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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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How To Make This Cleansing Cycle Work For You

Good afternoon, my scribe. I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source—The One Light. Be at peace and be still, for it is from within the stillness of mind that the quiet whisperings of Source can be recognized and translated.

There is a need to clarify mission objectives for those of you who are seeking Guidance as to what is what and who is who. I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, of the Inter-Galactic Federation of Sovereign Planets, come in volunteer service to your planet as a member of the Host of God (Creator Source, The One Light). We of the Host are here as Messengers and Guides, as your planet goes through a transformation process that we commonly refer to as a “graduation”. It is God’s promise to you and your planet that He would send His Messengers (Angels) so that each would have every possible opportunity to successfully complete the lessons that this transformation process has to offer.

The name Hatonn is a symbolic representation of my energy, and carries with it symbolic meaning to many of you who are of what we commonly refer to as Ground Crew. My name is simply to help you to associate and conceptualize an individuality which does not really exist, for we are ALL one. If my chosen label causes you confusion, then I will remind you—as I have many times prior, through many different scribes and translators—to discern the message offered and please do not get hung-up on the name, else you will surely miss the point.

You of Ground Crew will know me moreso by my ENERGY presence. From where I generally operate, we are more of an energy signature commonly referred to as a “group soul” or “group consciousness”. Feel for yourself the energy offered herein, and go within and consult with what your heart tells you. The mind is easily played with by the Adversarial forces; however, the heart will always give you the answer, for within you there will be a resonance and a recognition of familiarity. If not, then I strongly suggest this information is not for you, and that you would be wise to seek guidance elsewhere.

At the present time, our focus is to help as many of you as we can to cope with the Cleansing Cycle that is now well underway. This we do through offering educational information that will help you to help yourselves. We are constantly offering to you reminders and techniques that will help you keep your frequency as high as possible.

“What do you mean by my ‘frequency’?” some may be asking.

All of Creation—regardless of dimension, time, or location, physical or non-physical (relative to your perspective)—has an “energy signature”. The energy is, in its most basic form, what you recognize as light. This energy signature is an electromagnetic pulse-wave which has a frequency associated with it (or an ensemble of frequencies, like several instruments in an orchestra playing together).

The energy signature can be (and is) modified (or modulated) through the consciousness of the soul. (The soul-you is that which results when God “breathes the breath of Life” into one of His creations.) The consciousness of the soul-you has the ability to modify (or modulate) the vibrations of the electromagnetic pulse-wave universe through the deliberate focus and projection of thought.

The physical body responds to the frequency of the emotional energy state of the entity who controls that body. When an individual is laboring under great fear, worry, or other stress (low-frequency conditions), the body tends to deteriorate. Conversely, when the individual operates in a state of joyful exuberance or other related expressions (high-frequency conditions), there will be a revitalizing effect on the physical apparatus—not to mention the positive effect on those with whom you may interact.

These physiological changes are a physical result of the non-physical energy emanations we refer to as “your frequency” when we say something like “keep your frequency up”. In essence, we are reminding you to stay centered and balanced and find the joy that every day has to offer, despite the many challenges with which you may be faced.

As you each, on an individual basis, keep your frequency up, you are literally helping to facilitate the flow of Higher Inspirational Energies into the “sea” of planetary consciousness that envelopes your world. This is the single most beneficial endeavor that you, as Ground Crew, can do to assist the planetary consciousness as a whole.

This Cleansing Cycle, that you are now in, is brought about because you are immersed within the natural upward frequency shift of the planetary energies as a whole. The fundamental frequency of your planet (detected through a physical correlate that you call the Schumann Resonance), as measured by your scientists, was around 7 Hertz for many, many years. Since the 1980s it has been observed to be rising, and today it is measured to be over 12 Hertz—well on its way to doubling.

The most notable (and somewhat distracting or annoying) byproduct of this continually rising frequency is the perception of time speeding up. This is to say that there seems to be less hours in the day in which to get things done.

The Cleansing Cycle is the mechanism by which MANY will be “weeded from the garden” so to speak. That is, many ones harbor great guilt, shame, lies, etc., that they wish to bury and suppress out of embarrassment of the truth. This results in inner emotional “pressures” that are being amplified within these ones as the difference in frequency continues to widen the gap between where they are operating and where they would be if they were matching (keeping up with) the natural background frequency of the planet.

This difference (gap) will be most felt in the heart area, for the heart will yearn for the higher-frequency state and the balance to be had by achieving same. The mind will resist, for the ego will try to hold fast because the fear of embarrassment is perceived as an insurmountable obstacle.

Learn to set aside the fears and allow the TRUTH of who and what you are to be shown. It has been stated before that “confession is good for the soul” and so it is. Confess to yourself that you were less than perfect; truly forgive yourself and thus dissolve the anchors of fear and guilt weighing you down unnecessarily.

The presence of these higher frequencies will result in a higher state of consciousness, wherein more and more people will begin to recognize and utilize their psychic abilities. In effect, there will be no lie left unexposed, for those who would naturally try to manipulate and deceive will be seen as ridiculous and immature. The planet-wide consciousness that is evolving will not be conducive to those who rely on manipulation and deceit. Thus the majority of the so-called “elite” game-players will find that their illusion of power and control will quickly slip away.

We address this Cleansing Cycle in some detail for we see that many of you do not make a conscious connection between your inner stresses of day-to-day living and the fact that your environment is changing. We witness many ones, who have been together for 30 or more years, separating and going their own ways. We see great tensions building between loved ones as each tries to deal with their own inner struggle to confront emotional unrest.

Many of you are crying out for understanding of just what is this nagging anxiety that seems to keep growing. Some of you are blaming external things, such as your job, for your added level of stress. Please take time to truly consider the phenomenon and effects of the shifting environmental conditions of your planet.

Go easy on one another, for it is becoming more and more common for you ones to lash out at one another for what seem to be very trivial matters. These are clues, and you CAN become the bigger person and allow for another to blast you with their anger. Know that, with every “blasting” you endure, you are helping the other to get one step closer to finding and confronting that elusive and nagging “something” that keeps them so weighted down. The “something” here will be different for each, but it will have common traits: guilt, shame, anger, blame, fear, and embarrassment will be among the most common.

Such pressures as result from this sort of frequency mismatch need not be a part of your experience. For some, your planetary conditions are merely “part of the play” and make for an interesting—if sometimes lively—experience. These ones have learned long ago that there is no good reason to dwell upon the negativity of the past. These ones have learned to keep their “temple” clean and flexible as a natural way of living.

We see that many ones are struggling with these frequency upshifts. In some extreme cases there are those who hold-on tightly to elaborate illusions of deceit they have created. We see these ones approaching a state of psychotic breakdown as their illusion is pierced, and large chunks become transparent, and their façade crumbles before the eyes of those whom they wish to hide from the most.

This Cleansing Cycle need not be such a struggle. Within you each is the answer to any question you could possibly ask. You each have the Divine right to go directly to Creator Source and seek your own personal counsel. There is a balanced solution to every situation. It will involve creativity, ingenuity, perseverance, patience, determination—and of course it will be centered around your relationship with God.

If you feel these annoying sorts of inner tensions in your life, take a moment to find a point of balance and call upon the Light (symbolic representation of all that is positive and good—Creator Source, God) and see that Light filling you from within. See it centered in your heart and radiating outward until it completely engulfs your body and beyond. This exercise alone WILL result in an upward frequency shift and is a good place to begin.

Now, ask for Guidance and Protection for self as well as others. Envision this same Light around others whom you may perceive as possibly having a difficult time with the Cleansing Cycle. When a heartfelt effort is made to help another, there will always be an amplification and multiplication of your effort, and the return energy will do wonders for your own well-being. The more you practice putting Light around others, the more energy you will find you have to continue to do so.

Above all else, please learn and practice forgiveness and compassion for all ones, despite your perceived differences. You of Ground Crew are there to assist all ones, not just some select few. Become an example for others to follow. Practice openly that which you know to be RIGHT, HONORABLE and JUST. Learn to flow the Light of Creator Source to all ones you may encounter—whether they be the traffic cop who stops you for speeding, or the clerk who bags your groceries. There are no strangers in your experience, for WE ARE ALL ONE, and to help another is to truly help yourself.

In summary, the mission of we of the Host of God is to assist in this Great Planetary Transition (and graduation for some) by offering our assistance, both in the physical and in the nonphysical, in any and every way we see, so as to maximize your own personal growth without usurping your free will. Our methods are to offer assistance, not to force or coerce any ones into doing or believing anything.

May you each be diligent in your search for Knowledge and Truth. Please discern for yourself the message offered herein as to the intent, truthfulness, usefulness, and timeliness of same.

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in service to The One Light, Creator Source, so that we ALL may maximize the benefits and growth potential afforded to us each (both collectively and individually) at this very grand, transformational time in the evolutionary cycle of a planet.

Blessings and peace to you ALL! Salu.

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