mind that, with the maintaining of a truly balanced emotional state, the Higher Self (the Soul-you) will naturally balance the body—regardless of what pollutants you put into the body (within reason, of course). But also, a truly balanced emotional state will not generate the cravings for the many feel-good “vices” such as caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. Likewise, there will be no resistance to the idea of giving them up.

However, if you are playing mind games with yourself—by saying you are in balance, and yet resisting vehemently the suggestion of giving up the “vices”—then I say to you: You would do well to re-evaluate your perception of what a TRULY balanced state is, for you are fooling yourself.

Dear ones, I am not in the business of body preservation, though it is possible to achieve a mental and emotional state of equilibrium wherein the body would last indefinitely. It simply is not the proper focus at this time, on your world, for you who are of Ground Crew come to assist in this major Planetary Transition cycle.

We ask that you get yourselves together and do what YOU KNOW you need to do in order to remain long enough in the physical to accomplish your part in the mission at hand. If you choose not to do so, then this too is fine, for there is great redundancy built into the mission and there will ALWAYS be another available to take up the slack and carry the mission forward. There are, daily, replacements being born into your world who will respond to “the call” when the responsibility of same crosses their path.

Allow me to change subjects here, for there is another matter that needs to be addressed. Many of you ones have now had ample opportunity to evaluate the validity and the value that The SPECTRUM newspaper has to offer. The publication runs at a very large loss every month, and if it were not for a small handful of generous souls, the publication would have ceased before the very first issue. I ask that you please consider carefully the value this publication has brought to you (and to others you may have shared it with), and I ask that you support these ones in their efforts to provide a Light so that you and others may better find your way.

The financial strain on a very few is an unnatural strain that need not exist. These ones shall be compensated for their generosity and heart-felt giving in ways that go beyond the physical, materialistic accumulation of dollars. Even so, there is still only so much the few can do, due to current limitations of their own situations.

I am asking you ones to please help The SPECTRUM when and where you can.

Perhaps—if you are one who regularly waits for and shares another’s paper—you could simply subscribe yourself and at least help out in that way.

Many of you have waited to see what direction The SPECTRUM was going to take, prior to getting involved with supporting them. Neither The SPECTRUM, nor any of the ones associated with it, have any kind of “get rich quick” scam to sell you—nor do they ever intend such. There is no guarantee of return, but if you would like to make business loans rather than donations, this too would be welcome and gratefully accepted. The newspaper has all of its accounting in order for its IRS-approved non-profit 501(c)3 status, and can provide the necessary information upon request to any serious investor or donor who may wish to investigate same.

The reason for this formal request is simply that many of you ones, who would naturally help such a cause, are being “hit” very hard by the adversarial forces who are trying desperately to squelch the “fires” these ones publishing The SPECTRUM keep starting. The best place to strike is always the funding sources (or the potential funding sources) for this completely stops the widespread distribution of future potential “fires”.

Never underestimate the importance of your contributions. You ones have an opportunity to support an Inspired, daring publication dedicated to helping EDUCATE those who are ready for a look at the true nature of the games being played. Please help this worthy cause.

Please allow for a break here.

[Editor’s Note: The scribe needed to deal with an interruption. It was always amazing to observe just how many such interruptions attempted to interfere with the receiving of these important public-audience messages! Most interruptions could be deflected, but some persistent ones simply had to be dealt with. In general, our scribes were under nearly constant attack—as was The SPECTRUM itself for publishing The Truth. The question of “when” or even “if” a next issue would be published was nearly always uncertain—and thus understandably nerve-wracking. And in retrospect, nearly seven years after this message was first received and published (and nearly four years after The SPECTRUM finally had to quit publishing), it can be said that those who were the least financially able to do so were the ones who helped the most, while wealthy readers of The SPECTRUM mostly took what they wanted while sitting firmly on their vast assets. The same now holds true for support of this website!]

Let us continue. please. I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the Light of Creator Source—The One Light. Thank you for asking, my friend.

Your world is in for great planned changes in October. Many a political maneuvering is being staged to cause great distraction while the Great Illusion Masters juggle for position and control of public opinion. There is much more planned than simple political campaign rhetoric.

Pay very close attention to the world scene with regard to China and Taiwan, as well as the United States and the Arabian Desert. The artificial oil “crisis” is simply a mechanism to extract money from the population in the form of taxes so that these ones can mask the budget drains necessary to stage the next great illusionary war on the Middle East.

Dear ones, nothing is quite what it seems to be with respect to the true state of the world’s economy, need for war, etc. War is simply a mechanism to kill off the young, strong, and innocent, while the controllers behind the scenes plunder the weak of their wealth. In this case it will be through the illusionary need of oil.

However, there is a growing world concern over the United Nations’ strong-arm police tactics, and the likes of Russia and China are NOT happy with the games being played. They are growing tired of all the manipulations. The United Nations, with the support of the United States, uses the control of the world’s food supplies to keep these two formidable world powers in check—but that will not continue for much longer.

There is great restlessness in China. As the country continues to expand, so too does its dependency on the rest of the world for its survival. Not unlike a desperate animal, China is running out of options with regard to the need to expand its empire. Though the UN recognizes this threat, it is also engineering same and is positioning itself so that the United States takes the brunt of this Chinese threat. Such is the ruthless nature of the game-players at the “top”. They will surely throw each other to the lions before the ending of the current play.

“What”, you may be asking, “does this have to do with me?” We ask that you consider taking what you feel to be reasonable precautions with regard to survival provisions for your family. Quite literally, World War III is being planned as the power brokers of the world continue to see that their mass mind-control programming is systematically breaking down. They are becoming more and more desperate to maintain control. The final analysis, from their twisted point of view, is that it is much easier to control a smaller number of people than an overcrowded world. Hence, these quite insane ones intend to precipitate events wherein large concentrations of the masses will be obliterated.

Please fear not these things, for there will be intervention as ones awaken to the sheer horror of what is to befall them. Great numbers will survive, and of these great numbers the majority will be the very ones who asked for protection from God. These ones will recognize that they survived for a reason, and the reason will be to NOT allow the Insanity to continue.

Know in your heart that the physical experience is transient, and that the real you (the Soul-you) is immortal and will persist long after the current physical drama is over. Fear not the rapid changes, for they too serve as a great catalyst for further growth and understanding. Learn to keep Love in your heart at all times, despite your experiences during these times.

There are many a trump card that we of the Lighted Realms have yet to play, and when the time is appropriate we can (and will) bring your world to a standstill if necessary and if circumstances warrant same.

Will all of this happen in October? No, of course not. There is simply planned great distractions as smaller players try desperately to maneuver for greater positions of power. These maneuverings will cause great distraction for the masses.

Remember that all wars, gas shortages, food shortages and such are controlled and planned out well in advance—and that both the problem and the desired solution is well orchestrated so as to bring about the necessary shift in mass consciousness. There are very few surprises that these Dark, would-be controlling ones have not anticipated. However, the greatest unknown they face is a fully awakened Lightworker who is motivated to “blow the whistle” on their whole game.

The reason these ones get as far as they have gotten is because the average person has great difficulty believing anyone could possibly be so “twisted”, let alone pull-off such great hoaxes. And thus you have what I termed earlier the Great Illusion Masters who generate and sell illusions for the sole purpose of corralling the masses into a very predictable direction and reactionary state.

At this point the only thing you can do is QUESTION everything you see and hear presented on the news. Ask yourself questions like:

“Now, why do you suppose they are showing me the dissidents obstructing traffic abroad?”

“How does this make me FEEL?”

“Are they trying to get the same thing started here in the US (or Canada, etc.)?”

“If so, then why?” (Hmmm. Perhaps they wish to impose a state of Martial Law or have some reason to deploy troops on the streets of large cities?)


Know that there are reasons for all things that take place, and in your world the reasons are often to further the private agendas of the few at the expense of the many. Allow for the unfolding illusion and LEARN TO WATCH as the general masses buy into the façades without any more information than what they are fed from brief “news alerts”.

From our perspective of planetary overseers (as the Host of God), we see value in allowing the sleepy ones to come into their own awakening in their own time. Such awakenings can be quite harsh as the realization sinks-in and the ego shrieks in pain as the level of ignorance and arrogance is finally recognized.

The value to the soul experiencing same is quite high, and the overall net effect is positive, and thus such seeming atrocities are allowed. Remember that the most important endeavor along a soul’s journey is that of GROWTH. To say that “God would never allow something like this to happen” would be like saying to the average school-grade parent: “I don’t believe you should allow your child to play video games where he shoots and kills people aimlessly for hours.”

It’s just a game. When ones get tired of repeating the same game, over and over, they’ll finally realize there is more to learn than shooting, blowing-up, and killing. At such a point in awareness will come the opportunity for these very ones to bring forth this sort of message in a time and a place in the future. Until then, there is little to do other than to offer insight to those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

Let us bring this to a close, please. There is much said here that will make many ones a bit uneasy.

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn. I come as a member of the Host of Creator God—The One Light. I ask that you each be diligent in your search for personal understanding, and allow those who reject your understanding to do so without animosity in your heart toward them. Each must find their own way in their own time.

I leave you in the Light, Love, and Radiance of Creator God. Salu.

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