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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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The Power Of Truth In A World Of Lies

Good evening, child. It is I, Violinio St. Germain, come to you this day in the Purest Radiance of the Light of Creator God. Simply surround yourself with the Light, and the Darkness will no longer be.

Let us try to sort some of these things out, shall we? There is much consternation with you, and though this Message will be very personal to the scribe, it will also serve well as a general Message. There can never be too many Lessons regarding truth, for it is something that has been twisted around by many, for many reasons.

There is no need to defend truth, for truth simply is, and will always prove itself. And, if you learn to live life in truth, you will never have to remember the lies in order to cover them.

Lying is complex. Truth is simple. The old saying: “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive” is so true. And regardless of how old the saying is, it never has needed to be revised. It is oh so simple, and oh so true.

Those who choose to lie their way through life must always be on guard, for they must be able to remember to whom they have told what story. The web becomes so tangled, for they may tell one thing to one person and another thing to another person, and then those two people get together (and they almost always do eventually). Then those two begin to compare notes, and the liar is outed. Then the liar tells another lie to cover the original two lies—and so it goes, on and on.

Do you see how complicated life is when you operate outside of truth?

When you live in truth, you have no need to remember to whom you have told what story, for each person will have heard the same thing, and you do not have to run and hide and struggle to recall the stories you have told. Liars will always, sooner or later, be revealed. Usually the time it takes to reveal them depends on the number of people to whom they have lied.

Once liars are revealed, it is common practice for them to flee from those to whom they have lied, for the last thing they want is to be confronted by the offended.

The world is full of liars—from governmental leaders, to so-called spiritual leaders, from corporate executives, to the lowliest man on the payroll, from the very top of the heap, to the very bottom. But the only one you really need concern yourself with is you, for you cannot ultimately control any other except self. And it is not usually your place to do so, even though, when lies are told about you, your first natural reaction is a desire to confront the liar.

Depending on the liar, however, confrontation can be pointless, for many are habitual or pathological liars, and will only tell more lies to weasel out of the original lie. And, these are the same ones who will squeal “foul!” the very loudest when they are called out and confronted. The more boisterous the liar, the more guilty. They know what they have done, but the ego will not allow them to admit such and apologize or ask for forgiveness.

Lying is like an addiction. Usually it starts out with “little white lies” to keep out of trouble. When such liars don’t get caught, the next lies become a little bigger, and then the next ones are a little bigger still, until it becomes easier to lie than to stand forth and tell truth, regardless of the outcome.

Lying is also like an addiction in that, even when the person wants to stop, it is difficult. This is because, if you now begin telling the truth, then the previous lies start to become very evident. It takes the same courage and responsible persistence to break this addiction as to break any other more recognized addiction, say to drugs or alcohol.

Basically, lying is just another way of not taking responsibility for actions, and is fear-based, usually coming from one who is lacking self-confidence. Rather than admit to an error, this type of person finds it easier to make up a story that takes the responsibility off of themselves and transfers the “guilt” to someone(s) or something(s) else. And by guilt I mean your specific use of the word, referring to “owning up to being responsible for your actions”—as in guilty or innocent of some charge or accusation.

You may ask why someone would do such a thing as chronic lying. But it is quite simple, really. In your present world, rampant as it is with Darkness, it is often considered preferable to lie than to tell the truth. This is because there is such corruption present today that standing and taking full responsibility for one’s actions is most often met with some form of punishment, ridicule, or chastisement—while success becomes defined by what you can “get away with” despite the moral implications of such.

In the workplace, for instance, if you’ve simply overslept and arrive at work late, and honestly state that, you will most likely receive some sort of punitive action. However, if you claim you encountered a traffic tie-up or automobile problem, then usually you will not encounter any chastisement or punishment.

Sure, it may be a “little” lie, but chelas [students], lies are lies are lies. There are really no “big” lies or “little” lies; lies are simply lies. Telling a “little” lie is like claiming to be a “little” pregnant. There is no such thing—you either are, or you are not, pregnant. Likewise, you have either lied or you have not—simple as that.

Lying to yourself is perhaps the most insidious form of lying and is closely related to the powerful admonition to “know thyself”. When you cannot bring yourself to be honest with yourself, how can you expect to be honest with others? In both cases it is a matter of respect and responsibility.

Lies are also told by those who lack confidence in themselves. For example, in order to look good, some people think they must belittle others, even if it means making something up that is not true. The distorted rationale is that if everybody else is a “loser”, then the liar must be a “winner”.

Yes, it does smack of utter foolishness. But look around you, for there are many in this category. These are the ones who will go on the attack when they feel threatened in some way or another. It is a game of the ego, rooted totally in fear. They are afraid that if anyone else is better at something than they are, then they will not be noticed, and therefore, not be rewarded for whatever it is they have done.

Ones may also be in fear of credibility if someone challenges what they have done or said and, because they have little or no self-confidence (especially when they know they are lying!), these ones make-up something in order to look good or to defend their position. This is a frequent “skillful” maneuver in the workplace, and unfortunately is the basis for many a tragic promotion of the wrong person into a position for which they are not suited. Such ones will use volume and repetition to reinforce their position, because they have no genuine confidence in their claims or actions.

The lower the self-esteem, usually the greater the lies. It’s quite simple to figure this one out, because the less one thinks of oneself, the more fictions they invent.

Sometimes such lying is a mechanism invoked to cover-up an excessively self-critical (non-self-forgiving) nature. Here the one doing the lying cannot possibly imagine that others could be just as accepting of the statement “I made an error” as of the excuse actually offered. And, as I said earlier, all too often in your present Darkly dominated world they are more correct in that “survival” assessment than not.

Then there are the low self-esteem ones who believe that fiction is more interesting and of more value than truth. Many in this category actually begin to believe the fictitious stories themselves. And therein lies the danger I spoke about earlier, for not only have they now lied to others, they have lied to self—and they believe the lie.

But, can you see that, regardless of the reasons for lying, ultimately lies are always rooted in fear, and fear is a consequence of entertaining Dark energies?

So, here we are again, back to the constant need for calling-in the Light for Protection and Guidance and Insight.

Those who call-in the Light will be given to see through lies. It is why Dark energies avoid the Light, for as you have often been told, Light “destroys” Darkness. Actually, destroys is not really accurate. Light simply transforms Darkness, for in the space in which Darkness existed, now Light exists. But the Darkness did not go anywhere else, it was merely absorbed and transformed by the Light.

Yes, lies can do much damage, and it is so very important to continue daily to keep the Light about you.

The Dark energies are very angry right now, as more and more Light begins to shine upon your world, and they are not only taking truth and twisting it out of shape, they are manufacturing all manner of outright falsehoods when twisting truth is not sensational enough. I can only say unto you to stand in the strength of Truth, for eventually Truth will rule over the lies and expose them for exactly what they are, and the liars will only discredit themselves.

Recognize that their lies only give you more opportunities to strengthen your resolve and your “soul muscles”. Do not worry about that which these liars charge against you, for you know in your heart that such is false. And God knows it is false—so what else matters?

If you are concerned that others will believe the lies, then know that such ones are those who yet have basic lessons to learn in discernment. Remember what Esu “Jesus” Sananda has said so many times in the past many months of Lessons: This is a time of housecleaning and heavy-duty sorting of those who are ready to graduate into their next level of lessons from those who are not.

Take heart, child, for sooner or later the Light infusing your planet right now will overtake all forms of Darkness. And, in that day, all Truth and all lies will be revealed for exactly what they are. All you need to do in the meantime is to concern yourself with what YOU do, and simply ignore those who are spreading the massive falsehoods.

How you react to the falsehoods and the attacks will serve to reveal the degree to which you operate in Light. Meanwhile, the lies will reveal the Darkness in which those ones operate. It can be no other way!

Your world needs Light. And you can be one of those many little Lights that, when linked together, will replace every shadow of Darkness with glorious Radiance. The Darkness is working feverishly to try to keep you from waking to your Potential as Lighted fragments of Creator Source.

Obviously a central nerve has been struck in those ones who feel that lying is their only defense, and that they must resort to such outrageous fabrications presented as facts. However, if they chose to defend themselves with truth, they would, in fact, reveal themselves for what they have become. Sooner or later they will trip-up in their lies, and people will notice and demand truth of them. That time is coming, so fret not.

In the meantime, continue on the path you are on, for it is the only path over which you have any control. Allow for the drama to continue to unfold, for it is all in the Divine Plan, and all must play itself out. The final curtain will soon come down, and you only need concern yourself about the integrity of your own personal role.

You are living in the time when nothing can be hidden any longer. The Truth must be revealed, as must therefore the lies. The Light is present and will only continue to grow stronger and brighter as you continue forward in the Planetary Transition process. Many of you already know this intuitively, and are finding that there are many physical manifestations taking place to confirm your feelings.

Many surprises are yet in store for you ones. Whether they are pleasant or not is a matter of YOUR personal choices at this time toward honesty and responsibility.

Let us draw this Message to a close, for there are a myriad of things you need to attend. Be at peace, and as I said before, allow the drama to unfold, and continue to play your part with integrity and in Lighted Truth. Yes, I am advocating you turn the other cheek in these instances, for all will sort itself out, and the liars and cheaters will sort themselves out as well.

I am Violinio St. Germain, Cohan of the Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray of Transmutation. I leave you as I came—in Light and in Truth. See that you go about your business in the same manner and all will be well. Salu!

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