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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Dealing With Inner Stirrings Of Unrest

Good afternoon, my friend. It is I, Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source. Be still and know that you are never alone and never without MUCH support from the Lighted Realms.

Dear ones, you are IN the time of the Transition, or the “quickening” as it has been referred to by many. This speeding-up phenomenon is causing a great stirring within all ones. Everyone is feeling the effects in one way or another.

Some of you who keep your attitude positive at all times (we often refer to this as “keeping your frequency up”), and thus remain well-grounded and centered, are still impacted in many ways by those who are struggling to understand what is causing the inner stirrings.

TO ALL ONES: Be very aware of sudden mood swings and erratic behavior, both within self as well as with those around you. Depression and anxiety are perhaps the two greatest “attacks” we see the majority of you having to deal with.

There are many factors that are affecting all ones. For many of you who are more sensitive to subtle energy shifts and non-physical phenomena (psychic-type experiences), you may very well be feeling the incoming “percussion wave” that is generated in etheric space prior to physical manifestation of many of these energy effects.

Many of you more sensitive ones, who we often refer to as “Ground Crew” associated with the Larger Mission of Earth’s Transition, who have yet to find your Inner Connection (or who have found it, but who want to ignore the Messages coming in) are finding life to be getting more and more, shall we say, tedious. The little things are becoming major disturbances and, for some, the idea of peacefulness has become a distant, fanciful place that doesn’t really exist.

My friends, this time of planetary Transition does not need to be experienced from a position of painfulness or hardship. If you buy into the materialism of the world or the need for status and prestige, you will likely find that you have an ever-building anxiety as the present monetary systems continue to crumble and the illusionary façade of so-called “modern” living comes to an abrupt conclusion.

So, what is this “Ground Crew” of which I speak? And what is the “Larger Mission” that we, of the Lighted Realms, often refer to?

Many of you have a good grasp of what I speak, yet there are significant new readers of this information who are not yet familiar with this terminology. We, of the Lighted Realms of Creation (some know us as the Lighted Brotherhood), are constantly reaching out to assist our brothers and sisters who have gotten themselves “trapped” in the third-dimensional karmic wheel of repetition.

This means that there are ones who incarnate lifetime after lifetime, and tend to fall back into the same “rut” of repetitive behavior and denial of their inner connection to God and all of Creation. Because of this phenomenon, we, of the Lighted Brotherhood, send forth volunteers (Ground Crew—that’s you!) who have agreed to incarnate into a physical body so as to provide physical conduits for large amounts of positive energy (Love and Compassion), and thus help these “stuck” ones to see a larger perspective of who they really are—part of a much larger Wholeness that permeates all perceivable time, space, matter, and beyond. This “Wholeness” is often referred to as God or Creator Source—the One who created you. This is the “Larger Mission” of which I spoke.

You ones who are Ground Crew (assume that you are if you resonate with the idea of helping others and being a positive influence on those with whom you come into contact) may very well be struggling with the “jangled vibrations” that currently exist in your environment. Your planetary solar system is vibrating at a faster and faster rate, and your Sun is preparing to send to your planet some much needed healing energies. These energies are balancing for the planetary orb you commonly refer to as Mother Earth. These energies are to help her to stabilize and to cleanse her of the great negative infestation she has long endured.

This “negative infestation” is, in large part, the byproduct of the individuals who refuse to grow and see the immense value in pursuing spiritual wealth, rather than constantly seeking material wealth and physical status. As a result, the planet’s many natural resources and her ecological balance are greatly out of alignment with respect to where they should be. As I have discussed many times before, Mother Earth is calling out for help, and Great Lighted Forces are responding to her petitions, resulting in the Great Healing that is well underway.

The inhabitants of Earth have been given many, many opportunities to lessen or avoid the kinds of “harsher” experiences which, when your planet becomes very much out of balance, are a necessary part of the rebalancing process. However, for many these opportunities have constantly been ignored. This is simply to state the facts of the matter.

If the facts of the matter are that you just jumped out of an airplane and your parachute fails to open and YOU CHOSE not to take the advice of a more experienced instructor who said you should wear a reserve chute, and you then petition to God at the last moment to save you (from your own ignorance), then what would be the prudent thing for the Master Teacher to do?

It is well known and understood that there is no substitute for first-hand experience. You ones are in a schoolroom wherein you are efforting toward a higher understanding of your innate abilities to become a balanced co-creator. You must learn to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your actions—as well as for your inactions. Inactions are CHOICES you made to do NOTHING. You are still responsible for ALL of your choices as being part of your personal growth.

We, of the Lighted Realms, do not view physical death of the body as a major tragedy. You each will continue on and, if need be, reincarnate to further your schooling. What we do see as “tragedy” are all the missed opportunities to grow beyond self-imposed limitations. We find great sorrow when we observe ones who see Truth, that will break the chains of self-imprisonment, still turn away for various reasons of doubt and self-punishment.

Recognizing the Truth of who you are, and your place within the Infinite Source (Creator God), and that your actions and choices directly affect all ones, everywhere—albeit seemingly ever so slightly, sometimes, from the physical perception—are among the very first few steps ones need to take in order to pull themselves up out of the “quicksand” within which they have been struggling, lifetime after lifetime.

You, who have chosen to come forth to help your brothers and sisters in need, do so out of great compassion and love. You also recognize the opportunity to expand your own awareness of self, and thus hone and refine your own abilities. There is a phrase that is commonly quoted on your planet: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Let us state this another way: “Desire is that which summons forth a CREATIVE answer to the question posed.”

When your desire is to help others, and you hold your desire strong within your heart, Great Creative Energies begin to focus through you, as well as a myriad of like-minded entities who share this same desire, and thus the amplification is indeed great.

By contrast, let’s say that your desire is to simply help yourself. That energy is still focused through you, but often it will lack the support of the many like-minded entities adding their energy to yours, simply because in this case the like-minded entities are only interested in helping themselves!

There are ALWAYS exceptions to be philosophized about in regard to this last subject, however, a general understanding will help you ones to find the answers you seek. Often we state things in such a way as to trigger knowledge or understanding within you ones who are seeking this type of information. Most of you will resonate with Truth when you hear it, and thus it “rings true” within.

Let us please go back to our original topic of discussion—the inner “stirring” that may be giving you ones, or ones you know, a bit of difficulty.

Many are proclaiming to not be happy, and feeling like they are somehow missing out on “something” in life. These ones are being diagnosed by the “doctors” as having severe or chronic depression, and are often being treated with chemical concoctions that more or less disconnect the entity from the body.

In turn, this will make the individual VERY susceptible to being invaded by negatively oriented higher-dimensional entities. This is most pronounced in younger children who have not yet developed a strong sense of self and lack a strong affinity for the physical body. Thus you have a recipe for things such as has become somewhat of a trend: school shootings.

Besides the natural frequency upshifts your entire solar system is experiencing at this time, you also have very man-made energy waves being produced by devices such as the HAARP system up in Alaska and at other locations all around your globe. These energy waves are causing a “scrambled” feeling within many of you, and are in large part the reason for the ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and the disrupted sleep patterns.

Such experiments not only affect the weather patterns across the surface of the Earth, they also affect the natural curvature and thickness of your planet’s electromagnetic field, and thus create an unnatural bending of the energies that come in from your Sun. This, in turn, causes erratic climate shifts and localized conditions that are quite unpredictable by your scientists—who think they know what they are doing.

There is also an emotional strain added to you ones, along with straining the planetary being herself. The more games these scientist play with the ionosphere, the greater will be your Mother Earth’s need for healing, and thus you shall witness greater and greater solar activity from your Sun who, as a parent, is responding to the call for help from an offspring.

These manmade disruptive conditions are in no way limited to just the HAARP system, but include cell-phone towers, radio waves, and other, more exotic “scalar” or “pranic” energy-wave devices that are less known about in public circles. Each of these so-called “modern marvels” in technology would be banned if the mass population fully understood the detrimental effects they are having on the mental and emotional well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

The next logical question should be: “What can I do to keep from falling into a depression or from feeling the waves of anxiety?”

The single most effective way for the average person to raise their frequency, and thus establish a positive mental attitude, is to get busy helping others. Some of you may feel like YOU are the one who needs help, and so: “How can I possibly help another when I myself feel like I am falling apart?”

Call upon Higher Source for guidance and assistance. Find the SMALL things in life that bring at least a sense of contentment, if not joy. Look at these small things and see what they have in common.

Most of you will find that there is an element of creativity associated with these pleasant undertakings. Creative activities are ALWAYS pleasing to a Lighted individual.

Look for various creative outlets. Humor is a very powerful way to achieve a high-frequency state almost instantly. Some ones thoroughly enjoy deep philosophical debates, while others may prefer a “lighter” discussion regarding such matters as free-energy devices or UFOs.

Get busy learning about the things that fascinate you. If UFOs are your passion, then spend time reading or studying that phenomenon. If Angels are more your fancy, then by all means learn all you can about Angels. The point is to pull yourself out of the induced depression or anxiety state.

To just sit and “stew” in your own self-absorbed mess will only worsen the condition. Continually dwelling on past woes, sorrows, and angers, as if these just happened today, will only serve to keep you in a low-frequency, disconnected state, and thus amplify the inner discord.

Once you get busy doing something that, at the very least, gives you a sense of contentment, then you will be in a much more receptive (higher-frequency) state that allows a greater flow of creative ideas through you. This, in turn, will lead to more positive energy around you, and you will eventually be much more able to help others who are trying to cope with the same type of problems.

Please remember that the best teachers are the ones who teach by example. A very busy person is almost never depressed.

Remember to seek out something new every day. This can be done simply by taking a refreshing walk and observing something or someone you have not seen prior.

Your personal Guides work diligently in this regard, though many of you hardly notice the little miracles which unfold all around you each day. Observing new things each day will help you to stay grounded (connected within to Creator) and will help you to break any repetitive “rut” you may have fallen into without really knowing it.

True happiness comes from living in the moment and experiencing newness as it unfolds.

Dear ones, these are mere suggestions designed to assist you who are calling out for greater understanding. The only way to achieve TRUE self-growth is to walk the path for yourself. There is no magic or mystery when you come into the understanding of who you really are and what Potential lies within your grasp.

We of the Lighted Realms wish only to see you each come into a greater self-awareness because, from that place of realization of your Divine heritage, you amplify Creator’s Love many, many times over.

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec—Friend, Wayshower, and Geophysical Coordinator of this Earth Transition Project, come with the Hosts of God, in Light and Service to The One Light—Creator God. May you find the recognition of God within the newness and opportunities that come as gifts with each new day.

Blessings and Peace to you ALL! Salu.

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