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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Making Good Use Of This “Quickening” Environment

Good morning, my friend. It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source. Be at peace.

Allow for the changes to take place. Allow for ones to make choices as they will. Allow for movement and growth. Allow for the perfection of God’s plans to manifest as they will. Allow for the opportunities that each day brings forth. Allow for the spontaneity of life and living.

By allowing these things, you will find that the events of day-to-day living become much more enjoyable and free flowing. Look for newness in each day, and be not afraid to embrace the moment and seize the opportunities as they are presented to you.

Let go of past limiting beliefs that weigh upon you like lead anchors. The pace is quickening as the planetary frequency continues to rise, and you ones will find it to your advantage to keep a watchful eye for “windows of opportunity” as they present themselves. This means being attentive and keeping attentive to your Inner Guidance.

We will always strive to assist you along your journey, no matter how small or how large the task may be. Allow for the strengthening of this two-way communication called your Inner Guidance. This is your direct connection to Creator Source and the most fluent conduit for interaction with we of the Higher Realms.

Allow yourself time each day to go within and commune with your “gut” feelings. We only go where we are welcome and we will never force you to commune with us. We monitor your heart intent moreso than the mental gyrations of the analytical mind. This is to say that the emotional “carrier wave” is what often determines your ability and true willingness to connect within—rather than any words that are thought or spoken.

If you are filled with anger, frustration, doubt, fear and such, you will find that the mental clarity becomes clouded and you will “think” you are acting in accordance with high-frequency, Lighted intent. However, the heart energy (carrier wave) will show, every time, the true attitude within which you are operating.

Monitor closely your emotional state. Do you often find yourself feeling “stressed out”? Why?

You can try to lie to yourself. You can surely put on a show for others who are not too close to you. But you cannot deceive God and you will draw to you more of that which is in perfect harmony with your present frequency vibration. This is the Law of Return, or as some would say, the Law of Attraction (like attracts like) or the Law of Cause & Effect.

This is why we say to you ones that you will witness the “Dark” ones getting Darker and the “Lighted” ones getting Lighter. The sick ones will have a tendency to get sicker, while the ones who vibrate with well-being will maintain (or intensify) their state of well-being. This is the “biofeedback” nature of your environment which makes it optimal for growth through experience.

The vast majority of the ones on your planet, whose hearts are filled with guilt, anger, grief, confusion, and other low-frequency conditions, are having an increasingly difficult time as there is a quickening of the return energy cycle at this time. This is due to the accelerating upward frequency shift of your planet, which is the physics reason behind the statement prophesied in your Bible: “If it were not for the shortening of the end-time days, almost none would survive.”

You ones are in the time of this prophecy. This is a grand time to be experiencing. The opportunities are quite astounding in terms of growth potential of your being. As with all experience, it will be what YOU make of it—nothing more and surely nothing less.

As this quickening (due to an increase in planetary frequency) continues, you will witness how the manifestation process of your heart desires also quickens. This is, as I just said, the Law of Return being accelerated and amplified. Monitor closely your emotional state and allow your Inner Guidance to help you to find a position of balance and peace.

Break free from the reactionary cycles that quickly throw you into the lower emotional states. See these reactions (automatic programmed responses to circumstances) for what they are, and see if they serve you very well.

For example, are you quick to raise your voice in anger or frustration? Does this seem to “just happen”? Or, when you do raise your voice, is it done in a conscious (deliberate) attempt to emphasize your point?

We witness that the majority of your world runs around on “autopilot”—simply reacting and responding to one another’s reactions. This is why, when so many are faced with an experience such as an automobile accident, they simply go into shock. They do not know how else to act or react. They will simply shut down as the experience impacts (disrupts) their programmed routines. It is much like when your computer “freezes” or locks-up and quits responding to external input; it is due to an out-of-recognized-sequence data transmission through the central processor that causes the computer to not know how to respond.

You all utilize these “programs” to varying degrees. Some of them serve you quite well and are, in fact, needed. Take your breathing, for example: You can control it, but for the most part it is automatic and self regulating. And consider walking, as another example: You place one foot in front of another, and you move about with little or no thought to all of the programmed responses that go into making this possible. However, watch the child who is just learning to walk, and you will be reminded of all that is involved in acquiring this “automatic” skill. This sort of programmed reactionary response is beneficial, and you each utilize these little programs in order to not be distracted in every moment of every day by the physical body.

However, many of you also carry around programming that does not serve you very well, and yet is just as automatic as is your breathing or walking. These are usually habits of thought and belief that tend to lower your frequency vibration, and thus put you out of sync with your natural tendency for a high-frequency existence.

You can know these things by monitoring closely your inner emotional state. Do you feel internal pressures building when you think about certain subjects or ideas? If so, then ask yourself: “Why am I reacting to this situation in this manner?” This is no different than asking yourself: “Why do I walk the way I do?” or “Why am I breathing the way I am?”

Effort toward recognizing that, from the perspective of your Higher Self, everything happens for reasons of growth. So look for the “good” in each situation and you will be well on your way to reprogramming higher-frequency emotional responses to take the place of any present low-frequency reactionary responses to past situations. And while this exercise is not always very pleasant or comfortable in the doing, the excess negative baggage you get rid of will lift you in great steps toward the natural, higher-frequency state you crave at your soul level of being.

The larger point here is to get you ones to a conscious mental state of understanding how the increasing frequency of your environment is affecting each and every one of you. The opportunities are intensifying each day for your growth, especially through the shedding of those old, low-frequency pieces of excess baggage.

You each are noticing more and more “coincidences” happening around you. These are things like: “I was just thinking about you, just before you called!” Such happenings will become more and more common to your day-to-day experiences. These are higher-frequency conditions and they will serve you well if you but allow for their manifestation.

And beyond that, recognize how it shall become increasingly more important to monitor your thoughts since you shall more readily manifest (create) that which you are thinking. Remember the old phrase that goes: “Be careful what you ask for, for it just might come to be.”

Likewise, recognize the deliberate creations of others whose thoughts and decisions are also molding and modifying the common environment in which you live, along with the contributions from you and your thoughts and decisions. This is to say that you will find great advantage in allowing for your schoolroom to evolve as it naturally is intended to do so—including the condition that others have as much a right to experience as do you.

This is a non-judgmental condition meaning that the Law of Return will help each of you to draw-in to your experience a car accident or a million dollars or whatever is needed for your growth. In ALL cases it is you who are given FREE WILL to choose what you will dwell upon and send forth as an energy vibration that will come back to you for your ongoing growth experience. This process includes both the initial energy which precipitates the manifestation of some event, as well as the energy you output in response to (or in reaction to) the manifested situation.

Look to those who are attracted into your experience with you. Are these ones successful, healthy, active, caring, dependable and such? Are these ones chronically ill, irritable, grouchy, cold, argumentative and such? These are ones you have attracted into your experience and are in harmony with you. Those who find you difficult to be around will not like being in the vicinity of the frequency state that you emanate and will not want to “hang-out” with you.

All you need to do to have a gauge on where you are is to look around you to see what it is that you have and are creating. But more important is to understand how it is that YOU have created these conditions or situations, and how YOU can deliberately modify them if they are not to your liking.

It is of utmost importance for you ones to understand the true “feedback” nature of your environment and how it is that YOU affect and determine the reality you experience from day to day and moment to moment.

The more you understand how this schoolroom operates, the greater will be your potential of survival and continued evolvement—and thus fulfillment of the fundamental desire of the soul, which is growth through experience.

Nothing will make you feel more alive or exhilarated than will the fulfillment of this fundamental desire of your soul. This is a never-ending quest for knowledge and new experience. It is not a destination, but rather, a way of life and a journey.

To withdraw from society and the external world—from your part in the “play”—will only serve to allow the inner pressures of uneasiness and emotional discomfort to grow. True newness of experience rarely comes from watching someone else do something, say on television; it comes through direct personal experience.

As your environment continues to increase in frequency, it will become ever more important for you ones to monitor your mental and emotional state. We of the Host of God have and will continue to remind you ones of the importance of letting go of the “garbage” that you ones so fondly hold onto. This “garbage” is that which you hold onto in emotional energy space that no longer serves you very well and is, in fact, weighing you down with low-frequency reactionary oscillations.

Do you fear for another’s well-being? If so, do you not see that you are attempting to manipulate another in, perhaps, an indirect way? Instead of approaching any situation with a fear-based reaction, why not be allowing for ones to have the experiences that will garner them the greatest good, whatever that experience may be. Allow each other to your free-will choices.

You cannot live another’s life for them, yet we witness many of you ones spending large amounts of time worrying about loved ones and what will happen or not happen to them—rather than living your own life. This is your choice, and we will honor your choice to do so. But we may very well suggest a more productive endeavor. This is the sort of mental and emotional “garbage” that you ones are frequently holding on to.

You may be getting angry (a reaction?) thinking something like: “You are telling us to be uncaring about our loved ones!” No! I am NOT.

You will serve yourself and those you love much better if you can stop the FEAR-BASED WORRY and get on with setting a POSITIVE example for ones to follow.

When you dwell upon and “worry” in such a low-frequency manner, you are actually helping to create that which you fear the most. There is no need to worry (concern brought about by fear) about anything—EVER!

When you can remove fear completely from the operating equation, you will then be free from that which does not serve you very well—the garbage!

Allow for the intent of this Message to “sink-in” and resonate within, so that you can have true understanding of the concepts put forth herein. Look past the limitations of the words and always seek Inner Clarification. Call upon the Lighted Brotherhood for your Guidance and allow for the answers you desire to be shown to you.

What you seek with the heart, you WILL surely find! It is up to YOU, however, to recognize when the answers have presented themselves to you. We will not do it for you, else you would never learn and always expect another to do it for you.

Allow for your own personal connection within to Creator Source to strengthen and grow. Learn to trust your own Inner Guidance and follow your heart. Take personal responsibility for your actions, choices, and decisions.

Never is the excuse: “Well, Soltec said...” going to get you anywhere. YOU are responsible for all of YOUR experiences, down to the smallest of details; whether you can see this or not does NOT change the truth of the matter.

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec. I come in the Radiant Light of Creator Source—The One Light. May you allow His will to manifest through you, and therein may you recognize His perfect and unique purpose for creating you. There is no greater joy than fulfilling this purpose! Salu.

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