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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Before Y2K Arrives, Reach Out And Touch Someone

Good afternoon, my scribe. It is I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in Light and in service to The One Light—Aton. Be at peace and know that you hear me just fine.

There are many concerns that we would like to address at this time for you ones. This Message will be published in the last SPECTRUM paper before the beginning of the new year, 2000, in your calendar.

There are many fears and concerns being generated, some of which have some basis in fact and may seem warranted. It is quite alright to be educated and concerned for one’s safety and well-being. However, I caution you to keep your Light shielding about you at ALL times! This is to say, keep the positive ideals of Creator Source about you at all times. Keep LOVE in your heart, or whatever it is that works for you to keep yourself positively buoyant.

The year 2000 is simply another year. You will likely have computer-related problems due to the lack of foresight of those who first implemented the basic instruction sets for various computer-controlled devices.


The wise traveler will have already prepared for any number of possible scenarios, from economic meltdown to geophysical changes. You should each keep a little extra water and food supplies on hand, for any number of reasons, if you intend to remain in the physical and assist those who may be less informed and aware than you.

As always, it is YOUR choice to do as YOU see fit, and we will not interfere with YOUR lessons.

Though we speak in a general sense of the need to prepare, we caution you ones not to become too distracted or overwhelmed to a point of obsession. You each will have different beliefs and ideas concerning this issue, and you each should find a place of inner peace when you have done what you know to be a correct (for you) action.

Are you prepared for living without “modern” conveniences such as water, electricity, and natural gas? How important are these things to you? Do you live in southern Florida where, in the middle of winter, you still have seventy-degree-Fahrenheit weather, or do you live in the northern parts of Canada, where you are likely to have plenty of sub-zero days?

The many machinations of your current societal world will not last forever, and there will likely be, in your lifetime, great changes wherein you ones will be faced with living without many of your current conveniences. Will this all happen the first week of January? For some, perhaps.

The primary reason we of the Lighted Realms are concerned with such topics as this one is because there is a lot of focus and attention being diverted toward these things and we feel it to be productive to address some of the more pressing issues. In other words, if you ones were, shall we say, less distracted by these things, they would be of far less importance as a topic for discussion by us.

Moreover, the Darkly motivated, so-called “elite” controllers of your planet are always quick to capitalize on matters you focus great energy upon. They will sensationalize such events in order to further their molding of your perception of its importance. That is to say, you have no way to know for certain whether what may happen after January 1 is “natural” (due to actual computer problems) or “unnatural” (deliberately engineered to bring fear and chaos and add “icing on the cake” to whatever else is going on).

Those of you who can adapt quickly to any set of circumstances or conditions will naturally survive—if for no other reason than shear stubbornness! You ones will likely be the ones called upon to assist those who are easily overwhelmed by the smallest of changes or disruptions of routines.

We are grateful for those of you who have taken time to not only prepare for yourselves, but have kept your neighbors in mind as well. Community sharing and teamwork are the keys to surviving ANYTHING that may come.

Be quick to forgive those “loud and obnoxious” teenagers across the street, for they may be the ones who go and gather firewood for you when your electricity and gas are out. We suggest that you make peace with your neighbors if you have had differences in the past. Make an effort to introduce yourself to your neighbors if you have not yet done so. This could make the difference between, literally, life and death for both you and your neighbor.

A frightened person will almost always relax at the sight of a familiar face. If you are truly a stranger, even though you live just next door, you are likely to be met with an unfavorable response in times of crisis.

What harm is there in knocking on your neighbor’s door and introducing yourself as a neighbor and letting him or her know who you are and that, should anything happen as a result of Y2K, you have some extra water and food stored and, if they need anything, just come on over and let you know? If you can remember to do so, give your name at least twice, as the one who you interact with will likely be somewhat startled at first by what shouldn’t be (but most likely will be, in your present fear-dominated world) an “odd” gesture of friendship and concern.

Together you can all survive whatever comes. Be especially attentive to the elderly in your neighborhood, for these ones tend to be much more frightened by strangers and, under severe change, these ones may become so paralyzed with fear that they simply give up. You can make a difference by just knowing their name and saying hello to them, or waving as you pass by them on your way up and down the street.

I am not saying, nor will I tell you, what will or won’t happen on or about the first of your new year, but I will strongly suggest that you take my offerings herein to heart and realize the value in cultivating—PRIOR to any possible sudden changes—the casual relationships mentioned above. Whether change happens at the beginning of the new year or ten years from now, there will be great inner personal rewards for establishing these relationships for both you and the ones you reach out to. In all cases you will each benefit by the interchange—if for no other reason than that you stir within someone a new thought or idea.

Allow for the spontaneity of life and experiences to help you to establish these casual relationships. You really have very little to lose from such neighborliness!

Your next year will be even more full of change than was this last one. The increasing upward frequency shifts that your planet and you are experiencing will continue to intensify, and thus continue to facilitate the birthing of this new era of awareness and change. There is great advantage, in terms of growth, to be gained by you each as these environmental (both physical and spiritual) changes continue to unfold.

Your current evolution as a species is in a “mitotic state of division” as the ones who have learned their lessons and have “made the grade” go in one direction, while those who are in need of further third-dimensional experiences go in another direction. This is completely natural in terms of the changes now taking place with and on your planetary orb.

The high-frequency environment that is now evolving on your planet will eventually become unsuitable for third-dimensional life, and thus there becomes a need to place those who require such lessons elsewhere, in an appropriate learning environment for their current level of understanding and growth. This is a relatively slow process in terms of your present perception of time.

Those who are now being born into this environment are ones who will be quite adaptable to the changes that are taking place and will take place. These children are the ones some refer to as “the children of the blue ray”. Others call them “the indigo children”. Both are correct descriptors because these ones will be studying and perfecting the use of the third-eye energy center (or the indigo ray), as they have, in most cases, already mastered the blue ray of the throat chakra energy. Many of you ones have been working on mastering the blue ray (ray of communication) and this usually comes from an understanding of the heart energy or the green ray.

Please note here that there are many perceptions of color and, from the third-dimensional point of view, color will appear different than from higher perspectives. The ocular nerve is limited somewhat in its bandwidth of response to light, and thus you ones tend to relate to colors in terms of the physical bandwidth of frequency aspects rather than an entirety of the truer vibrational spectrum. In other words, please do not get too hung-up over the various uses of colors. There are much more important issues to consider than the adjectives used, often in a symbolic manner, to describe the various perceptual frequency responses of the third-dimensional ocular nerve.

I wish to change subject at this time. We of the Host of God in service to The One Light have been offering many messages to you ones through many receivers all around your world. Sometimes there is a need to continue within acceptable levels of distortion, due to the need not to further confuse the “audience” with what would be seeming contradictions. In such cases it is deemed more productive to allow a distortion to continue, rather than correct it, for there would, in all likelihood, be the overwhelm of both the ones bringing forth the messages and the ones partaking of the messages. When this situation occurs, there is only a finite amount of time that this sort of distortion will be allowed to go on before it is corrected.

In some circumstances, the significance of such distortions is merely a matter of semantics. In such a case the “error” will only be an apparent contradiction, rather than technically or actually an error. Such is the case (for those of you who have questioned this matter) of the colorings of the various Ray-Masters as mentioned in the two WISDOM OF THE RAYS volumes.

The scribe for most of those (and these) messages has always had a “problem” with the colors associated with some of the Masters as they were presented to him, compared to as he intuitively feels them to be. There could be better color attributes assigned to these various Rays, but technically each of these highly developed entities vibrates within the entirety of the infinite spectrum, and thus may present different color aspects to different receivers, and therefore they are not technically being represented inaccurately.

The reason this apparent contradiction was allowed to continue was so that this present receiver’s offerings would not conflict with those of another who was in a position to suppress such Messages. It was deemed most appropriate under those circumstances to continue with the seeming Ray-color distortions, as such distortions were minor in nature; they only dealt with color, not content. The conflict, if corrected earlier, would have, in all likelihood, resulted in a complete suppression of the information offered within the two WISDOM OF THE RAYS volumes, along with many of the writings that have come since that time.

[Editor’s Note: The above-mentioned problem had to do with a receiver by the name of Doris Ekker whose deterioration had reached a significant distortion level by the time the Messages for volume I of WISDOM OF THE RAYS: The Masters Teach were purposely being produced by other, much higher quality receivers. Wanting to curb any suspicion by her large public following of her deterioration, Doris became quick to attack and attempt to suppress any receiver who dared to contradict her. It was this same problem that later prompted the splitting-off from CONTACT and formation of The SPECTRUM by those desiring to maintain a quality news publication.]

The most intuitively acceptable color hierarchy for the various Ray-color aspects of The One White Light is as they appear in the spectrum colors of the rainbow and the prism. In ascending frequency order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Each of the corresponding energy centers of the body have, as a perceptual correlate, a connection to the aforementioned colors, in the same order. That is, the first energy center has red associated with it, the second energy center has orange, and so forth, up to the violet of the crown chakra on the top of the head.

We feel it is appropriate to address this semantic distortion at this time, as there will be much more information coming from these various Ray-Masters in the forthcoming outlay of information.

Please always read each message for content, and don’t get too distracted over the semantics and subjective perceptual ideas of color and such. Technically and literally there are an infinite number of Masters one may associate with the infinite and subtle variations of each primary ray color.

Let us end this message with a final note, referring back to the earlier part of this writing, by saying that, no matter what happens in your personal experiences, you are never alone, and you will always have the personal opportunity to commune directly with we of the Higher, Lighted Realms of Creation. All it takes is that you make an honest effort to reach out.

A wise traveler and learned student will expect an answer, and be open to the near infinite number of ways in which the answer may be presented. It is far better for us to cultivate within your thinking the perceptual awareness of (1) who you are, and (2) your direct personal connection to Creator Source, so that you, for yourself, may tap into the Infinite Knowing that is available to you each.

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in service to The One Light—Creator God—Aton. (For you new readers, Aton is an ancient symbolic name meaning “The One Giver Of Light” and is symbolized by the Sun that gives light/life to your planet. Please feel free to substitute any name you have come to associate with the concept of Creator God—The One who created All That Is. The heartfelt idea is what is truly important.)

Peace and blessings to you each! Salu.

YOU Are The Miracle You Are Searching For!
We Are All Both Teacher And Student