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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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A Look At Your Genetic Link To Well-Being

Good morning, old friend. It is I, Master Hilarion, come to commune once again with you in order to bring forth a much desired clarity on recent subjects.

Yes, I do come in and of the One Light. My intent is to fulfill Creator’s promise to you ones for Guidance and Understanding. I represent the heart energy of Creator’s infinite One Body of Life.

There are many on your planet who can see the colors and other various aspects of the human energy fields associated with the human physical body. Many of these ones have also learned to correlate, and thus interpret, what they observe. And this is a good step toward true understanding.

But, observing a natural phenomenon does not always mean one understands HOW this phenomenon truly comes about and functions in the first place. Take, for example, you observe a person with blond hair. Because you see the color of the hair, does this mean you recognize automatically the reason WHY the person’s hair color is blond?

No, not usually. Of course a lot of it has to do with physical genetic structure of the body, but what are these DNA strands in the first place? How do they function? Your scientists can take them apart and reassemble them in various sequences. They can tamper with them and manipulate them. But, how do they really function?

These “little” building blocks are, in actuality, tiny electromagnetic transmitters and receivers which are in phase-synchronization with the human energy fields. (This is to say, in effect, that even your human body is a lot more than what appears solidly in the physical!)

The exact sequence of one’s DNA structure acts as a “tuning” device which an entity (the non-physical essence of you) can associate with and influence. The exact frequency can be (and is) modified by the entity who inhabits a particular body.

Usually an entity is not concerned about manipulating the hair color of a body. For the most part, one’s Soul intent for the body is that there be a general sense of well being.

While the body is exquisite in design and function, the Higher (Soul) Self is quite aware that the body is not anything more than a temporary (temporal) focusing mechanism for the entity to utilize and experience through. (I have often referred to the body as a “bio-electric sensing machine” in several earlier writings on this subject.)

So, why put forth great energy to change one’s hair color, eye color, height or such? There really is no need for such a distraction from the purpose-perspective of the Higher Self. Though any such physical alterations are quite possible, it is not generally the intent of an entity to do so.

Though your so-called scientists think they know what they are doing with their little experiments of manipulating physical tissues, they have little understanding of the true nature or intent of the DNA structures they are playing with. They can and are manufacturing animated “creatures” which have NO soul to guide or connect with, and thus are mere robotic animations, easily manipulated and programmed.

If and when God deems it appropriate, He will give to these manufactured creatures a soul consciousness and, in effect, rewrite and fortify their programming. It is merely a matter of TRUE physics.

What, you may be asking at this point, does any of this have to do with clarifying recent subjects?

You each modify and influence the properties of your physical body on a constant basis. For instance, you ones recognize the observable phenomena of “rapid aging” associated with stress. Some of you have witnessed ones who have been so frightened that their hair literally turns white overnight.

What are the reasons for such?

This is an example of an extreme condition of disconnect from the Source of well-being, a condition that is brought about by a lack of recognition and understanding of the true nature of your NON-physical self.

When ones are upset, their emotional frequency alters (lowers) and there becomes a constrictive blockage in the communication between the energy of the Higher, life-giving Soul-you and the physical body. Usually this is only a partial blockage of the flow of energy; a complete constriction would leave the body motionless and dead.

There would appear to be a contradiction in my explanation of the energy-flow physics. Some ones may ask: “Well, if what you say is so, then how can the non-souled, manufactured creatures exist at all, much less stay alive?”

The answer to this important question, in simple terms for the scope of this Writing, is that each cell (cellular entity) has the capacity to draw basic energies to power itself (and run its electro-chemical metabolism) from the domain that your scientists have only recently come to recognize and label as the “zero-point” energies of free space.

This is the same physics that allows for the operation of so-called “free-energy” devices (or motors) of seeming perpetual motion. (There is much to this subject which we will not get into at this time, but you deeper thinkers may recognize the connection between the existence of such “zero-point” energies and God’s Divine Will permeating All That Is.)

Thus, manufactured cellular structures can “be alive” in basic physical terms, but not !BE ALIVE! as is possible with coupling between physical matter and a higher-dimensional Soul Essence.

Now, the “down side” of the coupling of Soul Essence with physical cellular matter (that can otherwise “run” on its own, in a “neutral” condition, so to speak) is that, from a state of fear, the coupled entity can cause stress constrictions in life-energy flows which the neutral, purely physical structure would not experience on its own. In a sense, YOU can “get in the way” of your physical self!

These kinds of energy-constricting phenomena can be observed in the various aspects or layers of the body’s energy fields. And though most do not see these phenomena, most do feel the effects of disconnections. These are the ones who are “difficult” to stay around because of their “negativity”. Actually, their “bad vibes” are due to their chronic disconnection state, which is a direct opposite to what feels pleasant.

This chronic disconnection state comes about from overly fixating upon fears and worries, and usually takes decades to manifest in the form of a major illness. Please KNOW that there is truly nothing to be afraid of—EVER! Likewise, there is nothing truly worth worrying about or getting upset over so as to cause you to disconnect from the only Source of Life that there is.

Yet many, out of ignorance of true spiritual fact, will continually justify and rationalize the “need” to worry and get upset. This is all fine as far as we of the Host are concerned. Whether you choose to paint the walls in your house white, brown, or pink, we don’t care! These are your choices. Why would we interfere?

Likewise, if you choose to disconnect from Source, then why would we ever wish to stand in your way? We will not interfere with your choices—EVER!

However, many beg to be “healed” or beg to have someone come and rescue them from what they often perceive is a condition of being a victim of harsh luck or happenstance. Since we do not interfere with your choices, this means that you must come to grips with the fact that you generate the frequency vibration which causes an out-of-phase signal that interferes with the natural functioning of the physical body.

Some will say that they are “genetically predisposed” to having a heart attack or kidney trouble. We would say that more likely it is that you are “frequency disposed” to having such illnesses—meaning that, because you may be heavily influenced by your parents’ attitudes and emotional energy fields, you tend to pick-up and emulate the same frequency vibrations, and thus manifest similar illnesses.

With proper awareness of what actually has a greater effect on the overall well-being of a body, one can begin to deliberately modify conditions of the body. These are the tools you need in order to bring yourself back into balance when an out-of-balance condition exists. They are also the keys to preventative maintenance and continual well-being of the body.

You must realize that we are NOT going to come into your home and re-paint your walls because you are unhappy with the color! Likewise, we are not going to “mystically” take over your body and rebalance the conditions that YOU HAVE CHOSEN FOR YOURSELF.

You may be saying: “But, I don’t want to be sick and feel pain. So why am I sick?”

Do you worry over such things as money, survival, children, or grandchildren?

Do you get overly upset over events and plans that don’t go your way?

Do you get frustrated regularly over the choices and decisions which others make—like the way they raise their children or won’t listen to “reason”?

Do you get angry on a regular basis with the manner in which other people drive their cars?

Do you “put up” with the perceived inadequacies of others on a regular basis?

Do you find yourself getting upset on a regular basis for ANY reason?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then KNOW and SEE how you are creating your own illness. If you are “sick” and still deny that any of this applies to you, then ask a close friend or relative, someone who knows you well, what it is that THEY think you get upset about the most. Be prepared for startling revelations.

Again we get back to last week’s topic of how the “little” things affect your overall well-being and your ability to function in a well-balanced manner. There is no need to ever feel chronically tired or sick.

Learn to stay centered, balanced, and in good spirits, under any and all circumstances, and you will find that the revitalizing energy will once again be a common part of your daily experience.

The hardest concept that we observe you ones having trouble coming to grips with is the fact that you create your own inner illnesses. Though this Writing is more focused on the causes behind the well-being (or not) of THE BODY, be assured that the same mechanisms of balance and focus hold true for creating anything in the physical experience.

My intent is to bring a greater understanding of your influence over the physical experience. From this recognition you will be one step closer to realizing the true nature and potential of your being.

I can but offer to you these insightful tools so that you might realize that YOU indeed do have the ability to “re-paint the walls” of YOUR “house” and restore same to a level of freshness and newness.

I am Hilarion—Healer, Teacher, and more commonly known as the Ascended Master of the Emerald Ray. I leave you all in the warmth and assurance that you will all find the balance you desire in your own way and in your own time. Peace and well-being to you ALL! Salu.

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