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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Standing At A Crossroads This Day

[Private to this scribe: To begin with, please relax and allow the fingers to move over the keys, for I am guiding you. Release the tension and the fear, for you have nothing to fear except your own perceptions. You have no need to fear anything, chela (student), for you shall receive no reprisals from me. We can take this slowly so that our energies can achieve a frequency matching, and then the words will flow even better. So just relax, sit back, and let us begin. Please put aside all old thoughts, for this is a new day. You know what I mean.]

Good morning, child, I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, and I am so very pleased that you finally have decided to put aside your fears and sit with me. You have come to know me as Commander Hatonn, of the Intergalactic Federation, Ashtar Command, Pleiades Sector, Project (or Mission) Earth-Shan Transition. Yes, I come in, and in Service to, the Radiant Light of The One God—Creator of all Creation, the One Source, the essence of I AM.

My job is Commander of Project Earth-Shan Transition. Esu “Jesus” Sananda is the Supreme Commander, and it is our elected positions to see that a remnant of the Earth is preserved through the upcoming transitionary period.

Many have viewed me as being difficult, and to some I suppose that would be the case. For the most part, I am a no-nonsense type of commander, but I like to laugh as much as the next.

We do have a very serious mission, however, to accomplish, and it will require each and every participant to develop a strong self-discipline. Do I expect that you shall have no life outside this mission? No, for such is not practical nor wise.

You ones experiencing on the planet at present are there not only for this mission, but to learn lessons only achieved through the experiences of being a part of the third-dimensional expression. You each have other obligations, commitments, and duties, and this is completely recognized.

However, know too that you ones of the Ground Crew had, also, prior commitments to this mission before you incarnated into this current lifestream. You ones shall simply have “very full” lives as you walk between two realities, which very often come into conflict with one another.

We recognize that it becomes difficult for you ones to have full comprehension of the methods by which we operate, but I can offer you this much: We do nothing without your permission. We are non-interfering in your personal lives. And I command by suggestion—not by dictate.

Now and then you may perceive my suggestions to be strong, but you will never hear me dictate anything to anyone. You ones must be allowed your own life journeys and your own life lessons.

When called upon, we of the Higher Realms will assist through suggestions and guidance, but we shall never step in and “do it for you”. All this is review for you, but you, scribe, needed to hear these things to assure you of the validity of who I am. I believe that you are now convinced.

[Private to this scribe: You have allowed yourself to become fearful of human reprisal when it comes to writing for me, and we are going to work on that one, for you know within your very being that you are as capable as is anyone. I NEVER claimed that I could or would communicate with you ones of Earth through only one channel. That is a misperception of many, and it is an error in perception. I now have a job in convincing ones that they are capable of hearing from me and working with me directly, without an intermediary. In this matter, we have journeyed a bit off-course, but the course correction will be achieved in VERY short order, for there is little time left to complete the mission.]

You ones (as well as we of the Higher Realms) stand at a crossroads this day. We have given planetary notification of the change that has occurred, through the last [3/15/99] issue of CONTACT, and now certain other actions are to be taken.

It is nearly without question that a new publication will need to be established in order that the Word and the Truth continue to flow in an uninterrupted fashion. You ones are already working in that area, and great progress has been made. JOB WELL DONE, CHELAS.

It is a time for action, as well as words, and you ones have been on the job nearly day and night, non-stop, in the past two weeks. I want to let you ones know just how much your efforts are appreciated, and believe me that the results will be proof of your great efforts.

[Editor’s Historical Note: This present Message from Commander Hatonn was the third (chronologically) of three from the Higher Realms that appeared in the March 22, 1999 issue of CONTACT at a time when it had become clear to some of us (who previously were responsible for that publication) that there would finally need to be a “parting of the ways” and formation of a new, high-integrity publication—later called The SPECTRUM by the time of its June 1999 premier issue.

The absolutely superb yet very humble receiver of this present Message had long been under vicious attack by a jealous Doris Ekker, who claimed to still be exclusively receiving accurate Messages for Commander Hatonn—long after such was clearly not the case to anyone exercising a reasonable level of discernment. That fact was the essence of the “bomb” dropped in the March 15, 1999 issue of CONTACT that was now in the hands of a readership justifiably stirred-up by the time this present Message was being written for sharing as part of a Situation Update article in the March 22, 1999 issue of CONTACT.

In a state of shock and fury over our daring exposure of fraud, and under cloak of Darkness at approximately 8:30 PM on the evening of March 24, 1999, E.J. Ekker (from where he and Doris were hiding, over in the Philippines) abruptly ordered his dutiful minions back in Tehachapi, California to have the longtime CONTACT core staff locked-out of the CONTACT offices.

The “excommunicated” CONTACT staff then immediately went to work to produce one final four-page issue—dated March 26, 1999—from a remote location that had already been set up in anticipation of such a move on the part of the desperate Ekkers. The final CONTACT issue was produced partly to demonstrate who was REALLY still very much in control of the situation (much to the astonishment of Doris and E.J. Ekker and their dutiful followers), but mostly that final issue was sent out to alert the now quite anxious and curious readers about the shady shenanigans that had just taken place and to assure them that an honorable new publication by the locked-out staff would be forthcoming as soon as practical.

It was only about seven hours after Commander Hatonn’s 3/20/99 Message was written (as the second of three, chronologically, shared in the 3/22/99 issue of CONTACT), by one receiver in one geographical location, that this present Message (#3 of the 3 shared) was written by a different receiver in an entirely different geographical location. Neither scribe was aware (for a day or so) that the other had been asked to write similar Messages for the same author. One important point apparently being demonstrated in a “public” way was that such Teachers from the Higher Realms are not limited in their ability to work toward a common goal through various communication conduits.]

You see, when you are working with God and following your Higher Guidance, all things will play themselves out in a Godly fashion. It just takes a little time, for all things are accomplished based on sequence of events, not by your standards of passage of time.

You ones have a tendency to “jump the gun” and merely react, rather than allow the natural flow of events to occur. When you merely react and “jump the gun”, you interrupt the natural flow and, in reality, it only causes the flow to slow up, or even stop completely. Some of your lessons are in the department of PATIENCE. (Yes, I know, you ones are sick of hearing that, but it is truth, you know!)

(Let me insert a comment here that needs to be heard. I do not intend that my communications should or will ever come from just one receiver. I shall be working through several receivers in the future, and I would ask Dr. Young, as a receiver himself, and quite capable of great discernment in valid reception, to monitor closely all such material received for the new publication, whatever that may be. I have complete and full trust of his abilities and his fairness in these matters, and there is none better qualified to handle this task. Dr. Young, please do not hesitate, ever, to call to a receiver’s attention anything that you discern to be incorrect or out of line. Thank you.)

Yes, we do keep saying that time is running out. And you ask, if things are based on sequence of events, what’s this time-running-out business all about?

We use the phrase because it has meaning to you ones. And, based upon the series or sequence of events that we witness taking place on your planet and in the area of “near space” to your solar system, we can say without hesitation that time is running out for your world—as you currently know it! There is much afoot, both upon the planet and in your general neighborhood of space, that indicates this.

But we have an Earthly mission right now to deal with, and very Earthly matters that need to be attended.

The first order of business is to assure that the communication with other Ground Crew personnel continues, and the Word and Truth continue to go out to the world at large.

Let us assume there shall be need for another publication. Then you ones will need a new name, new corporation, etc. It doesn’t matter in what form you choose, whether it continues in the format of a newspaper, or changes to that of a newsletter. It is not the form, but the content, that matters.

Much of your decision will no doubt be based upon financial consideration, but there is no need for concern there, for when the need is present, and the request goes out, results will follow. Rest easy knowing that financial resources shall be the least of your worries. If you do everything in Truth and in Honesty, then all will go well for you.

Do not worry about subscriber lists. You shall soon have your very own subscriber base, for those who desire and demand Truth and Light will come forward and will make themselves known to you ones, and they will subscribe. Of course, you will need to decide what publication costs will be and base your subscriptions on that. There is no reason, either, to operate in a loss or just-break-even mode, so I suggest you take that into consideration when you announce what subscription prices will be.

You might also consider selling advance subscriptions if there is a need for start-up funding. There should be no need for you to have to plead with the subscribers and supporters for donations if you were to sell advance subscriptions.

It is not my desire that God’s people go begging for money, for with God there is always a way, and that way should not be through begging. Remember that God’s universes are filled with abundance, and you have not that abundance only because you have not tapped into Source.

Also, do not look a gift horse in the mouth, for there “will appear” some people with financial resources who are in full and complete support of the continuation of the Word. People of Earth are hungry for, and are crying out for, the spiritual truths that are so sorely lacking upon the planet today.

There are those who are fed up with the brain-washing antics of the controlled media and the degrading movies and television programming. Newspapers are no better, in general, for they too are manipulated and skewed to the point that very little news of importance ever makes it to their pages. Do you really think that nothing more than President Clinton’s sex life and general overall indiscretions is taking place? Is this what the world really wants or needs?

The soul-utions to your world’s problems begin and end with spiritual matters, for it is only through this “unseen” (but quite perceivable) realm that REAL changes can take place in the physical universes. Each and every one of you are co-creators, alongside Creator, and you have been created in the image of His PERFECTION. Therefore you too are perfection—you just perceive it not.

It will be through the knowledge of your own perfection that you will begin to effect change upon your world, and through that perfection, the Kingdom of Heaven will indeed be made manifest upon your planet. We of the Higher Realms are here to assist and to guide you on your journey—in order that a remnant be brought through the now ongoing and still upcoming changes and transition.

We are ever-present and ever-watching over you ones, and never do we turn away from you. It is, however, your own free-will choice whether you will choose to see this through to completion with us. We will never force any to serve who choose otherwise, and we will love them no less because of their choices.

We would suggest to you, however, that you stay diligent in matters of discernment, for it should be quite clear to you what can occur when ones forget to question and discern for selves. Never, never, never follow anyone blindly, including myself, for when you do, that is when the Adversary creeps in and begins to influence and, little by little, you become far too comfortable with the Dark Energies, until you no longer are able to discern.

Regardless of the source, the message, or the writer or speaker, ALWAYS check your own Inner Guidance. Keep your personal space cleared, and keep the Light about you at all times, for the Dark Forces are never at rest. Therefore, you too can never become sloppy, lazy, or too busy to clear your space and call in the Light—else you leave yourself in a very vulnerable state.

I can guarantee you that, as soon as you become lax in these basic exercises, you have opened the doorway for the Dark Energies to enter in. And, once in, you MUST demand that they depart, or they will take it as permission to take up residence and exert their influence upon you.

This is often so subtle that you probably will be completely unaware of their presence until it has reached such a point that you have become completely and fully controlled by them. These Dark Energies always leave little clues, but unless you have the Light about you and with you, it is completely possible to miss discerning those clues.

I am not trying to frighten you, but rather, warn you to NEVER give the Agents of Darkness even a foot in the door, for they are most ungracious guests, and you will live to rue the day you allowed them to enter, for they will make your life a living hell.

It is more important these days, than ever before, to take care of your housecleaning responsibilities, for it is in these days that the Darkness is working even harder than ever before. Their time is so short, and it is their goal to create as much havoc and take as many with them as they can.

There is an infusion of Light coming upon your world that is illuminating the Dark recesses of all that is. These Dark Energies are being revealed, and their plans are being subverted, for you see, the Darkness cannot exist where there is Light.

So, see that you never turn away from that Light, but rather, shine it onto all the Dark corners and cause the Darkness to flee. This is something, however, that YOU must do. We cannot do it for you. Believe me when I tell you—calling in the Light works every time, without fail!

Basic lessons? Yes, of course they are. But I will tell you this: There is no lesson any more important for you ones to remember in these days. You cannot afford the luxury of laziness in your housecleaning duties. If need be, take the time, several times throughout the course of the day, for clearance and calling in the Light.

There are going to be some tough days ahead, for a little while, but together we can get through them quite well. But it will take cooperation on all parts—yours and ours.

See to it that you get enough rest and eat regular meals. You need all the clear-headedness you can get and you need the bodily strength because you are all going to be working a little “overtime” due to the current changes taking place.

Whatever you do, however, let me remind you to do so with Love and Compassion and commitment to Higher Purpose. This change has not been about the destruction of beloved ones, but about the Higher Purpose of a planetary transition. We simply allowed the situation to go on as long as was safe to do so, in the hope that these wayward ones would accept the Love that was attempting to reach them. We of the Higher Realms have more Patience, Understanding, and Compassion than you ones can possibly imagine, and we will endure with these ones as long as it takes for them to find their way back to Source.

Have we turned away from those ones? NEVER! It is not our way. But we cannot and will not force anyone to do anything against their own free-will choices, and we allow each and every one to make their own choices. We allow, and send them off with Love and Compassion. But should they turn back to us, we shall be there with no judgment of them whatsoever. We will gladly and openly welcome them back with loving and open arms.

You ones who have taken the stand against the Dark Adversarial Forces are to be congratulated, though we know that you do not feel you have done anything deserving of such. It takes courage and “tough love” to do what you have done. You did it with faith, with love and compassion, and with no thoughts or actions of malice. You simply followed your own Higher Guidance and acted in faith. That takes great courage, chelas. We are very proud of you, and you should know this.

Now, let’s get this mission back on track, and let’s get Earth-Shan through this turbulent transition, and let’s get you Ground Crew ones back home!

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander of the Intergalactic Federation, Pleiades Sector, Ashtar Command, Project Earth-Shan Transition. I leave you this day with Love and with Peace, and with great respect and honor for each of you. And, I thank you for your service unto the Light of Holy God. Salu.

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