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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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The Natural Cycles Of Creative Expression

Good evening, my friend. It is I, Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source. Be still and find balance and peace within.

As you ones in the physical continue along your journey of growth and self-exploration, you will find there are many natural rhythms and cycles to your experiences. Many cycles of creativity begin with an Inspired idea that, when acted upon in a focused manner, generates great emotional energy surges of enthusiasm, anticipation, and joy. The creative cycle continues as the energies flow and the idea begins to take form in the physical.

Often you ones enjoy thoroughly the experience of creating associated with the manifestation of your desires. However, we often witness many ones, shortly after the point of realizing the manifestation part of the cycle is complete, going into a phase of withdrawal or slight depression, as the exhilaration of overcoming obstacles, meeting challenges, and being “in the flow” of creative energies has subsided.

Though this may be a common response to such cycles, you should know that it is an unnecessary one. Cycles of creativity MUST allow for the completion of the energy flow, wherein you-the-creator allow some time to appreciate the Life-Force energy that has been put into the creation, that is reflected in the creation itself. This is, in effect, the act of acknowledging the Godself within.

Just as one cannot continually breathe in, without exhaling, each creative cycle must be completed, properly, prior to the beginning of the next cycle. Often we see ones who start projects of one kind or another without really ever carrying them through to TRUE completion. This is usually a symptom of someone who wishes to avoid the “exhale phase” of the creative cycle.

After a project is finished, and the desired dream realized, a healthy perception would be to acknowledge the Godself within for manifesting your desire. Then allow for the energy you put into your creation to reflect back to you the lessons it caused you to learn along the way.

Be introspective and see the times when you had to be patient, persistent, or perhaps the diplomat, in order to keep the dream alive. Look at the value of the experience. Look for the “coincidences” along the way, or the new contacts or relationships developed in the process. This will help you to see the deeper value in the creative cycle that you had the courage to follow through with pursuing, until manifestation of the desire was complete.

Many ones love the planning part of creating—especially at first, when there is a lot of desire and emotional charge of enthusiasm. These initial impulses are from the Higher Self telling you that the desire is good and that it is in alignment, in some way, with your soul’s greater purpose.

Often ones derive great pleasure from being “in the moment” of a new, inspired idea. This initial enthusiasm will point to actions to be taken so as to gain knowledge and information. This often leads to further questions and the need for clarification.

As the process continues, the majority of you ones often get bogged down in the details—to the point of exasperation or fear—and then lose the Inner Connection with the original idea and desire. This disconnect is what cuts the motivating Life-Force element out of the process, and will result in incomplete manifestation of your desire—or what you ones often call “giving up”.

When you are truly focused on completing a creative cycle, there will always be an Inner Connection that will keep part of your attention on the desire at all times. This inner desire carries with it emotional energy (enthusiasm) that will cause forward movement, even if such movement is, at times, very subtle and nearly imperceptible—which can often be the case when great challenges arise.

However, there is GREAT value to be gained at the level of soul growth from following an inspired idea to completion. The “spark” of Creator Source lies within each of you. You are thus all co-creators with infinite ability to utilize creative Life-Force energy.

One of the main reasons for the physical experience is to learn to RESPONSIBLY create, in a BALANCED manner, so as to ADD to the collective whole, rather than erode or deteriorate it. To say this another way: you are in an environment wherein you must learn to allow for other creative beings to manifest their dreams, while not losing sight of your own—thus learning to create in complementary ways, perhaps like the way various instruments of an orchestra support one another.

Often ones are tapping into the subconsciously realized needs of a society. Thus you may find that someone else is also working on a project or a desire similar to your own. This is as it should be, for there are MANY ones given Inspiration for very similar reasons.

The infinite creative expression of God manifests in such a manner as to guarantee fulfillment in perfection—despite seemingly insurmountable challenges. This will include the fact that similar Inspirations may be given to several ones simultaneously—knowing that some will not follow through to completion, but that others will, in their own unique way.

The JOURNEY is where the growth and experience come from. The completion is the pinnacle of the cycle. It is the point wherein you have “inhaled” as much as you can; and then it is time to allow for the completion of the cycle.

The completion or “exhale” is a time to reflect upon the Guidance or Help you received in the form of chance meetings or intuitive ideas along the way that led to solutions of the challenges encountered. In essence, each creative cycle you complete is a part of your physical life journey. Each cycle should go through an introspective examination which acknowledges the God-Force working with and though you along the way.

Each of the creative cycles you go through, throughout your life, adds to a collection of experiences that make up part of a much larger cycle. In the context of that larger cycle, when you pass from the physical experience is when you are entering the “exhale” phase of your current creative expression in the physical.

The cycle is NOT complete at this point. You ones will go through a period wherein you will reflect back upon your journey, and see, from a broader perspective, the growth you have made and the resulting consequences of your choices and decisions.

For some, this is a very pleasant experience. Others are left with a sense of disappointment. But ALL ones gain greatly from the experiencing of this reflection part of a life cycle.

The joy of creating can become quite exhilarating (and perhaps even addictive) as the energy is moving through you into your creations. For those of you who enter a phase of depression after such a cycle, I would say: be kind to yourselves and learn to appreciate your creative endeavor for what it is—a cycle of growth and learning.

By taking time to appreciate and acknowledge the Life-Force energies working with and through you, you will be increasing your capacity and capability to flow even more of these high-frequency creative energies. Though for some of you this part may seem to be the “hangover” effect of the creative cycle, it is actually the more important part of the cycle, for you will need to have time to examine and to adjust various aspects of your thinking and reasoning that have grown in areas such as self-confidence, balance, certainty, understanding, responsibility, self-worth, and such.

Many very creative people think of themselves as “not important” or “not special” and say things like “oh, anybody could do it” and such. However, the truth of the matter is that what they are doing IS important and very special, and not “everybody” can do it. That is where the uniqueness of each of you enters the equation.

Many of you (not all) reading this tend to downplay your own self-worth and importance. You each bring with you very unique qualities that are essential to the balance of the physical universe.

You EACH have an innate desire to express your uniqueness, and that desire is an important reason for your choosing to partake of journeys into the physical dimensions. How you choose to express your uniqueness therein is entirely up to you. And you will naturally reflect your unique spark of Creator Source (that is otherwise known as your Higher Self ) in all that you create, no matter how small or how large.

The opposite of creating is destroying. Often the creative cycle will have an element of “destruction” involved with it. For example, you may need to clear an area of land in order to begin building, or cut a tree in order to have the lumber for building materials. The more in alignment you are with the Knowing of your Higher Self, the more surely you will minimize the destructive element often associated with creating. You will have Inspirations and creative ideas that will help you to surmount these destructive aspects of creating.

Always seek to minimize the destructive elements associated with creative expression, and you will find that you will be given ingenious insights as to how to creatively express more “cleanly”. This sort of thinking will always stand as teaching examples to those who eventually come by and observe your creations, and will also give you a greater sense of joy and appreciation when you’re in the “exhale” part of the cycle where you reflect back upon your endeavors.

As you ones continue through these times of accelerated learning, you will notice more and more ones outwardly expressing their creative desires. For many it will come from a necessity to survive, and the underlying motivational emotion will be preservation of life. In these situations often there is an element of fear and desperation that tends to act like a run-away bulldozer tearing-up anything that gets in its way.

There will be a great need for ones who can remain centered and in balance with respect to finding and offering solutions that minimize the destruction. This is where many of you ones will have opportunities to shine. There is almost always more than one way of doing something, and when you can find a way that has the most benefits and positive aspects, you have found the better way, if not the very best.

This message is being offered at this time so that the ideas expressed herein will have time to sink in. For in coming times of rapid change, you may be caused to remember the concepts expressed within this message, and thus remember to KEEP GOD IN ALL YOUR PLANS AND EXPRESSIONS OF SELF.

Also, We of the Lighted Realms of Creation would encourage all of you to be more courageous in following your Dreams and Inspirations to the point of realization. Great shifts in self-awareness await you, along with very productive interactions with your fellow travelers.

Take time to look at past attempted creative cycles, and though they may never have reached full manifestation, see the value you gained in each experience. Do not see them as failures, but rather as cycles wherein you simply chose not to “inhale” as deeply as you could have.

Look at these “short” cycles for strength and insight into yourself. Why did you choose to stop short of the dream? Did the dream change or did you? Were there external factors involved that persuaded you to abandon your dream? Was it truly your dream or someone else’s? What did you learn about yourself along the way? Do you lack self-confidence in an aspect of your life? Do you constantly seek outward approval of others, and value that more than the inner approval of self ?

Some of these are hard questions to face. But learning to be honest with yourself will help you to find the “missing somethings” in your life that, once recognized and strengthened, lead to the inner exhilarations of creative accomplishments—and to a higher level of certainty and Knowing that you are a great and wonderful being who God created in PERFECTION.

The learning environment you live in is designed PERFECTLY—so that if you make a “mistake”, you will be given feedback so as to be able to see where and how to proceed with greater balance.

Remember: God created you, and God does NOT create junk! God ONLY creates perfection.

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in Lighted Service to The One Light—Creator Source. May you each create, with Passion and Love, the desires of your heart, and thus fulfill your destiny.

Blessings and Peace. Salu.

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