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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Tomeros Maasu Korton

While Commander Korton has, relatively speaking, generated few public messages along the same instructional lines as the others who are discussed in this Introduction, he is the one MOST responsible for the successful “delivery” of ALL these messages of ALL these others! That is, Commander Korton is in charge of ALL communications links associated with this Earth Transition Mission. If we stop and think about that one for a minute, it’s enough to make one’s head spin! The logistics must be truly awesome, and yet his role is obviously most essential to the transition project underway.

Probably the most critical service which Korton provides – that we CAN readily understand – is the help he gives, when asked, to those receivers and scribes “down here” who have accepted public writing burdens for one or more of the Teachers “up there“. As you can readily appreciate, these receivers, whose lives are generally turned upside down from the demands of such a responsibility, struggle constantly with various stages of nervous anxiety and doubt about receiving the intended information ACCURATELY from “’up there”. This ongoing struggle results from both their innate level of conscientiousness, as well as from their “lightning rod” attractiveness for the dark forces. Any bringers of Lighted messages that contain material which could awaken large numbers of Lighted beings to their TRUE Potential as fragments of God, are the targets of HEAVY, HEAVY attack, as you can easily imagine!

As an aside here, let me comment briefly about the receiving process. Early in this Introduction, as well as in the Preface, I likened the receiving process to “inspired” writing or speaking.

Especially for those not familiar with this, the receiving process is not usually so blunt a procedure as you might picture as being simply “putting on headphones connected to some radio” and writing or speaking what you hear. Rather, it is generally a much more subtle process which first and foremost involves diligent mental clearing of one’s space of all dark energies, and then mentally asking, in an attentive manner, if there are any messages which need to “come through” from the Lighted Brotherhood. Such a clearing affirmation and querying process is a lot like saying a prayer and then listening for the answer.

Lighted Messengers will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS identify their presence at the beginning of the communication. But the receiver should nevertheless be vigilant about demanding this, too. Especially in recent years, with a bumper crop of so-called New Age “writings from the beyond” flooding the marketplace with confusing nonsense and error enough to tickle with delight the adversarial entrapers, it is imperative to guard against these dark tricksters who seduce the overzealous, undercautious receiver (or “channeler”, in some interpretations) with partial truths laced with otherwise irresponsible misinformation.

With that cautionary lecture given, if the “connection” is properly “hooked up” at this point (probably with Commander Korton’s help, especially if you ask), what one hears more closely resembles one’s own thoughts than any loud voice in the head. But with some faith and persistence to sustain one through the constant doubting, one writes (or in some cases, speaks) what one “thinks” one hears. Were it not for the unexpected “turns” in wording or ideas which the messages often take (maybe phrased much better than your own style or abilities generally produce), it would be difficult to tell that the information might NOT be your own thoughts.

This extreme tenuousness applies more routinely to less experienced receivers, but I know of no receiver who honestly goes around full of confidence all the time and never doubting of messages received. Usually it is upon re-reading a message and bluntly realizing, “I couldn’t have written THAT!” that the more subtle nature of the process begins to become evident. It also grows stronger with practice, naturally.

And yet, again, one should never “relax” with this process to the point of blind acceptance of ANY message. We are reminded constantly by these Ascended Teachers to ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS discern the messages for ourselves. Ask yourself: “Does this message make sense to me?” And “Does it mesh with the God-truth of my conscience?” And, with some messages, the most annoying question to confront: “Is this the LAST thing I really want to hear?” – especially when you know your own preference in dealing with some particular challenge is the OPPOSITE of what the message suggests!

Emotional interference is probably the most difficult and subtle error source to handle, simply because of the nature of emotions and what stirs them up. However, with some practice at honest discernment, one can usually tell if a message is from the Lighted Brotherhood – or is from elsewhere, including the intrusion of one’s own thoughts, emotions and opinions.

Commander Korton’s facilitation with communications from “up there” is certainly not limited to public-writing scribes and receivers; it just as well extends to ANY truly enquiring one who asks for help with any question along life’s sometimes bumpy pathways. Help is ALWAYS available for the asking. However, from just a technical point of view, there is often the need to “boost the signal” of even your personal Guides and Wayshowers (some would call these your Guardian Angels) who may be trying to “shout into your ears” the very help you have requested but aren’t hearing.

Commander Korton’s help doesn’t have to stop there, either. For example, I (and others) have invoked Korton’s assistance when, for instance, the fax machines or phone lines show signs of “interference” from those dark-intentioned ones who don’t want, say, a particular (and possibly critical) message to get in or out. The hardest part is REMEMBERING to ask for help in the frustration of the moment! The free-will nature of this planet is a two-edged sword; “They” will not usually intrude unless asked to help or otherwise are invited to participate in the effort.

With that introduction, it is easier to understand some important general comments on the subject of communication by Commander Hatonn, which are shared near the beginning of a writing through Dharma on November 15, 1993. This writing is located in the Phoenix Journal (#82) called Retirement Retreats Or Which Concentration Camp Do You Prefer? Here Hatonn brings into the picture both Korton AND a larger perspective on the many avenues of communicating with us – and he does so in the process of “telling on” me:

“You readers have enjoyed Dr. Young’s comments scattered throughout the paper....

”Dr. Young, however, has a much different ’purpose’ than editing a paper; he is a profoundly qualified scientist. WE HAVE HIM DEEP IN STUDY.... He is working closely with Dr. Tesla and our own Commander Soltec. However, the ONE who keeps annoying him, night and day, is Commander Korton (Tomeros Maasu), who also steps in with several of you as you ponder rather difficult-to-answer questions.

“Maasu Korton is our ’Head of Communications’. Thus far, with our team, Dr. Young is the only one who actually UNDERSTANDS our communications systems – and yet he too is incapable of structuring such a system. This means that he must study diligently as we move closer and closer to totally OPEN communications.

”This is piled on top of other research – and therefore we had to give him separation and time to absorb massive amounts of technical information. He is, further, a ’night person’ as almost all of your productive scientists have been. His schedules are totally in opposition to “Earthman’s” – being productive in the silent hours (partly to neutralize interruptions), and he ’rests’ while the world spins in chaos. Each one in immediate service will function according to optimum productivity.

“I will, however, impose upon him to enter editorials or commentary as he can work this into his schedule. He, personally, several years ago, wrote an article on [the sad state of so-called Higher] Education which cost him his job [at M.I.T.] because of its content. I ask that that be pulled forth and shared with you readers in one of the soon upcoming papers – with an ’updated comment’ regarding the subject [it hasn’t happened yet; time flies by so fast these days and hardly does one week’s newspaper go out the door before the next week’s is knocking on that door!]....

”We effort toward ONE goal – getting information to your hands, eyes and minds.

“You want proof of who we are, if we are so confounded important to the evolvement of your planet? Look around you. See the truth of your circumstances and then ponder as to whether or not THAT GOD in which you ’trust’ and unto whom you pray – would not send Messengers to assist you IN ANSWER TO YOUR PETITIONS? So be it.

”However, for your more sensitive senses – go without on a clear night and search, briefly, the sky. Wait until you see a seemingly ’strobing’ rainbow of color emitting from MANY of those twinkling lights OUT THERE. Get a telescope or go borrow one, the bigger the better, and SIMPLY LOOK!

“You will not find, other than near Shuttles with singular ’lights’ as in ’bulbs’. [That is, satellites and other near-orbiting space stuff will generally only “emit” a single, rather dull, color like a lightbulb way up there. That light is usually reflected light from the Sun. However, more ”interesting” craft, especially those trying to COMMUNICATE – there’s that word again – with you and which happen to be in the near heavens, may amble or shoot across your field of view like a “clever” meteorite, displaying a flash of intense light or vivid color and/or some unnatural flying pattern like a right-angle turn. And then there are the often saucer-shaped “cloud ships“, often just sitting there, in full view, in the daytime sky, sometimes despite heavy winds – again, always ready to COMMUNICATE with you, and which enjoy the recognition and acknowledgment of their presence – often with “interesting” results!] The ’greater’ craft will be stationed between you and FAMILIAR HEAVENLY BODIES, I.E., VENUS, ETC. Watch for a few minutes as gossamer vapors bathe, in spiraling swirls [like the swirling pattern around a barber shop pole], a rainbow of colors which seem to be alive. THE SPECTRUM WILL BE THAT OF THE RAINBOW [specifically: sapphire blue, emerald green, golden yellow, ruby red – repeating in that sequence pattern]. PLEIADES CRAFT WILL ALWAYS SHOW YOU THE RAINBOW SPECTRUM, WHILE SOME OTHER CRAFT MAY WELL DEMONSTRATE A SOLID COLOR SIGNAL. THIS IS NOT MYSTICAL, SEARCHERS; THIS IS ’PHYSICAL’ AND SOLID EVIDENCE OF ’PRESENCE’.”

I have included the above important explanation from Commander Hatonn here because the very real methods of COMMUNICATION from “up there” cover a wider variety of avenues than we readily imagine – many of them (all of them?) under Commander Korton’s direction.

In Chapter 29 of this volume, Commander Korton himself explains, though largely in understatement, the vast array of communications which he facilitates. That is: “For those of you who are not familiar with my designation, I am a Communicator. That is to say, I specialize in establishing and maintaining operating communication links. I am able to cover an extensive spectrum of frequencies in order to help couple the third-dimensional expression with that of the higher-dimensional expressions. Consider me a facilitator, linguist and translator, all in one. I operate across many inter-dimensional and inner-dimensional frequencies.“

Commander Korton’s specialty is particularly important to highlight at this time because many of the writings comprising the second part in this volume provide instructions which, step by step, encourage serious students to improve their OWN abilities to communicate DIRECTLY with the Lighted Higher Teachers.

And this is not for idle amusement. We are entering a time when natural and man-made events, devastating calamities, and otherwise unbelievably disruptive circumstances will likely render the more usual modes of communication useless. In the midst of such topsy-turvy conditions, it would REALLY help to be able to receive clear instructions – THAT MIGHT JUST SAVE YOUR LIFE AND THE LIVES OF THOSE AROUND YOU!

In a writing from June 29, 1990 which was printed in an early predecessor to the CONTACT newspaper, called the PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS newsletter (Vol. II, No. 10, July 1990), through a receiver we shall simply refer to as Dee, Commander Korton stated the situation bluntly:

”Ours is a time of great difficulty and challenge, for Earth is in a final chaotic period, for she is going to transit into a new format. Long has she been the green emerald planet, but also a dark planet. She was chosen to be the present opportunity for Satan to give up his madness of proving that he is greater than God. Unfortunately for Satan, he has not yet come to the point of doing this, and so he has been allowed to play out the scenario again.

“In the depth of his being, he knows that he cannot win, but try he does, and thusly the planet Earth and the souls who choose to come here are completing the scenario again. Yes, it is ’again’, for this is by no means the first planet upon which Satan has played out this drama with all of its ramifications.

”This time the rules have been changed, for he has indeed totally destroyed planets as evidenced by the asteroids and other pieces of planetary debris that are floating about in what you call space. He will not be allowed to bring Earth unto total destruction. No more distortion can be allowed in the universe – as far as planetary orbits and inter-relationships are concerned.

“However, there can be no intervention until the point of actual destruction is reached. That is the way the rules are written and they will be followed to the letter. It is always hoped that mankind will awaken to the fact that some force other than their own psyche is at work in their world, and that they will stand together and proclaim ’Enough!’ and thusly Satan will once-and-for-all get the message that he cannot win.

”You see, dear members of mankind, you are the key to the return of Satan to the fold of God. If you would stand together and recognize him for what he is, a foolish and errant being, then he would have to come to the end of his quest. However, as long as he can continue to fool you, and to manipulate you, and go on with his games, there is little hope.

“This indeed is a most pregnant opportunity here, and it is most carefully observed. God, of course, knows exactly how it will all come out; but the rest of us can only know our part of it, and that it all fits together into the Grand Plan. Even Sananda knows only that which he is allowed to know at this point.

”When it is all completed, and Earth makes her transition, so then does Sananda make his graduation and, along with him, so also do the Beings of Light make a jump forward. The entire universe then makes a transition into balance, and centropy is then again established.

“This is indeed quite a show, and is being observed by the cosmos with great interest. You are really in the limelight, so to speak.

”Mankind has quite a role to play in this drama of the Light versus the dark. Man often wonders why it is that all of this is necessary, but then it does present unto all the opportunity to experience and to learn. With ’forever’ to spend, it certainly would be boring to spend it floating around on a cloud playing a harp.

“For myself, Korton, I would be exactly where I am, in the midst of the activity, with a duty to perform and a role to play. If you believe that my part is easier to play than yours, in one respect it is. Not the risk of physical pain, but indeed, there is risk here also, for much rides upon our ability to focus and be intent and committed to God’s plan. For to fail in any way would not be smiled upon, to say the least.

”The point being that, at all points of this process, there is the need for complete participation in what one is doing. No messing around is going to be tolerated, either ’up here’ or ’down there’, so to speak. It is getting to the point of being serious business, lively serious business shall we say!

“Does it seem that all the Space Brothers are hung up on lecturing you of embodied mankind? It does seem so. What you desire is less lecturing and more concrete information – and THAT we desire greatly to give you. However, it is necessary to have scribes who can receive that kind of information with complete openness, and those are difficult to find already prepared. Thusly we spend many hours, the sender and the receiver, practicing and working to open the receiving abilities in order to achieve that goal….

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