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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Make Room In Your Life For Your New World

Do not be afraid. No harm will come to thee. That which you feel within your emotions may be strong, but it must not take power over you. Darkness is attempting to take you down, but you have the Light of Holy God and the protection of His Host of Angels watching over thee. Though it may seem very dark at the moment, know that the dawn is very near—a new day, a new beginning.

I am Esu “Jesus” Sananda, and I stand with you, this day, in this hour. Fret not, and let us move together. For if you will allow, I will hold you up. Know that I am ALWAYS as near as your call and your request. That which is upon you will soon pass, and you will have grown and learned a great deal from the experience.

No, child, this experience will not end your physical life. You are strong, and you are much needed. This is a time when the Dark Energies are wreaking havoc upon your world, and you have been caught-up in the havoc. But, never fear, for we of the Lighted Realms are with you now, and will prop you up in your time of need. We come from and in service unto Holy God of Light—the One Source of All That Is.

You see, the time is such that you have been experiencing the shifting of dimensions, and what was once, is no more. The Transition of your world is in full swing, and there is no turning back for any of you ones. You cannot go back to the way it was, for you can only move forward.

Those who choose to stand still will not be included in the physical Transition, but will experience it from another plane of existence, and they shall not be judged in any way, for this is their choice. Many on your planet are making their choices right now. It will be a time of great sorrow for many, and a time of ultimate joy for others.

It is totally dependent upon your level of understanding and knowledge. If you choose to remain captives of the past, and resistant to the changes taking place, you will find the events occurring to be difficult to deal with, for all things are on the verge of massive change.

Many are they who are in distress, worrying about their financial securities, and of their positions in their careers and social orders. If you are among these, I ask that you examine what really counts and matters. If you were to lose all your money tomorrow, how would you react? Would you be wrought with fear and worry, or would you be able to take it in stride? You must be honest with yourselves.

We have been working with all of you for many years now, trying to reach you with the message of the coming changes. We have offered many suggestions and lessons on how to position yourselves—physically, mentally, and emotionally—for that which you find yourselves experiencing at present. As in the past, we once again advise you that you must keep your focus on the Light; focus on your spiritual path, and allow it to guide you through your physical world.

If you have, instead, allowed your physical life to guide your spiritual life, then you have it quite inside out, and are most likely experiencing one emotional trauma after another. It is not a time to be timid, nor is it a time to ignore the Inner (Higher) Guidance that is coming to you ones. You are dreaming, and yet ignoring the messages of your dreams. You are receiving information and messages in your awake state, and yet ignoring them as well.

Esu “Jesus” Sananda


This reproduction is from an actual photograph taken on June 1, 1961 in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, by one of thirty archaeologists working in the area at the time. Esu Sananda appeared in visible, tangible body and permitted his photograph to be taken.

Chelas [students], these are your Guides attempting, in whatever manner, to reach you and show you where you are off course, or show you the course you should be taking. But, if these messages run cross-wise to your physical lives, you are ignoring them, and thus bringing on the traumas in your lives.

The only way you ones are going to get through these coming days and weeks is if you turn inward, and look “upward”. You must listen to your Guides, for they are working with you ones night and day, because the Dark Energies are scurrying about like cockroaches.

Yet, what happens when you turn on the light? Cockroaches run for their lives! This is precisely what the Dark Energies will do when you invoke and call upon the Lighted Energies, and make the Light an integral part of your lives. Darkness cannot co-exist with Light. It is an impossibility, both physically and spiritually speaking.

When you find yourself “down in the dumps”, know that these depressed bouts are caused by your allowing the Dark Energies to influence you. If you do not stop them in their tracks, they will continue to cause you to bring all sorts of ills upon yourself, until they have managed to stop you, and ultimately destroy you.


Their only weapon against you is your own fear. If you do not allow them to intimidate and bring you into that place of fear, they will eventually give up and leave you be.

Remember to continually bring the Light in, and call upon the Host of Heaven to guide and protect you—to keep the Darkness away from you.

Once you have accepted and taken your God-given authority over these Dark Energies, you will find that you will recognize their tactics, and you can then be on guard for any future attacks. As always, the best defense is a good offense!

So, rather than waiting until you are in a crisis, take the initiative and daily call upon the Light. Look to the Light. Walk in the Light. Live in the Light.

Where Light is, Darkness cannot be!

It is also the time to begin tending to yourselves, as well as others. The Dark Energies are using the ploy of keeping you ones running so fast to and fro that you have no time to take care of your own well-being, and many of you ones are finding yourselves in a physically weakened state. This, in turn, is causing you ones to fall into many traps that have been set-up specifically to catch you off-guard.

Learn to slow down, even though the world seems to be rushing ahead at a breakneck speed. Evaluate all the things that you are doing, or being called upon to do. Examine and eliminate those things which are unnecessary. And take time to stop, on a daily basis, and “just be”. It is very necessary for your well-being.

Learn to be more flexible in your lives. Ask yourself: if you do not do this thing or that thing, what would be the very worst that would happen? You will be amazed at just how many unnecessary and useless things you are doing on a daily basis, simply out of habit and a false sense of responsibility, that busy you to that breaking point.

Simplify your lives, and you will find that life is much easier to live.

Everything in your world is changing, and you must change as well. The more you struggle against these changes, the more you will find yourselves in states of crises.

I am not advocating that you bow down to those things which are known to be of Adversarial design and control. I am speaking of the Transition that is taking place. As we have told you ones before, the frequency of the planet is evolving to a higher vibration, and you are experiencing that same frequency shifting within your own being. However, many of you are struggling and fighting this change, and such an inner state of turmoil is causing you to be influenced and attacked by the Dark Forces.

That is why taking time daily to “just be”—or perhaps to meditate and focus on the Lighted Energies—is so important. These quiet times will cause your frequency to shift upward toward the higher vibration, and you will not feel like you are always running five steps behind.

Take walks, listen to soothing music, turn off the television and radio, and communicate with another human being. Plant a garden; get your hands into the soil of Mother Earth. Be a part of the naturally occurring cycles of your planet.

Be aware of the subtleties in the behavior of plants and animals. You can learn much from observing such, and they will also put you into a state of mind that will allow you to hear from your Guides.

Learn to uncomplicate your lives. Life is not designed to be a struggle, yet you ones have a tendency to turn the simplest of things into complexities.

Sit for five minutes and be aware of your own breath. This is an excellent exercise for clearing the mind, and for relaxation. Light a candle and stare into the flame. Be still for five minutes and just “be”. Count your blessings.

I am Esu “Jesus” Sananda. I will leave you now, but I leave you with the Light of Holy God. Call upon me; call upon God; call upon the Host of Heaven in these days.

Listen for the Still Small Voice, for that is where you shall find us. We will never intrude into your lives, and we will never force you to do anything you choose not to do. We will, however, assist you and guide you—whenever you ask. But, you must ASK!

Blessings upon all of you ones. Stand strong, and stand in the Light in these coming days. Salu.

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