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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Go With The Flow Of Your High-Frequency World

Good afternoon, my friend. It is I, Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in the Light of Creator Source—The One Light.

Allow for the energies to settle around you. Your planetary environment is continually shifting upward in frequency, and you need only ALLOW for the changes within you in order to match frequency with the environment—rather than trying to hold fast to what you once considered to be a high-frequency state.

This can be disorienting, for you each are being “stretched” to some extent as the energies continue to come forth, bathing your planetary system with an ever increasing frequency and intensity.

Allow for change through growth. Growth IS what the soul-you continually seeks out and desires. With every day comes the possibility to expand one’s awareness of self and one’s placement in the ever evolving experience of life-force expression.

I use the terminology “life-force expression” in an attempt to bring focus to the fact that all beings, both physical and non-physical, experience—and thus contribute to—the experience of the Collective Whole. The unseen world of the “spirit” realms contributes just as much to the evolving experiences of your world as do the physical participants. The sum of the entire interaction between the physical and non-physical creates a synergistic relationship, with a balance that is optimized for soul growth-potential.

Allow for the fact that the physical schoolroom is evolving and that natural cycles are responsible for the shifts that are now occurring. You ones are NOT being punished by some mythical god of vengeance. Your world is simply entering an area of space in which the vibratory rate is quite a bit higher than what you ones have been used to, and that ambient energy is being added-to by many Lighted Beings from “elsewhere” assisting with Mother Earth’s much needed healing at this time. Meanwhile, this upshifting of frequency can cause restlessness, anxiousness, agitation, and so forth if you resist the speeding up.

On a larger scale, this frequency upshifting is resulting in social upheaval all over your world. The inner stresses that many are experiencing (and will continue to experience) are due in large part to the inability of these ones to match the frequencies now coming into your planet.

The ability to match frequency depends greatly on one’s ability to freely flow energy through the body in a manner so that there is no perceivable frequency difference. This could be likened to equalizing the pressure in your ears as you change in elevation. The failure to do so will cause an uncomfortable pressure to be felt (provoking stress, anxiety, restlessness).

The primary reason people fail to match frequency—and thus feel a sense of chronic stress and such—is due to various emotional energy blockages. These blockages are usually self-induced punishments of sorts, most often manifesting because ones anchor themselves emotionally in past experiences of great personal trauma. Such emotionally charged experiences happen for many reasons, but a common thread will always be so that you can have opportunity to examine an aspect of yourself and grow from the experience.

No matter how traumatic an experience, you need NOT continually hold onto it (punish yourself) any longer than it takes to understand the lesson it provided to you. Many of you get caught-up in the emotional energy surges of such emotions as grief and pain and, in the midst of such overwhelm, you make a decision or choice to “never forget”. So you henceforth carry that “charge” of emotional pain as a reminder of the past. For many, to stop feeling the pain would somehow be a sacrilegious act of breaking a promise to yourself “not to forget”.

Often this condition is associated with the loss of a loved one, and is perhaps most severe in the case of a mother who loses a child. The common trait will be the “broken heart” associated with the memory.

In the case of the death of a loved one, you should know that these ones who have passed DO NOT find comfort in your misery, and in many cases they try to assist you to move on and move past such limited viewpoints that would cause you to hold to such pain with such “reverent” vigor that you make your lives a depressing and miserable existence that simply “must be endured”.

Each of you have experienced painful moments in your lives from time to time. These experiences are part of the “bio-feedback” mechanism of the physical schoolroom that helps you to understand the consequences of your decisions and choices.

You entered into the physical environment knowing full well the ways in which emotional energies were going to affect you, and that there would be times of discomfort as you learn and grow. The pain you experience should simply be looked upon as an indicator to you that your Guidance system is working properly and that you have need to learn a lesson in a particular area of life in a particular way.

Seek out the understanding (the lesson in point), and the pain WILL go away. Hold onto a misunderstanding (erroneous belief) associated with the “traumatic” event, and the pain WILL persist.

In general, ones on your planet tend to accumulate more and more “heartaches” over a given lifetime. These emotional accumulations clog-up the natural energy pathways, much like the plaque on the walls of arteries restrict (and eventually block) nourishing blood flow. Such clogs or restrictions in the energy field of an individual in turn usually lead to physiological imbalances because the life-force energies are diverted into sustaining the emotional trauma rather than flowing throughout the body to nourish the various physical systems. The accumulating emotional “garbage” will lead to further degeneration and eventually physical death if not addressed directly.

Moreover, as the frequency of your planetary environment continues to rise, and at an ever faster rate, what once took decades to manifest as, say, a cancerous tumor, will manifest much more quickly. The time in which ALL feedback cycles occur is shortened, and ones will be, in essence, led rather rapidly to confront and grow past any erroneous understandings—or they simply will not be able to sustain adequate functioning of the physical apparatus. This is the thorough nature of the cleansing process at work on your planet at this time—a process known to your Native American brothers and sisters as The Great Purification.

Remember, this is a NATURAL cycle resulting from your planetary system’s travel into a higher-frequency region of space—NOT a punishment from some vengeful god. Such high-frequency planetary conditions provide an excellent atmosphere in which to make great forward strides in ability, understanding, and growth.

Many who observe from the more expansive view of the non-physical perspective look upon the unfolding environment on your planet as a great opportunity for many “stuck” (ones who resist change) souls to free themselves from the repetitive “rut” they seem to fall into, lifetime after lifetime. It is for these kinds of reasons that there is great interest from the Higher Realms in the unfolding choices and decisions being made as these upward frequency shifts continue to modify inner perceptions on an individual basis—and how that process, in turn, plays out on the larger social level as ones effort to express (and otherwise address) their inner feelings of restlessness and such.

Many ones are having their lives turned upside down and inside out, not really understanding why it is that these things are occurring. Each one will sense in their own way the need for “something more”—and yet, for the large part, they will not know where to look. This is where the interaction of the non-physical comes into the picture.

We of the non-physical Lighted Realms, who come in Service to help others, act as Guides and Wayshowers. We work “behind the scenes” to cause paths to cross and experiences to unfold in ways that will help answer the heart’s call for understanding.

Our methods and orchestrations often require us to go within and tap a Higher Creative Potential so that we may be effective in many ways that are often overlooked by you ones in the physical. Please remember that there really are NO coincidences in your world. Defining something as a coincidence is to miss recognizing a Higher Hand working in your life.

Remember that each desire expressed sends out a call that will return an answer. The stronger the desire (that is, the greater the clarity and the intensity of the emotional energy behind the desire), the quicker the answer will come.

Many simply want to understand what is “wrong” with the world or others. Yet, when the answers are presented to them, they reject same because their current “religious” or “scientific” belief system says that the given answer “CAN’T BE SO!” Thus the condition of ignorance, uneasiness, stress, frustration and such persists.

To arrive at a better understanding of something that is perplexing, you recognize that some current belief you hold is untrue. Ones must often confront the idea that they may have bought into a lie. This recognition can cause great inner struggle as ones must contend with the ego’s “need” to “save face”.

Ask yourself: “Why do I believe what I believe?”

Is it because of personal experiential (inner or heart) knowing? Or, is it because of something others have told you that you are just supposed to believe?

We of the Lighted Brotherhood, who come in service to help ALL ones, will not insist that another accept our words, guidance, or suggestions. To do so would cause ones to accept concepts out of fear or intimidation—rather than appreciation and understanding—and thus NO ACTUAL GROWTH would occur, and we would, in essence, be slowing growth and binding ourselves in a karmic sense to anyone to whom we should try to do this.

We only offer information that is in direct response to a request that is being made to us. Please remember that it is when you make a DELIBERATE call for help from Angels, Guides, Lighted Brotherhood, etc., that we can do much more to help you ones find the answers you desire.

Many of you do this as a natural course of habit. And you are almost always open to the thoughts, ideas, and “coincidences” that you receive in answer.

Please learn to recognize and exploit EVERY opportunity that comes your way. And KNOW that you can and will find the answers to the questions that weigh on your heart.

Many of you ones reading this message are greatly compassionate people who simply want to know where you “fit into the picture” and why things are happening to you. You each have experience and knowledge that can help others if it is shared when the opportunity presents itself to you.

Learn to recognize when your experience and understanding would benefit one who is Guided to cross your path. Learn to share same in a manner that is acceptable to the one you wish to assist.

Allow another to come to their own conclusions in their own time. Sometimes what you tell a person today will not make sense to them for years to come, but eventually the truth will be the only thing left standing when all other “reasoning” has failed.

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in Light and Service to The One Light, Creator Source, so that you ones may gain insight and understanding about some of the matters that may be concerning you.

Much Love and Light to you ALL! Salu.

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