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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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We Are All Both Teacher And Student

Good afternoon, my friend. It is I, Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in service to The One Light, Creator Source. I am Geophysical Commander of this Earth Transition Project, here at this time as part of the Intergalactic Federation Fleet monitoring your planet. Some of us are also what you might term “the Host of God”. As well I am a personal Guide to many on your place. Be at peace and be still.

Some of you note an apparent lull in the action of crustal movements (earthquakes) and volcanic eruptions at this time. Do not go to sleep, for these activities follow natural cycles your scientists are only beginning to understand. Moreover, the natural cycles are being heavily influenced at this time by the electromagnetic (mind-control) experimentation and other ludicrous attempts by scientists at secret installations to carry out an agenda of population control and enslavement for their so-called “elite” bosses. However, these irresponsible ones are finding out that Mother Nature has a mind of her own and an agenda of her own of coming back into BALANCE!


[Editor’s Note: For newer readers who may not be familiar with “Professor” Soltec’s numerous past lessons on this subject, many of the dangerous electromagnetic experiments going on, such as from the HAARP system up in Alaska and at similar placements elsewhere around the planet, adversely affect not only people’s minds and emotions, but also the Earth’s various energy fields—both those we perceive physically and those of a higher-frequency or higher-dimensional nature. The effect of these insane experiments on Earth’s magnetic field alone causes, among other things, extra torques to be induced on the planetary structure which, in turn, cause extra pressures on the Earth’s crustal plates, leading to additional, unnatural earthquake and volcanic activity.]

Allow for the changes of your world to manifest as the sequence of events unfolds and thus molds your viewpoint of reality. There are great plans being implemented in an attempt to destabilize (depolarize) the positive elements of your current physical experience, especially you ones in service to The One Light, Creator God of Light.

The most effective way to prepare for any of the infinite possible variations of this sort of challenge (attack) is to be aware of the strategy of the Dark ones. It is far more productive to discuss the symptoms of these kinds of attacks rather than the infinite possible causes. To be educated gives you the ability to think and sense for yourself the presence of such attacks, rather than getting overly focused in any particular area from which said attack might come.

First and foremost, a perceptual understanding and acceptance of the nature of your current schoolroom is in order. These attacks should be viewed as opportunities that challenge you, and thus lead you to greater understanding and personal growth—as well as the general growth of all ones everywhere.

Perhaps the viewpoint of a “game”-like challenge would be an appropriate or familiar viewpoint to take, wherein you are being challenged to remain in a loving and giving state regardless of the so-called “chance” circumstances that impact your experience which could deter you from maintaining such a positive and productive focus.

Did you ever play the game, as a child, of seeing how long you could keep a straight face while your friends make all kinds of funny noises and faces, all around you, to try to make you laugh? The Adversary’s “game” is much like that—but he’s a more skillful and persistent player, especially if you are on a path of Lighted intent, and his goal is the opposite of trying to make you laugh.

Please remember that you each have chosen to participate in the physical experience, as both teacher and student. This is to say that you each have something to contribute (teach) to the collective unfolding experience, and you each have the need of receiving the benefits (learning) of the collective experience. As we have stated many times prior: The best teachers are first and foremost the best students.

Allow for the changing environment to bring forth the lessons (opportunities) that you need. If the challenge YOU are faced with seems to be too overwhelming, so that it causes you to want to withdraw from others and hide away in the safety of your inner dwelling places, then be assured that your Higher Knowing Self will, in all likelihood, help you to create further conditions that will cause a need to once again interact and thus contribute to the overall experience.

If you sit inside your dwelling places and keep all of the windows covered, and you hardly step outside to interact with the ones you have come to experience with, then please don’t be surprised if one day you find your current living quarters (hiding place) in such a state that you are more-or-less forced to go outside and seek the assistance of others.

Such happenings are catalysts for YOUR growth as well as the growth of others. There are NO purely chance happenings at this time. ALL occurrences in your current environment are being arranged and allowed so as to maximize the growth potential for each participant.

Due to the nature of the current upward frequency changes in your bi-polar environment, many of you are beginning to find yourselves in states of erratic mood swings. One moment you may feel very happy and productive, yet in a matter of moments a seemingly unforeseeable event impacts your awareness, leaving you in a state of near perfect anger, frustration, apathy or such.

As you ones adapt to the rapidly increasing frequency of your environment, you will find that there is, and will be, a greater distance (frequency span or gap) between where you are when you are happy and joyful, and when you are angry, upset, or frustrated.

This can be likened to climbing a relatively steep mountain where, the higher you climb, the farther you may slip and fall if you do not take careful consideration as to your footing. For example, when you are only 20 feet up the mountain, you know that the most you can fall is 20 feet. However, if you are, say, 400 feet up the side of the mountain, and you fall 100 feet (5 times farther), though you are still 300 feet up the side of the mountain, it will FEEL like you have truly hit “rock bottom”. The perception of the rapid shift downward in position (symbolizing the frequency gap) will not be very comfortable to those of you who naturally prefer the positive, buoyant attitudes and corresponding high-frequency emotional experiences of happiness and joy.

Now, here is where the “game” gets interesting: As your inner “buttons”—like insecurity, low self-esteem, doubt and such—begin to get pushed by some circumstance, there will almost always come into your space a Darkened entity who is waiting to exploit one of these chinks in your armor of Light. This not only will feel as if you momentarily “slipped” and lost your footing, but it will also feel as if you were shoved at just that very same moment you lost your balance!

The result can often be quite disorienting as you are not only distracted from your upward climb and careful footing, but as you begin to tumble downward in frequency, you now enter a more vulnerable emotional state wherein Dark energies attempt even greater exploitation of your insecurities and weaknesses.

For most of you, the best these Dark ones can do is to de-focus you into a state of shutdown and apathy for awhile. Very rare is the case wherein they can actually turn a true Lightworker against their own inner convictions toward serving the Greater Whole of The Creation.

However, even this temporary shut-down is a kind of a victory (through delay) for the Dark ones who are trying every trick in the book to thwart your personal Lighted progress and stop the larger Great Awakening that is in progress. These Dark ones know, however, that they are playing a game they will ultimately lose, but their actual learning of this lesson is tied to the results of your testings here on schoolroom Earth.


Why does it often “hurt” (emotionally) so much when you “slip”? The short answer is “because all is connected to all”.

An appropriate analogy is the way ones are tied together with safety ropes when mountain climbing. It is the responsibility (there’s that annoying word) of EACH to concentrate on their footing, else if YOU “slip”, you may well pull THEM down too.

Likewise, when you “slip” downward in frequency, you may destabilize the ones with whom you are interacting and also pull them down in frequency.

Moreover, since you know, deep down, that you are in this teaching capacity, and also that all is connected to all, when you “slip” in the manner I described earlier, it does indeed affect much more than the immediate ones you are interacting with and which you might “logically” think were the only ones you impacted by the stumble.

The heart feels much more than the head knows! And that is why these slippages hurt so much emotionally.

But keep in mind that these situations serve an important purpose as the testings of schoolroom Earth. Moreover, the “flip-side” of any given slippage is that the Dark ones run the risk of the Lightworker “rebounding” even stronger (learning, getting smarter about the Adversary’s tricks)—what some call “the slingshot effect”.

If you find yourself very short-tempered these days, and experiencing such erratic shifts in emotional state, then please know that these are OPPORTUNITIES for you ones to explore yourselves and the weaknesses (areas lacking in TRUE understanding) that hold the keys to unlocking the enormous (infinite) Potentials of your Beings.

Your current environment is one which, in and of itself, is providing an enormous catalyst that will help you to bring to the forefront of your attention the “anchors” that weigh you down and keep you from being in a constant state of happiness and joyful productivity.

Learn to use these moments of slippage as opportunities to study yourself and the internal causes that keep you and your creative potential for growth and understanding “shackled” in a SELF-imposed incarceration. These internal causes are typically erroneous axiomatic beliefs (such as “I can’t trust anybody!”) which, though at one time they may have helped you to cope and survive, are now weighing you down and holding you back.

When you, as a student, undertake a deliberate study of self, you will often find that you will be actually studying a general phenomenon that is causing the majority on your planet similar difficulty. Thus, when you can liberate yourself from those self-imposed limitations, you will be in a much stronger position to assist others who may be struggling with a similar situation.

Often the one who goes through such liberating experiences becomes an example (a beacon of Light) for others to focus upon in such a manner as to give an inner sense of hope, and thus help these others to break out of a state of apathy, fear, denial and such. Perhaps the greatest gift you can give a truly desperate person is simply a sense of hope!

Each of you is granted free-will choice. You cannot force others to pick themselves up and again regain the inner climb of growth and understanding. You can but set a good example and be ready to offer assistance if requested.

Many of you who read these Messages have, at one time, already mastered the lessons of the third dimension, and beyond. You have freely chosen to return to this planet at this particular time in response to the great cry for help and understanding sent forth by the very ones you find yourself interacting with on a regular basis. These ones are often the relatives, friends, and casual acquaintances who most often reject your beliefs and the very assistance you have come to offer—assistance that they themselves are greatly desiring. Such is the apparent paradox and challenge of your current learning environment.

Be not discouraged, but rather, be diligent in your search for more subtle approaches that lead to less confrontational interactions. These reactionary ones are often more easily influenced by the negative (Dark) elements. Your teaching will almost unavoidably be destabilizing their axiomatic beliefs, and thus you will often be triggering within them doubt, insecurity, fear and such.

If you let your guard down for the briefest of moments—such as we often witness in a “heated” debate, as frustrations give way to even lower-frequency anger—you will find that you yourself may become somewhat destabilized, and thus lose composure. Be quick to forgive yourself and others if and when such episodes occur, for neither are deliberately trying to hurt one another, yet there is a constant underlying agenda of the negative (Dark or Demonic) entities—and that is, DIVIDE AND CONQUER!

Recognize the game being played, for it is the one who attempts to offer a helping hand who most often must endure the disappointment of rejection. Even if you must employ very subtle approaches, be persistent, for the ones who reject your help are indeed the ones who are trying desperately to free themselves from their own shackles of self-limiting beliefs. These ones are truly calling-out for help, though for the most part they have not yet learned to recognize the multitude of responses offered to their very call.

Be not worried as a teacher, for in time these troubled ones will have experienced enough examples that they will not as easily be able to dismiss the synchronicities and “chance” happenings that cause to be triggered within them the recognition of both the absurdity of their self-imposed limitations as well as of the many gifts of help offered to them along their journey.

Again, be diligent in your efforts to help one another. When you offer assistance to another, there will always be movement and growth of each of you, even if the gesture is outwardly rejected.

Do not be disheartened if your offerings are rejected, for even the smallest of offerings, looked at for the briefest of moments, can and will have many effects upon the targeted individual, effects that enter into the mind at other-than-conscious levels. Truth can be denied at the conscious “reasoning” level; however, at the heart level of understanding, it will resonate within an individual and cause “haunting” recalls to the consciousness that will not allow a complete dismissal of the gift offered.

Be forever diligent in your search for self-discovery, for within each of you lies infinite Potential and Understanding. In ancient languages there were words, such as the Greek word “agape”, which in translation equated love with understanding. That is an important connection to keep in mind.

To actualize this understanding there is a great need to recognize the presence of Creator Source in EVERY ONE and in EVERY THING. You will likewise find great joy in recognizing and experiencing the connectedness which permeates ALL that is.


It will be as if you are in an armored tank while stones and arrows are being shot at you in an attempt to dissuade you from your chosen path. Please note that the key to truly loving (understanding) these “enemies” comes from recognizing them as an aspect of Creator Source and The Creation, and appreciating the challenging role they play in the contrasting environment of polar extremes that is your classroom at this time on schoolhouse Earth.

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec. I come in service to Creator Source—The ONE LIGHT! I am, like you, also both Teacher and Student.

I leave you in the Oneness of this Infinite Light and Infinite Love—in a Holiday Season much in need of both.

Are YOU up to the challenge?! Salu.

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