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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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The Great Spiritual Battle Is Now In High Gear

Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec here, in the Radiant Light of Creator Source. Thank you for taking the time, and thank you for listening, and thank you for passing on that which I and others in service to the Light are here to communicate to you.

I come this day with a message of urgency to ALL those who walk and serve the Light of Creator. As you are all aware, you are in the final days of counting of the “Age of Duality” on Earth. It is a time when the Darkness walks among you as never before. It is a time when all need to be ever vigilant and sensitive to all energies that you encounter.

See that you ones are not misled or fooled by those Energies of Darkness, for many are disguising themselves as Lighted ones, yet they are still of Darkness and are using the disguise of Light in order to mislead many of you who are in service unto the true Light.

It is, therefore, more important than ever before, that you ones keep the Light of Creator Source about you, and to clear your spaces on a regular, ongoing basis. You cannot afford to let your guard down FOR EVEN A SECOND, as that is when these Dark Energies move in. Letting down your guard of Light is the open door needed for the Darkness. And believe me when I tell you that they shall take ANY and EVERY opportunity in order to do their dirty work.

Do not let this message bring fear unto you, as fear is but fuel for these Dark Energies to feed upon. Fear strengthens them, but resolve to walk and continue to serve the Light weakens them.

Keep in mind that there is a great influx or surge of Light affecting your planet at this time, as well, and it is this great influx of Light energy that is propelling the planet upward in frequency. It is this influx of Light energy that is causing such discomfort to all those Dark Energies, and why they are fighting so hard to hold on to what they falsely presume to be their control over the planet.

The shifting of planetary energies toward higher and higher frequency is also partially responsible for many discomforts that even Lightworkers are feeling in their physical being. You must keep in mind that you had become accustomed to the atmosphere of lower-frequency energies, and your bodies synchronized to that ambience. While the Transition was moving along at a much slower pace, your physical bodies were easily able to re-sync to the upward changing frequencies, so you did not notice it quite so much.

However, in the past months of your counting, the shifting has accelerated to such a rate that your bodies are having a difficult time keeping up with the changing frequency. So many of you are experiencing more aches and pains and strange sensations in your bodies than ever before. Do not become alarmed, however, for after a period of time, once the upward shift has leveled off, your bodily frequency will shift sufficiently upward—“catch up” so to speak—and you will once again be able to synchronize to the ambience of new, higher-frequency energies.

Everything is occurring at an increased rate of speed. To you, it feels as though time has become compressed, and that everything is happening so fast that you can barely keep up. Again: relax, and do not be overly concerned, because the same temporary upward frequency shifting is causing the perception that time has speeded up.

You are trying to accomplish the same tasks at your previous “slower” speeds, so it appears that it is taking much longer to accomplish your tasks. Again, your bodies will eventually adjust to the higher-frequency energies, and you will sync-in.

The best advice is to not become overly concerned that you are not accomplishing as much as you think you should. When these concerns overwhelm you, just stop for a moment and ask whether it really matters whether you get it all done or not. Chances are you will find that most of what you are concerned about matters very little.

It is a time of re-evaluating and re-prioritizing your lives. You have great opportunities right now, so take advantage of the Potential that is within each of you. You are capable of MANY great things; you have just to awaken to the Potential.

Many of you ones are under an INTENSIVE attack at present, and I will tell you this: the stronger the attack from the Dark Energies, the greater your role in this transition of your planet. So, take heart in the knowledge that, if you are finding your lives are a struggle at present, you are under an attack by the Darkness. If your struggles are ongoing, and growing in intensity, know that your role is one of great importance and the Darkness is doubling its energies in order to keep you off course and off your path of service to the Light. KNOW that you are MORE THAN ABLE to stand firm in the face of adversarial attacks—because of the God potential that is within each of you just awaiting your utilization.

The present time is EXTREMELY crucial on your planet, and it is extremely important that you, who are in service unto the Light, are made aware of all the tools necessary for navigating the stormy seas. These tools are available to you always, and they are all within your reach. The coming days are not necessarily going to be easy ones, but you shall get through them and shall be victorious over the Darkness—providing you stay on course and remain firm in your resolve to get through this Transition.

The greatest tool that you ones have is your shield of Light, and your resolve to see this thing through, regardless of the arrows and daggers that are thrown your way. This Light resides not just outside of you, but within each of you. You are all fragments of that Light, and have the ability and the right to utilize it. This Light, when shined upon the Darkness, renders the Darkness helpless. Darkness cannot reside where there is Light.

The Light is MUCH more powerful than is the Darkness, and the strength you think the Darkness has over you is but an illusion and a lie perpetrated by the Darkness. The only power that the Darkness has over you is that which you allow it to have. It is deceptive, and that is how it gets you to “allow” it to control you—usually without you even realizing what is going on.

You ones are, to borrow a phrase from one on your world, “mighty, powerful, spiritual beings, having a human experience”. You truly do have power over ALL things, but you just haven’t realized it! You have been living on a world in which the Darkness has a great hold and its illusion has become the perceived (accepted) reality. But know this: You have all the ability necessary to change that reality, and thus cancel the illusion.
With each small or large battle you win over the Darkness, another shaft of Light is established on your world, and the Darkness grows a bit weaker. Each time you fold under the pressure of a battle, the Darkness has gained ground.

You are all warriors of Light, and you are in the middle of a spiritual war greater than any little physical battle you ones wage against one another on your world. In physical warfare, the only thing that is lost is the physical life. But, in this spiritual war, the stakes are much greater, as the spoils of the war are the souls of men and the future of your planet. Physical life is but a short, passing fragment of the life of the spirit of man, and although losing one’s life in a war is ultimately pointless and a waste, the soul of the man remains intact and will return again to the physical realm to continue its journey and education.

The messages and lessons we have been delivering to you for so long now were to help you ones prepare in advance for the time in which you now live. You came here at this time for this very purpose, though many of you still do not believe it to be so.

Yet, I ask you this:

If it were not so, why would you ones be where you are, doing what you are doing?

Why would you be finding yourselves engaged in this spiritual battle on a daily basis?

Why would you continue to seek out information that is intended to be kept from you, and why would you be seeking spiritual guidance and knowledge?

Do you think it is all by accident?

Do you believe in coincidence?

Or do you believe that ALL has a purpose and that your lives are Guided in ways for which you have no explanation?

If you are in doubt, think back over your lives and the journey, and then truthfully answer whether or not it was all just coincidence.

Your world is hungry for The Truth. Even though it may appear to you that most ones are happy living in their purely physical world, I will tell you that many are looking for something beyond the materialistic life, and their numbers are increasing on a daily basis. You would be surprised at how many, and who, are secretly searching for something more. And the information they are seeking is Truth.

Many more than you realize are searching out alternate forms of information, because they have become disillusioned and disgusted with the trash and disinformation and all-out lies being fed to them through the standard, mainstream press outlets.

People are awakening to the Darkness about them, and are searching out sources of Light.

Delivering these alternate sources of news and information is a very dangerous undertaking right now. The evil (Dark) ones have a great deal to lose if they are found out—especially if you-the-people begin to call them on their lies and demand they stand accountable for their words and their deeds.

We teachers and wayshowers from the Higher Realms have also been telling you that housecleaning was happening, and though it may have began at the grassroots levels, it has now made its way to the top of the heap. These ones, who have perceived themselves to be all-powerful, are finding themselves sliding down the slope, and they are scrambling with great fury to get back to the top.

What they fail to recognize is that the dirty deals and contracts they have made with the Dark Forces are coming due, and this time, they will not be able to connive their way out of fulfilling their end of the bargain. The days of accounting are upon you, and ALL are harvesting exactly that which they have planted.

The most dangerous information, to those who have made their deals with the Evil One, is that they are utterly powerless. It is only the FEAR that they are able to hold over you ones that keeps them in positions of power and control. When you finally realize that they are but little puffs of smoke masquerading as giant storm clouds, and that you can pass right through them without inflicting harm unto selves, then their power is gone—and therefore they can control you no longer.

So they control the money. So what?

So they control the oil industry. So what?

They only control these things because they have convinced you ones that, without them, you have nothing.

Chelas [students]—YOU HAVE GOD! And God owns EVERYTHING!

Those ones only have the ILLUSION of everything. They believed the lies of the Dark Forces. And since Darkness is nothingness—guess what? They own NOTHING!

The Forces of Evil can promise all the gold in the universe, but it is not theirs to give, so the promises are as empty as their coin purses. What you see is but a façade, and the riches you think others possess are only a temporary illusion—one that has no real substance.

The REAL substance is contained within the Light of God, and it is able to manifest in any form necessary. So, now ask yourselves: Who is REALLY rich and who has nothing?

I would like to have each of you ask yourselves something very important, and if you will but consider the question, you shall find that there is a great deal of wisdom in it. As you consider your answers, you will come to understand yourselves.

Do you live each day of your lives with intent to be the very best you can be, to live each moment to its fullest? Or, do you live each day in such a way as to only keep yourselves from failing? In other words, do you live with enthusiasm and faith? Or, do you live with caution and fear?

Once you have answered the question, then ask yourselves if you are honoring who and what you are. Are you LIVING what you profess to believe? Or are you living a lie? How do you think you will ever get past where you find yourself right now, unless you are first “unto thine own self be true”?

You must begin living what you KNOW to be true, instead of making excuses for why you can’t. These excuses come from the Adversarial Forces, and are the seeds of doubt that keep you from doing your very best. There is no life in the seeds of doubt, and this doubt will only act to undo what you are trying to accomplish.

Do you not see that you are lying to yourself?

Can you not see that the Dark Energies are using you and manipulating you through fear?

How can you ever hope to manifest the goodness in your life if you are continually sowing seeds of doubt and deceit?

It is not enough to say you believe something. YOU MUST LIVE IT! Otherwise it will never become manifest in the physical realm, and your dreams and desires will remain in the realm of dreams and desires. You HAVE the ability to bring them into manifestation in the physical realm and make all the changes you want. But the doubts and deceits THAT YOU BELIEVE are the very strangleholds that keep you ones impotent.

Those Darkened or evil ones who are what you perceive to be the “elite controllers” of your world KNOW this fact. And, believe me, the Laws of Manifestation work as well for Evil as they do for Goodness. The Evil ones on your planet have simply been a very determined and focused group for quite some time!

The energy of the cosmos is everywhere, available for ALL to utilize. It is an inherently neutral energy, and it matters not to the energy whether you use it for ultimate goodness or ultimate evil. It is the same as electricity in many ways. Electricity can be used to provide light and heat and all sorts of good things, yet it can also be a very deadly energy. Energy is simply energy, and it is up to each one to decide how and for what purpose it is to be used.

Wisdom, gathered from experience and knowledge, is the ultimate teacher of how the God-given energies available to all “ought” to be used. And that realization has everything to do with the fact that ALL are connected and the Golden Rule—“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”—prevails.

You spend so much of your time concerning yourselves with whether or not you should use this energy. You harass yourselves with the question: Is it responsible, or are you changing something which should not be changed? That is exactly the kind of worry, fear, and doubt that the Forces of Darkness use to get you chasing your own tails.

They have been defeating you ones, who profess to follow and serve the Light, by utilizing this very same energy for their own well-focused, self-serving intent. And, it is INTENT that counts.

Why should you not use this great energy source for physical, emotional, or mental healing if you are requested to do so? The most important thing you must ask yourselves is: “What is my intent?” Are you using it solely for personal gain to exalt yourself above another? If so, that is self-serving, and of selfish intent. Or, are you using it to hurt another? Again, that is self-serving and of selfish intent.

But tell my how, when someone comes to you and sincerely asks for your help with some problem, how THAT is self-serving or of selfish intent? It is not! Yet, you have somehow come to believe that this energy is all around you, but you dare not utilize it.

If you weren’t supposed to tap into and utilize it, it would not be there! SPIRITUAL GROWTH COMES FROM HOW AND WITH WHAT INTENT YOU USE IT.

This same energy can change your world for the better. The influx of Light energy upon your planet is causing your world to shift its frequency upward. And with each of you Lightworkers consciously tapping into and utilizing this energy, you help the Cleansing and Transition process by amplification.

The more you ones utilize this Light energy, the more potent it becomes. And with more Light energy manifesting upon your world, the Dark Forces have less and less power. Do not allow yourselves to be deceived into thinking it’s irresponsible for you to use this God-given power. It is irresponsible to NOT use it!

You see, the Dark Forces know full well that, if you ones ever learn how to access this cosmic energy, and learn how to change your reality and your world through its use, then you no longer will be beholding to them for everything you have. Right now you are well-groomed slaves to these controllers, and they know it. It’s time you ones awaken from your sleep and see what the truth really is.

You do not have to rely on anyone for anything. We have told you over and over that the Universe is abundant with everything you need or desire, and it is there for the taking. You have only to BELIEVE it, and LIVE your lives as such.

But that’s the all-important key: YOU MUST ACT UPON IT! This energy of the aethers will nourish you with the substance of life. This energy will manifest itself in any form you desire.

However, you first have to retrain your thinking. You have to come to the place where you KNOW you do not need the money of your world to survive, to have all that you need. You have no need of their oil for transportation, because that very same universal energy is available to transport you to any place in the universe you desire to be. (Can you imagine our exquisite and massive starships requiring such as diesel fuel to traverse the expanse of the cosmos? How absurd!)

So can you see why the Dark Forces are so diligently attacking those who are delivering such empowering messages to you as what you are now reading? These words are perceived threats to them! These are messages of liberation—messages that, if you ones will only take them to heart and allow them to become TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE, will move you out from under their control. And YOU shall become the masters of your own destiny.

Many, many are awakening to these truths and this knowledge, so of course the Dark Forces are throwing temper tantrums, attacking you Lightworkers as never before. But—keep in mind that their only ability to do harm to you is through the FEAR that they are such masters at producing.

Those of you who are in service to Light will be so much more effective in fending off these attacks if you will bond together. Remember the old saying about dividing and conquering? The opposite of that is to unite and stand together.

At this time you do not have the luxury of being sloppy. You are in the middle of the greatest battle of Dark and Light. It is imperative that you do not fall for the tricks and the lies of these Dark Energies! Be as vigilant as you have ever been. Do not allow the Darkness to infiltrate your camps, to divide you ones and get you ones bickering amongst yourselves. These are the deceitful ways of the Adversary, and they can be quite harmful or even deadly.

You know what The Truth is. Measure everything by that Truth. Ask yourself: What are the fruits of my words and actions? Do they serve humanity for betterment, or do they tear down, or serve only self?

And, for goodness sakes, stop being so timid! The enemy is more illusion than substance. Begin acting like you ARE those mighty, powerful, spiritual beings that you are! Stop believing the lies, and for goodness sakes, stop acting on those lies.

It’s time you ones grow up and stop acting like frightened children. The world depends upon you ones. You know why you came here at this time. Stop running away from your purpose!

Once you stand up and begin to take up the mantle of your mission, and begin to function in confidence and purpose, you will stop the Dark Forces in their very tracks. You are ducking from invisible arrows. You are hiding from shadows with no substance.

You are ALL capable. ALL have the ability AND the right to utilize the energy that is everywhere.



Stop running. Stop living in fear. Live, instead, in KNOWING.

You ones have no concept of what awaits you—once you KNOW who you are, what you are, and what you are capable of. Stop being your own worst enemies.

Now, go forth and LIVE! Go forth in confidence. Go forth in KNOWING. Go forth and DO.

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, one of many from the Higher Realms who are with you ones in this crucial time upon your planet. We are among you and we are here to assist you.

As you already know, we are NOT here to do it FOR you, but we are here to assist. All you need do is ask. We await your call, for bringing Earth through this Transition is our sole (and soul) mission at this present time.

I leave you as I came, with the Light of Creator Source and with the knowledge that you are vastly greater than you now recognize. Salu.

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