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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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For “They” To Control, We Must Allow

Good evening, my scribe. It is I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator God. Be still and allow the words to flow.

Your world is inching ever closer to cataclysmic change. There are ones in positions of great power who are becoming more and more delusional with each passing day, as they struggle desperately to control that which is un-controllable and to imprison that which cannot be imprisoned.

It is the formidable Human Spirit about which I make reference here. As a planetary whole, the masses of “common” folk possess the innate desire, the active passion, and the infinite creativity to surmount any challenges of adversity and experience growth.

Meanwhile, the would-be controllers are, in essence, through their actions, attempting to quench this fire that burns inside of all ones. They try to maintain their illusion of “fighting for freedom” or “fighting for peace”—all the while systematically removing freedom and peace from you.

Their words may sound noble as such roll off the tongues of well-rehearsed orators. However, the actions and the true heart-level intentions of these ones are radically different, as they work feverishly behind the scenes to create bigger and bigger horrors so as to shock the masses into accepting more and more restrictions on freedoms.

Just who is this “they”? And who says that “they” are looking out for the best interests of Freedom?

The “they” I am referring to are the ones who work behind the scenes to ensure that all of the world’s major political heads are marching in step with the personal agendas that “they” desire.

“They” are the real power brokers who can cause great economic strife and hardship for any country that thinks itself to be independent from the influence “they” maintain worldwide.

“They” are the ones who make decisions that can literally starve a country to death or allow it to appear prosperous.

“They” are cold and heartless ones who have little or no conscience as to whether you live or die.

“They” live always in the shadows, for they harbor great inner fears of the creativity of the common people who, if left un-corralled, would surely create technologies such as free-energy devices, healing devices, and other avenues to freedom and independence that would lessen the perceived value of current technologies under the control of these would-be kings, and thus lessen their ability to use such as oil prices to manipulate and control nations.

If the average person were to truly be able to follow the money trail that “mysteriously” vanishes into obscure corporations that are wrapped within yet more corporate structure, it would become clear that nearly 90% of the world’s resources are controlled by less than 2% of the world’s population.

This 2% is the “they”.

“They” control what is the history you read in your school books.

“They” control the wars you watch from start to finish.

“They” control all the major news media.

“They” have become quite accurate in predicting just what sort of events will cause the perfect amount of emotional anxiety, confusion, and anger in order to cause the masses to “demand something be done!”

This scenario works time and time again because so many “well educated” ones believe that the wool could never be pulled over their eyes because they are “too smart” for that sort of thing.

Dear ones, it is sad to say that the greater your intelligence, the more probable it is that you are likely to go to the “better” schools where there is in place the more talented mind-control experts who ensure that this is EXACTLY the attitude and belief you leave their school with. Ones at these premier schools are put through exhaustive regimens of study calculated to instill this attitude of: “I have the ‘inside’ track on the latest, cutting-edge research, and therefore I KNOW that things such as free-energy devices and healing devices are IMPOSSIBLE, and only an uninformed IDIOT would think otherwise.”

Well, my friends, there will be quite a few “well-informed” and “highly-educated” individuals who will be left facing a reality of disillusionment and overwhelm as your world continues down its current path. It will be the “average” person, who reasons with inner “gut” knowing rather than intellectual worship, who will see the illusion for what it truly is.

We of the Lighted Realms come in response to you who have the inner sight and inner ears to perceive your environment from a point that is both inside the illusion and outside the illusion. Your Inner Knowing is an awareness of the reality of the soul’s journey.

You are the ones who remember and understand that the physical is a byproduct of the non-physical, and that the energy that precipitates into what you have come to call the physical universe is a subset of a much larger non-physical Reality. Therefore, you (and all ones) have the ability to see that it is possible to have a point of view that is common to both realities without contradiction.

It is always the Greater Reality of nonphysical energy realms that truly controls the form and functioning of any of the subset realities such as the physical universe. Therefore, from the larger perspective of the soul’s journey into, through, and back out of the physical environment—you should be able to reason that experiential growth is all that really matters.

Contrary to what “they” believe (and would have you believe), the ones who have the most toys do not win! It is the ones who learn to create the most Joy who win.

As you go along in your day-to-day lives and hear things on your radios or televisions, you begin forming opinions and perceptions about your world and your place in it. For most Americans, war is something that happens in and to other countries, where the U.S. is just the “peacekeeping” force that provides the manpower and resources to uphold the “ideals of freedom”.

Most Americans are emotionally detached from the actual horrors of war, wherein mostly innocent people are induced to kill and be killed, fighting for the perception of some vague greater good supposedly to be gained from forcing one ideology upon another.

The American mentality had to be shaken (through such recent events as the 9/11 tragedy and anthrax postal scares) so as to generate the necessary emotional shockwave in order to hasten along the New World Order agenda of the 2% controllers. The United States has played the strongarm role for these elite would-be-kings, and therefore has been left relatively unscathed.

Ones may argue that the American lives lost in such actions as the Vietnam War hardly support the U.S. being considered “relatively unscathed”. To these ones I would say: Have you ever stopped to consider that more than 10 times as many Vietnamese lost their sons and daughters than did Americans? How many times in recent history have foreign troops landed on U.S. soil and, in the “spoils” of war, raped, pillaged, and plundered entire villages or cities, and did their best to destroy all evidence of their crimes? Yes, the United States has been left relatively unscathed.

However, let me remind you ones that what you perceive as “karma” happens on ALL levels of society—not just individual levels. What you do as an individual comes back to you. What you do as a community comes back to you. What you do as a nation comes back to you. And what you do as a planetary society comes back to you. It is the Law of Cause and Effect. If you allow the 2% to control your world because it’s just “easier”—then you will surely find that you have inadvertently chosen the more difficult path.

The journey into the physical is more about learning how to use your creative abilities in a responsible manner. Anyone can shatter a piece of glass; but can you make a piece of glass? Anyone can make another person dislike them; but do you know how to truly earn the respect of another?

Your world is in quite a precarious situation. Will you go along with those who propose that destroying others is the only way to ensure your freedom? Remember: those who live by the sword (atomic weapons) die by the sword (atomic weapons).

Or, will you be one who realizes that there IS another way? First and foremost, was not the United States founded upon a system of justice wherein ones are presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty?

What proof do you ACTUALLY have of who is behind such as the 9/11 tragedy or the anthrax mailings?

“Well, military analysts say…”


When it’s YOUR life on the line, you’ll scream for your rights—but you are not willing to extend the same courtesy to the thousands of men, women, and children who will inevitably lose their life because too many irrational reactionary minds are being stirred into a frenzied thirst for blood.

You teach others the values you preach by SHOWING them that such values work and they are indeed better—not by getting out bigger and bigger guns and killing off those who argue against irrational use of force.

The TRUE criminals behind the “terrorist attacks” are the elite 2% world controllers. These ones are clearly beyond the reach of any current justice system you have in the physical realms. However, from the soul perspective, these ones are forever repeating and reliving their nightmares, lifetime after lifetime, never seeming to find any real Joy. These are souls whose scars run very deep, and “they” choose to control and destroy, over and over again, with little realization that “they” are making their own wounds a little deeper each time.

Some ones may ask: “If things are so bad, then why should I stay in the physical? I’m not a bad person. Why should I have to ‘suffer’ through someone else’s karma?”

The answer is that many of you who are reading this have come to planet Earth at this time SPECIFICALLY for the opportunities that come with such times of “cataclysmic” change. As events continue to unfold, there will be generated many opportunities to teach the Higher Truths you hold, and thus help ones to make leaps in conscious awareness that would otherwise take many, many lifetimes to accomplish.

Remember that YOUR growth is connected to ALL ones’ growth, including my own. There is a never-ending line of teachers who teach others, who then go on to teach yet others. This cycle is continuous, and is in essence the backbone of evolution and growth. None can do it alone, and even the most “self-aware” individual receives assistance during times of deep contemplation and thought.

The cycles of growth are infinite. There is ALWAYS another challenge awaiting all ones. There may be the perception of pinnacles along the way, but as a seeming pinnacle is achieved, the new vantage point of observation gives rise to the next upward challenge.

You ones who manage to stay the course and maintain an inner connection to Love, to Truth, and to the Knowing that ALL IS WELL despite the physical challenges you may be faced with, will take with you a great deal more, when it comes time to complete the current physical journey, than you can imagine at present. When you stay connected within to Source, you innately help others to see, if nothing else, that there is another choice. Most often, others will see the Light you bear as a mysterious kindness and quiet confidence that defies explanation—especially given the perhaps chaotic nature of the physical situations in which you may find yourselves. You will capture their curiosity, and thus the opportunity to assist a fellow traveler will be born.

Never underestimate the power of the Human Spirit to survive and create wonderful things—even if they come from the rubble and ruins of a once great civilization. More often than not, the ones on your world don’t appreciate what they have until it is stripped from them in a cold and heartless manner. However, the value of the lessons learned from such experiences is quite priceless in terms of REAL (soul) growth.

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come as a Teacher, Friend, and as a member of the Host of Creator God, so that those of you who wish for understanding may find it.

Please remember: the REAL treasures are what you take with you when you leave the physical. May your “coffers” be full of all the Joys that come from expanding the awareness of self and helping others to do likewise.

Blessings and Peace to you all. Salu.

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