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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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From The Caterpillar To The Butterfly

Good afternoon, my friend. It is I, Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in the Light of The One Light—Creator Source. Be at peace and know that you and the Lighted ones who these Messages are written for are dearly loved by we of the Messengers of The One Light—Creator God.

Many who are attentive to planetary activity are noting the greatly increased earthquake activity upon your orb at this time and are asking for insight concerning same. We have discussed, in many past lessons, the scientific aspects of what is now ramping up. We gave you clues, and now the events are playing out in your physical arena.

It is indeed worth noting the recent greatly increased earthquake activity along ALL the major fault lines, especially ones that have appeared rather dormant over the last 12-24 month period. As we have said before, watch for the close correlation between increased volcanic activity (which is also happening) and the movements along fault lines. Mt. Etna has been erupting and you have had recent significant activity along the New Madrid fault. Please be attentive to the clues.

At this time it is much more important that we address the matter from the point of view of your spiritual nature. We have done so before now; however, it is beneficial to both review and expand upon this spiritual aspect, which your Native American brothers and sisters would rightly consider of central importance to achieving the necessary balance between the “giving out” of your Earth Mother to you and the “giving back” of you ones in appreciation to her.

Your planet is currently in a constant state of adjustment as she continues to “acclimatize” to the higher etheric frequencies of the Light that is continuing to bathe your orb. These energies are of a high, pure vibration that would most accurately be described as Love. (Please see that I use this term with a capital “L” so that you may have a distinction between the personal perception of what I will call physical love and a higher, non-judgmental Love that gives forth its energy to ALL ones regardless of their past actions, background, beliefs, or prejudices.)

As your planet continually strives for a sense of equilibrium, she is finding it quite necessary to heal herself. This healing is done first and foremost through Love. There are various areas of your world that have amassed a significant amount of negativity and are thus in great need for the balancing of energy. Much like you ones would swat a mosquito that is causing you discomfort, so too shall your planetary orb be “swatting” and “scratching” and “itching” those areas which lag behind in their otherwise natural upward shift in frequency.

We cannot urge you enough to send forth the highest concept of Love/Light to your planet, as well as to any with whom you come into contact. Become an example for others to follow, for as sure as night follows day in your current celestial cycles, so too shall the energy you send out come back to you, amplified many times over.

You will find that your example will be most effective and helpful to your fellow travelers when there is synchronization between your heart and your head (emotional and analytical). This will manifest in the physical as one whose actions are consistent with their words.

Do you speak to others of the importance of being prepared with food and water supplies while you yourself have not yet done so? In your current environment, you will find that your actions will do as much (or even more) to assist (teach) as do words spoken.

Do you send prayers of appreciation to your Earth Mother for the living environment she sustains despite so much man-generated abuse?

Do you send out prayers of Love and Protection to a select few ones, or do you pray for the stranger who you have not yet met who may one day be helping you in some significant manner—such as helping you dig out a loved one from the rubble after an earthquake?

The point here is to illustrate for you that it is one thing to have knowledge; it is quite another thing to apply, through action, the UNDERSTANDING of this knowledge. Mother Earth is a schoolroom; you honor her gift of providing this exquisite learning environment by APPLICATION of what you have learned.

All of you ones reading this are, to some degree, trying to figure out just exactly what is your purpose in this life experience. Though there are very individualized choices and reasons for being here, there are common threads of purpose that run through each and every one of you.

You each are desiring, to varying degrees, to learn, grow, and pass along your experience and knowledge to others. You want to help.

There is an inner sense of searching that causes a signal to be generated within your energy field. This signal attracts to you that which will help you to build a foundation of experience and knowledge which will then subsequently lead you to a greater perception and awareness of what IS.

These experiences are circular in nature, in that they are without end; with each apparent ending there is always a new beginning. In actuality, a tightly wound spiral would provide a more accurate model through which to conceptualize a more accurate picture of this learning process, with each tighter ring of the spiral touching completely the ones that come before.

Each new experience is a result of the accumulation of all prior experience, and thus is connected to same. All future experience is being molded in your present, and thus there become infinite potentials and possibilities for each and every one of you.

However, none of this exquisite learning is possible without the cooperation of Mother Earth in providing much of this learning environment. Your own forward growth at this time is closely connected with acknowledging this relationship with her.

As with all learning, it is ultimately a personal matter that comes from within. If you find yourself waiting upon another for any reason, then we would suggest that you may be waiting a very long time. You are each responsible, as individuals, for your own growth and understanding and subsequent application of Knowledge.

If you are consciously unwilling to take responsibility for your growth and knowledge, you will likely find that you will be creating repetitive experiences, most often expressed as boredom, until you do learn the lessons that you have come to the planet Earth schoolroom to learn.

The best teachers are always the best students. The greater your desire is to help another, including your Earth Mother, the greater will be your learning and subsequent opportunities for sharing what you have to offer.

You each are quite capable of going within to connect for yourself and commune with your Higher Guidance from Lighted Source. Some call this process meditation. You are Creator manifest! You each are connected to one another through this single One Source.

You have been granted the free will to choose to ignore and deny this Connection, if that be your desire. However, it does not change the Higher Reality of the situation. And thus such a chosen path will result in self-imposed (through free-will choice) limitations to the growth that you can achieve, for beyond a certain point of understanding there will be complete recognition of unity, awareness, and acceptance of the Infinite One Source that permeates ALL dimensions—well beyond what you ones currently recognize as reality.

Your planetary orb is an entity not unlike yourself—in fact, exactly like yourself in that ALL are One. She, like you, is self aware. She has consciousness and makes choices. She has emotions and gives forth telepathic communications. She seeks to know and understand more fully this interconnectedness that brings her to this awareness of the condition she is now in.

Her immediate “parent” would be the fiery orb you call the Sun. She rightfully looks to this one for guidance, acknowledging the nurturing energy that this one is continually sending forth, both in the form of what we will call physically observable light, and the higher vibrations of Light that we have described earlier as Love.

She also seeks the guidance of Creator Source and has a deeply spiritual desire to serve all aspects of The Creation. She is a magnificently beautiful being who continually gives in a selfless manner, but so too is she going through a very natural transformation not unlike a caterpillar into a butterfly.

This transformation is a graduation that she has already earned and completed. The transformation is a relatively slow process from the point of view of your third-dimensional compression and your current perception of time. However, in the larger, never-ending cycles and infinite journeys of the soul, it is “in the twinkling of an eye” that this all takes place.

You ones are privileged to be part of this grand planetary experience. However, for the masses on your planet, this experience will not be appreciated fully at this time.

For the majority of you ones who have been drawn to this type of Message, you will find that you too are in a transformation process and you are beginning to come into a greater, conscious understanding of the nature of your role in this experience, as well as of the truly intimate nature of your relationship with great Mother Earth. Remember, please, our past lessons: Your individual energy fields are in constant overlap with the energy field of your planet, and thus the relationship IS truly intimate—whether you sense it or not.

Perhaps the greatest opportunity the third-dimensional experience provides to you ones is the compressive illusion of time. Your present environment provides conditions which slow down the vibrations of Light and Knowledge enough so that you can have the opportunity to appreciate and explore all of the infinitely subtle clues that give you insight into the awesome, infinite potentials of the One Whole, of which you are a part and seeking to understand more fully. Your Earth Mother plays a vital role as she facilitates this grand experience for you.

Seek and you shall find. Ask and it will be given. Your desire is what summons forth the Light (answers).

We of the Higher Realms are honor-bound and duty-bound to respect your free will. This means that we will not interfere with your lives and we will not offer that which will interfere with your individual choices. However, when you ASK for assistance through the acknowledgment of Higher Source, we of the Lighted Realms will ALWAYS send forth an answer.

If the request is purely for personal gain, then you are likely to receive “assistance” from those ones whom you would call Dark Energies. When you call for assistance that mostly involves the desire to be of assistance to others, you will always be answered by the Lighted Brotherhood in Service to Creator Source.

We ask that you ones be thoughtful in your requests. Go within and look back upon those times in your life of happiness and feelings of satisfaction, no matter how large or small. Isolate for yourself the common thread that binds these events together.

Most of you will find that your greatest satisfaction, sense of worth, and subsequent happiness comes from those times when you have freely given assistance to others. Whether it be a shoulder to cry upon, or a helping hand to someone in need, you will always find GIVING to be the common general thread for satisfaction.

Now, can you expand that picture to an appreciation of the constantly freely giving nature of Mother Earth?

The emotions of happiness, satisfaction, and sense of self worth all come to you in a response from your Higher Self. This communication is letting you know that you are indeed on a most productive path—one which is in alignment with why it is that you have chosen to come into the physical experience in the first place.

We who come to you in Service to Creator Source, and who have learned through experience the Wisdom of freely serving His Will, do so out of great Love, Compassion, and Understanding of the growth process you are now experiencing. We are not greater than you, nor are we lesser; we simply have learned, through the acquiring and responsible application of Knowledge, that serving others and sending forth Love is the most rewarding and satisfying path that leads to unlimited growth and understanding.

We offer the equivalent message to your planetary orb in the form of telepathic impressions and through the act of sending forth Light and Love to her—and to all life on your planet, in your solar system, in the many galaxies, and everything you can possibly conceive of as the “known” universe.

You may be asking the question (as my scribe just did) of why we choose, at this time, to place such a strong focus upon the spiritual aspect of the Lighted entity who is your Mother Earth. This is partly because many of the ones experiencing on your planet at this time were on Mars—and some from Maldek (the remnants of which make up your asteroid belt)—during similar learning experiences as those in which you now find yourselves. During those past experiences there was, for the most part, a disregard for the planetary entity’s well being, let alone an appreciation of the idea of Loving and Respecting the planetary entity.

At this time there are many of you who are in need of healing from these past indiscretions in personal choice. Remembering that there should be given utmost Respect and Love toward the planetary entity and ALL of its inhabitants is the key to facilitating this healing. Please know that there are ones on your orb who, if given the opportunity, would render your entire planet a desolate wasteland (much the way Mars was left) or blow it to pieces (as happened to Maldek).

We urge you all to look to the examples given forth herein, and look for the subtle implications of each. We cannot learn on your behalf and it is far more productive for you to play an active role in finding your own answers, rather than waiting for another to tell you what to do or when to do it. If you await upon another for your “instructions”, then you have become a puppet to some extent to the one upon whom you wait.


Use what Creator Source has uniquely bestowed upon each of you, and develop it for the good of ALL Creation. Please be understanding and supportive of Mother Earth—as Earth changes continue to transform the “caterpillar” into a magnificently beautiful new “butterfly” of The Creation.

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec. I am Geophysical Commander of this Earth Transition Project, through which many are experiencing a Grand Awakening and Renewal, along with Mother Earth. I come in Lighted Service to Creator Source—The One Light, God-Aton. I leave you all in Light and with appreciation for the various roles you are fulfilling at this time. Please share these Messages with anyone who you feel may find value herein. Salu.

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