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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Serapis Bey, The Architect

The Fourth Ray

The Ascended Master of the Fourth Ray, or Spectral Aspect, of Creator’s One White Light, is known as Serapis Bey. His energy is generally associated with the clear crystal “color” of purity and directness of purpose due to his being the central balancing “fulcrum” position to those of the three Color-Ray Masters on either “side” of him, in terms of their frequency and energy focus of intent. His designation as “The Architect” symbolizes his merging of energies which manifest as The Sciences on one side, with energies which manifest as The Arts on the other. Here is a “large“, no-nonsense “character” who gets right to the point, and who prefers the most direct route in handling every challenge, albeit with an expansive and infectious sense of humor that can only come from a base of true humility.

In The Rainbow Masters, Serapis Bey offers the comparison that: “I am often referred to as the Commander Hatonn of the Seven Rays! I represent the disciplinarian, task master, lion – ’shout loudly and push around a big stick’. Knowing Hatonn as ye do, I think you have already discounted the words as being quite tainted in exaggeration. It is that I, like him, believe one should get what one requests: hard work, truth, and a mighty kick to the rear areas that move thee along thy path!

”When I was a student (chela) in decision about which Ray I would serve and focus my efforts into – what Ray I would preserve in the Office of Preserver of Life – I meditated and contemplated all, but came to the Light of ’Purity’. I then figured, master of geometry that I was: ’The shortest distance between two points, point A and point B, is Purity.’ Therefore, ’Purity’ I shall be! I shall take the ’direct’ path.

“I shall always give thee directness – ’bottom line’ thee calls it. I shall effort at relieving thee of the ’mush’ of thy self-indulgence. If that be a Spartan trait, so be it. I was a Spartan upon thy plane. I was Leonidas (meaning, Son of the Lion), King of Sparta. Well, so be it. I am often referred to as ’the lion’ – not so much from ferocious terror that I bring forth, but I suspect ’tis more that I ’growl’ a lot.

”At any rate, I chose (and choose yet) the direct path. Purity reflects the Crystal Light, direct fragment of Father-Mother Source. Did I set myself above my brothers who chose the colored fragments? Oh no, just needed to jump in and get on with it, I suppose. I decided that, if ’Ascension’ is the intent (which it must surely be), then I would go as directly to that point as possible, as rapidly as possible. Well, even old souls get their lessons, and I most surely got mine. But, so be it. I most surely know all about the Ray of Purity and Ascension.“

In the sincere quest for the clarity of the direct path, Serapis Bey will be the Master most likely to cause the seeker to confront what is truly Real, as well as separate that from what is Unreal. This is becoming an increasingly complicated issue in these latter days of the 20th century. After all, how many of us could actually discern if what we were watching on television last night, on the so-called news, was a real Space Shuttle docking maneuver or yet another Hollywood-type fabricated pageant put on display to advance some political agenda? Modern technology has been calculatingly directed to provide so many means of distraction, complication, and confusion that were not a part of our grandparents’ world, that the goal of discerning what is Real versus what is Unreal is a difficult task indeed.

And because of all this external chaos constantly bombarding us, the internal imperative to know and focus upon what is Real versus what is Unreal takes extra effort. From an internal perspective, we are basically attempting to sort what is of Lighted God Source from what are conjurings of the human ego as reactions from doubting fear or inflated pride, as well as what are simply distractions thrown across one’s path by the dark forces. After all, such tricks have worked quite well for centuries!

The disciplinarian side of Serapis Bey becomes quite evident when he admonishes: “When ye work with me, ye must know something: I do not allow of one to simply up-and-leave a crisis, a circumstance, or an individual who is not to one’s liking. One must stand, face, and conquer one’s own carnal mind and misqualified energy by disciplining one’s consciousness in the art of non-reaction to the human creation of others, even as one learns how NOT to be dominated or influenced by one’s own human reaction. When ye master these things (MASTER these things!), then ye shall be given the alchemical secrets of the ’TREE OF LIFE’ – when thee REALLY grows weary of the world of desire, have subdued the passions and polarizations, conceding only to ’be still and know that I AM GOD’.

”When this is done in perfection, then ye will get thy Ascension papers and Ascension bag and we will charge of it to thy Gold Mastercard!

“Thee will never make it through ’pride’. Ye will make it only through humility – Divine Humility – which is much different than proclaimed ’humility’. There is an act of ’false pride’ which manifests ’false humility’ and causes people to appear humble whereas, in reality, they REEK WITH PRIDE. This false humility is often manifest in subtle ways and it is a mockery of the real. I urge upon all, then, that thee seek the banner of Divine Humility.... Ones will stay on the merry-go-round until these things are LEARNED.... If ye spend of thy time learning the lessons which will be brought unto thee, thee will have glory....”

Continuing Paul’s theme in the previous chapter, Serapis Bey explained: “I long for a better language for thee of the English-speaking sectors, for ’love’ has become such a tritely used term. Yet it is the experience of love (agape) – not romance of lovers, but abiding, non-defaulting love which underlies all progress to higher-frequency existence...there is no other word to use and no other way to get where you are going.... Ye must face the question: how great is thy love? How badly do thee wish to participate in a transition of a birthing of a planet into a higher dimension, the fulfilling of a cycle? Ye have to confront to what extent ye are willing to give up the course of self-centered illusion to accomplish insight necessary to participate with thy Unseen Brotherhood. There is a key in the disciplines to Higher Consciousness. The key is not to become entangled in the labyrinth of human questioning, nor in the fears and the doubts and the specters-of-the-night which haunt that labyrinth.... Let God be the Light.... Ye carry within, the unlimited power of the universe and ye hide away from Him. Gain ’passion’ in the loving of that wondrous Source....“

”Ponder upon the lessons herein, not on whether or not of the source. Ah yes, we are REAL, and we come to assist and share. But, turned away, we go away – free will choice of thine own gift.



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