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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Appreciating The Larger View Of Mother Earth’s Cleansing

Good afternoon, my friend. It is I, Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Father/Mother Source—Creator God. Be still and allow the message to come.

Much is happening all around your globe with respect to building pressures. I am speaking here both literally and allegorically. Your planetary system is, as we have said many times before, entering a high-frequency, low-density area of “space” relative to what you have known in your recent past. This causes rapid changes in your physical environment, as well as in the mental and emotional environments. This is in essence the mechanism by which the Great Cleansing is facilitated.

Your world is becoming lighter in all senses of the word. Many ones harbor beliefs that are based in low-frequency fear. To the extent that you ones hold to your fear-based reality, you will struggle with the evolution that is taking place within you as well as around you.

Likewise, your Sun, Mother Earth, and all the other planets in your solar system are also undergoing relative changes. Your planet has the need to cleanse, and thus rebalance her life energies. There has been a quite un-natural plundering of her resources, to the extent that she has become sick. Much like an animal that is over-infested with parasitic fleas, the human element has continued to drain her.

Alternative technologies have been given to your planet SEVERAL times. These would lead to the elimination of the use of fossil fuels and greatly expedite your planet’s return to her natural state of balance.

Why haven’t you had the benefits of these advanced technologies on a planet-wide scale? Simple: greed and lust for power and control by a select few.

However, your environment is becoming more and more “toxic” to this sort of mentality. Those who will not shed the fears and aberrant thinking will surely suffer great inner emotional pain as the rest of the world continues to spiral upward in frequency and awareness.

Your planet will have need for re-balancing her remaining resources, and there is a great need for her to shift her waters so as to allow for this to occur. The waters have great healing properties and will allow for the re-absorption and dispersion of the mineral resources stripped from the dry land masses. She has asked Creator Source for assistance, and assistance she will have.

This may sound alarming to those of you who realize that such massive shifting of the planet’s waters will not be very beneficial to many of you in the physical. However just as you would give dogs a bath to help rid them of fleas, so too is there a need to have this cleansing occur.

Dear ones, you must eventually come to realize that if your planet were allowed to continue on its present course without such a cleansing, then she would eventually cease to be able to sustain any life at all, and would become as barren as Mars.

You have been given many opportunities to change your ways with respect to the need for (and intensity of ) this cleansing. Choices of the few, left unchallenged by the many, have resulted in the current state of your world.

The masses have been lulled into a hypnotic, herd-like condition wherein thinking for oneself is discouraged, while the distractions of materialism and entertainment are highly encouraged. You have followed morally blind leaders for many generations. The technologies you utilize now, that make your lives easier in the short term, are leading you down a path where you will face harsh corrections for the species as a whole.

Many claim ignorance as an excuse, and this is acceptable to a point. How many will laugh at this sort of message, quickly dismissing it as delusional rhetoric, never realizing that the ignorance they hold onto is a chosen one. Yes, the majority are trained and conditioned to ridicule anyone who follows Inner Guidance and Teachings.

You each would do well to regularly go within and establish your own direct CONSCIOUS connection to Creator Source. Would your political leaders be inspired with innovation and creative solutions if they were to establish such an inner connection? Most assuredly! How about the scientists? Yes! There is not any part of society that would not benefit from consulting Higher Guidance prior to making any large decision that affects large masses of the world’s population.

Yet, this is highly discouraged. And anyone with a working CONSCIENCE that causes them to speak out about the negative ramifications of, let’s say, a nuclear bomb, are always met with ridicule. The Dark ones in positions of power never like their authority and plans challenged.

It is because the majority of individuals DO have a working conscience that your world governments develop all of their new, bigger, and “better” weapons in a highly compartmentalized fashion—for if the masses were to see the true potential of these new devices, they would realize that your world is run by insane and paranoid individuals who would sacrifice the whole planet just so that their delusions of power and control might be maintained.

How did such ones gravitate to such positions of power? For the most part, it is due to the Laws of Cause and Effect. These ones are trying to work through their “karma” just like you. If, in the past, they were responsible for the destruction of a planet or large amounts of a planet’s population, they will have to repeat the lesson, over and over again, until they get it right. This is a highly simplified explanation, but I believe it makes the point.

Many of you ones reading this have come to help awaken those (a minority) who have managed to break themselves free from the relentless bombardment of “mind candy” that distracts and lulls the masses into a state of complacency. You are ones who never really bought into the materialism or the lust for toys and entertainment. You may have gone down that path for a short while, but eventually you are left highly dissatisfied and begin again searching for something MORE REAL and MORE SATISFYING.

The majority of you have come to the conclusion that you never feel satisfied inside unless you are actively trying to help someone else. When your energy is aligned in that direction, you feel a great inner peace and satisfaction. And yet many of you have, over the course of your life, been taken advantage of to varying extents.

You are teachers, and you love to help someone to grow so that they can then help themselves, and eventually (hopefully) they will help others. Often you ones are quite competent at what you have come to teach.

But when you help another, you sometimes end up in a situation where the ones you are helping become dependant upon you. This leads to the situation wherein you are left feeling that others have taken advantage of you. This may leave you feeling bitter and reclusive—a very uncomfortable state.

Please take a moment to realize that YOU are as much responsible for allowing others to take advantage of you, as are they. Sometimes you have to let others experience the “failures” first-hand, so that they will then be able to appreciate the importance of all the little details you were trying to point out to them.

It is not cruel or harsh for a mother bird to push her young birds out of the nest when the time is right. It is with compassion and understanding that mother bird knows her children must learn to make it on their own.

You are all there to learn and grow. If you are not willing to nurture for a short while, and then wean with a compassionate sternness, then you are in essence teaching that dependent or parasitic behavior is acceptable.

As your world continues to “lighten” its burden, more and more ones are going to become dissatisfied with the glitter and flash of the material things continually being paraded in front of them in an unending procession. These ones will eventually come to realize that seeking and applying knowledge in an effort to make their families’ and friends’ lives more fulfilling is the only reasonable path to follow. This will eventually spill over into the community at large, and a cascade of love and cooperation will eventually manifest worldwide.

Please note that, though your current physical environment may eventually become uninhabitable for human life, there will always be other opportunities on other worlds to apply your heart knowing. If you can learn the true value of which I speak, you will inevitably take this True Knowing with you on all your subsequent journeys.
Remember that you may be getting kicked out of your “nest”, but the journey still continues. The soul’s journey is infinite and full of spontaneity. You will eventually come to see the value of your current experience as having been a very rich and wonderful opportunity for expressing and expanding your inner (soul) purpose.

There are no wasted moments, and though you may be in a situation that seems uninviting, you are still quite blessed with the opportunity to experience inner personal growth and to help others in perhaps quiet and even sometimes unappreciated ways.

Never allow the physical “pressures” to overwhelm you to a point of fear. This will only lead to stagnation in your growth. If events unfold in such a manner that the only possible outcome is physical death, then realize that it is simply your time to go, and release from the experience and allow the transformation to unfold. This does NOT mean that you should somehow give up because “things seem hopeless”.

Giving up is a low-frequency response to a challenge that YOU have allowed yourself to become overwhelmed with. You are there for reasons and by choice. That you may not remember the reasons or the fact that you chose this experience does not change the facts of the matter.

If you are faced with a seemingly overwhelming situation, ALWAYS take a moment to remind yourself that the physical journey is in no way an absolute—meaning you have many such experiences, both behind you and in front of you. You are an Immortal Soul Essence experiencing in a body so that you may share a common reality with other like-seeking entities. When you feel overwhelmed, it is simply because you have forgotten this bigger picture.

You always have a choice in every situation. Most ones simply get panicked if they don’t see a clear and immediate choice. Sometimes the right answer is to simply wait and gather more data.

If you are in a room that is on fire and the only exit is blocked by flames, you could take your chances running through the flames, or you could take a moment to calm yourself and perhaps look around and see if there is anything that might assist your escape. Perhaps there is a water bed in the room that could somehow be punctured, or a blanket you could wrap yourself in while you run through the flames. The point is: sometimes taking a little extra time to calm yourself and gather more data is the right choice.

Most things that overwhelm you ones are of a far less urgent nature. You will find that often you will have hours, days, or even longer in which to make a decision. Keep the inner world of Spirit in mind as you seek answers to the questions you ponder. This is ALWAYS beneficial, for it is from the realm of Spirit that all else takes form.

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator God, as a Teacher and Guide, so that you may have “tools” to make the most out of your experience. I have come to assist you, but YOU must make your own choices and walk your own path.

May you always choose to walk in counsel with Creator Source. You couldn’t ask for better advice!

Blessings to you all. Salu.

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