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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Finding Your Natural State Of Inner Energy Balance

Good afternoon, my friend. It is I, Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in service to The One Light—Creator Source. Be at peace.

Allow for the changes in your environment to unfold as they will. There are many, many variables at this time impacting and molding the physical condition of your planet. Not the least of these is the mental and emotional states of you who are directly experiencing in and upon your orb.

As a scientist and as Geophysical Commander with the Intergalactic Federation Fleet monitoring and guiding the Transition of your planet at this critical time of cleansing and upward frequency shifting, I am often challenged to find compassion about what I witness being attempted by the ignorant and arrogant scientists directing ever more destructive experiments utilizing their secret technologies.

Pay close attention, for example, to the storms that are getting more and more unusual (such as the recent 8-pound, and larger, hail balls falling in parts of Europe) and know that Mother Earth is not simply accepting of what is being done to her without regard for her desire for cleansing, balance, and harmony. Please send her your Light and Love, and know that these are the strongest forces which govern the entirety of the Omniverse.

All life can be viewed in terms of quanta of energy. All energy can be traced back to its origin—back to Creator Source. All change comes about due to shifts in energy flow.

The emotional energy “feelings” of joy are experienced when there is achieved, within one’s own perceptual space of experience, a harmonious balance between seemingly opposed energy extremes. Hence, we of the Lighted Realms of Creation often offer the advice that the best route toward survival and growth is balance.


We have also told you ones, time and time again, that if you can’t do a thing with love in your heart, then it is better to not do it until you can. Love and appreciation are natural byproducts when TRUE balance is achieved between the heart and the head (the emotional and the mental).

It is a most worthy endeavor to seek and find balance on any subject that causes you difficulty. In doing so, you will be, in essence, on a journey of deliberate self-discovery.

The primary purpose of the physical environment is that of a schoolroom. Each of you are both a student and a teacher—with something to learn and something to give to others. That “something” is always related to pursuing and achieving a greater understanding of who you (the unique, immortal Soul-you) are. With understanding will also be the need to balance the responsibility that comes along with this knowledge.

Many of you ones have experienced that you can direct your energies toward others and effect change. Most ones do this through compassion, faith, and prayer, wherein direct responsibility for the energies set into motion can be attributed to a deity of choice.

Some of you have learned that visualization nicely focuses energy to effect desired change, and are willing to accept responsibility for your energy flows. Most are not consciously aware of the nature of the energy they put forth.

Again, all energy can trace its origin back to Creator Source. This energy has INFINITE potential when it is deliberately focused by the mind and heart of a truly balanced entity.

One of the most overlooked, but very observable, conditions in place in your current physical environment is The Law Of Return. This has been called many things, such as The Law Of Cause And Effect or The Law Of Karma.

In essence this Law means that energy which you send forth will go out to the far reaches of The Creation, become amplified, and be reflected directly back to YOU. In other words, if you dwell upon a state of balance and peacefulness, and you send this energy out to the world and universes beyond, this energy will be reflected back to you, amplified, and the result will be greater perceptual ability to find, maintain, and achieve balance, and its natural byproduct, peace.

There are entities who thrive upon usurping another’s energy. One of the most successful tactics used by these ones is DISTRACTION. Seemingly small distractions can keep one preoccupied, and thus focused in such a way as to miss the point of view that will allow the answer to come forth for the given challenge one is confronting at the moment. It can be in the form of the annoying fly that seems to keep pestering you. Or the troublesome thought that keeps you from falling into restful sleep. Or any number of other distractions.

Unfortunately, we observe that most of you see not the subtle techniques of these ones who constantly try to manipulate any and all who may be susceptible to same. Often those who do recognize this subtle game of manipulation are not directly affected by it. But rather, those around them are constantly stirring up confusion, anger, frustration, and such, so as to achieve the same goal through an indirect route.

The natural state for ALL of God’s creations is one of balance and peace, for all are born of infinite Love. Those who choose, or have chosen, to deliberately focus energy in such a manner as to disrupt this natural balance will quickly become restless and agitated, as they naturally would prefer balance, and will, in some cases, thrash about seeking to find what they have seemingly lost—all the while leaving confusion and “hard feelings” in their wake.

Personal balance always comes from within. You may very well perceive that you are somehow the victim of another’s actions. I say that, if you study the situation closely, you will ALWAYS find that your experience is a direct result of YOUR energy flows that are being reflected back to you—ones that you have originated anywhere from recently to long past.

For example, if you excessively worry about being attacked, and you are constantly allowing your imagination to mock-up scenarios of being attacked, you are in essence creating the necessary circumstances that will result in your “worst nightmare”.

Likewise, a positive focus on what you hold in your heart to be good, balanced, and peaceful, will result in more of the same.

Do you EXPECT balance in your life? I say to you ones that it is the NATURAL state of your true self!

Each of you have very real challenges to face. Each challenge is well within your ability to handle. Allow for the Creative Energies to flow to you and through you, at all times in a balanced manner, and you will find that there is truly nothing that you cannot handle or face.

Fear is the result of disconnecting self from the balancing and nurturing energy of Creator Source. The natural state is that of connectedness to All That Is. In the moment that a distraction becomes impacting enough for you to “forget” to stay connected, you have greatly diminished your ability to tap into the Creative Energy that would naturally allow for the balanced solution to present itself.

Ah! But such is the nature of the challenges of the 3rd-dimensional schoolroom environment called Earth. You are given free will to choose as you will, and yet so quickly we see ones distracted by the “shocking” news, the “outrageous” gossip, the “annoying” fly buzzing around the ear. Be quick to recognize even the smallest of distractions for what they are. Even extremely good news can serve as a distraction if you are not alert! Again, seek to achieve and maintain BALANCE in all your experiences.

Do not worry about the past distractions that you have “fallen” for. They are gone and provided experiential data from which to draw upon.

Look for those experiences around you wherein you begin to feel yourself shifting toward less-than-balanced thoughts. Are there ones who deliberately and constantly try to impress you with “shocking” news or gossip? If so, what is your FEELING response? Do you recognize the very subtle downward frequency shifts that occur within you?

How about while you are watching the evening news? Are these shifts truly worth the “price” of allowing yourself to be distracted from more productive endeavors?

I am not saying: “Don’t watch the evening news.” I am, however, trying to point out to you the relative ease with which many of you allow yourselves to become distracted, and thereby lose your focus and goals.

Learn to observe your own reactions to external stimulation. Learn to interpret the meaning of your reactionary feelings. Do you habitually go back for more “shock therapy”—say from a gossipy neighbor or every evening when the television news comes on? We have stated, many times past, that your current mass media sources do not have your best interests in mind!

It is possible to watch your television without becoming influenced by what you are observing, but it is indeed very difficult to do so. Many ones are quite susceptible to the overt impact upon your conscious mind—let alone the MANY covert subliminal messages being programmed directly into your mind without being examined at the conscious level.

Just as important are those with whom you are interacting on a regular basis who do not even begin to suspect that they are being used as pawns of manipulation. Often these ones may very well be within your own circle of family or friends.

Many of you who are drawn to the type of information like you are now reading, from we of the Higher Realms, have been “persecuted” to some extent by family or friends for having such “ridiculous” beliefs. Look upon these ridiculing ones with compassion, and see that their fears are generated and exploited by the programming from the Dark ones who do not wish to have their games of control and manipulation come to an end.

In almost all cases, the ones who are awake enough to attack you (because you think and believe differently than the so-called “norm”) are the very ones who you have most come to assist. If you have participated in emotional debates with loved ones who have pronounced you a “duped fool” or a member of a “cult”, please know that these criticizing ones are responding to you as they have been programmed to do—usually from an early age.

Most often these very judgmental proclamations will come as a result of you destabilizing their mental conditioning. Their only recourse of action will seem to be to attack, in a reactionary emotional episode of anger, ridicule, taunting or such.

A person who is truly beyond the manipulation of the Adversarial forces will never stoop to ridicule, taunting, anger, etc. A truly balanced person will always find a way to stay connected, and compassion will always be offered as a response.

Driving wedges of anger between people only serves to divide, and thus separate, in most cases, the student and the teacher. Be quick to spot these subtle games and be as compassionate as you can with those who do not see or understand the nature of the games being played.

The planetary transformation WILL occur—regardless of who does or does not choose to accept the natural evolutionary energy upshifts. Our mission—as Guides and Teachers, and in association with the Intergalactic Federation Fleet supervising your current planetary transformation—is to offer, to all who will hear, the information that will help them to understand what exactly is taking place at this time on your orb.

Never underestimate the enormous potential you each possess. Never count another “out” for there are still great “surprises” yet to unfold that will make your current experience quite grand as the spontaneity of Life and Living are continually molded and modified.

Remember that you each are contributors to the “perceptual reality play” in progress all around you. That play is forever changing, while constantly shifting upward in frequency in response to the high-frequency energies bathing your planet at this time with greater and greater intensity.

With the higher energy shifts come a faster and faster turnaround time in the completion of the cycles of the Law Of Return. It would be wise to keep this in mind as incentive for seeking balance in all that you do!

Learn, please, to appreciate all of the experiences you have as being self-generated. If you do not care for what you are now experiencing, then perhaps it is time to move away from the old “habits of thought” and re-write the programming. This is much easier said than done. However, anything truly worth accomplishing will naturally present itself as a challenge.

Compassion, Love, and Forgiveness are perhaps the greatest tools at your command which will transmute any negativity into truly helpful experiences for all involved.

Compassion, Love, and Forgiveness will dissolve any “wedge of anger” between ones, and help to fortify the natural connection between you and all of God’s creations.

We are ALL energy manifestations of Creator’s desire. Within this Desire we are all ONE!

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come forth in the Radiance of The One Light of Creator Source. I am Friend, Guide, and Teacher, in service that those who desire these messages of inspirational guidance may have the “tools” in order to find the inner balance and peace they seek. May the Energy (Love) behind these written words help you to find this natural state of balance.

In Light and Love, Salu.

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