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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Reminder To ALL To Discern Truth For Yourself

Good morning, little one. It is I, Aton, The One Light. I am the Breath of Life. I am Source of your Soul Essence. Be calm and find peace within My Light.

There is much change that will quickly be impacting your current experience. Players are being moved and responsibilities are going to be shifted to those who have proven their ability to handle same.

There shall be a greater demand for clarity in these times ahead. The Beast is among you and you see it not.

The Adversary plays his role well and is a master of third-dimensional illusion. He will cloud your minds with illusions of grandeur and get you ones chasing fantastic dreams—all under the pretense of serving the “Lighted” cause.

[Editor’s Historical Note: It was in the pivotal 3/15/99 issue of CONTACT that the “bomb” was finally dropped to publicly expose the greatly deteriorated condition of Doris Ekker’s receiving abilities. This news shocked some CONTACT readers (the asleep or lazy ones) and caused many others to cheer (the awake and observant ones). Such a daring move soon resulted in a lock-out confrontation, a “parting of the ways”, and then the formation of a new, high-integrity publication called The SPECTRUM, about three months later, by some of what had been the core CONTACT staff.

For several months before this split, the beloved spiritual Messages regularly shared in CONTACT (but not received by Doris) were sprinkled with hints about the situation. However, even such subtle “exposure” caused a spooked Doris and E.J. Ekker to strongly request that CONTACT refrain from sharing any further spiritual Messages “for awhile” soon after this one appeared in print. Supposedly the spiritual Messages were eroding confidence in certain (shady?) financial dealings of theirs going on in the Philippines, where they had been residing (that is, hiding out) for over six months by that time—beyond what was originally supposed to be a few-week “business trip” in August of 1998.

But the spiritual Messages were meant for a worldwide audience of appreciative Ground Crew, and so, finally, enough was enough! So the 3/15/99 CONTACT, as part of its eye-opening exposé, shared 13 “revealing” Messages (including several that had previously been held back from publication) with a readership that was justifiably in a buzz after seeing the startling front-page headline that read: Ed Young “Fired” As CONTACT Chief. Now The Truth Shall Out.

These 13 exquisitely lesson-filled Messages were received by two superb receivers, both of whom, in their own way, had to long endure (and ultimately rise above) Doris Ekker’s bouts of jealous wrath directed toward any perceived intrusion on her self-proclaimed “territory”.

This present Message is chronologically #5 of the 13 total that were shared in that pivotal 3/15/99 issue of CONTACT.]

Any distraction from purpose can be considered a success for the Adversary. Whether it be an annoying mosquito which keeps you from concentrating in the moment, or a maiming of the physical body in a direct assault to remove you from the playing field, the Adversary is a genius at his testing game.


A great but subtle laziness has crept into the more recent receivings of some of our more “seasoned” receivers who feel that there is little need to demand identification from even the most familiar entity. This should raise “red flags” in the minds of all who read these writings.

There is a fundamentally important reason for the Messages that come via this public newspaper route to have the clarification of intent and source as an explicit, integral part of the Writings. First, it establishes the intent of the receiver as to keeping their shielding up. Second, it helps the reader reaffirm and call-in the Light while reading. And third, it stands as an example to all about how very important even the most subtle (simple) of things can be.

I, Aton, caution all readers to henceforth question any and all writings, including this one. Read them as if they are from a master con-artist who will give you great truth 99% of the time, only to suck you in and distract, or even destroy, you with the remaining 1%.

You ones shall bear witness to great atrocities and see millions who follow blindly, not just purposeful deceivers, but even well-intending ones who realize not their overshadowment by the Adversarial Forces.

The Adversary still has many tricks “up his sleeve” and even you more experienced ones will have not seen some of these “new” twists.


Forewarned means you now have an educated viewpoint from which to make your OWN choices. You may claim ignorance if you like, but I know you, and I know what you know. I shall allow each and every one of you to your own free-will choice.

I will honor your choice, even if it is to serve those Forces which oppose My Lighted Wisdom. I will not force you to see or force you to hear, nor will I force you to partake of the many gifts offered to en-Light-en your path.

All who walk the Lighted path stumble along their journey. It is an integral part of the learning.

Those who get back up and persist forward are the ones who grow and become wise. Those who focus upon hiding and otherwise making excuses for their “humanness” leave themselves open to a level of ego manipulation which the Adversary plays like a skilled musician.

The path is fraught with great challenges (potholes) along the way. The more you travel down the road, the greater the challenges become, and the wiser you will need to be.

But, so too do ones become more and more tired of climbing up out of the potholes. And in the fatigue comes a laziness in which ones will simply find it easier to “rest” awhile and try to remember why it was so important to walk the path in the first place.

This again is the Adversary getting in and clouding the thoughts with subtle doubts and uncertainty. There is ALWAYS a way back out of the “rut” or “hole” that you may find yourself in. The most difficult one to get out of is the one that you either cannot admit to having fallen into, or you are not aware of being in, in the first place.

Again, if the Adversary gets you one degree off course, and though from day to day you notice not the “drifting”, you may very well “wake-up” one day and see that you have wandered several miles off your intended course—only to be too embarrassed (another tool often used by the Adversary) to admit to yourself (or others) that you have been “played” by the Adversary.

This is the nature of your current schoolroom.

I hold not My receivers responsible for what YOU-the-reader do with the information they offer. However, they will always hold themselves accountable for their actions taken. If they have allowed the subtle influence of Adversarial manipulation to enter into their writings, and they go forth under the guise of an assumed name, then they will surely feel the return energy flow from such error in discernment.


This means not just asking: “Do you come in Light?” But even more importantly: “In whose Light?”!

To all of you who read—and accept without question—EVERY word from such received Messages, I say that you are already off course in terms of personal growth.

Just where does your own PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY enter into such blind faith in others?! Go within and hear My voice for YOURSELF!

If you see contradiction in a writing from an entity who, say, has stated otherwise in an earlier presentation, then go within and seek clarification. Perhaps you ones are being tested to see who is awake and who is on “auto-pilot”.

When you read something that does not “sit” right with you, then seek clarification within. If what you feel still “bothers” you, then speak up and voice your concern. You will do a great service for the ones who have become lax or sloppy in their communication skills.

All of My Host are experts in communicating, so where might the breakdown be? If you do not demand Truth for yourself, then you will not have Truth.

Also, know that I and My Host have infinite patience for you ones. All who come in service to expanding the greater awareness of Creation do so as a matter of FREE-WILL CHOICE. Each have infinite patience for you ones and infinite capacity to forgive.

Likewise, each are experts at balancing sternness with compassion and love. None here love any of you less when we see you make a mistake. We only wish for you ones to have the growth that you desire. This desire comes from the depths of your soul and is the primary reason for choosing to face challenges such as you are now facing.

I offer these words as a template of sorts so that you may refer to them and remember where you come from and where you are heading. The Adversarial Forces (those who choose to disconnect from Source and oppose those who choose to remain connected) must ALWAYS wear a sign. The clues are ALWAYS there—so no excuses, please!

If you want to be a part of a group who sit around and meditate and chant, then do it. But, maintain reason, and when the leader tells you all to wear your Nike tennis shoes and asks you to drink the “special” Kool-aid, have enough sense to say: NO, THANK YOU!

Who are these so-called leaders? Who is it who you rely upon to make your Connection for you? Again, where does PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY enter into this picture?

When will you realize that YOU are the miracle and that YOU have the gift of creating within you?

The CONTACT newspaper is for those of you who have come to assist your brothers in need of Guidance. You have each volunteered to come forth in the physical so that there would be an awakened voice to speak out and expose the atrocities of the Darkened ones who drain the Life Force from everything they touch.

Those of you who are drawn to CONTACT for insight and useful information are among the “Ground Crew” for My Host.

But do not think for one moment that one needs to read (or even know about) CONTACT in order to be “Ground Crew”—for there are MANY who simply follow their own Guidance (Conscience) and do their job. For these ones the challenges of the newspaper would only serve to distract them from their particular chosen path.

Do not place any one or any thing above another. My Plans are perfect and EACH of you play a role, whether you see it or not.

I need scientists as much as I need philosophers and receivers. But most importantly, I need independent thinkers and DOers. The faces of My poor little children, who come from broken homes, Light up not because of the money dealers on Wall Street, but because of the dedicated ones who serve the only decent meal of their day at school cafeterias.

This is My Plan in action!

Seek first Knowledge and Truth. Let not the limitations of imposed beliefs and prevailing thought distract YOU from following YOUR own unique path.

Still yourself and sense the inner, feeling state of resonance that lets you know when something is RIGHT or WRONG (truth or lie). Be not afraid to speak out and challenge what you feel to be distorted or “spin-doctored” information.

None of My Host mind in the least to be challenged—and would prefer that you did so more often than has been the case. Again, My Host have infinite patience relative to anything you can conceive in the physical, and will not get upset with you.

If the physical receiver becomes annoyed with you for doing so, then call them to task, for you are NOT addressing them! Or are you?

Learn the lesson that each day brings and seek always the greater “reality”—the one which adds the greatest clarity to any situation.

Be quick to forgive those who err, and you will find that others will likewise be quick to forgive you when you err.

Look for newness in each day, and allow for the changes of course to be interjected into your consciousness. The very reason may be to get you back on the path you never knew you left.

Be at peace, little one, for all happens for a reason and all shall unfold in Perfection. Just remember that the Perfection I speak of is MY viewpoint of Perfection and is not limited by the thinking of physical man.

The greater the growth potential of any situation, the greater is the Perfection of the situation. You shall all grow immensely in the coming years upon your orb!

Follow your own path, and seek always clarification and balance.

Cast not stones upon another, and be quick to forgive those who still feel a need to cast stones at you. It is out of ignorance that these ones do such things. This same ignorance is why they have chosen to come into this experience at this time. When you show them that you need not get offended by their actions, you have helped show them a better way.

I am Aton, The One Light! I am the Spark of Life that animates your bodies and fires your souls. You are ALL a part of My Oneness. What YOU experience, so too do I experience.

Walk always with your head held high and your heart open in the expression of Appreciation and Love for all life, everywhere. Blessings and Peace! Salu.

Follow Your Heart-Sense And Let Others Do Likewise
Feel The Changes In The Air For 1999 & Beyond