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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Recognize Your Vast Spiritual Heritage

Good morning, little one. It is I, Aton, The One Light. Be still and hear me. I am The One Light. I am Creator Source—the One who created you. Be at peace.

Allow for the flow of unfolding events to play out as they will. Allow for the emotional energy to settle and seek its proper density.

You ones, for the most part, do not realize, nor do you appreciate, the EFFECTS of the rate of upward frequency shift taking place at this time in your physical environment. Your emotional state is greatly amplified from where it was just six months prior. These effects will show up within you as an emotional hyper-sensitivity of sorts.

This amplification is what is facilitating the CLEANSING process. You will be caused to examine all of your personal axioms that you each, as individuals, hold as truth. You will find that there will be greater and greater personal conflict in your lives surrounding those axioms which you hold as valid truth, yet which are, in fact, not true.

Be quick to recognize the opportunity that these times are now affording you. Learn to recognize the clues that are all around you, and more importantly, learn to recognize and interpret the clues that are WITHIN. Lower-frequency states of anger, frustration, jealousy, fear, and such are the clues which indicate you have not the proper understanding of those events or circumstances that seem to be causing such reactionary responses in your lives.

Learn to recognize the telltale signs that well-up within you each. You each are responsible for your own emotional state. Learn to forgive YOURSELVES, and in doing so, you will find a greater awareness of self and others, and thus make great forward movement along your personal spiritual journey.

Learn to appreciate the uniqueness of the environment and those who have come to participate with you there at this time. Each of you are serving the Greater Purpose: EXPANSION and GROWTH of The Creation.

Let not the day-to-day distractions of “living” pull you from making real forward progress in terms of personal growth and understanding. Allow others to go and do as they see fit, for it is truly NOT for you to concern yourself with that which another thinks or believes. Many on your world, who are now awakening to the true nature of their spiritual heritage, struggle with the concepts of uniqueness and individuality, for in the end you each, as “individuals”, are a part of Me (Creator Source). And within this Wholeness (that which most of you are desperately seeking) you will see that We are all ONE-in-the-same.

How is it that one can express individuality while seeking true Wholeness (Oneness with Creator Source)? By realizing that you will uniquely express yourself while finding, within, that which brings forth true Inner Heart Knowing and Understanding of who you are: an Infinite Being with unlimited Potential who is connected to all of everything, everywhere. Your current journey is the expression of uniqueness, while the destination is Understanding, Wholeness, and the true recognition that ALL ARE ONE.

Be kind to those whom you perceive have come against you, for if you throw stones at them, you will quickly (now moreso than ever) find that you are stoning yourself.

In these times of what have been termed “the quickening”, you will find that your thoughts will begin to manifest much more quickly. Remember: YOU are CREATOR!

If you dwell upon goodness and greatness, you will surely manifest this as an end result in your experience. If you dwell upon anger and revenge, you will likewise create more of same in your experience, and not necessarily in that of another; it depends upon whether or not the other wishes to play YOUR game.

* * *

Let us take time here to say to “The Watchers” that the game you play is most dangerous and can and will become a great distraction to you, as individuals, if you continue down your current path. There is NO need to play the tit-for-tat games on “behalf” of another. You each do this for SELF and NO other. Again, each must choose as you will choose, and in the end you each will create the lessons that you need in order to make the next step along the spiritual journey called “life”.

[Editors Note: “The Watchers” was the name that a self-proclaimed “watchdog” group gave themselves. They were speaking out, via a clandestine email conduit, defending” The SPECTRUM from all manner of accusations coming forth through another publication. The SPECTRUM did not condone such actions and was quite capable of defending itself if need be. Frankly, the accusations put forth in this other publication were so outrageously preposterous and repeatedly self-contradictory to the conscientious reader as to plainly reveal their Dark Energy source, and thus needed no additional help from anyone to undermine their credibility!]

* * *

Recognize the tremendous opportunities that are in front of you this day! Grasp these opportunities and exploit them for the good of all mankind and all of The Creation.

Learn to recognize that which inhibits the natural Creative Energy flows. These are those false personal axioms. The inner reaction from these NON-truths will cause an inner conflict that will grow and become amplified. You will find yourself “bumping” into many clues and indicators along your journey that will shine a light upon, and thus challenge, such axiomatic “truths”.

NOW is the perfect time to go within and examine those things which cause personal discomfort, anger, frustration, and the desire to lash-out against another. The cause of ALL such emotional states comes from within and comes from an incomplete understanding of self and your true spiritual heritage.

You can, if you so choose, blame another for your “pain”, but this will only serve to allow the “pain” to persist. YOU are master over YOUR emotions and the energy you put into them. When YOU allow such distractions of a low-frequency nature within your focus, you are literally choking off your ability to flow the Creative Potential in any truly productive capacity.

What is it you focus your attention upon that is WORTH getting upset over? Do the “words” of another anger you? Pay no attention to what another thinks of you, for it is truly none of your concern, and neither can you change the axiomatic beliefs of another. Appreciate the uniqueness of each, and allow one another to their free-will choices. Any preoccupation with another’s beliefs should stand as a major glaring clue that YOU are not very secure in your own beliefs.

Go within and examine just exactly what it is that you believe. Now contrast this with the actions (or inactions) you take based on those beliefs. Is there a consistency or is there contradiction. Contradiction can be as subtle as that brief moment of hesitation prior to taking a considered action. This is the subtle nature of the Higher Guidance that is continually being offered to each of you.

Stop to ponder your actions and reactions. Do you often make hasty and “quick” remarks that you find yourself apologizing for at a later time? What is the underlying error in your understanding that allows you to do this? Usually it is an insecurity about self, a sense of low personal worth and low self-esteem.

Feelings of low personal worth and low self-esteem are NOT natural conditions of any of My Creations—including YOU very ones who are reading this! Low self-worth, low self-esteem, low self-doubt and such come about through years of mental conditioning. Usually this mental conditioning takes place at a very young age and is passed down from generation to generation—parent to child. You can and WILL break yourself free from this “trap”! When will you do this? That is up to YOU.

First and foremost you must recognize (with true Heart Knowing) that YOU ARE CREATOR! You have infinite ability to create and express yourself. The only thing keeping you from tapping into this infinite Source of Energy, to any great degree, is your personal self-doubts and erroneous beliefs regarding the true nature of your being.

You could shift the density (frequency) and physical properties of your body so that it would lift up (levitate) from the ground. What would YOU do with such an ability? Would you entertain people or would you teach people? Would you say: “Look at me! Look at me!”? Or would you say: “Try it. YOU can do it too!”?

[Editor’s Note: Any of you readers who have been following the exploits of “magician” Criss Angel for the last three summer seasons on the A&E television channel have seen, right before your eyes, his fine demonstrations of many such “creative” principles.]

The intense, deliberate, mental focus (not difficult but does require discipline) of your desire, when in alignment with your Higher-Knowing Self, is capable of creating universes, with all of the magnificent planets and stars. You are now experiencing within one such creation.

When your focus is NOT in harmony with your Higher-Knowing Self, you will find great “obstacles”, one after another, which seem to keep you from reaching your goal. If this is a chronic condition in your life experience, then perhaps you would do well to reconsider what it is that you are truly trying to accomplish.

Do you take actions in order to PROVE your validity and worth to the world? If so, do you see that at the core of such thinking is self-doubt and insecurity?

Do you measure success in terms of external physical parameters such as monetary wealth? Can you not see that, if you need such external physical parameters to gauge your success, then you are in fact seeking approval from others to tell you that you are good, successful, and such? Why is it that you cannot recognize and FEEL this for yourself? What is it that keeps you from appreciating yourself for who you are?

Actions taken to offer insight and to assist another who is asking for such assistance is very fulfilling and in alignment with the growth and expansion principles of The Creation. Forcing your knowledge or “assistance” upon another who is NOT asking for your assistance (even if accurate and truthful) serves only to create turbulence in your own life. You cannot push the river of another’s experience. If ones want what you have to offer, then their paths will be Guided to cross yours.

I do not force, nor do I coerce any to follow My advice, or the advice and offerings of any of My many Messengers. Use your own personal discerning abilities to determine what is right for you. Walk your chosen path from a point of personal certainty and knowing that you do so by YOUR own CHOICE. Likewise recognize that no one else can learn on your behalf.

You each have the ability to go within and consciously connect with Higher Guidance. You will find that this is a fundamental part of the spiritual journey that you are now on, and that your satisfaction and rate of growth will likewise be enhanced greatly in doing so.

I leave you all in Peace and Radiant Light. I am Aton—Creator God. (Aton is a term used in ancient Egypt; it translates into English as: The One Light.)

I am The One Light! I AM.

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