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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Pay Attention To Your Other Senses

Good afternoon, my friend. It is I, Tomeros Maasu Korton, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source. Be at peace.

All is unfolding as it should be. There are no mistakes in the forever unfolding experiences of the soul’s infinite potential for expressing. The times in which you are living are very productive with respect to change and newness of experience. You each are being challenged to go within and search selves for answers that help you to make sense out of what you are feeling with respect to the recent shifts in energy associated with the “terrorist” threats.

Allow for the inner EMOTIONAL signals to have a “voice” within your mind, and thereby allow for the balancing of the intuitive and the analytical reasonings. Many of you insist upon logical explanations for all that you see and experience. Most insist that they can only accept that which is commonly agreed upon as “reasonable” explanations. The would-be controllers of your world are counting on this very element of fear (fear of persecution for thinking “outside the box”) in order to maintain and further their control over the general masses.

The nature of the emotional signals you ones feel from moment to moment are quite subjective to the one perceiving same, and yet, with discipline you can learn to interpret the language of feeling, and thus use it in much the same way you utilize vocal communication.

Your bodies are exquisitely designed as bio-electric machines able to sense a very wide spectrum of electromagnetic signals and vibrations. Most ones overly fixate on the main physical senses for the majority of their information. This sort of information is relatively common and can easily distract you from perceiving the much more subtle aspects of your infinite abilities to sense and perceive.

Put another way, many of you have the “music” in your “room” playing so loud that you do not hear the “telephone” ringing, and thus miss the many “calls” coming your way.

Throughout many cultures on your world there is found the same advice about the importance of remaining calm and quieting the mind when trying to make balanced choices during stressful times. When you can quiet the mind (turn down the volume of the “music” in my earlier analogy), you will then notice that there are subtle yet significant emotional sensations (emanations and vibrations) being sent your way in order to assist you to find the answers to your heart’s desire.

Most desire peace, calmness, understanding, and a sense of certainty that they are able to cope with whatever it is that is causing the inner unrest. Overwhelm, uncertainty, stress, and loneliness all have their roots within the individual as a result of FEARS that the individual holds onto. These fears come from a lack of understanding of who exactly you are with respect to the Larger Picture of being a soul (an immortal electromagnetic energy consciousness) who has chosen to enter into a compressed aspect of Creation (the 3-D, physical environment of schoolroom Earth) so as to slow down and truly examine the nature of consciousness in infinite detail.

Entering into the frequency range of a physical universe often leaves ones in a state of feeling disconnected, lonely, and thus the perception of reality is questioned. Most often, ones become overly fixated on the physical senses of the body in an effort to explore the physical environment, in an effort to re-find the connectedness and understanding they have seemingly lost.

None of the connectedness was actually lost. Rather, it is much like you are in a darkened room and there is a huge spotlight and loud “music” along with other physical sensations, all coming from what appears to be a single OUTWARD direction like on a stage. The INNER signals are all still there, but with all the vivid OUTWARD happenings, you become fixated on the external, as most will seek answers from this loud continual bombardment of external physical sensation, rather than relying on their quieter inner senses of Knowing.

Many of you who resonate with these messages are recognizing the need to re-establish and maintain a conscious Connection Within, in order to make sense of the happenings all around you. You are not a product of your environment; rather, you are consciousness expressing desire that molds the environment.

The “leaders of mass consciousness” know these fundamental “secrets” and hold these basic truths as sacred knowledge (beyond top-secret) that is only for use by the “elect” ruling class so that they, with their “superior” intellect and knowledge, can dictate and mold the unfolding of events and societal evolution. These ones, who hold themselves in this capacity of “ruling class”, are responsible for trying to enslave the minds of the masses.

It is for these very reasons that this sort of information is purposely ridiculed as being “cultish”, satanic, sorcery, and such. And yet the very holy of holy books on your planet—the Bible—is of this very same nature: God and angels give messages to those who have learned to quiet their minds, so that ones can have access to the knowledge currently only being held for the “elite ruling class”. If these “elite” are responsible for editing the original works gathered together in the book called Bible, and have removed most references to anything that would actually liberate the minds and thinking of man, then don’t you think that God, in all His wisdom and limitless ability, would simply give the messages again and again, in every language and to every culture?

The answer is YES! He would and DOES!

These ones who bring forth the kind of information you are presently reading are viewed as a threat to the ruling class of the world. They become labeled as all sorts of derogatory names. In the not very distant past, many have been called witches because they healed sickness with a touch of a hand. And yet, did not Christ of the Bible do the same? Did he not also state that the things he did, so too shall you do, and more? Did Christ not directly communicate with the Father—Creator God? Yes he did! And SO TOO CAN YOU!

The bottom line is that you ones have been indoctrinated to follow the teachings of the elite controllers—who know the importance of keeping the flashing lights and loud noises of distraction constantly pounding away in front of you. They also have a very long and dark history of persecuting and torturing those who they cannot control, so as to set an example for others and instill the FEAR of persecution in all ones.

Most often these heinous acts are proclaimed to be “the will of God”. And perhaps they are, in a way—but what “god” would these ones be worshiping who condones persecution, murder, torture, burning people alive, going to war to kill more innocent people, and terrorizing the masses in the process so that they become fearful to act or think for themselves?

Are these just “New Age” blatherings of a sick mind? Or are these Inspired words, being offered as a means to answer the heart’s prayer for understanding and peace with respect to the general inner state of fearfulness that is being generated at this time?

Learn to help yourself, and in so doing you will see that God will provide you with the confirmations you seek. Likewise recognize that goodness and the intent to help others are very common traits among all ones. It is only the few, who have suppressed their conscience, who can usurp and manipulate others for any length of time without feeling remorse and guilt.

The average person has great difficulty believing that the Darkly motivated sort of insanity even exists, much less that they will be stabbed in the back by the very ones who offer “solutions” to the nation’s “problems”. It is simply too unimaginable for the average decent person to believe that the “problem solvers” are usually the same ones who engineered the “problem” in the first place, to accomplish their own selfish goals.

The only “problem” we see with your world is that the majority live in a constant state of distraction and fear, and thus readily conform to the “status quo” so as to minimize discomfort as they pridefully establish their “success” at mediocrity and complacency.

Your world is full of “drones” or “robots” who quietly go about their lives, seeking to find inner satisfaction from that “something important” that seems to be missing. Constantly these ones search for answers—in the next bottle of beer, in the next weekend off when they finally have time to sit down in front of the television and watch another supposedly big sporting event, or in the next getaway vacation that often does little more than drain these ones of energy moreso than refresh them.

The quenching of these inner thirsts of unrest will only come from within, rather than from any external distractions.

So, the next time you feel that there is “something missing” in your life, rather than looking outward for a new relationship, party, job, hobby, or any number of other distractions, take out a piece of paper and write down what it is that you hope to take with you when you depart from the physical experience.

What sorts of things would you like to discuss with your Creator?

If you were to meet with Christ, what would you like to show him that you accomplished in your life?

If your Guardian Angels are there to assist you, what are you willing to do to help them to help you?

Write down your answers to these questions and ideas. Reflect upon the INNER qualities that each of these ideas encompass.

Your journey is NEVER a solitary or isolated one. You will ALWAYS have the opportunity to go within and establish an inner connection with those who dwell in the Higher Realms of existence. And even beyond that, your separation from Divine Consciousness, from The One who created you, is impossible, for your very ability to think and perceive is a result of this steadfast connectedness!

Your limiting personal beliefs about this subject are perhaps your greatest obstacles. You can choose to distract yourself with all manner of external pursuits until you collapse into a heap of exhaustion. However, the feelings that well up within you cannot be totally suppressed and will always be there for you to examine, to explore, and to USE!

Because of the energies flooding your planet at this time, you all are experiencing an awakening of these inner abilities and perceptions. Ones cannot easily ignore the “beyond chance” experiences and “miracles” that are happening in their lives. All such happenings occur for the “teaching value” they convey—that there are Higher Forces at work in your world, and that the “common” person can have extraordinary experiences that lead to a greater appreciation for the Unseen and Unheard (by the physical senses) Energies who interact with you, there in the physical, on a regular basis. These “dramatic” forms of communication make a lasting INNER (emotional) impact, which then awakens a quest for greater understanding, fueled by the vivid reality of the “miracle” perceived.

There are no real mysteries when ones become fully aware of the true nature of the soul’s journey—both physical and non-physical. From the physical “laws” of science, to the most subtle emotional sensations, ALL happens for a reason. EVERYTHING you experience not only has reason, but is of immense value to you as well.

If you are feeling lonely, that sensation is offered as a reminder that you have yet to truly pursue some unanswered questions about the way things REALLY are, and that you have accepted an idea or belief (that you are alone) as truth which simply is not true, but rather is a perceptual illusion held with a strong emotional bond based in fear.

Harsh? Perhaps. But, from my perspective, accurate and to the point, without the coddling of the inner ego.

Feelings of loneliness can be viewed either as a debilitating handicap or as an Inspired message from within—to get busy looking at the inner fears and nearsightedness that hold such vibrational feelings in your space. All such feelings and sensations are a result of limitations you have placed in your perceptual understanding and awareness.

Many of you who are accustomed to eating a large variety of foods would become quite depressed if you had to eat nothing but rice and water for a few weeks or months. However, you take someone who has had to go for extended periods of time without food, and they would be in an ecstatic state of joy knowing that they would never be hungry again if they just had a never-ending supply of rice and water.

What is the difference between these two points of view? Why does one perceive the same situation with joy and appreciation that the other regards as a depressed and miserable existence?

Within these examples are the “secrets” to happiness and to the ever illusive “something that is missing” in your lives. With a simple change of perception, belief, understanding, your whole view of the world can be transformed from one of depression and overwhelm to one of grand and sparkling opportunities of ever changing newness.

As always, the perceptions and beliefs are yours to choose and decide. YOU are your own biggest obstacle who stands in the way of your own joyful fulfillment and bliss.

May you each make an effort to go within and connect with the vibrational intent of this message, so as to create a condition within that allows for the maximum possible understanding of the ideas expressed herein.

I am Tomeros Maasu Korton, come in Light and Service to The One Light—Father-Mother Source, Creator God. Salu.

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