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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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The Role You Play In Healing A Planet

Good evening, my scribe. It is I, Esu “Jesus” Sananda, come in the Light and Oneness of Creator God—Father-Mother Source of All That Is.

Be still and find peace and knowing that ALL happens for a reason, and that at levels beyond your current conscious awareness, there is a synchronistic balance to all events that unfold in the physical realms of Creation.

Many ones are searching for insight and understanding during these times of rapid transformation. There are many avenues presented to you ones at this time, and this message is but one such avenue. Diligent seekers of Truth will not have difficulty finding that which they seek. Most often, the difficult part is recognizing Truth when it crosses your path. Far too many ones who search for Higher Knowing and Understanding often allow personal prejudices, preconceptions, and fears to keep them from that which they innately desire.

When there is dissatisfaction felt at the heart level of feeling, you can take that as a sure sign that you have grown past the “common” explanations for the world’s structure and functioning. For the most part, your world is one in which both cause and effect are looked for in the EXTERNAL physical world. The “advanced” scientists and so-called rational thinkers would have you believe that human consciousness is derived out of matter, and that it is the evolution of the physical brain which gives rise to consciousness.

However, you ones who see beyond the physical reflections, into the higher dimensions (higher-frequency ranges of energies), will testify to the fact that this is indeed the exact opposite of the factual structure of the physical environment. You will see and know that consciousness PRECEDES physical structure, and that ALL manifestations in the physical have prior manifestations on higher-frequency, non-physical planes of existence.

Those who have great difficulty in believing anything except for what they can see, touch, or perceive with their five physical senses, will naturally laugh or scoff at those who would present such “ludicrous” statements of “delusions”. Most often what are behind such REACTIONARY actions are deep fears of personal responsibility. These ones would love to PROVE that the soul does not exist, so that they would have no need to feel responsible for their choices and actions in any given life expression.

However, it is often these highly educated ones who have to confront the many “mysterious” phenomena that only find explanation in the existence of the non-physical frequency ranges—dimensions that are consciously perceivable by the mind, but not by the normal five physical senses.

The structure of physical matter is held in place and given order from the finer-frequency dimensions of energy. These finer-frequency dimensions respond and react to consciousness in proportion to emotional energy content. The greater the emotional energy, the more pronounced will be the shifts in non-physical space that then begin to precipitate into the physical.

Often it is many years of accumulation of heartache (emotional pain and stress) that lead to the many diseases associated with aging of the physical body. It would stand to reason that the longer you experience in the physical, the more incidents of emotional experience that are accumulated. When ones hold on to the “negative” events of life experience, and re-live them over and over again in their minds, they will miss out on opportunities to experience the balancing energies of love and peace.

The choices you make to dwell on such “negativity” will only serve to distort your personal energy field in such a manner as to cause restrictions in your energy field (auric field). These restrictions will, in turn, lead to malfunctions of various organs and tissues as you are, in effect, restricting the life-giving energies of Consciousness from flowing to (and through) an aspect of yourself, in an effort to avoid (wall off) the pain.

Over years and years of accumulated experiences, often ones are caused (through soul-level self-choice) to have more and more experiences that will once again cause energy to flow to these “walled off” areas wherein emotional shutdown has occurred. Each time this happens the intent is to generate experiences that will give insight into an aspect of yourself that is lacking understanding and balance.

Esu “Jesus” Sananda


This reproduction is from an actual photograph taken on June 1, 1961 in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, by one of thirty archaeologists working in the area at the time. Esu Sananda appeared in visible, tangible body and permitted his photograph to be taken.

Your world is full of ones who will not allow themselves to truly feel emotions such as love, for they live in great fear of being hurt. This fear is so great that these ones believe it is far better to never allow themselves to be “open” (vulnerable) to the pain of rejection, so that such pain will never be experienced, ever again. This reactionary behavior is only possible for those who do not truly understand the basic INNER CONNECTEDNESS of ALL ones, EVERYWHERE, and that there is no separation. In short, the pain is due to their own ignorance of WHO they are and the TRUE nature of the physical experience.

This does not mean that such pain is not real. It means that, with the proper education and experience, a greater reality is achieved wherein such perceptions of rejection and disconnect are not possible, and therefore the fear of pain that ones often associate with expressing love toward another is likewise viewed as ridiculous.

How do you get to the point of perceiving for yourself the inner connectedness of all ones and the “non-separation” that truly exists? You do this through constant examination of self, and generating a strong desire to KNOW TRUTH and have BALANCE in your life. Follow this desire wherever it may lead you. There are many, many unique paths that lead to this self-realization. A strong emotional desire and an unwavering focus on knowing will generate unique experiences in your life that will cause you to expand your awareness.

Be diligent and open to “new” ideas. Often the so-called new ideas are found in some of the oldest recorded teachings available on your planet.

Effort to recognize and to put aside the learned skepticisms and prejudices you may have acquired at some point between your birth and now. These are limiting preconceptions holding you back from a greater awareness of the world around you.

For example, remember that often the children see into the finer spirit realms. The “imaginary” playmate (often one of the child’s spirit guides) is explained out of existence by the parents who are embarrassed since they think their child is “acting crazy”—especially as such behavior would cause “damage” to the reputation of the parents themselves if such behavior were allowed to go on without “correction”.

Such inhibiting “corrections” in most cases will need to be un-learned for the majority of ones experiencing in your world at this time if any significant advancements are going to be made in personal awareness. This task of “correcting the corrections” may seem to be an overwhelming one—if you were to look at the current state of your planet’s spiritual awareness at present. However, please KNOW that you are ALL inter-connected with each other, and at the higher levels of consciousness there is only Oneness.

So, as you, as an individual, expand your awareness, you will likewise expand the awareness of ALL ones, EVEYWHERE. As you un-learn the erroneous teachings and replace them with Truth, you will be helping ALL ones to un-learn similar erroneous beliefs. As you learn to allow yourself to feel and experience love to the fullest, you will be helping ALL ones to do likewise.

It is an illusion that you are separate. You projected individuality into the physical plane of existence. The desire to do so had to be strong enough so that physical form was achieved. In doing so you created a very strong illusion of separation through individualization. It is now time to remember who you are and from where you come. It is a time for self-healing so that you not only reclaim your true spiritual heritage, but also help all ones to do the same.

Remember my old teaching: “What you do unto the least of mine, so too you do unto me.” What does this mean to you? What is implied by these words? Can you not take it one step further and see that what you do to yourself you also do to me?

Learn to love yourself. Learn to heal yourself. Only then can you truly love others or help others to heal themselves.

Truly understanding and FEELING the Oneness of All That Is, is the key to transforming the disfiguring distortions of anger, pain, grief, and sorrow into the beauty, perfection, balance, and peace that are intended for all ones.

Do whatever it takes to heal yourself from past pains. Do whatever it takes to rid yourself from the limitations that give rise to fears, worries, and doubts—and you WILL be giving this gift of awareness to the entirety of Creation, as well as to your nearby friends and neighbors. Transforming your world into the paradise it is destined to become is done one step at a time. Each must come into their own awareness of these basic truths, in their own unique way.

Find the erroneous beliefs within you. They are the ones most closely associated with the fears and apprehensions you emanate. Seek understanding and “alternative” reasons that would allow for the fears and apprehensions to give way to peace and certainty.

True knowledge will keep you from thinking that “the sky is falling” or that “the death of the physical body is the end of my existence”. True knowledge, once achieved, will liberate you from your fears. True knowledge will likewise help to provide the courage to rise above the superstitions of fundamentalist religious teachings, or to break the bondage of the rigorous dogma of so-called “scientific” teachings.

As always, you choose your own path, including that which you believe. A belief is something ones hold as truth even when they cannot prove the accuracy of same. Beliefs are very subjective in nature, and you would each be wise to challenge your beliefs—especially when there are “negative” feelings associated with them—because there is TRULY nothing to ever be afraid of. A belief that has an element of fear in it should stand as proof that you believe something that is simply not true.

You each have a myriad of Angels (or Guides) in the non-physical realms waiting to add their energy to your own. When you take a step in the direction of increasing your awareness (finding answers to your “problems”), these ones will align their energies with your intent and help you to precipitate your desire in a manner that will help you to reach the next step you need in order to achieve your goal. When you lose sight of your desire and give up, you severely limit the ability of these ones to assist you, for you give them little or nothing to align their energies with.

So please be diligent in your search for that which brings true peace and happiness, and please always be looking for opportunities to express love and appreciation to your fellow travelers.

I am Esu “Jesus” Sananda. My name Sananda means “One with God” and is an earned state of being. I come in the Light of Creator God, in response to the many petitions for understanding.

You each are on a wondrous and worthwhile journey. May you each become an example for others to follow as you learn to express more and more of Creator’s Love through you and into your world.

Much Love and Light to you ALL! Salu.

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