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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

“And The Walls Come Tumblin’ Down”

Written by Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec with Nikola Tesla

Good morning, and thank you, my dear friend, for taking time from other pressing duties to provide this avenue for our signal to be stepped down in frequency and translated into words. My, but don’t we sound “scientific” in our language today?! No matter, for that is the physics of the process, and we are, by nature and presence, of a scientific inclination.

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, and with me in blended energy for this particular message is the great scientific-humanitarian soul who some of you ones know and respect as Nikola Tesla. We are present in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source, and we come in Service to you, our brothers and sisters of Light.

For those of you newer readers who may be asking—yes, our messages are often of a “blended” nature, with input, as needed, from many beings of the Higher Realms—some you would recognize and some not. But on occasions when a message’s contributions are from one or two dominant energies, their identification in your reference frame, if possible, often allows for your better “digestion” of the information being shared. And such is the case at this time.

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Message From The Hopi, People Of Peace

[Editor’s Note: The following message is from the website and is shared here because it was mentioned in the 5/4/03 and 6/1/03 messages.]

You have been telling people that this is the Eleventh Hour; now you must go back and tell them that this is The Hour.

And there are things to be considered:

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What Has Become Of The Grand Freedom Experiment Called The United States?

Good afternoon and greetings, my dear friend and scribe. We shall get this job completed, one way or another, for with God ALL things are possible.

You know the phrase “attitude is everything”—and that’s what separates those who, whenever the opportunity arises, give of their heart in the spirit of helping their brothers and sisters, from those paralyzed by fear, self doubt, or “what’s in it for me?”—as if they’ve never heard of the Golden Rule. But pardon me for jumping upon the lecture soapbox before I’ve even provided a proper introduction.

I am Violinio St. Germain, Ascended Master, Teacher, and Keeper of the intense Violet Ray of Transmutation and Transformation. In combination with other Masters of Spectral Ray Energies governing defined areas of activity—all of which combine to make up the One White Light of Creator Source—we inspire the fullness of creative expression in your physical domain and elsewhere. I and my fellow Teachers, present for this writing from the Higher Realms, come to you within the Love and Light of our Creator, and we bring same to share with you who ask for (and accept) our help at this challenging time on planet Earth.

The consequences of that which your madmen of war are unfolding reach far beyond their understanding or control. People everywhere are literally FEELING the effects of that which is playing out on your Earth schoolroom at this time.

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Dalai Lama’s Views On War And Iraq Conflict

Dalai LamaDalai Lama Editor’s Note: The following is shared here because it is mentioned in the 3/23/03 message. This is the English translation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s views on war and the Iraq conflict that was shared with Buddhist devotees and others on the first day of the Great Prayer Festival.

This speech was translated and issued (through the Internet website) by the Department of Information and International Relations, Central Tibetan Administration, 11 March 2003, in Dharmsala, India.

The 14th (and current) Dalai Lama was born in 1935 and enthroned in 1940, but fled in 1959 with 100,000 followers after a failed revolt against the Chinese, who had occupied Tibet since 1950. His government-in-exile is in Dharmsala, India. A revered figure worldwide, he was awarded the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his nonviolent campaign to end Chinese domination of Tibet.

With that in mind, consider that the Dalai Lama is no stranger to the tensions and tragedies generated through willful political incursions into regions that belong to others. He understands well how such political maneuverings are, themselves, merely outward mechanisms for generating the inner turmoil which the Dark Energies thrive on who have long ruled this planet.

Thus, read his message very carefully to really appreciate the Power and Wisdom of that which he suggests in strategically simple terms. Remember: the REAL fight is not on the physical plane. Thus it is through our summoning and focusing, together, of Higher Energies, through our prayers and attitudes, that peace will ultimately be achieved because the Evil Energies cannot exist in the high-frequency environment of Light so created.

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Stubborn Bugs Meet The Cosmic Carwash

(including 4/24/02 - Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec)

Good afternoon, dear friend and scribe. I am Archangel Gabriel, along with many others who you may regard as the Host of God. Michael has already informed you ones—through recent past messages—to our very near presence within your planetary environment at this time. We come within the Light of Creator of All That Is. Our Radiance is but the Power of the One Source, flowing through to those in need, for the benefit of ALL of Creation.

Thank you for hearing our call and scribing this message. We have asked you to add this last-minute task to an already filled plate because so many ones on your world are crying out for help in this turbulent time—and yet some of these same ones, who claim familiarity with our messages, easily forget what counsel we have shared in past lessons that would have made the going a lot easier now.

Artificially induced bioelectrical conditions of depression, anxiety, and related detachments from spiritual sustenance are being broadcast at such an intensity at this time that many are floundering in all manner of negativity. This negativity is intensified by a sense of disorientation with respect to what is “reality”—a condition resulting from the planetary frequency rising faster than some of you can adjust.

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Understand Who Are The Host Of God

Thank you for asking; thank you for reminding; you are quite correct and well within your authority to request identification of this communication.

Therefore, I am Michael, Archangel and leader of God’s Heavenly Host. I am Defender of Truth and of the Throne of God. I am Defender and Advocate of Mankind on planet Earth. I serve Creator of All That Is with great honor and respect, and my Sword of Justice draws its power from the White Light of Creation.

In the coming days, you will begin to hear more frequently the term Heavenly Host. Therefore, it would be a good time to examine this phrase so that you may understand just exactly what this term means and the implications that are carried with it.

I have therefore instructed this receiver to engage in research in order to aid you ones in understanding precisely what the term “Heavenly Host” is all about.

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Is It Nearing “Showdown Time” On Planet Earth?

Good morning, my scribe. It is I, Esu “Jesus” Sananda. Be still and allow for the energies to settle. I come in the Light of Creator God. My core being expresses from the Golden-White Light of Creation, a vibration of Purity and Balance.

I must remind all ones—especially those of you who call upon the Higher Realms regularly for guidance and counsel—to be VERY diligent in clearing your space of unwanted “negative” energies. Make no assumption that you are beyond reach from the Dark Tricksters, for their “craftiness” is quite well practiced and their subtle ways are quite effective. This caution is needed moreso now, and in the coming months and years, due to the vibrational upshifting in the “aethers” (the non-physical energy space that permeates the entirety of Creation).

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A New Year’s Message From Archangel Michael

I am Michael, known to some as Archangel and to others as Saint or Lord. I am, however, Defender of Truth and of the Throne of God. I serve Holy God of Light, as warrior in His Heavenly Army, and do battle with all Forces, Energies, and/or Entities of Darkness. I also stand ready—along with many, many others from the Lighted Realms whose energies likewise blend in this message—to assist and serve mankind in your battle against the Forces of Darkness.

As we draw to a close yet another year on the calendar, we do so with hearts full of praise, gratefulness, and many questions yet unanswered. But above all, may we leave this present year—with all its ills, troubles, and fears—far behind us.

Let us therefore enter a time of New Beginnings in our spirits and minds and bodies. May we find our place of peace, joy, and everlasting faith and hope as we step across the threshold of the new year.

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Recognize The Subtle Energies That Influence Your Life

Good afternoon, my scribe. I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the One Light of Creator Source. Be still and allow for the energies to settle.

Much is happening all around your planet that affects the unfolding drama of YOUR daily lives. There are many layers to the “games” being played.

Many who think that they are beyond being “played” are indeed being used as pawns for much larger games. There is physical deception, manipulation, and conspiracy, and then there is spiritual deception, manipulation, and conspiracy. The spiritual aspect of the game is by far the more important, for it allows the physical trickery to go unnoticed.

As you each evolve and expand your inner spiritual awareness, the games of the Dark Tricksters become much more easy to spot, and therefore to counter. The Satans and Lucifers who direct great amounts of energy toward the suppression of information that would allow for ones to more fully recognize their inner abilities, perceptions, and awareness, do so knowing that it is the only way to persist along their chosen path without having to constantly start over.

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Make Room In Your Life For Your New World

Do not be afraid. No harm will come to thee. That which you feel within your emotions may be strong, but it must not take power over you. Darkness is attempting to take you down, but you have the Light of Holy God and the protection of His Host of Angels watching over thee. Though it may seem very dark at the moment, know that the dawn is very near—a new day, a new beginning.

I am Esu “Jesus” Sananda, and I stand with you, this day, in this hour. Fret not, and let us move together. For if you will allow, I will hold you up. Know that I am ALWAYS as near as your call and your request. That which is upon you will soon pass, and you will have grown and learned a great deal from the experience.

No, child, this experience will not end your physical life. You are strong, and you are much needed. This is a time when the Dark Energies are wreaking havoc upon your world, and you have been caught-up in the havoc. But, never fear, for we of the Lighted Realms are with you now, and will prop you up in your time of need. We come from and in service unto Holy God of Light—the One Source of All That Is.

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