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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Desire Is What Gets The Creative Juices Flowing!

Good morning, my friend. It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source. Be at peace.

As Geophysical Commander of this Earth Transition mission, I would briefly call to your attention the greatly increased earthquake activity in the region of your South Pacific. For some, this is being regarded as “business as usual”. However, along with all of the other clues of heightened planetary anomalies being observed at this time, it will soon become apparent that Mother Earth is efforting, without further hesitation, along her path toward a rebalanced state.


All is unfolding into magnificent Perfection. Do not concern yourself with that which others do or think, for that is none of your business. Perfection has many ways of expressing, and often will look like failure from an external, physical viewpoint. This is to say that what physical man places value upon is often regarded as trivial from our point of view, in terms of what has true value—Soul growth!

The experience of life and living in the third-dimensional environment is perhaps the greatest teacher. In the many attempts to start and focus upon a desire or goal, there is the initiation of the creative flows of the infinite Life-Force Energy. Regardless of the apparent success (or failure) of any such attempt, there is indeed great value to the ones who set forth into motion these Creative Forces.

The value comes in the form of recognizing the process of creating.

Pre-planning and determined focus on the end result will get you ones very far down the road of manifesting your desires. It is most often that you ones get sidetracked into a direction that looks appealing in the moment, and thus you lose focus, even if just temporarily, of the larger picture—Soul growth.

This too is fine, for there are no rules which say how or what you must or should focus your Energy upon. Some focus with great intensity, and they are like a laser beam which cuts a straight and narrow path to reaching their goals. Others, the majority, are very undisciplined in their mental focus, and tend to drift toward their goals, and are often easily distracted.

Distraction comes in an infinite variety of forms, and though distraction may cause time delays in the manifesting of the end result desired, it also provides you ones with quite objective experiences from which to draw upon. There is value in all experience and there is truly no activity which is a complete waste of time.

Even the most mundane of distractions will lead one to a point of boredom, and out of the perfect state of boredom is born a great desire for change and newness. This desire summons forth change, and the boredom is often replaced with a new challenge.

Allow your inner connection to Creator Source to show you that which will lead you to more productive endeavors. When you truly understand the Power of your being, you will draw into your experience that which will be most satisfying, productive, and valuable.

One need not go anywhere “special” or “sacred” for “miracles of creation” to occur.

You each would do well to recognize that ALL are special and sacred, and where you are physically located has nothing to do with your ability to connect to the infinite Life-Force Energy and allow it to flow abundantly through you.

Worry not over those things you have done in the past. There is no wasted time, for the experiences of life are full of ebbs and flows, and the greatest realizations often come after a bout with boredom and mediocrity or other avenues of avoidance of the challenges in front of you.

When ones learn to manifest perfect anger or grief, they also are preparing the way for a “sling-shot” effect toward being able to recognize and manifest a greater joy than they have previously known! This is to say that when ones become completely bored with being angry or grief stricken, they will, in that moment of complete overwhelm, “give up” (let go) and there will come a release of the emotional blockage of Energy. Then the infinite Life-Force Energy will once again be allowed to flow, and the new and creative ideas will once again come forth.

There is never anything that truly stops this infinite Energy. It is infinitely abundant and without beginning or end. You are given the ability to do with it what you will. If you choose to disallow this Energy to flow and be a natural part of your experience, then that is fine. It is still there, awaiting the time when you once again summon it forth.

This Energy is very non-judgmental in that, no matter what you have done, it will still be there for you in all of its infinite Potential. There are no wrong ways to use this Energy, for even in the event of creating something which hurts another in some way, you are “rewarded” with an experience which will cause you inner turmoil that will eventually help you to grow in understanding and balance and wisdom of its usage.

Again: Those things which many of you place great importance upon are often insignificant in terms of the infinite life experience of the Soul. Most of you are several trillion years old! How important is that old gold ring you used to wear when you were experiencing on Atlantis? Or, how important is that shuttle craft you used to fly prior to choosing your current experience?

Do you see that many of you place too much significance on having “things” and you view your lives as successful in terms of your material status in life. This too is fine, and we would like for you all to have as much or as little as you like. There is complete abundance in the universe, and all can have it all!

The point here is to realize that YOU are creator of YOUR reality. If you feel that you somehow must work hard and hammer away at whatever you consider to be “success”, then you may certainly do so, if such “success” be your desire.

There is, however, an easier way. Simply change the self-imposed limitation that says “I must work hard for...” to a belief that is not restricting, such as “All I have to do is focus my thoughts upon what I am wanting, and hold my desire in mind without any resistance, and it will naturally flow into my experience.”

Now, this sounds wonderful, and many of you will say “Yeah, sure! I’ve tried this and it doesn’t work that way for me!” To you ones I would suggest you be patient and realize that what you have actually done is to put forth many contradicting desires.

For example, your desire for, say, money is often countered with a mental focus upon NOT having money. Therefore you have both the desire for money and the desire for (mental focus upon) the lack of money. These two wave patterns mostly cancel-out one another in Energy space!


Yes, I am aware that this is somewhat of a “Catch 22” situation (a paradox of sorts). The simple facts of the matter are that many of you struggle unnecessarily because you have not yet recognized that YOU create that which YOU focus your attention upon.

When you become content with what you have, you will not likely ever have anything more. Likewise, when you desire change, and you go out and look for newness, you are often finding new things to experience and learn, or new people to interact with and thus learn from.

Do you not see that newness and learning are what you truly desire— much more than all the physical objects?

Do you think that most go out and buy an airplane prior to ever having flown in one? Not many! Ones typically first go out and fly in one, and then there is born a great desire to become a pilot, and for some a desire to have their own airplane.

Each of these steps builds upon the one preceding—in a natural, unfolding manner.

Moreover, the successful pilots will be the ones who never even entertained the idea that it would be a difficult endeavor to learn to fly. They simply allowed their innate desire to fly to guide them along their new path of learning.

Another way to say this is that you ALL have goals. Always look forward to your goals. Looking back will only serve to create that which you already have. Seek newness with each day and you will find that your life will transform into a much fuller, free-flowing experience.

Pay attention to your intuition! You all have it and you would be wise to pay closer attention to this great gift. If you think you don’t have intuition, then it is because you haven’t been paying attention to what you are feeling, and most likely you don’t pay very close attention to what you are thinking about, either.

When you get angry, do you sit and “stew” in your anger? Why not try “stewing” in your joys? Wallow in your delights! Do you see that it is YOU who decides which way it will be?

Truly understanding (taking to heart) this basic Message will give you ones the necessary tool you need and are desiring in order to go forth and live the experiences you are wanting.


The Dark elite world controllers work quite deliberately, through all their avenues of mind control, to keep you from realizing this basic, incredible Potential.

Ones of you who regularly listen to the Coast-To-Coast late-night talk-radio program will be dramatically aware of the lesson we are conveying here. On several occasions, as an experiment, the host of that program, Art Bell, has asked his large listening audience to mentally focus upon various projects—which have ranged from boosting the health of a popular guest (who was very ill at that time), to modifying serious weather conditions. The success observed in each of the seven or so experiments attempted has so startled Mr. Bell that he has temporarily suspended further projects while he considers the implications and consequences of such endeavors!

This was simply many minds focused simultaneously upon the same goal (desire). And while Mr. Bell is now a bit apprehensive about “playing” with forces that he does not fully understand, he is basically exercising his God-given right as a co-creator.

Of course personal responsibility is a key ingredient in the growth of all beings who are expanding in their co-creational abilities. However, it is likewise important to recognize your fears (one of the quickest ways to disconnect self from Source) as they will only serve to distract you from your goals and disconnect you from that most essential Inner Guidance.

You each have an Inner Guidance to help you along with each step of your creative unfolding—if you but allow this connection to Infinite Source.

Your teachers come in many forms and are indeed all around you—including Mr. Bell! Recognize that each being has a unique gift to bring and a unique perspective to share. Even if the perception of another is in direct opposition to yours, you will still provide one another with quite a challenging experience as you each tap into the “sea” of Creative Energy to “prove” your respective points!

The truth of the matter is often that you both are holding onto inaccurate beliefs, and the result will usually be an evolution of thought, arriving at a newness of realization, as ideas are shared. If you enjoy debating, then you will do so regardless!


Chances are they will give you clues and insights into fears or limitations behind their considerations. At this point, an inspired question offered to them will often do more toward advancing the debate along a productive path than will the forceful thrusting forth of YOUR explanation.

A good teacher will ask questions and allow the student to find their own answers. A good student will ask a lot of questions. Do you see that this is, in effect, inspiring ones to summon forth the natural Creative Energies?

Remember: “The call (question) compels the answer.” Or stated more directly: The desire summons forth that which will fulfill the desire.

Your desires are what summon forth the means to move mountains, go into space, bring forth a new cake recipe, or create in any way. There is no invention ever built that did not first start with a desire. There is no project undertaken that did not begin with a desire. All actions you take are born from a desire.


I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in response to the desire for knowing and for clarification which many of you are setting forth. As always, I am but a part of the infinite Energy cycle of interchange and growth. I come in the Light of Creator God and my intention is to assist you in maximizing the lasting (Soul growth) value of your experience. Salu!

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