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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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The Big Deal About “Little” Things

Greetings, my friend! It is I, Master Hilarion, Cohan (Master Teacher) of the Emerald Ray of Healing. I come in and of the One Light of Creator Source. You know me well.

There are many who are feeling the “brunt” of the constant frequency upshifts of your planetary system. This is to say that there are many Lightworkers who are finding themselves in a compromised state of health. This is in great part due to a lack of self awareness of the “small” habits of thoughts that are not in harmony with Higher Self (the Soul you).

These are habitual frequency patterns which have some negative component to them, that have become a routine part of your day-to-day inner experience. These are the “little” annoyances that ones seem to accept as “reasonable” and, therefore, are considered not important enough upon which to waste the energy or time to find the cause (and acquire subsequent understanding) of why you hold onto such feelings.

Each and every thought or idea that you have, and the resulting feeling(s) associated with it, has an effect on you—and more importantly, a reason for presenting itself to you.

Many are quick to analyze the “big” stuff—such as a life-threatening “accident” or other “traumatic” event which causes a great deal of pain and unrest. But, few ever pay much attention to the subtle, yet chronic annoyances in their day-to-day routine of living.

These “small” things often will grow, if left unchecked, into various forms of illness. Heart troubles, cancers and such ALWAYS come about by not paying attention to the subtle “little” things that cause you to feel uneasy.

Now, this discussion so far has been a review for most of you. However, there is an added factor which is affecting this equation at the present time: Your planet and all of her inhabitants are going through a rapid increase in frequency. The rate of this frequency increase will itself continue to increase until a new level of equilibrium is eventually reached. The most intense part of this cycle will continue over the next five to seven years.

What does this mean in terms of your health? Well, in the past, what took thirty years of chronic “small” annoyances to develop into a weakened heart or cancer will begin to manifest in smaller and smaller increments of time. THIS IS TO SAY THAT A SMALL ANNOYANCE MAY RAPIDLY GROW INTO SEVERE ILLNESS IN A MATTER OF MONTHS INSTEAD OF YEARS!

Viewed from a larger perspective, this is the Cleansing and Purification Cycle. You will have need to examine these small “things” that cause you even the slightest of stress. In doing so, you will find that behind each is a limiting belief or misunderstanding which, if recognized as such, will help you to grow in many untold ways.

These physiological reactions to the very natural frequency upshift of your planet at this time are a great part of why you have chosen to come and experience here now. These physiological indicators will act as a great tool to help you to focus-in on those “small” things which tend to get overlooked, lifetime after lifetime.

Many of you will find that you are getting “sick” despite taking adequate precautions such as vitamin and mineral supplements and the various colloids. These things are wonderful for shoring-up and protecting the body from foreign invaders.

But, for those inner dis-eases caused by years of unchecked annoyance, all of the elixirs and potions in the world will not even begin to work—unless and until you first come to grips with the reality that the illness IS IN RESPONSE TO YOUR VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY, and thus YOU are creating the illness in the first place.

Many would rather die than confront the fact that, out of years of bitterness, denial, anger or such, they have created their illness by slowly choking off their connection to the inner Life-Force which would have otherwise helped them to regain balance.

More and more you will need to learn to recognize the importance of EVERY feeling you experience. Know that these are merely indicators for you to observe so that you can know whether or not you are in harmony with your Higher Knowing Self. A mismatch will always register as an uneasy (negative) feeling. Learn to use this sensing mechanism as the Guidance system it is intended to be.

This does not mean for you to go out and look for negative feelings! It simply means TAKE NOTE of any such feeling when it occurs and realize that you have just been given a “nudge” that what you are dwelling upon is counter to who you are as a being and you would be wise to reconsider your thoughts on the subject.

Let’s say you habitually get up every morning and reach for that good old cup of hot coffee. As you are stirring it and smelling it, you begin to contemplate your day and all that you would like to get done. Shortly after you take the first few sips of your coffee, you begin to feel an anxiety of not enough time to get done all that you would like to get done.

How many of you would stop to consider that this subtle annoyance may actually be a reaction to the coffee itself? Why? Because its many chemical combinations are actually tearing down the immune system and you are setting yourself up, due to this excess chemical burden, for a quite-a-bit shorter life than you intended.

You can continue to ignore your body’s cry for balance, but there is wisdom to be gained from paying attention to ALL of the clues available to you.

Though this is but an example, and very few drink coffee to this excess, the example serves to point out how easily subtle annoyances can be rationalized away as insignificant or unimportant.

You each have your chronic worries and limiting beliefs. These are the greater reasons behind the “need” for stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine to begin with.

How many of you are so enthused about life that you can bounce out of bed, hit the floor running, and your day is continually packed with excitement and newness? This is a common occurrence with young children who have not been trained otherwise. This is also a common occurrence with animals who have not been trained otherwise. Why is it different for so-called intelligent, reasonable adults?

Observe the elderly in your society. Though there are always exceptions, the majority walk slow, their posture seems to reflect a withdrawn attitude; they tend to look down instead of up. The majority are taking several forms of medication so as to “feel” better. (In actuality they are taking the medications to numb themselves so as to feel nothing.)

Now let us look at the children who are practically running wherever they go, so as to not miss anything. They spend time playing and pretending and ENJOYING the moment. Most are simply happy to just be alive and explore all the new sensations of their current experience.

The in-between condition, where the majority of you are, is where you gather the baggage of negative experience and lug it around, thinking that it is somehow important. Eventually you will either learn to let it go or you will begin to withdraw inward. Your posture will begin to reflect this and you will stop looking upward. You then soon become the elderly person seeking relief from your inner pain.

This need not be the cycle you follow! You are each quite capable of digesting the importance and implications of this Message.

When you begin to seek outward chemicals to soothe an inner problem or feeling of unrest, you can know that you are on the path that leads to the typical slow-down due to so-called aging. Aging is the accumulation of baggage (that which causes resistance to the natural flow of the Life-Force Energy to you and through you) held onto in an erroneous belief that it has value. In essence, aging is a byproduct of all those tiny accumulative moments of disallowing Life-Force Energy. You know your disallowing or allowing by the way you are feeling from moment to moment. If you are feeling anything other than wonderful, you can know that you are restricting Life-Force Energy in some way.

Let go of the past! It has been written and you cannot change what was. Find yourself in the here-and-now, and learn to flow a little more energy each and every day. In doing so, you will find that you have more physical and emotional energy to give.

And guess what? When you can find something to appreciate and get excited about, you will find those old aches and pains begin to go away, and you’ll feel a lot better than the day before.

When those old habits of thought try to resurface, you will know that you simply need to appreciate that your bio-electric sensing machinery (body) is functioning properly and is trying to get a message through to you. Do not worry if you misunderstand the signals at first, for you will surely be given more. And when you realize what is causing the warning device to sound, you will be rewarded with a great sense of satisfaction, well being, and the knowing that all is unfolding perfectly.

Please consider this an insight to what is fast approaching your physical reality in terms of dynamic change. This change is subtle in nature, yet a powerful tool for unlocking greater and greater potential within those who maintain a diligent desire to master the physical experience. You each have great potential for growth, and with the proper mental focus you will recognize the importance of all those “little” things that often go unnoticed.

Remember that within the smallest of particles (such as the atom) lie the “secrets” and power of the Infinite One Source. Science is as much a path to God as is any organized body which studies the various components of Creation. An advanced civilization will recognize this and accept the reality of Oneness in all things, and the debates will give way to exploration of the infinite variations and combinations of this One Energy Potential.

Take the knowledge that you have and share it with those who are interested in what you have to offer. Do not run from debates that cause you frustration. Rather, look at them as opportunities for YOU to learn by observation of the reactionary nature of people in general. In as much as you view these traits in others, you will be able to view them in yourself.

You are most often a quite close, if not exact, frequency match with those you have confrontations with, yet you quickly blame the other as being unreasonable, stubborn, or hard-headed. When you make these observations of another, you can be assured that YOU play a part in creating the observable effect about which you complain.

Perhaps when you recognize your own, say, stubbornness, you will be better able to understand and handle another’s tendency toward stubbornness.

Like attracts like! There are NO exceptions!

May you recognize the perfect balance of players present on your planet at this time. As you grow, you attract others into your forever evolving experiences. This will, in turn, precipitate new ideas, challenges, and growth for all involved. There is no end to this cycle, and newness is the goal—never money or physical objects, though they do play a part.

Those with whom you interact on a regular basis hold the insights and answers you are looking for. You each need one another for your combined growth. This especially goes for those you find yourself arguing with regularly for any reason.

Learn to appreciate these ones as much as you would appreciate a newborn infant. Notice that it is easy to appreciate the small toddler who does not judge you in any way and is quick to offer a smile in response to your desire to play.

Each day may you awaken feeling better than the last and having a stronger desire for experiencing the newness of the day before you. May your gaze be upward and outward so as to recognize the Life-Force Energy unfolding all around you. Understand that this is truly a short journey along one of the infinite pathways that are available to explore, and you cannot do anything truly “wrong”.

Allow the inner feelings of happiness and joy to guide you to the health and vitality you desire—and you will have your “miracle” cure.

I am Master Hilarion, come in Light and Service to the Infinite Life-Force, in response to your desire for Understanding. Salu!

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