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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

El Morya, The Statesman

The First Ray

Among the seven great “Rainbow Masters” of the higher etheric realm communicating at this time to help us get through Earth-Shan’s planetary transition and rebalancing, the Ascended Master of the First Ray, or Spectral Aspect, of Creator’s One White Light, is known as El Morya, The Statesman. If one were to associate a specific focus of expertise and assistance from Morya, it would probably be in getting over the fear of “taking the first step” in some project, overcoming the fear generated by the human ego-self, and taking that plunge into the unknown, starting a new venture, exploring a new talent, or turning one’s life in a new direction – any new beginning fraught with the usual fearful uncertainties of a new path. These are basically all growth aspects of Leadership, and it is this energy ray over which El Morya presides.

In The Rainbow Masters, El Morya explains that he is here at this time: “ work with ye ones in bringing forth impersonality in wisdom, and understanding of thy calling.... Think of me as the color of the Forget-Me-Not, close with [Archangel] Michael. A calming of the soul restlessness, urging truth and wisdom in allowing of thy brother to be as he will be, I can only bring these things unto thy attention and allow of thee to be as thee will be....

“Ye ones do not use of your great gift of wisdom in seeing what IS. Ye continually ponder the ’what ifs’, the ’it did not’, the ’tell me why this little personal thing occurred’, the ’you allowed me to believe and it did not’, and the ’I can not’, ’I should not’ and worse: ’I thought...’. If ye dwell upon the negative – negative ye will receive! It is the wisdom and truth of manifestation, a Universal Law of manifestation. Ye should strive to look always at a ’thing’ or ’happening’ with wisdom, but not negativity; there is a great difference. See a circumstance for what it appears to be; quit of thy negative input from all facets – move within the positive possibilities.

”...There are not always GREAT, GRAND MESSAGES in the things that happen.... Ye will know when a thing is of greatness. Accept that thy Inner Wisdom projects that which ye need and precipitates it THROUGH THYSELF. This is not mystical, magic, nor particularly of great cause. It is the mind going about insuring the receiving of what thee has requested of the Father in perfect order.

“Perfection comes in most strange ways, chelas – do not labor at it. If thee has turned it over to the Higher Workers, accept with knowledge and allow it to release.

”If the soul urges meditation upon a point – meditate upon it, for it does mean of something. Do not waste of thy precious moments in pondering that which has no magnificent projection. Accept, adapt, and move ever onward – lest ye fall into the trap of never leaving thy meditations. Until thee can manifest as do the Higher Energies, in thought alone, thee better keep WORKING more, and meditating upon thy works....

“Listen thee to the bell in its calling forth; do know if for thee it tolls. The Master says, ’It is a call to the humble the world around, to the servants of the will of God, and to the avant-garde who would carry civilization forward into a new age, a new time.’ I, Morya, call ones who would be chelas and followers of the Sacred Fire, who would become students and adepts, followers who would become comrades of the Christos, exponents of the word of the Living Truth, those who would be in imitation of the example of the Christos, Esu Jesus, and finally, the head, the heart, and THE HANDS of our ’COSMIC’ retinue.

”Ah yes, the path that offers much, requires of thee much. But ye ones upon your place have also a saying: ’You get what you pay for.’ Yes, the price is rather high – but then, dear ones, ye are purchasing the ULTIMATE REALITY. PERHAPS BEYOND PRICE!

“To reach such a plane of reality ye must gather within the soul the trust of POWER, WISDOM, AND LOVE (ABOVE ALL, LOVE).

”To reach beyond this plane of consciousness thee must have THRUST. Ye must draw from the wellspring of God, the Living Flame, that which the Living God has anchored within thy very soul and heart, and draw forth the thrust of Faith, Hope, and Charity. You must take of the first step; I come forth as Guide and Teacher....

“Our cause is most noble. Thy planet is in most critical circumstance. What use are thy valuable acquisitions and hovels if thee had no planet upon which to place them? Why have of great and beauteous things if thee have no brother to share with?”

El Morya gave a clear overview, later on in The Rainbow Masters, of the intentions and the true scope of the task before the Master Teachers at this time:

“It is our intent to pull away from all forms of religious doctrines, the new concepts of what you call metaphysics, political boundaries, creed differences, color differences, etc. We are ONE BROTHERHOOD – no more and no less! We are only interested in bringing forth untainted Truth, that we might serve our commitment in that Truth.

”The ’orphans of the spirit’ are our concern – those who, without the thread of contact with Deity, remain wedded to an unwholesome environment; those to whom the real purpose of Life is never revealed, for the crystallization of their intellectual concepts and the hardness of their hearts stay rooted in selfishness, and thus do not open the cosmic doorway to our domain or that of other cosmic brethren who also come only to serve and assist.

“So many are the mysteries of Life, so many are the powers of Love. Yet ’the dust’ seems to be more their choice than is the destiny of their Ordained Potential. The veil of obscurity is very, very heavy indeed.

”While man’s concern for his ecology mounts, what shall I say is happening to the soul within? The moral standard, recognition of the plane of Spirit, listening to the music of the stars and the spheres, creating that tie of cosmic identity which is the forté of the will of God – these are the strong banners we raise. These are the banners which must be raised!

“We must take careful and attentive note of the widening schisms, the deliberately maneuvered divisions being created through the dichotomies of mind and spirit in the total world order today. It is my desire to speak from our Higher level concerning our viewpoint and our intent. Those who would set people against people, those who would point the accusing finger of one religion at another, by so doing create that fracture in consciousness which is a destructive negative spiral....

”These are the points of worth to ponder and upon which to meditate. Request of assistance from we of the Finer Frequencies, that we might come in to give assistance....


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