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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Master Hilarion

The Fifth Ray

Picture yourself sitting on a tree stump, surrounded by a countryside pasture in the late springtime or early summertime, awash in that soothing yet vivid green of freshly awakened trees and vibrant grasses, and you will have attuned to the frequency of the Ascended Master known as Hilarion of the Fifth Ray, the Emerald Ray of Healing. Since true healing has a lot to do with forgiveness of ourselves and others, it should come as no surprise that Master Hilarion’s main focus is toward awakening our understanding of this most important matter. Also, since healing – or a state of health – is also a matter of attunement with and proper understanding of the Forces of Nature, Master Hilarion is also a Guide to those who have a genuine passion for Science. There can be no more important matter to attend than the true healing of one’s own personal being, for in doing so one more closely acknowledges the God-force within and thus one is able to radiate more of His energy outward to others.

In The Rainbow Masters, Hilarion says: “As the merging time has come, we shall all be meeting of ourselves. We have ALL experienced in many times, many places. But – there is always the ’one’ that imprints all our existence above all others.

“I ascended as Saint Hilarion, and therefore bear the label of same. It is my work with my Master Teacher, Esu (the Christed Perfect Circle without beginning or end), that touched my soul into the forever of infinity....

”Man needs the example of imperfection, that he can relate to perfection. Do not suddenly sit on thy pedestal and proclaim achieved perfection. Seek, rather, to be perfected by that Wondrous Energy that comes from Perfection. As you are perfected within, the Light will radiate without. Know perfection as the graces of the Great Spirit, and seek them.

“Judge not how far thy brother has progressed; look within at thy own degree of progress and move ever forward. Wrap thyself in the protection of that Perfection, that the evil brotherhood is kept without. Darkness cannot invade thy presence in Light, unless thee allow of it....

”Ours is of another mighty task: to heal of the wounds and the crippling circumstances wrought upon this Holy Place. It is the greatest glory to work hand-in-hand with our beloved Masters and our most revered Sacred Angelic Energies in communion and harmony with the very Christos himself....

“Healing must come, also, from Truth in the Holy Name. It also must come from that God-self within the one stricken. It must come through the ’mind’. It can ’only’ come through the mind, so better ye ones who would heal, learn to contact and work with the portion of mind that literally ’controls’ – that which is beyond the consciousness.

”There are lessons on thy plane which can be given by very learned Masters of the art. These are not removed from thee, but within thy group. So be it. We will be speaking more on these matters, for healing will be integral to our success. What have we done if we create a place to be inhabited by crippled energies?

“It has naught to do with ’bodies’. A body can be handicapped – a ’crippled’ body is very sad indeed. Illness and crippled states are sentences passed out by the ’Judge’ within self. Ye cannot help of it in thy consciousness, for ye are being the ’perfect prisoner’ – serving thy sentence in good behavior.

”To be free, thee must set of thyself free. Refuse longer, the sentence – pronounce thyself having ’served’ the ’warden’ long enough and remove the binding shackles. I can tell of the ’how’; ye must unlock the door and come forth.

“Ye are my precious ones, thee and others such as thee, who will carry this glorious banner beyond the gates and set up the City of Light. We of the Realms of Glory will walk every step of the way with thee. We will carry thee if thee stumbles, and pick thee up if ye fall....

”The alternative to this responsibility is devastation upon this magnificent garden [Earth]. Let us bear of our responsibilities in magnificence that we may stand tall at the mirror of our God and pronounce our job well done and our performance pleasing.

As the Master Teacher of Healing, Hilarion has this to say about the subject, from The Rainbow Masters Phoenix Journal:

“Wholeness is a concept which is required as you pursue thy path – especially the path of ’healing’. ’Healed’ means ’in wholeness’, and you cannot have a ’whole’ in ’partial-ness’. It requires skillful practice to master the art, just as an artist must practice first with the brushes in clumsy strokes until perfection produces the beautiful reflection on the canvas.

”It is incorrect, beloved ones, to wait for some future nebulous time when you think, by some miracle, that suddenly, with one sweep, you shall step forth and speak the word of healing – and at that moment you will be transformed into the magnification of the Christ.

“Healing comes as you apply yourself, day by day, to the invocation, the calling forth of the Healing Ray, the garnering of that Ray in your aura and in the chalice of your consciousness, and then the application of that Ray as you are called upon in the hour of crisis or need for one another.

”Another incorrect concept is that you are NOT in need of healing. You ’seem’ to be ’well’ and functioning, and therefore you perceive ’all is well’. Precious ones, until the hour of Wholeness, of cosmic integration, you are less than whole, and therefore you require healing. Each and every one of you, each hour of the day, can therefore practice the fiats of the Christ.

“Go back and study the words of the Great Teacher. Study his words. Use the fiats that he used to make men whole. First he would usually remind them that their transgressions were forgiven, that they might forgive themselves. Thee must forgive self, for all states of imperfection of self are wrought upon self in some means or manner as a result of self punishment for perceived ’sins’. You must realize that healing is, first and most critically, an action of THE MIND – the subconscious mind that harbors thy instructions for actions performed by self and consciousness. It sounds as if it is a great difficulty? Nay – simple, simple in Truth!

”Why bother with the healing of the consciousness and the human form? Ye will just be changing dimensions into wholeness, will thee not? Nay, absolutely not! Can you function without a physical form in this octave? Of course not! Would you, then, be elsewhere? Perhaps, but your mission would not be fulfilled. Thus a return, once again – another descent of your soul energy into a physical form might be required, should you pass off lightly the calling of your present position in the world arena.

“Now, heed carefully: having a physical form partially dedicated to Truth and partially involved in the world of the senses and relationships of controlling nature, is not as the Masters have intended that you should be. You have accepted a mission and it cannot be ’sometimes’. It has to be ALL times or the work will not be finished in a ’timely’ manner. So be it. I would wish that it be otherwise; it is not otherwise.

”I, Hilarion, place my own energies at thy disposal, to help thee find and hold thy way in Truth....“

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