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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Growth Comes From Understanding Of Truth

Good morning, my friend. It is I, Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source. Be at peace and be still.

You can see that there has been a Guiding Hand working through the various players on the playing field. Even the legal “wrinkles” have proven to be beneficial to you ones. Proceed diligently with using these gifts for there are, indeed, good reasons why you were given them.

[Editor’s Historical Note: This Message was written to be shared in the June 1999 premier issue of a then-new publication called The SPECTRUM that was created by ones who had split away, in March of 1999, from CONTACT to form the new, uncorrupted information source. As Soltec so appropriately comments here, a Guiding Hand did indeed always keep The SPECTRUM at least one step ahead of the attacks being carried out by those Dark ones still associated with CONTACT who ruthlessly endeavored to stop The SPECTRUM from ever being born.]

Appreciate what has taken place and know there will always be this same Guiding Factor in your lives. These more blatant examples are easier to see than are the more subtle ones. Just remember that this Guiding Hand is always a part of your growth experience, even when “things” don’t seem to turn out the way you would like them to.

A course correction is never a pleasant experience to go through, for there is always the perception of wasted time and backtracking. Know that it is far better to go through the experience of a course correction than to continue to “wander” in denial that an error has been made.

Doris [Ekker, chief “shark” leading the attack against the formation of The SPECTRUM publication] will continue to generate confusion around her, and even her most loyal followers will begin to awaken to the blatant contradictions. Her Higher Self is now setting the stage for a very important growth experience, and though it will not be pleasant for her, it will be very beneficial for her soul growth. Much Light is sent her way, and this is as it should be, for the benefit of all involved in this play.

It is usually not until after ones pass from the physical experience that they realize the perfection of the so called “tragedies” in life. This is to say that ones often do not realize, while in the physical, that they deliberately create the seemingly negative conditions as much as the positive ones.

The Higher Self seeks growth through knowledge and understanding, and will generate conditions that satisfy this desire. Much like the way a scientist may destroy (sacrifice) a piece of equipment in an effort to explore uncharted areas, so too may you ones choose to experience “unpleasant” conditions which will cause you to stretch and grow beyond what limits you may consciously prefer.

Allow one another their free-will choices, and learn to respect the choices of each, even if you disagree with them. All (each and every one) of you are creating your own reality, and therein creating your own opportunities to grow. Sometimes it is more productive to allow ones to touch the hot stove, and learn for themselves the wisdom of not doing so, than it is to lecture repeatedly on why one should not touch the hot stove.

Each of you can only learn FOR YOURSELVES; no one can do it FOR you. Your Higher Self strives always to learn, and thus will continue to create the opportunities for even the most stubborn ones to eventually move forward in learning and growth.

The physical experience is one of unlimited possibilities and opportunities. You will eventually learn to master your environment and take deliberate conscious control over creating exactly what you want.

The true answers are often directly opposite from what you have been trained to believe by those who would rather you stay ignorant to the creative process and to your inner ability to create exactly what you want. This is to say that many will have to completely change their thinking in order to understand and break free from the repetitive rut they are continually recreating.

Each of you are generating the necessary conditions in your lives so that this transformation can occur. You must be diligent in your seeking and willing to accept the idea that what you hold as truth today may be in error and, in many cases, the inverse of the true picture.

Much like mathematical equations formulated to explain some phenomenon in physics, sometimes there is more than one equation that can be written which will seem to support the data at hand. However, upon closer inspection (further seeking), you will find that only one equation (way of looking at the problem) will hold true always, while others only hold true part of the time.

This is a critical time to keep your Light shielding up! Do not think for a moment that—just because you have won a “battle”—all your “troubles” will go away. Wise travelers would still be shoring up their foundation, for often there is a calm in the midst of a storm—such as when the eye of a hurricane passes over. This happens when an event is only passing through the “zero point” of a sine-wave that makes up the complete cycle.

The Adversary does not let up, for he is a master gamesman and knows that the most opportune time to make his next move is when the guard is down and his unsuspecting opponents believe that the game is over and that they have already won. Be aware that there are great challenges ahead for each and every one of you, and though they may or may not seem to be related to events of recent past, be assured that they are and that you will be faced with challenges that will cause you to go within and make very personal choices that will determine your future participation in the mission at hand.

This is not a time for those who are weak of heart. Each of your weaknesses will be shown to you, and you will be given an opportunity to strengthen and grow past your current perception of ability—or you will naturally choose a path of lesser challenge. Each of you will choose for yourselves, and each will have to carry your own “burden”.

Again: The wise traveler will quickly determine and discard that which is of excess baggage so as to make the journey more pleasant and less tedious. Would it be wise to gather all of your gold coins and put them in your pocket during a flood? Likewise, would it be wise to cast away an inflatable life jacket because others might think you to be paranoid for even having one?

Truly wise people seldom walk the path of the masses. There will always be intersecting points, but rarely for any great length of time. This is often because these ones see their destination and know where they are heading. These ones will not be as easily distracted by the weightiness of the physical environment and all of its “trappings”.

Again, I remind you ones that the only “thing” you take with you when you leave the physical environment is the knowledge and experience you have gleaned. All the rest is recycled into the ever evolving, ever expanding play of “life”. Let not the distractions clutter your path or get in your way. Seek always to better yourself, to learn something new that you are interested in, and thus to explore the desires of your heart.

What is it that your heart desires above all else?

Most will say something like “true happiness”.

Well, true happiness is a byproduct of following your heart and fulfilling your intended purpose for coming into the physical in the first place. This may sound like we are “talking in circles” but the fact of the matter is that you find TRUE happiness in learning how to interpret the Guidance of the heart connection, and then following this inner Guidance, thereby fulfilling your purpose.

One who is consciously connected (to Creator Source, through their Higher Self) and thus following their heart Guidance will not ever find their life in some sort of “stagnation”. Growth is an integral part of your soul’s desire, central to fulfilling your purpose.

One of the biggest problems you ones face is the challenge of “growing pains”—in that you often want to run away from those desires of the heart (Higher Self) which cause you to stretch and grow in directions your physical ego deems uncomfortable. In other words, following the heart rarely means taking the easy path—though ones frequently are tempted by that rationalization.

None of you came forth into the physical seeking to reinvent the same wheel, over and over again. Many of you have found it more comfortable (via the ego’s often subtle influence) to get into a relatively slow-paced, repetitive routine of living from day to day, simply waiting for “something” to “happen”. This will never garner you true happiness and is actually an escape from the challenge of truly living life.

Seek newness and you will find movement (that is, growth through experience). With movement comes emotional feedback from within. Learn to monitor closely the emotional sensations associated with movement. This will help you to decide for yourself which is the appropriate direction to take.

What is “right” for you may not be “right” for another. You may find that you are leaving behind longtime acquaintances and making new ones who are more in alignment with where you are heading. In doing so, you will not only find that you no longer feel stagnant, but also that you are setting an example for others to follow.

The path of the wayshower is one of movement and example to others. Each of you are teachers as much as you are students. You who are moved to read Messages like this have gained enough experience to let go of the limiting beliefs that are generally taught to the masses. And you have, through very interesting routes, come to a point in your awareness that you can accept such things as the reality of we of the Host of God and our ability to bring forth this sort of Message.

Look back upon the path you have walked in order to get to where you are this day. It not only prepared you for being able to accept concepts and beliefs that are away from the “norm”, but it has and is preparing you for the next step (movement forward)—and that is to apply more fully what you know and become an example to others.

As the larger events and resulting challenges of this Planetary Transition manifest in the physical, you each will have a very grand opportunity to share with others what you know. There is fast approaching a time when events will completely overwhelm the general masses.

Your planet is being systematically prepared to accept that you are not alone in the universe. There will be massive confusion generated because the so-called “elite” controllers (who dictate “reality” to so many) have done a wonderful job over the years of convincing the masses that only “fools” and “lunatics” would believe in extraterrestrials.

Meanwhile, the truth of the matter—again—is the exact opposite of what many believe to be the case, usually with great certainty. Much of what you ones are taught to believe is deliberately fed to you, through subtle and sophisticated mind-control techniques, in a covert attempt to keep you dumb and compliant.

Your so-called “elite” controllers say that you-the-average-drone cannot possibly handle the truth, for it would so overwhelm you as to create complete pandemonium and upheaval. The truth of the matter is that these controlling ones are afraid to let you ones know the truth, for you would surely break free of the mass mental conditioning that has so tediously and unrelentingly been put in place on your planet.

These ones are now trying desperately to modify your conditioning so as to cause the masses to be frightened of extraterrestrials when they do come. Yes, your “elite” know that we are here, and that we are very real, and that we WILL make our presence known in a quite public manner at the appropriate time—and that there is truly nothing these controlling ones can do to stop us when the appointed time comes!

This is when we will need every one of you to step forward and share what you know. This is to say that you can show, through these very Messages (and others yet to come through this information resource), who we are and why we are here.

Most of you will have to pick yourselves up off the floor, first, because most of you are quite unaware of the limiting programming that, to varying degrees, you still hold onto.

Many a “great” scientist on your planet will be humbled or humiliated, depending on their perspective and their ability to accept that they were in error. Many a great religious leader will likewise be humbled or humiliated, depending on their ability to accept personal error.

Others of you will be prepared to address the “shock wave” of reality, as much confusion is, at first, generated within your less-informed brethren, in response to the truth finally being revealed on a large scale. This confusion is a natural byproduct when one’s reality is challenged and is abruptly shifted in such a manner.

Confusion will, however, quickly give way to a more stable foundation of truth, and the subsequent reality will be stronger than the previous one could ever be, for there will be very concrete answers to questions such as evolution versus creation, and what happens after you die and such.

Your so-called “elite” controllers are not happy about this day, coming quickly around the bend, because control of you ones goes out the window when you operate from this position of truth. Control is achieved through fear and intimidation and ignorance; freedom comes through the wisdom of knowledge of truth, as stated in the First Law of The Creation [incorporated in the masthead of this publication].

Our mere presence will cause your scientific community to shed their erroneous assumptions about such things as the ability to travel faster than the speed of light. So many of these “religious beliefs” of your present science have been purposely seeded and nurtured and policed by those Darkly motivated ones who wish to keep you under their control. This control shall not prevail!

Your world will emerge from the brief time of confusion into a quite stable and peaceful place. This will take time and it will take ones who can quickly adjust to very rapidly changing conditions, for there will be much happening all over your planet in terms of Earth changes, wars, economic crises and such.

You of Ground Crew have been preparing for these events all of your lives, whether you realize it or not. Never underestimate the value you can provide in the upcoming times, even if you must function with physical limitations such as from a wheel chair.

You each will be called upon to assist your neighbors. Be not hesitant to offer assistance when the time comes. Be the “rock” of stability and your example will empower others and strengthen them. They will hear truth when there is no other explanation that will suffice. Remember: All other equations will eventually fall to the wayside while The Truth stands the scrutiny of even the most skeptical antagonist.

I shall leave this here for now. I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec. I come with the Host of God, in Service to The One Light—Creator Source.

I am called upon at this time to help you ones prepare for and survive this Planetary Transition (transformation). I come with many great Teachers, all provided by Creator so that you ones can have the best possible opportunities to gain the wisdom of knowledge of truth—and thus understand your place in the expanse of The Creation.

Be at peace! Salu.

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