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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Lady Nada

The Sixth Ray

Although no messages from Lady Nada appear on this website, they are present in the WISDOM OF THE RAYS: The Masters Teach books.

This most soft and gracious energy, Lady Nada, is the Ascended Master of the Sixth Ray or Aspect of Creator’s One White Light. Lady Nada is most often called upon to help with the cultivation of selfless service, of devotion, to support those asking for a strengthening of commitments made from the Higher Self, to help those seeking to perfect the gift of Unrestricted Giving that truly allows ones to “get out of their own way” and “fill in for God” where needed in given situations. This concept of acting as the hands and feet of God is a recurring theme among the urgings of these Teaching Masters.

In The Rainbow Masters, Lady Nada refers to herself thusly: “I come in the chosen Sixth Ray of refraction. My aspect is most pleasured within the Third Ray, the pink, loving warmth of the Third Ray of Divine Love.

“I work in service where I am most needed, me and my chelas. Also, most words regarding myself, and my brothers, have been colored by the receiving person’s perception of how we ’should be’. YE ALL FORGET THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT OF ALL: WE HERE SPEAK OF ’ASPECTS’. IN THE HIGHER REALMS, MY CHILD, THERE IS NOT MAN OR WOMAN. GOD SOURCE IS NEITHER MAN NOR WOMAN. GOD IS!

”Only in thy frailty are thee man or woman, hiding the aspect that displeases thee. YE ARE MAN AND WOMAN – EACH AND ALL OF THEE! BOTH, HOPEFULLY BROUGHT INTO PERFECT BALANCE, THAT YE CAN FUNCTION IN THY ’CHOSEN’ EXPERIENCE.“

Her lessons are often those of balancing the currents of emotional energy within each of us. For example, she teaches: “Let this be thy lesson this day: KNOW THYSELF. FIRSTLY, KNOW THYSELF! BE YE MALE OR FEMALE, COME TO BALANCE WITH THYSELF.


“I was most active in the time of Atlantis, with you of my brothers. It, like Lemuria, was a time of beauty, of seeing man grow and blossom and then reach a peak and turn to the darkness within himself. I was tending of the flame, let us say, of Love, housed within the then-called, Temple of Love, there in the greatest city of Atlantis.

”I served the Third Ray, for my thrust was, even then, the healing of Earth’s evolvement course, which thy Jesus has said is the fulfilling of the law of karma. So be it. ’Tis what I did at that time. DOES THE EARTH NOT NEED OF HEALING AND NURTURING MORE THAN EVER IN EXISTENCE OF MANIFEST FORM?

“You are now striving for, let us name it: selfless service. This state of selflessness must be achieved or you cannot fulfill of thy mission. To know when ye have become selfless is to not be aware of the choice of selflessness. By this I mean that the natural course of your life is always the preferring of the love of God, the service of that God incarnate. To be aware of self, its pleasures, its privileges, its preferences, and then to MAKE A CHOICE TO FOREGO THAT SELF, IS A STEP ON THE PATH of selflessness which must indeed be taken.

”Once you have reached that center of balance, you are no longer aware of choosing between self, the Real Self, and the cast-aside NON-SELF.

“It seems a contradiction: ’Love thyself, honor thyself as God, love neighbors as self’ – and then ’cast aside self’.

”Nay, for our mission requires Self to function ’automatically’ as the hands, heart, and head of the unseen Teachers – wherever thee are needed, whenever required – filling in for God, and therefore supplying each aspect of the Christos Sacred Circle in which someone may be lacking, for the ultimate mastery of the transition of this garden into her ultimate perfection. Ye saw, ye came, and ye shall prevail.“

In this next revelation of another of her talents, Lady Nada seems to share an endeavor with Commander Korton of the “Upper Management” team. That is: “It is said I carry and bring gifts of diverse kinds of ’tongues’ and interpretation of those ’tongues’. Too much mush in the terminology. I master the nuances of vibration in the Rays, and the almost infinite combinations of the WORD as released through the varied HU-man vortices. Not so impressive in terminology, but accurate. As pertains to HU-man, Divine, and Angelic tongues – these gifts involve the mastery of speech, communication, and the delivery of the WORD. If there is lacking in even one aspect of the afore named, all will fail....”

In addition to the communications-expertise side of Lady Nada, her nurturing aspect is revealed as she cautions us about the care of children: “The worth of the individual as the potential to be God-in-manifestation is incalculable. Its violation at any level is fraught with far-reaching consequences, as Esu Jesus, the Christed Circle warned, to any who offend even one of these little ones. Thus, tenderly sponsor the world’s children, individual by individual, often in answer to their prayers, or cries of anguish in abandonment.

“I have legions of angels who personally attend the little ones and the youth – but they must be called in. If the child cannot call – ye must ask in behalf of that tiny being. ’Tis thy ACCEPTED DUTY to do so.... “

Continuing the theme of Paul and Serapis Bey, Lady Nada shared her views on a matter we all can relate to: “I, too, had to learn the Path of Love with the great Ascended Masters. I also learned that everyone who goes forth to serve has moments of self-doubt or thinks that, after all of their efforts, their works are not too good, or that no one will want them, or believe them, or that no one will appreciate of their talent. There is a moment of total self-blindness when an individual may actually make a choice NOT to go forward with their accepted work. This has a very difficult impact on those ones who have depended upon that one to fulfill his or her task. The days grow short upon thy place as ye know it; ye are in the days of decisions and action. These are days when ye must stand strong lest ye be pulled down.... It serves ye ones well to remember thy talent in the serving as the ’mother’ – the nurturing nature of Mother Creation which abides within ALL beings, male and female, for there is no difference in the realms of Higher Understanding. No difference....”

“I leave thee in love and nurtured by the eternal flame of the Sixth Ray of Understanding all in all. I am greatly blessed for the allowance of serving with thee ones along this journey. I place my seal upon these words, that they be brought forth in truth and remain ever in truth. I salute thee ones for thy accepted burdens in such a darkened density of existence. We are ever at thy side.


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