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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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High Frequency Equals Greater Opportunities

Greetings, old friend! It is I, Serapis Bey, Master Teacher of the Fourth (crystal clear) Aspect of Creator’s spectral expression. I represent the fulcrum or balance point between the first three and the last three Aspects whom you ones commonly refer to as the Ascended Masters.

I prefer the direct approach to communicating my Messages, and therefore I am less “colorful” than are some of my compatriots. Please do not be disturbed if my bluntness comes across too strongly.

Your world has entered the Cleansing Phase of the Great Transition. This is a purification of sorts which will ensure that the like-minded, high-frequency beings of proper attunement and preparation will evolve as caretakers, along with your planetary orb Earth-Shan.

The evolving conditions of frequency increase will not be suitable for low-frequency energy systems. Many of you are finding that inner stress is building at an ever increasing rate, and those “minor” annoyances that caused subtle irritation even a year ago will likely make you physically ill in a very short time this day.

The ever increasing frequency of the Earth-Shan planetary system is causing many a “rational” person to do quite “insane” acts. There are, indeed, many reasons for this, not the least of which is the susceptibility of the physical body to damaging man-made electromagnetic pulse-wave frequencies, deliberate biological attacks, and various mind- control media propaganda. All of these are designed to place and keep ones in a low- energy, low-frequency state.

“How”—you may be asking—“can I keep my frequency and energy level up?”

First and foremost is to catch yourself as soon as possible when you notice that you are feeling stress, frustration, anger, or any sort of negative feelings, and realize that you do NOT have to be in that low-frequency state. Also, appreciate that these same low-frequency feeling-indicators serve you as a very sophisticated (yet simple to utilize) bio-feedback mechanism.

Recognize that these low-frequency states disconnect you from the Infinite Creative Source, and that there is rarely (if ever) a truly productive thought or idea to be had while in such a state.

As you move out of the anger, frustration, or apathy, and into a higher-frequency range, you will begin to open up again the energy-flow pathway (the natural position is wide open) and thus create a condition of greater potential for receiving inspirational ideas and thoughts.

Grief-stricken persons will usually walk around in a semi-conscious state, not fully aware of what they are doing. Why? Because this state is such a complete polar opposite to that of the Higher Self (the Soul-you). One will become almost completely disconnected from Source due to the effects of such a low vibrational frequency.

Severe depression can also result in death or near-death conditions of the body-vehicle as a result of this nearly constant disconnect (lack of Life Force) resulting from that low-frequency state.

The non-physical aspect of you (the real you, your Higher Self, not the “outer covering”) knows that there is nothing truly bad or negative which warrants lingering in such a low-frequency vibration.

As your frequency lowers, the physical you become more and more irrational, desperate, and disconnected from Source. Usually this state will cause a rapid downward spiral of impacting negativity (as you attract more of the same). If that negative state becomes chronic, the physical you can become seriously ill (especially cancers and heart troubles) and you can eventually cause a complete disconnect of your Higher Self’s Life-Force Energy from the body—resulting in death of the body.

We in the non-physical realms witness many a potential Ground Crew member sliding into these lower-frequency ranges. This is most often due to the dwelling upon feelings of frustration and/or apprehension. Many of you will lapse into these lower-vibrational frequencies in a subtle manner on a regular basis. The regularity begins to breed comfort through familiarity, and then you ones will often begin to look for justifications for anger, frustration, or grief.

You can justify this situation as much as you like, however the facts remain that you become disconnected from Source, and thus BY CHOICE you move away from the natural high-frequency state of your true (Higher) self. The result is inner pain and needless suffering.

These kinds of downward-spiraling habits—when you insist upon holding onto their “comfort”—will only serve to leave you behind and disable you as a viable participant in the unfolding growth opportunity available in the coming years.

There is no need to justify your anger, guilt, or frustrations! Do you hear ones trying to defend their joy and justify their happiness? Not too often—and if you do, it is because they are feeling guilty about something else that happened in their earlier experiences.

Your natural state is one of happiness and joy, for you are all born of that common vibration.


This leaves an imprint, a “genetic”-type of signature that in essence IS you!

From a high-frequency state you CANNOT feel depressed or upset. Yet most of you find yourselves all too often in these lower emotional states of doubt and worry and such. Why is this?

Again we get right back to very fundamental spiritual concepts: YOU have allowed yourself to slip into these lower emotional states, and then you will generally deny (to yourself and to others) that YOU had anything to do with it. It “just happened”.

NOTHING “just happens”! There is reason for all that happens and for all that is.

Self discipline is the key to recognizing and understanding how it is that YOU got yourself to where you are this day.

If you are continually happy and excited about life and living, then this is because you have learned to stay connected to Source despite the conditions and vibrations of others. You will also be the ones who will still be able to function quite nicely as the planet and all of her many inhabitants go through the Transformation. You will be the ones who will rebuild and bring forth the ideals of “Heaven” and manifest them, in the physical, on Earth.

Among other challenges of this Great Planetary Transformation, there will be traumatic events which will cause many an “innocent” person to die (leave the physical). You will need to be firmly grounded in your spiritual understanding that this dying is merely the stoppage of functioning of the physical apparatus—and not the end of the Soul being.

This situation is much like when you get out of your car (vehicle) and shut off the motor. It will stop functioning and just sit there, still and non-moving. But the vehicle is not you!

If you neglect (stay away from) the vehicle for too long, the battery will drain, the tires will rot, rust will seize the engine, and eventually the car will never work again.

So what. You can always go and get into another new car and drive it around for awhile. Just don’t get too attached to that “car”—again, because it is not you!

The point here is that you who appreciate these Messages will need to draw upon your understanding of the Natural Laws of the Universe. Through such Inner Knowing you will be able to maintain your certainty that, though some of these coming experiences may be uncomfortable, each souled being had an opportunity to play a unique high-frequency role in this growth and evolution event. Only those who where disciplined enough to see the value of keeping in a high-frequency state will be around after the completion of the cycle.

Learn to be able to observe severe (low-frequency) conditions without matching your frequency with the condition. This is not an easy task, for most of you are far more empathic than you realize.

If you see a small child being yelled at in a public place, most of you would sooner get upset for the “poor” child, who you may view as a victim of “bad” parents. Would it not be more productive (to you, and eventually to the child) if, when you view such an incident, you simply send an uplifting thought (prayer) toward both the parents and the child, that they might both grow in understanding of who they are and why they have chosen one another for their current challenges?

This kind of action is being IN the world, but NOT becoming a part of the low-frequency aspect of the world that only serves to disconnect you from Source. You each came forth wanting to be a high-frequency, high-energy uplifter, and to create a high-frequency environment, and show others how to do same.

You can only do this if you, yourself, are able to consistently maintain a high-frequency state. You then attract others (resources) into your experience who radiate the same high- frequency state, and then there will be the necessary momentum generated to bring forth and manifest this desire.

The bottom line is: Recognize the true Nature and Potential of your being, and bring this high-frequency aspect out in all situations, despite the apparent negativity of a situation. In doing so, you become the Light in the darkness, the calm amidst the confusion, and the one who will afford others a greater opportunity to grow.

You are all the product of Creator’s perfection! Feel, understand, and KNOW this!

I am Serapis Bey. I come as Teacher, Guide, and Friend to all who desire to have same. I am born of the Light and I come as Representative of the Fourth Aspect of Creator God’s spectral expression. It is my nature to be direct and to-the-point in my teaching, so that ones can more easily appreciate the beauty and simplicity of Creator’s Lighted Thought. Salu!

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