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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Communication Is The Key To Breaking The Spell

Good afternoon, my scribe. It is I, Tomeros Maasu Korton, come in the One Light of Creator God. Be at peace and be still.

Many recognize my designation, but for those who do not, let me please clarify the capacity in which I serve The Greater Whole: I am a communication specialist. My primary responsibilities are to help establish and maintain open lines of communication, regardless of the medium. The most common form of communication we use is mind-to-mind via the interconnectedness of all ones. I come as a member of the Host of God, to assist in the transformation process of your planet at this time.

Many know me as Commander Korton, or simply Korton. The name is far less important than the energy signature imparted into the message itself. Different ones, in different languages and cultures, will know my energy by different names. More simply stated, I am a fellow traveler along the infinite journey of exploration and growth, just as are you ones. I simply have progressed farther along the same path in my understanding, awareness, and responsibilities than many of you.

I wish to impart a message that will be a reminder to most of you: THE NEED FOR CLEAR COMMUNICATION.

During the coming days, months, and years, you ones will be witness to many events that will be considered senseless in terms of rational thinking. You will be told by your government what to think and believe regarding these events (such as the World Trade Center attacks).

This is not new. Your current society has been molded to swallow the mainstream media’s explanation of events, and you have been diligently trained to NOT question, else the fear of ridicule and outright persecution will surely follow—most often from your closest friends, relatives, and co-workers.

However, there are measures you can take to learn to sift through the façade of presented information, and learn to LISTEN for key words that will give you clues and help you to discern when you are being manipulated with half-truths or blatant lies.

LISTEN for key words such as:

“Insiders are REPORTED to have said....” (You should be thinking to yourself: But they may not have.)

“Officials say it APPEARS to be....” (But it may not be what it appears.)

“The ALLEGED terrorist was....” (But we could be wrong.)

Your news media sources know that often they are forced to report truly important news with a certain slant or spin that will often lead to the news stations presenting fabricated stories from “protected” sources. To help these news organizations protect themselves from being sued into non-existence, the ones writing the stories (that are then fed to the teleprompters to be read to you by the so-called “talking heads”) are trained by very skilled lawyers to use such key words and phrases as: IT APPEARS, ALLEGED, REPORTED TO HAVE SAID, GENERAL OPINION IS, INDICATORS SUGGEST, and so on.

Learn to LISTEN for these modifiers. The more you hear, the more you know that the truth is being misrepresented. Next listen to the ones who would be the first to ridicule you if you were to suggest that the news media sources are lying to you. Listen to how they parrot back the same news stories WITHOUT the modifiers.

The news story may say: “Sources inside the Pentagon suggest that the plane may have been originally headed for the White House.” What is often parroted back is: “Did you hear? The plane was originally headed for the White House.” The average person completely tunes out the modifiers that were actually said, and accepts the deceit without question.

Again, the words are crafted in such a way as to leave a legal “out” for those who are presenting the information.

In the written media, it is a bit more tricky to accomplish the same “spin” effect on the truth. Often the print media will actually have to use far less modifiers. If anyone actually notices AND makes the effort to confront them on their “error” in presentation, they simply print a retraction statement, some time later, in some obscure location in the newspaper or magazine—or these days, perhaps only on their Internet website.

The point is, if you really pay attention to these subtle and often missed clues, you will see that there is an awful lot of care taken to fashion or craft what should be even the simplest of statements. Often, by the time the “reporter” reading the news into the cameras gets to the second or third sentence, the original statement of “ALLEGED INSIDERS are REPORTED to have said (or seen) what APPEARS to have been...” is all gone from your mind because you have been desensitized to these preceding words and only want to hear the “meat” of the story.

The reason I have chosen to belabor this point is because—as many of you have just recently witnessed [with the unfolding 9/11 tragedy]—in a relatively short period of time your busy lives can be drastically impacted by acts that defy logic and reason. Such acts have impacted ALL ones on some level. Even if the only thing you notice is that your mail delivery has been drastically slowed down and delayed, there is no escaping the effects set into motion by such events. For most, the reaction goes far beyond such trivial things as slowed-down mail delivery.

These events are deliberate actions taken to bring about a mindset of SHOCK and DISBELIEF. In such a mental and emotional state, the mind races to find order and understanding, and is QUITE susceptible to the FIRST thing that it hears which stops the inner swirling of confusion. In essence, what is created is an altered state of consciousness that is highly susceptible to suggestion—not too different a mechanism from how electroshock therapy works. The major difference is that THIS manipulation is done on a large scale, and the equivalent of an “electric shock” comes from within, rather than from an external source.

The ones who are TRULY to blame for these acts are very far removed from suspicion—and yet there are clues to be seen. And if enough people with key information speak up (communicate) and compare notes, a different picture will emerge. These events are planned with great care and full knowing that there will be unexpected “leaks” that will need to be plugged. There will be great amounts of energy directed into keeping The Lie reinforced in the minds of the masses, while trying to stop, discredit, or destroy the ones who do not accept the events, as told, at face value.


You have witnessed, through your media conduits, several short stories suggesting that this new “war against terrorism” will be fought differently than the conventional wars in the past. This allows great cloaked latitude for mischief in their actions.

Likewise, most of you will note that there has been a great amount of emphasis focused on the need for “monitoring communications” such as electronic mail (email) and telephone conversations. Why? They say because they have to be more thorough in their search for “terrorists” and related activities.

But the truth of the need to monitor is because they need to assess “legally” what you-the-people may be suspecting and COMMUNICATING with each other. Communication is the sharing of information. The government of the United States and her allies have a lot to hide from the common citizen. A LOT!

The ones who are manipulating the mindset of the masses, and molding them into a frenzied thirst for blood, realize the façade they have created has a fragile foundation, and that if they don’t keep the focus of the masses on the façade, then the whole illusion can quickly crumble as the high emotional energy so generated circles back and releases its charge on the TRUE criminals.

These TRUE criminals are the REAL terrorists, and what they fear most is being exposed. This means they fear the average man waking-up to their games of manipulation. Just how does the average man wake-up to the games of manipulation? Through a hard-to-censor communication medium such as the Internet, and through credible “alternative news” sources.

Be aware that during times of war your constitutional rights are suspended, and this means your freedoms can (and will) be legally restricted. I ask that fear not be a part of your mindset. When you come to realize that you are much more than a physical body, and that you indeed have an IMMORTAL soul, you will realize that you have nothing to fear.

However, you are there on schoolroom Earth to be challenged and to learn how to use your personal abilities of discernment—and thereby choose a wise course of action that will allow for you to persist and help as many people as you can to cope with the challenges that lay ahead. Learn to recognize and play the game of the serpent without becoming the serpent.


Disseminating information is what keeps people alive. Holding your Truth for fear of being harmed is what guarantees that you—or perhaps millions of others—will die in wars fought for senseless reasons.

Staying quiet when you hold a piece of the puzzle is what the illusion masters are counting on. These ones count on the FEAR they have instilled within you, through having you sign your name on a piece of paper saying that you won’t tell on them, no matter how insane they become.

You also have the moral obligation to yourself to do what is right! Only YOU can answer what is right for you. Perhaps YOUR silence is what will allow the façade to continue.

You ones are constantly asking: “What can I do to help?”

SHARE YOUR TRUTH! Encourage others to share theirs.

When enough people stand up and speak about what they know, the TRUE Larger Picture will become evident, thus allowing for a balanced and effective solution. When revisionist history is allowed to persist as a norm, The Truth becomes harder and harder to find, let alone accept. The largest problem you ones are faced with is the “embarrassment factor” associated with those who have held their tongue for far too long. To those ones I say: It is far better late than never!

Many of you can remember the emotional impact of the 1963 John F. Kennedy assassination in broad daylight. For those of you who can still remember where you were when it happened, look back and remember also your mental and emotional reactions. What was going through your mind? Were you afraid and shocked? Was your mind racing for answers?

When you heard on the news that it was Lee Harvey Oswald who did it, what was your reaction and response? Did you fixate on Oswald or did you remain open to the idea that others could be involved? When you witnessed on television Oswald being shot, what was your reaction? Did you feel that justice was served?

If someone had approached you a couple of weeks after the assassination of JFK and told you that the government was working diligently to cover-up the details of the assassination(s), would you have believed it? For most of you, the answer is: no, you would not have believed it.

Now that nearly 40 years have passed, and there has been building all of the controversy and long parade of murdered witnesses and overwhelming evidence that Oswald could not have acted alone and may not have even been one of the shooters—how does this compare to your original reactions nearly 40 years ago?

If someone approaches you NOW and says they believe there was a government cover-up about the JFK assassination, has your tolerance for such an assertion changed from what it used to be, when you could not accept such a point of view?

After that assassination there was a great deal of emotional energy generated within the masses that needed to be channeled into something. Do you think the American public would have been as agreeable to enter the Vietnam War if it were not for the need to dissipate and release this energy? No, they would not have.

Do you think that the emotional energy created through recent events is greater than back in 1963?

How about what was generated in December of 1941 at the time of the contrived Pearl Harbor bombing?

Though there are fewer around now who can attest first-hand to this earlier event, the answer to both these questions is: Yes, the emotional energy is much greater now than from either of these prior events.

This energy needs to be released, and the controllers of your world’s governments know this. To do anything other than suggesting and going to war would result in the energy being focused back on the government itself.

Your world does not need war. Your world needs TRUTH! All wars are based on lies, manipulations, and insanity of those who desire such. Exposing this insanity is the only reasonable course of action. This is not an easy job, but I do remind you that it is possible to start an avalanche with just a single snowball.

If you are one who has been greatly disturbed inside by the recent happenings, and you feel strong emotional energy building, I suggest you channel that energy into getting as much information as you can regarding the situation, and get it moving into the hands of as many people as you can.

The time is ripe for awakening the masses to the Greater Reality beyond the lies presently awash in your schoolroom. It is time to graduate for some and time to give your planetary orb a rest.

(We will not allow her destruction, for she is not of a vibrational resonance with the energy of war and mass destruction in any way whatsoever. For most this will mean their relocation to an environment conducive to their vibrational predilection toward physical greed and ego gratification of the physical senses.)

Be not afraid to speak out and share information you might have. What you speak and share may well save another person from senselessly being murdered. Many ones talk about government corruption (remember the long line of Kennedy family assassinations, both well known and not so known), and yet these same ones just wait for “someone else” to do something.

It is now time for you to help yourselves. Open lines of communication. Support those who are trying to do something. Share what you know with anyone who is willing to listen.



I am Tomeros Maasu Korton, come with this short message so that you might have a viable and balanced direction in which to focus the emotional energy we witness building. Violence is not the answer. TRUTH and UNDERSTANDING are.

I leave you now in the Light and Love of Creator Source—The One Light. Salu.

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