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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Stresses And Pressures Are Catalysts For Growth

Good evening, my friend. It is I, Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in the One Light of Creator Source. Be at peace.

There are great geophysical pressures building within and around your planetary orb. Some of you more observant skywatchers may even notice a greater presence of our “lenticular cloud”-cloaked ships stabilizing areas prone to geological instabilities, such as along earthquake faults. Mother Earth is dealing as well as can be expected with the physical stresses that are resulting from many factors, both man-made and naturally occurring phenomena.

These same pressures, we observe, are impacting a great many of you ones who are sensitive to (but “out of sync” with) the upward frequency shifts that are occurring. Many are experiencing heightened levels of anxiety, restlessness, disrupted sleep patterns, and often very erratic mood swings wherein you are left questioning the need to continue the “struggle” of life.

Dear friends, these pressures (regardless of the cause) are a fact of your experience. You each can and will cope, in your own way, with the shifting environment in which you now find yourselves. We, of the Lighted Realms, offer the following in response to the many petitions we are receiving from you ones for clarity and understanding.


As this speed-up continues, so too will your need to adapt to the increasing frequency. These increases, like a rising temperature, will cause discomfort for those of you (this includes the ones who scribe these messages) who hold on to past low-frequency emotional baggage.

Again and again we have been explaining to you ones the coming (and now present) problems that would arise from holding on to the “traumas” of yesteryear. This is the time of the Great Cleansing. It is a purification, as if by fire. The negative (low-frequency) vibrational attachments will be “burned” from within you by the present and forthcoming high-frequency energies bathing your planetary environment.

This is in no way a punishment, but rather, a VERY NATURAL aspect of a planet’s evolutionary path.

Is your life seemingly falling apart?

Do you feel at the end of your wits?

Does life seem to be getting quite a bit more overwhelming?

For many of you, the answer to the above questions is “yes”. For others of you, you may be wondering what in the world I am speaking about.

To the latter, I suggest that you take comfort in knowing you have instinctively (intuitively) been keeping the clutter of low-frequency emotional energy to a minimum.

To those of you who answered “yes” to the above, please know that the cleansing from higher-intensity and higher-frequency energy will continue, and the resulting inner stress will serve as a catalyst that will enable you to focus on, and confront, the accumulated emotional “garbage” and see it for what it truly is.

Many of you have been, figuratively speaking, swimming in a pool with a heavy lead belt on (symbolic of all your accumulated negative emotional “baggage”). This was not a big challenge to deal with when the pool was only a couple of feet deep. But slowly the level has been rising, and you can no longer touch bottom without your head going under water for a few moments. And still you have held on to your lead anchor-belt as if it were a “prized” possession.

The level is still rising, and many of you are now finding yourselves bobbing up and down farther and farther each time. When you’re down, the pressure is greater each time, as the bottom seems to be getting farther and farther down. And yet you still tightly hold on to that heavy lead belt that is literally the only thing keeping you from buoyantly floating to the surface and riding the upper crest.

Eventually the pressures of this “worsening” situation will cause you ones to examine the “demons” that encourage your desire to hold on to these things that weigh upon the heart. For some, this point will come only after what will seem to be an inhumane struggle, when a point of shear exhaustion and overwhelm is achieved. Only then will come the surrender of the past pains, anxiety, grief, and sorrows—when there is finally recognized no use in holding on to these any longer.

By contrast, for some others, words such as these will serve as sufficient catalyst to prompt the kind of self-introspection that allows for the release of the majority of the low-frequency anchors that are causing so much emotional pain and other difficulties.

One only needs to notice that the children coming into the physical experience of your planet at this time still innately desire to play, explore, and find newness, in order for one to see that they are not nearly as impacted by the frequency upshifts as are the older generations. Why? Because, for the most part, they have not yet acquired the “lead weights” of sorrow, grief, or trauma binding them to a vibrational signature associated with a low-vibration environment that is much “slower” in all aspects.

The older one’s age, the greater the effects can be. Many of the senior citizens in your society have become quite dependent on prescription “medications” as a means for dealing with physical ailments that can be traced back to these very same low-frequency experiences of emotional “baggage”.

The loss of loved ones to physical death becomes a “great tragedy” for those who do not understand that death of the physical apparatus is NOT the end of existence for the entity who was using the apparatus. There is no need for great, prolonged sorrow, though temporary grief is a natural expression for the loss of the more deliberately focused companionship of physical participation. YOU WILL SEE YOUR LOVED ONES AGAIN—and again, and again, and again, on and on, over and over.

The cycles of life are ENDLESS. You ones have been together through countless life experiences, and will continue to do so as the group ties of love, admiration, and camaraderie will naturally bind you, one to another.

Those who are experiencing the greatest difficulties are those of you who tend to be more sensitive to the subtle energies. The ones who tend to be more intuitive in their thinking and reasoning, and who tend to follow their “gut” impulses, also tend to be the ones who deeply feel the “sharpness” of another’s anger or the sorrow of another’s despair. You ones tend to empathically take on the problems and burdens of another in an attempt to understand (walk in another’s shoes) and thus offer compassion and heartfelt understanding to those in need who cross your path. You ones tend to want to carry the “weight of the world” on your shoulders in an attempt to alleviate the suffering of others.

This is fine and well, if it be your choice. However, let us (we of the Lighted Realms) offer to you a bit of caution: It is good and well to offer a helping hand to another in their time of need. But to continue to carry another’s load will only serve to STUNT the other’s growth, as well as your own.

There is wisdom in showing another, by example, how to cultivate a field and plant seeds that lead to a nice crop of life-sustaining food. It is not so wise to do so for them over and over, again and again, to the point where they may even come to expect you to lift the food to their mouth and wipe the crumbs from their chin. At what point do you allow the student to fly solo and take responsibility for self?

Allowing others to bear the full repercussions of their choices and decisions is truly the whole purpose of the physical environment in the first place. To coddle and protect another who is beyond the point of maturity only serves to hinder that one’s much desired growth.

We of the Higher Realms offer to you ones great compassion, and yet we do so from the non-physical perspective so as to not interfere with your growth. In order to FULLY utilize the Potential Energy we offer to you ones, you will have to discipline yourselves to learn to interpret the various vibrational energy signals (communications) we offer in response to your many petitions for assistance.

Remember, please, that God will work WITH you, but He will not do it FOR you. Any other way and the learning opportunity will fail. Many of you, perhaps operating from seeming overwhelm or desperation, propose ultimatums to God and your Guides, such as: “If you do ----, then I’ll believe and then know you are for real.” Or: “If you want me to help, then show me a big sign.”

Maybe for the first couple of times this will illicit a “favorable” response, but as ones continue to challenge and throw out ultimatums, there comes a point where the individual is doing nothing more than playing a mind game with themselves, and the childish behavior will garner no serious responses of the kind anticipated by the challenger.

Please note that you each have AMPLE examples, to reflect back upon, of God working in your lives. Beyond a certain point there is acceptance or there is not, and to continue to play games and dance the same dance, over and over again, becomes counterproductive.

Learn to reach out to God and to His many Angelic Helpers by focusing your desire, asking for assistance, and then begin TAKING ACTION. This is the critical step wherein many of you “drop the ball” and expect God to simply do it FOR you. Or you “take action” that—if you are honest with yourself—is actually a form of running away from whatever the challenge or responsibility is you should be facing.

Taking APPROPRIATE action in the physical serves to solidify and reaffirm your desire. The physical energy exerted serves to clarify your intent, and thus open a larger channel through which Creative Inspiration may flow. The greater the clarity (which includes honesty) of your desire, the greater the flow of energy.

When your desire is to know and understand the reasons for the pressures in your life, and what is truly at the cause that seems to keep you in a repetitious circular “rut” of merely existing rather than feeling as though you are joyously living, then you have indeed focused your desire on a truly worthy endeavor.

So, what ACTION can you take to solidify this desire and begin to allow for the myriads of Angels to bring forth their assistance? You could begin by setting aside some time every day to write down what exactly you think it is that causes you to remain in the “rut”. Or, you could confide in another, whom you trust, and speak aloud the same concerns. (Hint: You are each there to help one another grow.) Has it not been said that two heads are better than one?

Well, there are infinite variations on the two examples above. There are various ones in Internet “chat rooms” around the world who confide in complete strangers because they intuitively know that people in general are good and well meaning. This does not mean that they blindly accept the advice of such “strangers”, but please never underestimate the creative pathways your Guides may use to get a message through to you.

Returning to our original theme of this message, let me add that the physical pressures and stresses associated with this time of planetary cleansing NEED NOT be experienced as some negative “punishment” that must be endured. At any time you can release the “baggage” of the past and thus more effectively and deliberately focus your attention on the present moment. Great numbers of the masses are reaching the point of realizing that “something” has got to give way, else a volatile mess will surely ensue.

I WILL say that the majority of the souls now experiencing on your planet have a great capacity for change, and are quite resilient in their ability to deal with the environmental stresses now present. A way WILL be shown to those who honestly petition for assistance and who are willing to make an effort toward helping themselves. For those who simply refuse to accept the changes now taking place, they will, through their own ignorance and stubbornness, create unnecessary hardship and suffering for themselves.

Judge not another or their choices, for they choose what is perfect for them so as to create the perfect learning environment for themselves. What works for one individual may not work at all for another. You are each on a journey of self discovery. And when you realize that YOU create ALL of your own “problems”, then the answers and soul-utions become quite evident. “Problems” only occur when ignorance is allowed to persist. Knowledge and understanding (en-Light-enment) is the key to obliterating ignorance (Darkness).

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in service to The One Light—Creator God. May these words spark within you the realization that YOU hold the keys that release you from the shackles that hold you back and keep you from recognizing the true God-Force Potential within. Finding the keys requires self-discipline, patience, AND persistence. No one can just hand you those keys. We of the Lighted Realms will assist you in your search—but only when YOU take the appropriate initiative and follow-through action.

Blessings and peace to you ALL. Salu.

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