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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Navigating The Road Of Frequency Increase

Good afternoon, my friend. It is I, Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source. Be at peace and be still.

All is unfolding in proper sequence and timing. The “miracles” of this present Planetary Transition time period will not be recognized fully until several generations have passed.

Allow for your continued unfolding spiritual development. All are coming into a greater awareness of self.

This may be difficult to recognize at the present moment, when the negativity harbored within each of you is being caused to be discharged. In other words, the Cleansing Cycle you ones are now experiencing is causing most ones some level of discomfort. This discomfort is generated as the process occurs of dissipating (discharging) the pent-up inner emotional low-frequency energies of anger, guilt, fear and such.

These cleansing experiences are quite essential to the forward progress of any individual who intends to stay in the physical during this time of your planet’s higher-dimensional rebirth.

Likewise is your planet going through her cleansing processes and, as Geophysical Commander of this Earth Transition Project, I would be remiss at this time of greatly increasing earthquake activity to not call same to your attention. I have given many past lessons on this subject, and for those of you who have been diligent about taking-in those lessons, you shall be quickly seeing “in the physical” what I and others have been preparing you for. Now would be a good time to check your emergency supplies and replenish whatever is deficient.

[Editor’s Note: See volumes I and II of the book series WISDOM OF THE RAYS: The Masters Teach for many lessons by “Professor” Soltec relating the geophysical activities of our living Mother Earth to the Larger Picture of unfolding events at this time of planetary transition to a higher-frequency environment.]

Like Mother Earth, your bodies are changing (acclimatizing) to both the new, higher frequencies and the greater intensity or “brightness” of these higher-frequency energies. This will affect you each to varying degrees.

For those of you who have been diligent in your studies concerning the nature of your spiritual heritage, you have realized the importance of not allowing emotional baggage (karma of sorts) to build up and persist. For those of you who have been less diligent in your studies toward understanding the true significance for not allowing anger, fear, grief and such to linger and persist, you ones will be finding that there is a MUCH greater flow of these emotional frequencies as you try to dissipate the energy blockages.

Much like a fire hose with a blockage, the pressure (energy) behind the blockage is building and building. This pressure will eventually cause the blockage to be pushed out, else there will be great damage to the physical vessel.

Our recommendation to you ones is to not hold such emotions suppressed. Shout, yell, scream, or cry, if you must, but allow the emotions to release, and forgive yourselves for holding such. Be especially kind and understanding of those who unleash their pent-up frustrations and anger toward you or in your direction, for these venting ones need compassion moreso than direct confrontation about their “behavior” at this time.

This Cleansing phenomenon affects each of you to varying degrees. The key to releasing these pent-up low-frequency energies is self-forgiveness.

Forgive yourself for getting angry with another.

Forgive yourself for feeling as if you have somehow failed. There is no such thing as failure; you each are created in Perfection. “Mistakes” cause change and growth, and therefore can be and are productive in terms of growth.

Forgive yourself for blaming others for YOUR condition of fate in this life. You each make choices, both on the conscious level and on the Higher Soul level, that determine what lesson-challenges you will face in any given lifetime. You entered into this life knowing full well that there would be challenges to face, and that these challenges are the opportunities for personal expansion—both as an entity, as well as through making a collective contribution to the entire Wholeness of The Creation.

Forgive yourself for any past action taken that causes you to hold your consciousness in the past. Whether it was yesterday, five months ago, five years ago, or five decades ago, you will find that the energy (consciousness) held in the past will weigh you down and hold you back like trying to float while attached to a dragging anchor as this new “stream” of Life-Force Energy continues to rise and flow at an ever faster (and thus more forceful) rate all around you. The net result is a building INTERNAL pressure seeking to find a release.

Allow for YOUR personal Guides to help you along the way. Remember their presence and be attentive to the many ways in which they communicate with you.

You each are striving to shift upward in frequency despite the “emotional anchors” which may be weighing you down. Many of you will make remarkable progress and rapid shifts once you recognize and release the restrictions and blockages.

Remember: The single most limiting factor any of you are faced with is YOUR OWN self-limiting beliefs and your subsequent decisions based upon those beliefs. Learn to recognize such limiting beliefs and, again, forgive yourself for your perceived errors and proceed forward in newness.

Many ones who choose the “near-death experience” as a vehicle of release will come back a “new” person. One of the most common changes is the apparent disappearance of fear and inhibition. This is to say that many ones come back with a greater appreciation for life, zest for living, and such. As a result of their release of blockages, these ones will often also come back with new abilities and gifts—such as the ability to tap into Higher Consciousness and thus give forth psychic readings and such.

You may have noted, in some of these ones, how their “extra-sensory” abilities fade as time passes. Why would this be? Because these ones begin again (usually out of habit) to pile-on the emotional “baggage”—and thus blockages and restrictions will reappear in their energy field.

The natural state of your being is one of free-flowing, uninhibited energy exchange. Selflessly giving, for the shear joy of the energy exchange, is perhaps the closest example one could use to describe the natural state of your true self.

Anything that inhibits or restricts this flow is a result of decisions and choices (not necessarily conscious) made by the individual and is NOT an imposed punishment made by an external force such as a vengeful God. You each do more than your fair share to punish self.

The choice to experience in the physical is a choice to impose various self-limiting restrictions for the sake of the experience of same, as well as for the dynamic interchange that is set into motion that both allows and causes conditions to be created which contribute to your growth and thus likewise to the overall self-awareness and expansion of the One Whole, called The Creation.

You each are creating and participating in a perfect learning environment, full of contrasting ideas, which will present to you the opportunities you desire in order to prepare you for the next step along your journey of self discovery.

Each of you contribute to the Collective Whole by presenting your ideas, theories, and beliefs. You are using the physical environment as a laboratory in which to slow down the vibratory rate of your otherwise high-frequency Higher Self long enough to examine in great detail the various aspects of the Creative Thought Potential of your being.

In the Bigger Picture you are learning to appreciate and discipline the enormous Potential of your individual thought projections (your creativity). The agreed upon “rules” of the physical environment serve as a buffer or moderating influence. This moderating effect is due to the compressive (highly focused) nature of the physical environment and the presence of what many of you perceive as linear time.

In actuality, time is neither linear nor is it a constant; it is merely a byproduct of the same compressive forces which cause the “persistence” of the coalesced physical matter of your current environment. In other words, perceived time is dependent upon both the frequency of the environment in which you are immersed as well as upon your own personal vibratory rate.

Though most of you are “programmed” to believe time is linear, many of you are also perceiving that time is moving faster. You wake up, and before you know it, the day seems to be over while you hardly got started. This is especially bothersome to the more elderly ones who have, because of their age, experienced a greater span of “time conditions” (and usually also have accumulated more frequency lowering “emotional baggage” from experiencing more of life’s “bumps and bruises”) and thus feel a greater contrast than the younger ones.

This perception of time speed-up is thus largely due to the increase in frequency of your environment. This will continue at an even more accelerated rate. Likewise, in this higher-frequency environment, you ones will be manifesting your desires much more easily and in a much quicker manner. We have given you many lessons on this subject over the past several years.

The key ingredient to achieving satisfaction under these “accelerated” conditions is discipline of your thoughts.

Many of you have what we will term “conflicting desires”. These are desires (thought forms projected with strong emotional energies of the heart chakra) that tend to negate one another. It is a phenomenon caused by a misalignment of the heart and the head (the emotional and the analytical, respectively). This misalignment can be illustrated in words, with examples, but please keep in mind that these energies do NOT use words, but rather, frequency vibrations.

An example of one who may be wrestling with such contradictions would be the one who is always trying to be upbeat and positive, yet, is apt to say something like: “I hate it when I’m late.” The idea of wanting to be upbeat and positive will be offset the moment this person is late and the “program” kicks in wherein there is triggered the frustration vibration generated by “I hate to be late”.

Ones like this will tend to be on an emotional (frequency) roller coaster of sorts, depending upon the degree and level of such contradictory “programming”.

Many ones at this time wish to be upbeat and keep a positive attitude. However, the quest for true serenity cannot be achieved by ignoring or stifling the emotions—which is what we witness so many of you doing as a kind of “shortcut” attempt to achieving the peace of mind that truly only can come about by clearing out the emotional contradiction pressures, not ignoring or stifling them.

The ones who are diligent in clearing such emotional contradictions from their lives will replace such self-imposed limiting statements as “I hate it when I’m late!” with something like: “I know there is a reason for everything, and therefore I know I am exactly where I need to be at this, the perfect time.”

Appreciate that the ones who are truly diligent in their inner search for happiness and well-being will naturally iterate to a stable energy condition wherein the heart and the head work together to focus desires. Otherwise ones will “leak” bits and pieces of their internal emotional “contradiction energy” through thoughts and actions (especially words and statements) which contradict themselves. (Have you ever experienced the person you question about being “uptight” yell back at you, with clenched fists, that they are perfectly calm and fine?)

Pay special attention to those days wherein you experience great contrasts in your emotional state. Usually it is a high-frequency to low-frequency shift that tends to stand out in your mind; however, the shift often does occur in the other direction, too. Look carefully at the analytical thoughts and discussions that lead to such shifts. These are always due to reactions (preprogrammed responses).

If you entertain statements such as “the only thing that will make me happy is ----”, then you have limited your ability to feel happy to a very great extent—so much so that you are actually pushing true happiness away from you as long as YOU choose to hold on to such limiting beliefs.

Is your happiness contingent upon the actions of another? Sentiments like “I wish they would just go away!” will only serve to show that YOU have the personal belief (misunderstanding) that you are somehow the victim of another’s presence.

We hear often the reactionary phrase: “If you would just leave me alone, I’d be just fine!” From an energy perspective, the words are usually in direct contradiction to the heart that is saying (in emotional energy terms, not words): “I desire your assistance and support” and thus is summoning the presence of the very one you are analytically trying to shun!

Thus you again have the “contradiction recipe” for an emotional roller-coaster ride. But, more importantly, you have an OPPORTUNITY to examine self and recognize that YOU are creating the out-of-balance condition in order to bring to your conscious attention the internal blockages responsible for the internal energy buildups that precipitate such reactionary responses.

Our goal and mission is to provide you ones with answers to the question that is so very prominent at this time upon your orb: “Why!?!”

Many, many of you ones are seeking to know and understand why your lives are going in the directions they are going. You pray for understanding, and these words (and many Messages like them) are being penned or spoken all over your world at this time in response to the petitions to know.

Many are praying to have their pain stopped, yet only a relative few are willing to partake of the answers when they are presented to them—because the answers did not come in the form these ones were expecting. You can go to a doctor and get pain killers. You can drink your alcoholic beverages until you pass out. But, when you regain consciousness and feeling, you will find that very little has changed because such “remedies” treat the symptoms (effects) rather than the cause.

We offer SOUL-utions that will not only help you to deal with your current pains (emotional and otherwise), but will also serve as tools which will help you to help yourself with every aspect of your life.

You are continually creating the conditions necessary for the next step along your journey of spiritual awakening and self discovery. The emotions that you are feeling in response to any given circumstance should be used as guiding signposts that may say anything from “Caution! Dip ahead!” to “Express route, next right”. Your Inner Guidance is meant to inform—not alarm or otherwise create frequency-lowering fear.

It is up to each of you to discipline selves enough to be able to interpret the signals that your emotional Guidance is offering. Though there are agreed upon boundaries and rules associated with coming into the physical experience, you each are quite allowed to “push the envelope” while exploring your own personal Creative Potential.

Be diligent in your search for Knowledge and Truth. Be attentive to your environment for the opportunities that are provided for you THIS VERY DAY! Embrace and amplify those Guiding Thoughts that seem to come out of “nowhere”. Diligently seek your own Truth, and trust that you are PERFECTLY capable of discerning the correct path to take at any given moment of the day.

Seek first balance and inner harmony when faced with choices that seem to have no clear answer. There are always clues and Guidance offered, especially when you ask for help. Keep the Light, Love, and Peace of Creator Source foremost in mind, especially if you feel “down”.

Though none of we of the Lighted Hosts of Creator God wish to see anyone suffer, we will not interfere with YOUR lessons and YOUR growth—and thus there will seldom (if ever) be the “miracle cure” that usurps YOUR responsibility. This is to say that, if you insist upon conditions which cause you to be uncomfortable, then who are we to interfere with YOUR choices?!

We of the Lighted Realms of The Creation are always ready to offer assistance, but we will NOT do your learning for you. You would only resent us for doing so, and we would also negate our purpose and function as Guides, Teachers, and Friends.

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, along with others who come in a blended energy format, so that many areas of concern may be addressed. We acknowledge the limitations of words and vocabulary, and we ask that you each go within and seek a personal understanding of that which is offered here.

In Light and in Service to The One Light, it is with great Love and Appreciation that we of the Host of God come to help you ones at this time. May you embrace this special learning opportunity on planet Earth and recognize it for the great gift that it is. Salu!

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