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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Remaining Flexible In These Times Of Great Change

Good afternoon, my friend. It is I, Violinio Saint Germain, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source. Be at peace.

I come as Representative of the Seventh Primary Aspect of Creator’s Infinite Spectral Expressions. I am known by many as the Keeper of the Violet Ray of Transmutation. My duties and challenges are indeed great at this time, due to the nature of the birthing process that is now unfolding into the conscious reality of physical manifestation and realization.

Allow for the cycles of change to unfold as they will, and learn to appreciate such change as a good thing, rather than something that causes discomfort. Discomfort, herein, is a by-product of inflexibility of thought—in essence, an unwillingness to grow.

When you hold to rigid beliefs and ideas regarding how YOU think an event should unfold, then you will, in almost every instance, have to come face-to-face with the eventual realization that you have limited yourself, and then tried to impose this limited self-perception upon God or His many Angelic Lightworkers who have come to assist you at this time.

Learn to recognize that spontaneity of experience is a key ingredient for winning the game with the Adversary. The Adversary places relatively high “wagers” on the fact that most ones are rigid in their thinking and will resist change, for the change often represents discomfort in the form of uncertainty to the ego-self, which prefers a well-defined “comfort zone”.

Spontaneity often will require that one makes a decision in a very short period of time and with perhaps little more to go on than a hunch or a “gut” feeling. Ah, but such is the wondrous nature of truly following an Inspired path!

Remember, especially in addressing these spontaneous situations of decision-making and path-choosing, to always keep the Light and Love of Creator God around you at all times.

Many have fallen for the subtle whisperings of the Adversary, who is quite adept in the mental skills of thought projection into the physical brain. In short: NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN! And learn to recognize the differences between input from the Lighted ones and the Dark ones trying to emulate the Light. There will always be clues if you take the time to honestly look.

Spontaneity is what often will result in one turning “right” when all expectations will be a “left” turn. Let us say that one with whom you regularly interact comes under a psychic attack and begins acting very erratic or irrational, and the attack is quite carefully planned to push YOUR buttons and thus cause major confrontation, grief, anger and such.

Because it was specifically designed to push YOUR buttons, it is fully planned that you will respond in a very specific and predictable manner. If you can maintain a semblance of balance, and step back for a moment, you may recognize what is taking place, and thus, in what will be a very spontaneous moment, you may find that, instead of reacting in anger, you respond with compassion. Hence the calculated attack is diffused and the Adversary’s plans are exposed (at least to you).

Do you see how spontaneity of thought can have a great impact on the outcome of relatively small events, let alone larger ones?

Can you see how your ego may resist the idea of you electing to NOT “defend” yourself in the event of such an attack?

We of the Lighted Realms, who come to serve you who seek our assistance, often witness you ones failing to recognize the ego’s hold on you—let alone the way the Adversary uses the ego to quite literally dance you around like a puppet, with almost complete mathematical precision.

It is only when you can maintain the presence of mind (balance) to step outside a reaction of the ego that you can then glimpse the great opportunity such a challenge affords both you and any other(s) who may be involved.

Rarely, if ever, is it productive to get into a head-butting contest with another over highly charged emotional issues. The result will be a very volatile situation which will result in great confusion, distortion, and distraction for both sides. It is far better to allow for the volatile energy to dissipate to a point where true communication can occur.

Almost all ones reading this message will have had experiences in their life wherein they can remember great emotional conviction (often anger) where the result was “things said” that they “didn’t really mean”. Often, later, you wonder what might have come over you that would allow you to be so “irrational”. NEVER underestimate the subtle nature of the Adversary’s games. We see NONE who have been completely successful at avoiding all of the traps set for you to fall into.

We do recognize that there are those of you who have become quite aware of this Dark Presence, that seems to show up from time to time, especially when you least expect or need such distraction. Do not worry about the past times when you may have fallen for the subtle tricks. Recognize the lesson contained in such events and learn to spot the compulsive reactions you may have had as being connected to the ego’s inner grip and control. Know that part of everyone’s lessons is to learn to operate from balanced REASON rather than thoughtless REACTION.

Reactionary responses are what plants and animals use, for the most part, as survival instincts. This sort of behavior is what you ones are trying to grow out of, into a sense of balanced reasoning—and then move into an awareness of interconnectedness of ALL things (plant, animal, people, etc.) that will allow for compassion in ANY situation, regardless of the mental and emotional states of the ones involved.

The Adversary wishes to keep you from reaching this latter, quite powerful level of realization because, when such awareness is achieved, his influence is nearly impossible to impose, and you become quite effective at helping others to achieve the same level of awareness. You, in essence, become a very potent catalyst for others’ growth due to your capacity to shine forth Creator’s Love, Compassion, and Light into the physical domain; you radiate an absolutely infectious Positive Energy wherever you go, and inject that Positive Energy into all endeavors you choose to undertake.

During this time of transformation from the old reactionary modes of operation—wherein wars seem to be the only way to communicate the “rightness” of ideologies—until the time wherein a more balanced approach of reasoning becomes the norm, you will find ones struggling more and more to convince the masses that fighting is the “only” solution that will make the point. The ones who perpetuate such “reasoning” will begin to look more and more foolish as the general understanding and awareness of the masses continues to rise.

There will always be the few who refuse to let go of the old ways of doing things. These ones will struggle greatly as their perceptions of reality continue to fracture and disintegrate. These ones are becoming more and more dangerous as they lose touch with the evolving reality of the planet. Their instability will not be apparent to themselves, yet the majority will see right through them, for they will look, metaphorically, like a large, protruding boulder in a fast-moving stream trying to hold firm while the rest of the world passes them by.

It is unfortunate, but this is happening at ALL levels of society. Many are observing (and often having to contend with) ones whose inflexibility has become so “hardened” that they no longer feel the ever-present tugging of the heart which begs for newness and growth. This is often much more noticeable in the elder generations, who have years of emotional scars to contend with. Rarely will you see this in the youth of society, who are innately curious and want to explore the diversity of their ever-evolving environment (unless there has been great physical, mental, or emotional abuse to these ones).

Such a time of Transition—especially a major Transition such as you and your planet are experiencing at this time—is quite challenging for each of you, and we know that you each desire to partake of the opportunities these experiences have to offer. We know that, from time to time, you may feel overwhelmed with your current situation. Fear not and have faith that ALL events which impact your life are for a reason.

This is the Cleansing Period wherein the “emotional garbage” will need to be dealt with. Those of you who have become quite comfortable with your emotional garbage are having more difficulty than are those who can simply see that the past suppressed feelings, which clutter the emotional energy pathways, serve no purpose once the lessons are recognized. This clutter of emotional garbage is only held in place as a result of the ego’s reluctance to relinquish its control; it uses reactionary fear as its power source to keep the reasoning mind at bay.

There is no practical way to address each one’s personal challenges in such a general dissertation as this. However, it is intended that this message spark within each of you the thoughts that will help you to see a bit clearer the general phenomenon that is affecting all ones at this time. Meanwhile, your personal Guides stand always ready to assist each of you with your own personal challenges. Call upon them and then be attentive to their response.

The Cleansing can easily be likened to fire in the following way:

The energy pathways of the various levels of the non-physical body (the etheric counterparts to the physical apparatus) must compensate for the steadily upward-shifting frequencies of the Cleansing Energies now bathing your planetary orb. The physical apparatus, being a reflection of that underlying non-physical counterpart, will naturally begin to change properties and begin to vibrate at a higher frequency as well.

When there are emotional blockages (often caused by past severe emotional trauma) these more intense and higher-frequency Cleansing Energies do not flow in a proper manner, and thus there is the corresponding physical manifestation of all sorts of dis-ease, like cancers, tumors, heart weaknesses, skin problems, kidney malfunctions, and so forth.

These Energy blockages, assuming the physical apparatus can maintain functioning long enough, will become very much unstable as the Energy they divert continually impacts the anchor points in the mind that hold the blockages in place. This will, in most cases, cause an inner anxiety within the one who refuses to let go of the emotional garbage. The anxiety is a by-product of the competing for control that goes on between the higher reasoning mind and the basic ego mind.

In this situation, if the ego wins, the physical body will not be able to sustain proper functioning and the entity (inhabiting the body) will not be able to maintain a functioning physical body.

The resulting chronic imbalance of Energy flows will, in most cases, cause a burning sensation, not unlike a fire, as the thwarted Energies seek to find their proper densities and pathways. The resulting surging oscillations can be quite uncomfortable. Such is the nature of the Cleansing Cycle now well underway.

Those who remain in the physical will have quite literally gone through a transformation process wherein the physical body will come to be viewed and utilized in a more deliberate manner. The physical structure will be much more responsive to the conscious mind’s deliberate desires.

There will be a greater recognition and utilization of the physical vehicle as a focusing conduit of Higher-Dimensional Energies seeking to help facilitate individual growth. In essence, the emotionally cleansed physical vehicle serves as an exquisitely equipped focal point of individual creative expression. The greatest difference will be in the increased ability to flow Creative Energy in a more complete, uninhibited manner.

This transformation process is a natural evolutionary process, and eventually all ones will complete this as a natural progression (graduation step) along the many journeys of the soul.

Some ones experiencing in the physical at this time are using this special Energy opportunity to effect a healing of sorts wherein, by going through this experience, great opportunities afforded from this Cleansing Cycle will allow them to more fully integrate a part of their Higher Consciousness with the more basic elements or aspects of their being. Though these ones are not the norm, they are ones who will have a particularly challenging experience, for the fear and pain are great. And yet, there is an Inner Knowing that makes them aware of their connection to Source, and it is from this unbreakable connection that they maintain the perspective that enables them to adjust and survive.

We only mention this here for the few so involved. And to remind ones that, for each general dissertation, there will always be exceptions, anomalies, and even experiments which take place within the natural unfolding of any particular group of souls as they progress forever forward, expanding Potential into the infinite newness of The Creation.

Remember, always, that you are on an infinitely open-ended journey, and that any seemingly “final” destination you may perceive is an illusion. There will be markers along the way to help you determine your individual progress, but there is no end, for Creation (All That Is) is constantly expanding, and with each moment that passes, Creation evolves into something NEW.

Within each of you is an awareness of this vast unfolding and, with each moment that passes, you are contributing your experience to this Collective Expansion which we are all part of and exist within.

I am Violinio Saint Germain—Teacher, Guide, and kindred soul to those of you who are experiencing at this time and on this place. I come within The One Light of Creator Source. I come as the planetary representative of the Seventh Primary Aspect of Creator’s Spectral Expressions, the Ray of Transmutation—the physical harmonic counterpart of which is often recognized as the vibrational frequency of the color violet.

May the spontaneity of change fluently resonate within you, as it does within the uninhibited child who constantly seeks to experience the wonder and uniqueness that each moment offers as it unfolds.

Blessings and peace. Salu.

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