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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Recognizing Value In ALL Of Life’s Challenges

Good afternoon, my scribe. I am El Morya, representative of the First Ray of The Creation. I am often referred to as The Statesman. I come in the Light of the One Light of Creator Source. I am born of this One Light, as are each of the souled beings upon your orb and throughout the Omniverse of universes of Creator’s Thinking and Desire.

[Editor’s Historical Note: This Message was written to be shared in the June 1999 premier issue of a then-new publication called The SPECTRUM. Since mid March of 1999, a large readership had been wondering what was happening with those who had split away from CONTACT to form the new, uncorrupted information source.]

I come at this time of newness to help “usher in” The SPECTRUM newspaper. This paper is born somewhat in controversy and, for some, confusion. Some ones of you do not know who to trust or who is right, and therefore are looking for clues so as to help you to discern for yourselves what is the proper course to take. Others of you have paid very close attention over the years and have noticed the divergence from issues of true importance and true value; for you ones, the choice is clear.

The SPECTRUM is intended to be a stand-alone information source about which ones do not have to know ten years of someone’s “dirty laundry” in order to make heads or tails of what they are reading. This first issue has to deal with some “dirty laundry” out of courtesy to the many of you who petition to know what has been happening, and also to help you ones see why these ones have separated themselves from ones who have lost sight of the true picture and purpose of the overall mission.

With this new publication will naturally come concerns such as “Who is doing the receiving (channeling)?” and such. I tell you here and now that it is far better to discern each and every item you read (channeled or otherwise) as if it were written by the Master Trickster himself.

You each will be given to know what is the proper path for you to take. Our goal is to have each and every one of you consciously connected to the Higher Guidance within. This means that you ones will need to make a personal decision and effort to reach out and continually strive to make and strengthen your inner personal connection to Source.

We of the Host of God will neither badger nor coerce you ones, ever. You are each given free will to choose as you will. With this new publication will come new faces and new teachers. Like attracts like, and the high-frequency energies will naturally gravitate toward one another, and thus grow in Radiance.

Ones who have not been diligent in their preparation will step aside as the perceived “load” of walking the Lightbearer’s path becomes overwhelming. This is as it should be, and there is no need to concern for ones who choose to step aside. Each will find their proper placement for optimal growth; these are conditions tailored for the individual, by the individual.

The foundation upon which you build Greatness must be carefully laid and engineered so as to handle the unforeseen, incidental, and evolving uses for a given structure. This holds true for the foundation of the soul as well. Your fundamental understanding of the purpose of the physical environment, and the general reason you are each there, is quite necessary in order to build-up to the next level of understanding.

If you are not well-rooted in the fundamentals, you will find that, as you build-up to higher levels, your “reality” will begin to sway back and forth (waver) like an unstable high-rise building. This will always lead ones to a point where they will have to go back and shore-up their foundation.

Those who are unwilling to accept that they were less than perfect in laying the fundamental foundation will go through the experience of watching everything that they efforted to build crumble and fall. At this point there will be nothing left to do—but to fix the foundation and begin again new.

This is what we are doing with this publication. We (both the physically based ones and the non-physically based ones) are correcting the errors of the foundation so that the original intent of the predecessor can be recognized. The foundation is built upon the fundamental understanding that you are each there to learn and grow.

As this publication’s Masthead reads: “Achieve the WISDOM of KNOWLEDGE of TRUTH, as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.” This is a key and fundamental part of the foundation that each of you should always strive to build and fortify.

You are each there to grow and become more than you were prior. In doing so, you contribute to the overall growth and understanding of ALL beings, EVERYWHERE. You each need the challenges with which you are now faced in order to fulfill this fundamental desire of your soul.

You are each immortal from the nonphysical viewpoint of your soul. The holographic nature of the physical environment is an exquisite illusion created so that you ones can experience the concept of uniqueness and individuality more closely and deliberately.

The idea of being somehow separate from The Whole is but an illusion. However, this illusion serves great purpose in allowing each to explore, in great detail, the concept of being separated. In doing so, ones will eventually find and understand, by contrast, the wisdom in remaining Connected and working as a Collective Whole wherein everyone benefits from the experience and growth of each other.

The more stubborn ones, who resist this idea of Unity and Oneness, are often the ones you refer to as being evil. Lucifer has a strong desire to be separate and an individual who functions in accordance with his own set of “laws”. Therefore this one resists the very fundamental nature of his being. In doing so, he will create conditions that will lure ones away from their natural path in an attempt to be somehow “right” or justified in his actions.

His path is a most challenging one. But he, too, after much controversy, divergence, and destruction of that which he is efforting to build, will, eventually, find the wisdom in following the path that leads to true fulfillment—Oneness with Creator Source. When this event comes to pass, all of the Heavens will rejoice and welcome their brother back home.

But just as you are given free-will choice, so too is Lucifer, and we all honor his free-will choice, regardless of the fact that we would not choose his path for ourselves. We also can appreciate the value that lies in his willingness to walk such a harsh and lonely path because the contrasts brought about through his “testing” experiences are somewhat responsible for giving you ones your challenges and lessons. In effect, he is fulfilling his purpose by walking the path he is now on.

This dissertation is an example to illustrate how you can learn to appreciate and have compassion for even those who come against you. No one is lesser than another. Hold not anger in your heart. But more importantly, learn and understand the wisdom behind the words, and appreciate why it is unwise to hold anger in your heart.

With true understanding there will naturally come the forgiveness and compassion and love for all beings, everywhere. Mouthing empty praise, in an attempt to look en-Light-ened, will only serve to accelerate the building pressures within and hasten the self-destruct cycle described earlier.

God does not look at any of His creations and say: “Whoops! I made a mistake.” No, He does not make mistakes. You each are born of PERFECTION, LOVE, and with UNIQUE PURPOSE.

You each are fulfilling your purpose in perfection—whether you see it or not. Even a perceived mistake puts events into motion that would have never come to pass if it weren’t for the “mistake”. The means by which growth experiences are generated are just as much a part of the perfection of God’s plans as is the final outcome: Graduation.

By the time you reach the point of Graduation, you will each have become a master craftsman who has perfected your foundation and built-up magnificent tributes that uniquely reflect the Beauty, Love, and Perfection of Creator Source. And then you will begin again anew, at a higher level of responsibility, perfectly prepared to face the challenges and growth opportunities available.

These cycles of growth potential are truly limitless and without end.

We of the Host of Creator God rejoice at the progress you ones are making. There is great Love for you all and it is being continually sent forth directly to you each. May you each learn to tap into this Infinite Source of Pure Positive Energy and allow it to be amplified as it flows through you.

The key to using energy is just that: USE IT! Never try to hold it or hoard it, but rather, send it forth and allow it to flow unrestricted and uninhibited. There will ALWAYS be more!

If you smile at a stranger, is not the most typical response a returned smile? Do you see how the kind gesture of appreciation is amplified? It is this simple to prove to yourself the concept of which we speak. There will always be an amplification of the energy when you use it.

When you stop the flow, you will find that life becomes inwardly “stressful”. Why? Because, you are holding back and resisting the natural tendency to creatively and uniquely express yourself, and thus fulfill Creator’s purpose for creating you.

Learn to wisely recognize the gifts you are given. Use them in a manner that causes your heart (and the hearts of others) to resonate with the Love and Light (Life Force) of Creator. Learn to find the POSITIVE VALUE in every experience that you have, and seek to always understand why it is you are having such experiences.

Appreciate those who have come forth to participate with you, even if they play the role of your opponent, for you each are there in a perfect balance and mixture to ensure that the fundamental desires of Creator (to expand and grow) are realized.

It is with great appreciation for you each that I share with you these words. Please go within and seek to understand not just these words but, perhaps more importantly, WHY these words are being offered at this time through this source. The Voice of God will never be silenced, and there will always be ones (maybe you) who are called upon to take pen in hand and write for Him.

I, El Morya, place my name and blessings upon these words—not as being absolute, but as being accurate in terms of fulfilling my desire for conceptual content. I come in Service and in the Light of Creator Source—the One who created you and me.

Blessings and Peace. Salu.

It Is Your Life And Your Responsibility
Growth Comes From Understanding Of Truth