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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Desire Truth And Question Everything

Good afternoon, my friend. It is I, Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in the One Light of Creator Source. Be still and find peace within.

As always, it is wise to call upon the Light (a symbolic representation of Creator God, His Knowing and Protection) prior to sitting for messages such as these. In doing so, you reaffirm your intention, and in essence give us permission to enter into your space for this sort of interaction. We of the Lighted Realms of Creation go only where we are invited.

Those who choose the path of selfish manipulation and control of others—that is, those who are of “the Darkness”—abide by no such ethics. These ones will diligently try to weasel their way into your mind, most often posing as a Lighted Being, in order to gain confidence.

When you make clear your intention and ASK for the protection of the Lighted Realms (or Jesus, God, or whatever your personal idea or symbol of the Greatest Good may be), you are automatically calling into your space the high-frequency energies that will cause great discomfort to those Dark ones who try to gain a foothold in your mind and thus your thinking.

We of the Lighted Realms cannot stress enough the importance of this most simple yet effective action in helping you to keep the Dark gameplayers at bay. Most often the newcomers will choose NOT to protect themselves, either out of ignorance, or out of various forms of denial that there are such Dark forces, or that such could possibly influence them. Often these imprudent ones will enjoy some level of success at first, only later to find that they have been manipulated into steering large numbers of “blind” followers onto a course of great confusion and chaos.

There is another phenomenon that is also common, and that is the problem with longtime receivers (or “channels”) becoming too comfortable and familiar with both the process and the energy signatures of the entities with whom they commonly work. Over years, it is not all that uncommon for such ones to become casual in the process, and therefore they will begin to neglect the step of calling in the Light (for clearing of their space), and thus leave themselves open for Dark overshadowment.

This is precisely the moment the Dark entities will strike with their subtle and almost imperceptible influence. The greater the potential good the Lightworker is doing, the more masterful will be the Dark energy who enters the picture at this point.

Often there will be very little perceptible change in the one who undergoes such influence. However, the masterful Dark trickster will, over time, as comfort and familiarity continue to grow, begin to offer greater and greater distortions, and often give small personal prophetic confirmations to the questioning ones so as to establish confidence in their minds, so that further questionings will be averted—often with sarcasms.

This game has been played over and over, again and again. You, as individuals, can protect yourselves from such things by QUESTIONING EVERYTHING you hear or read.

If something does not FEEL right to you, then examine it thoroughly, and go within and ask for clarification. An honest seeker of Truth, who diligently pursues greater Understanding, will find answers to questions posed with the heart. By contrast, ones who play games such as “Give me the winning lottery numbers, and then I’ll know you are for real” will find little more than disappointment in their pursuits.

When you honestly question, it focuses and “polarizes” your intent and desire for knowledge. By this is meant that you have put forth effort to understand something, and due to the lack of clarity of explanation, or perhaps a lack of personal experience, you are left with a FEELING of unease. This feeling, if acted upon, then becomes the emotional drive behind your desire for more information or clarity, and thus a vibrational signal is naturally generated that will attract to you experiences which will further add to your knowledge and understanding of the question in point. In effect, you “polarize” or “charge” the aethers in such a manner as to create a kind of a “vacuum” that attracts to you what you desire.

The key, as we have explained many times prior, is the EMOTIONAL CONTENT of the desire. The greater the emotional energy behind your desire, the greater the intensity of the “vacuum” that is created.

Advanced students of this aspect of manifestation understand the importance of FOCUS, and will generate huge emotional energy waves as they are focusing on their desire. This, in turn, creates very strong energy shifts in the aethers—such that the “laws” of physics will seem to have been broken as manifestation of the desire takes form.

In earlier levels of this same practice, ones often notice a great increase in the number of coincidences that happen around them, as well as what appears to be increased psychic experiences.

Most of you who are drawn to this sort of information have a strong desire to help others, especially family and friends who are near to you in physical space. This innate desire will often lead you to be in a position to hear, say, a complaint from a loved one. You thus begin to focus your attention on helping them to find a solution to their “problem”.
This desire to help will often serve as the catalyst for a strong emotional energy pulse to go out from you, which will then often result in the “intuition” or “hunch” or “psychic message” spilling out of your mouth—before you have a chance to even think about what you are saying.

This is merely an example of how your current environment has been engineered to help you to grow. The level of practice you choose to implement is entirely up to you.

So, as you continue on your journey, you will be presented with all sorts of challenges that will cause you to question past precepts and beliefs. Most often you will have to unlearn that which was taught to you, in order to truly understand the actual functioning of the world in which you live.

As you continue to expand your awareness along the lines of utilizing your innate ability to summon and focus energy in the physical domain, you will naturally become a target of the Dark forces who find it a great disadvantage (to them) having someone around who can prove that the illusion of LINEARITY of physical existence is just that—an illusion.

What do I mean by “linearity of physical existence”?

Many ones tend to discern reality based upon predictable physical occurrences—such as that an object held in the hand, if released, will always fall to the ground. This sort of “linear” logic and predictability is derived from externally observing linear (cause-and-effect) patterns of larger principles.

Now, if someone comes along and uses their advanced understanding of the TRUE nature of the physical environment and the soul’s ability to manipulate the parameters which affect the “predictability” (or linearity) of that physical environment, you then have the “unexplainable” or “miraculous” occurring that seems to be impossible, but in fact is quite possible. So such a teacher comes along and, when he releases the ball from his hand, it floats or rises, rather than falling to the ground.

[Editor’s Note: The young, unassuming “street magician”, known as David Blaine to many audiences familiar with his once-a-year television specials, is a good example of just such a teacher who integrates astonishing “non-linear” phenomena with more conventional manipulations to awaken many ones to the possibilities which exist within us all. Moreover, for those of you who are “people watchers”, it is often just as interesting to watch the usually incredulous—and sometimes even panicky—reactions that people have to first-hand involvement in one of David’s exquisite “non-linear” manipulations. To put it bluntly, he just freaks-out a lot of people!

And since the time that the above paragraph was written, in conjunction with this message from Soltec, a new and even more astonishing teacher or “consciousness awakener” has risen to a level of tremendous popularity. He is magician Criss Angel, whose astonishing Summer Season programs on the A&E television channel in 2005 and 2006 have taken the “non-linear” manipulation of both space and time to new levels of public demonstration.]

Meanwhile, the Dark controllers who struggle to enslave your world have gone to GREAT measures to suppress information that would help the masses become more aware of this non-linear side of physics. In essence, all they have really accomplished is a slowing of the learning, and even this “slowing” is only relative to your current understanding of time.

These Dark ones wish to keep your world focused on the EXTERNAL environment, and are in great part responsible for the “linear thinking” that is taught and reinforced, over and over again, in all aspects of learning, especially within your various so-called “educational” institutions.

Why go to such lengths of manipulation? In order to maintain a more pliable and controllable body of individuals, whose emotional state can be predicted and manipulated more easily.

The overall emotional state of the planet is one of negativity at this time. Anxiety and stress, and especially fear, have become the norm. Ones are often considered “happy” if they have merely learned to control their stress.

Those who cannot control their stress are given drugs to help them become numb. This is because the Dark controllers also know that, if ones become too desperate, they will begin to withdraw and begin a natural soul-searching process that will eventually lead them out of their mess and into a greater awareness of self, and certainty of the Higher, spiritual dimensions—knowledge which, as it is inevitably shared, will then begin to awaken many others.

Such is often the case with the “near death” experiencers. Often these ones hit rock bottom (seeming death of the physical body)—only to find that their lack of understanding about the world in which they have been experiencing has, in large part, been the reason for their anxieties and stresses.

Very few ones who come back from such experiences to tell their story now have any fear whatsoever of death of the physical body. They also had a conscious glimpse into an aspect of life that PROVES that there is a non-linear multi-dimensional nature to existence which leaves them with an awareness that there are Much Greater Forces at work which give meaning to ALL things that take place along the journey in the physical.

Fear and doubt are obliterated by Knowledge. The Dark game-players know this, and they cannot stand to be confronted with Truth.

The Dark manipulators thrive in the “shadows” of the mind. These “shadows” are the places where you accepted an explanation for something, without questioning, that is based on a lie or half-truth. These “shadows” can be (and often are) exploited so as to generate fear and doubt. Fear and doubt will lead to irrational behavior, which will often cause chaos, anger, and frustration. These low-frequency emotions are easily amplified in your current environment.

For example, such a “shadow” pervaded people’s thinking several hundred years ago, when the large majority believed the Earth was flat and, if you sailed far enough, you would fall off the edge into an abyss. This belief caused fears and doubts that were used to slow the spiritual advancement of the masses.

The Church leaders taught this misperception as part of their “God creates and destroys the Sun and Moon each day for us” sermon. Now it is laughable for most on your planet to think of your world as flat. And with TRUE knowledge, the FEAR is stripped away.

Those of you who have begun to awaken to the games being played are asking questions and finding answers and insights which help you to better discern who you are and from where you truly originate. You are MAGNIFICENT beings without limit — except for the limits you place on self in one way or another, usually as a result of those “shadows” in your minds.

If your life seems to be turned upside-down, with stresses and frustrations mounting at an ever more alarming rate, we suggest that you use these very feelings (especially when they are strong) as reminders—that there are likely “shadows” in your mind which become the foothold for Dark energies, and that these Dark energies thrive on the chaos that ensues when families and friendships are torn apart with strong emotions of pain. The resulting emotional scars tend to linger, because the ones involved seek to understand the “whys” in the external world of linear “rational” thinking, rather than from the point of view of this inner world of “shadows”. So, often the answers come, but are rejected, due, again, to limiting expectations or beliefs.

At the moment you feel stress, frustration, or anger, take a moment to call upon the Light of Creator God (or whatever it is that symbolizes to you the greatest idea of Purity and Goodness), and FEEL that Light filling you from within and surrounding you. Call upon Angels or Spirit Guides for protection and assistance, and most importantly be quick to forgive yourself as well as others who fall for such subtle traps. Compassion will go a long way toward helping others, as well as yourself, to heal from past “mistakes”.

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in Light and Friendship to you ones who seek clarification and understanding. I come in service to The One Light, Creator God, and it is His Will that I serve.

May you each be diligent in your questioning, and passionate in your search for greater understanding.

Much Love and Light to you ALL! Salu.

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