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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Learning To Act In Oneness With All Of Creation

Good morning, my friend. It is I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn. I come in and of the Light of Creator Source, a being whom you ones have come to know as Aton—The One Light.

The label Aton means “The One Light”. The label was chosen for many reasons and has significance to many of you who are returned at this time of planetary transition. Many will take exception with this label for God, and will reject this and prior information on this sole basis.

The label is one of a symbolic nature, for NO one label can encompass the entirety of Creator Source. The label is for you there in the physical density so that we can articulate higher-dimensional concepts and ideas in the written language.

There will always be limitations associated with putting advanced spiritual concepts into a written language. This is why we of the Lighted Realms will ask that you go within and always QUESTION EVERYTHING FOR YOURSELF! Your own personal understanding and personal growth is why you have chosen to come forth and experience at this time.

Do you follow others because you feel they have a better or stronger connection within to Higher Guidance than do you? If so, then do you see that you are avoiding your personal responsibility for your growth—and you will most assuredly repeat these lessons again and again, until you decide to go within and make your own PERSONAL connection?

Follow the First Law of The Creation and you will do just fine. The Highest (First) Command of The Law of The Creation states: “Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.” In other words, go forth and gain as much knowledge and experience as you can.

Why do you ones think that this would be the FIRST law?

Because, inasmuch as one grows, ALL (every being, everywhere, physical or nonphysical) grow. We all exist as a result of the Primary Desire of The Creation.

Again, the word Creation may give some of you ones a bit of difficulty. The Creation is what many on your world would refer to as God. I will say here that The Creation encompasses your concept of God, and goes beyond. God acts in Oneness and complete harmony with The Creation, and for the practical part of conceptual understanding in the third-dimensional compression, they will seem to be one in the same.

We are ALL connected, one to another, being to being, entity to entity, through Creator Source.

It is the Desireof Creator which manifests His Will. This Desire is a part of Him. You, me, and everyone else exist as long as His Desire remains. We are all born within the Infinite Mind of Creator Source, and we are all connected through this same non-physical Energy which manifests the Desire.

The point here is NOT to confuse, but to show how it can be stated: “When you do unto the least of mine, you do unto me.”

These words are very important and should cause each of you to reflect upon your actions and thoughts. When you seek to hurt another so that you can feel “good”, you will only succeed in hurting yourself—for your present learning environment, there in that third-dimensional schoolroom, is set-up and designed to mirror your thoughts and reflect them back to you, amplified many times over.

When you seek to cause another pain or frustration, you may very well succeed in hurting your target. But, you will surely feel the repercussion of the energy wave as it comes back to you—amplified and completely focused on YOU!

Wise and learned travelers along the physical journey will see that it is much more productive to ask for forgiveness and send forth love to those who come against them—for the love will go out in like manner and come back amplified in the same manner.

Many of you ones are always seeking to justify your anger and frustrations. This whole need to “justify” is a byproduct of guilt. Guilt comes from doing or thinking something that you know in your heart is against who you are as a being.

Each souled being has a sense of Right and Wrong. When you deliberately do or think something that you know to be “wrong” (that which is in opposition to your Higher Purpose and counterproductive to your growth), you will immediately feel guilt. This will quickly start the justification process so that you can find others who will agree with you. And then you will find a little temporary comfort in knowing that these others will not somehow judge you as being bad.

The problem with this approach is that the guilt NEVER goes away until the one holding the guilt can see the error for what it is, and realize that their thinking is wrong and that there is a better way. Until this point of true understanding, the guilt just festers and grows. It is amplified and returned to you, over and over, again and again.

When considering your next course of action, think to yourself: Do I explain my reasons for taking a particular action, or do I explain my justifications for taking a particular action?

When asked “why did you do that?” do you say “because they are bad and deserve to be punished” (a justification), or do you say “because I can see at least five ways in which this will help me and others to grow in understanding”—and then list the five or so reasons?

No souled beings will feel good justifying to the world why they deserve something that does not belong to them. However, the ego of man is such that it will effort to protect itself at all costs. It will lie to protect that which it equates to security.

Usually, in your society, money is equated to security. This is at best a false security, and can easily be stripped away from those who covet and worship it as if it were the answer to all their prayers. God will show these ones the illusion that they have bought into—and that they can, indeed, survive without any money at all.

Dear ones, the answers to your prayers come from within. The physical world will be used to distract you, every time, into thinking that your answers lie hidden, out there somewhere. NO! The true answers to the questions you have are within. And you need only to still yourself and go within and connect with Creator God—The One who created you!

Ask for that which is of the greatest good when you pray. Though this is general, it is quite powerful, for you ask without limiting the nature of the response. Your Guides have an added advantage of not being restricted by the compressive nature of the physical dimension and thus seeing further down the road. They know what will bring forth happiness and fulfillment into your life.

However, if you seek advice on how to hurt another or to “get even”, you will only succeed in disconnecting from Higher Source and opening a door for the Adversary to walk in and take over.

We of the Host of God have cautioned you ones, time and time again, to always seek first inner balance and peace prior to taking any action or making any major life-altering decision. Why do you think we would repeatedly say these things? It is because we see you ones constantly slipping into habits of reactionary behavior, brought on by past pains and fears, that will throw you into a yelling match—when a quiet and calm discussion would be quite a bit more productive and fulfilling.

When you get centered within and find peace, you are allowing your frequency to raise, and thus it becomes easier to connect within to your Guides and Higher Source.

Some escape the pressures of life and responsibility by taking and using drugs. Drugs (this includes alcohol) tend to shift your focus away from the past pains and hurts, and allow you to experience a more euphoric state of consciousness.

Where the problem comes in is that ones in their drug-induced state often also drop their Light shielding along with everything else. This will allow for low-level astral entities to more easily attach themselves to the host being. These parasitic entities will assist the host with justifying the need to have, say, a drink so that one can “relax” after a “stressful” day.

Thus a downward spiral begins.

This condition usually goes unnoticed until the host is confronted, usually by a loved one who is concerned for the well being of the host. Then there is a confrontation. The low-level astral entities do not like to have their “meal ticket” taken away from them, so they begin to exert their low-level influence over the host entity in a more deliberate manner. The result is usually a physical confrontation, with the daring loved one becoming the focus of abuse, or there results a family torn apart.

You ones do not need to use alcohol, pain killers, marijuana, cocaine, LSD, magic mushrooms, or any other legal or illegal drug. For the most part, these will only serve to disconnect you from Source and distract you into NOT fulfilling your purpose.

Let go of the vices and deal with the “pressures”—for the pressures are why you are there. You are never given more than you can handle, and you will be given to see a better way. The better way will always require you to have your wits about you, and will always have Creator God as part of the solution.

The perceived pressures come about due to going against your life purpose. If you choose to go after fame and fortune, rather than to help prepare for the transition of a planet into a new birthing, as you had originally intended to do, then you will find that the internal pressures are indeed building.

However, don’t worry, because if you do ignore these internal signals (nudges), they will get bigger and bigger until you can no longer just ignore the “pressure”. This is the bio-feedback mechanism of the conscience working and performing its function perfectly.

When the pressure gets to the point that you can no longer ignore it, you then have to do something about it. Some will run for the bottle and justify doing so by saying that it’s the only way they can relax or get to sleep or whatever.

This ends up in a very vicious cycle, and usually will continue until the one operating in this mode hits “rock bottom”—rock bottom being alone, without a job or money to support the habit, and in a condition where change must occur. It is at this point when ones will finally realize that all they need to do is let go of that which is justifying the addiction in the first place, and in doing so a better answer will become clear.

These ones who go through this type of cycle are often afraid of public humiliation. The ones who drink too much, and are in a state of denial about it, will often find themselves being arrested for drunk driving or spousal abuse or such. This kind of wake-up experience is often their own Higher Self working with them so as to point out that, yes indeed, they are off course and off purpose. The public humiliation is often what it takes for these ones to see themselves as others see them.

Allow for the recent unfolding events to play out. The “housecleaning” has just started and many are faced with making very personal choices. Each must choose for themselves what they will do, believe, and think. There are no wrong choices. Ones will naturally choose that which will garner them the greatest growth opportunity. You cannot get it wrong. Those who are truly serving the Light will not judge you, or harass or coerce you. A loving friend may very well try to “help” you to see a situation from their perspective, but will never condemn you for exercising your free-will choice to walk your own path.

[Editor’s Historical Note: This Message was written to be shared in the June 1999 premier issue of a then-new publication called The SPECTRUM that was created by ones who had split away, beginning in mid March of 1999, from CONTACT to form the new, uncorrupted information source. The above paragraph was a general reference to the kind of challenging situation that would evolve once The SPECTRUM arrived in the mailboxes of many ones who would then have to make their own decisions about who was telling the truth and who was telling lies.]

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn. I come with the Host of God to see you ones through this time of planetary transition. I come freely, in Service to the Lighted Will of Creator Source. I am a Teacher, a Guide to many, and a Brother Lightworker whose mission is to awaken those of you who are Ground Crew so that the proper preparations in the physical can be made, and a remnant thus survive the Great Planetary Transition that is now taking place.

I leave you with my blessing and in Light. Salu!

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